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Hi, I'm Era Scarecrow

My interests are:
Chess, books, Programming.

Should I mention that I like the show
Email me in the meantime.
And also --Fractal-- pictures. Please come back soon and visit me.

here's some links to useful sites.

And the programming tips -- And QBASIC stuff is in here too :) Programing--

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My ICQ number is:8375496 - Don't have any easy access, so don't bother.

I should GPG more..
As for Semeir, I've worked and put it up as GPL in sourceforge now!

Some Comics
(Sluggy Freelance, General Protection Fault)
Programing/Qbasic/OS - Scarecrow Comics - Pictures - Gargoyles - Fractals - Morphing - Links

Last Updated: 11/05/07
Semeir - Currently in the process of upgrading and fully testing, Will take time. I have a blogger i started, but may or may not be used for a lot of tech details.

However, i've started a blog a few days ago. This is a kinda update upkeep on progress in my cipher, compression, and other thoughts. Currently it's concentrating on compression rather then encryption, which is an ongoing explination of ideas that work to a degree, but not well enough for 'dense data', which is has no real patterns or all numbers have the same odds of getting hit. An example shows, where i can compress a 1k data into 380bytes easily, however the header information for what numbers those represented (300-500 usually), in order to hold the header information takes 800+ bytes, therefore destroying any possible compression, unless we can explain the header in a smaller form, which is always possible.

Updates and plans:
I am currently working on several unique things, taking it to new heights. It currently supports Stream, Block, Hashing, OTP (One Time Pads), Random number generation, and plenty more. Currently it's under major revision, working on inserting it into the linux kernel. Although It was working under the 2.4.20, it remains broken for 2.6.xx, and may remain so for a while.

Programming Videos
I've started to make a couple videos, compressed using H.264 (and maybe some other Mpeg-4), averaging 8K/Second, perfect quality showing programming step by step, and building a project from the ground up with everything i had to do to build it. Course it's not a complicated project, but something to work towards. More thoughts on this will be posted at another time.

Please write me, send me patches, notes, ideas Ect. I try to fit it in my schedule. :)

Anything else?
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