CS140: Ray Tracing

Welcome to my CS140: Ray Tracing page. Here you will find a collection of images I have created in POV-Ray as part of my class assignments and lab work. CS140 was a class I took in the computer science department at Willamette University in spring 2000. All images were rendered using POV-Ray, and some were edited in Photoshop or Paintshop. I have provided jpg and png files, though the default link is to jpg, as some browsers cannot view png files. Oh yes, and the reason there is no link to Lab 4 is because that lab was the creation of this nifty, pretty little webpage. Thanks for visiting.

One more thing—if you would like to render out these images yourself or see the code I used to make them, I can provide the .pov files. I had originally put them up on the page, but I will be losing my university webpage in a few months and can't upload the files to Geocities, as they're not a recognized file type on this server. So if you'd like the files, just email me at arianadream@hotmail.com and I will send them your way!

Some links to POV-Ray and graphics websites:

CS140 Home Page— The Willamette University computer graphics course I took.
POV-Ray— Official website of the freeware graphics program we used in the course.
The Dreamworld Saga— My main webpage

Contact information:

Email: arianadream@hotmail.com
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