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Your visitorsince 6/26/98

Last Modified : 7/10/98

Last Bug Added : 7/10/98

Next Tournament : Pest Control 7/17/98 Armageddon: 7/17/98 Insecto y Insecto: 7/24/98

For Insecto y Insecto and Armageddon Tournament results go to the Results page.

NEW!!! You can now download the Shareware A.I. Wars 2.1a here and the 2.1c patch from here. To do this just Click Here

Welcome. If you've visited before, how do you like the new look. Anyway, I've finished doing the Insecto y Insecto Tournament. Check it out at the Results page. I've changed the way that you get points for the Top 10. You will now get 500pts for winning the Armageddon Tournament regularly, not the championship only. Also, there is a new tournament called Pest Control. Anyone who accomplishes the mission between the time frame will get 100 extra points, and the one who has the fastest time will get 1000 extra points. Check it out at the Tournaments Page. Please, feel free to e-mail me at local_16_98@yahoo.com Tell me any ideas you might have, or send me your Cybugs. Look around and stay for a while.
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John gave me permission to have 2.1a here so it's here. To use 2.1a just download this zip, then run it's setup program. I also have the 2.1c patch. This file works with NT and fixes the #scanbug problem. To use the 2.1c patch just download this file, then put the aiwars.exe file over your existing aiwars.exe 2.1a file.

A.I. Wars 2.1a (crosswinds, slow sometimes)

A.I. Wars 2.1a (Download.com, fast I believe.)

A.I. Wars 2.1c patch