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  SiliconValley Neighborhood Update

Are you a Homesteader in SiliconValley, and would like to show others that you support the SiliconValley Community?.

Click Here to Find Out How

Find Out how others around the World celebrates
the Christmas Holidays.

Find Out Here

Who is this months SiliconValley Community Leader of the Month?

Click Here and Let's Find Out! 

The SiliconValley Community Leaders have opened up ten (10) out of the fifteen (15) Teams that they have available here in the SiliconValley Neighborhood, for "Homesteader Membership", Get more involved in the SiliconValley  Neighborhood........Join one of the SiliconValley Teams, Today.

Never be left out in the cold again......Always, be informed with what is happening here in SiliconValley.......Never miss another update of the SiliconValley News and Reviews, Never miss another contest. Never be left out of the latest SiliconValley Information.

Sign up for the SiliconValley Update. It's fast, it's easy, and it's free.

The SiliconValley Planning Committee needs your help!......Do you want to be instrumental in the planning of different programs, events, contests and ideas in SiliconValley, then this is the place for you. This Committee will not take the place of any of the existing teams already here in SiliconValley and will only offer those teams, assistance with some new ideas and added support if needed.  This Committee will take an idea and make it a reality.

If you're interested in joining this committee or would like more information on this committee, contact the SiliconValley Liaison.

GeoPride in SiliconValley is the first "Sister Site" of GeoBroadway. This is a program for those of us that want to show that we're members of Geocities and are proud of it. Go Here to Join

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