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  The Official Sites of the
   SiliconValley Community .

This is an "Official Site of the SiliconValley Community"

When you see this "Official Seal" on a site that you are visiting
here in SiliconValley. It represents that you are visiting an:
 "Official Site of the SiliconValley Community".

The reasoning behind this is to give you the ability to easily locate and visit all sites that are located, maintained and operated here by the SiliconValley Community Leaders.

Listing of:
 The Official Sites of the
   SiliconValley Community .

SiliconValley Community Page - The Community Page Development Team is actually the team responsible for this site and the pages that you have been viewing during your visit here. This Team takes care of the SiliconValley Community Center pages and is constantly looking for new ways to make the SiliconValley pages more informative to all that visits or is a part of SiliconValley.

For more information about this team contact the Team Leader.

SiliconValley News & Reviews - This Team is a dedicated group of SiliconValley Community Leaders and Homesteaders who maintain our online cyber-zine! They consist of writers, editors and just all around good people. Putting in endless hours of work to make sure we look good. They are always looking for writers and talent.

For more information about this team contact the Team Leader.

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