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An analytical, focused and seasoned PM /Development Manager/Leader with over fourteen years experience in Team Leadership and all phases of object oriented software design and development (OOAD) using Java, UML, Design Patterns and Lean Processes along with C++, XML and SOAP. Exceptional problem solving, multitasking and interpersonal skills with demonstrated expertise in:


Leadership and Management


Architecture Design and Development.

Web Components (Servlets, JSP, JavaBean), Business Components (EJB), JDBC Transactions.


Pattern (MVC, Service, Singleton)

RAD3 (Requirement, Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment), Extreme Programming, RUP

PDM (Product Data Management System): Windchill (PDMLink, PJL), iMAN

Integration and client development




Project Management & Leadership:

Managed Projects and Lead engineers (5 years). Mentored. Excellent Leadership.

Object Oriented Design and Development:

14 years in Core Java, Applets, J2EE (EJB, Servlets, JSP), JavaBeans, JDBC Transactions, JNI, JFC, RMI, Swing, Sockets, AWT, JavaMaill, Custom Tags. 6 years in C++. 6 years in HTML, Java Script. 10 years in XML and 2 years in SOAP. 2 years in CGI (Perl). 4 years in Motif/UIL, 6 months in MFC.

Other (Windows world):

6 months in VC++ 6.0, 1 year in VB 6.0. 6 months in MFC and One year in ActiveX Components. 1 year in .Net Service


MVC, Factor Forward- Factor Back, Page-centric, Dispatcher, Mediating, Singleton


RUP, Extreme Programming and RAD3

Operating Systems:

6 years in Unix (HP_UX, Solaris, AIX and IRIS), 14 years in Windows NT/2000 Operating systems.


Shell, JavaScript.

Tools and Development Kits:

Rational Rose, Visual Café 4.0, Visual Age, Clearcase, VisualSourceSafe, Jdk1.3, SOAP SDK. vi editor


8 years with Oracle, 1 year in SQL Server. 8 years with SQL, PL SQL and SQL Plus.

Modeling Languages:

8 years UML with Rational Rose.

Web-centric Application Development:

12 years in PDM (Windchill, iMAN, info*engine) and Web Application Development. 3 and 2 tier.

Protocols, Sever & Servlet Engine:

HTTP/HTTPS, SOAP. Apache, IIS, Tomcat and JRun J2ee 1.3 FCS, BEA Weblogic 6.0./7.0 Websphere 4.0.



MS – With 4th rank in CAD stream (Mechanical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India (This institute is considered the best technical institute of India,


Pursuing PMI certification. Pursuing GE Six Sigma Certification.




I have Green Card , am available to work in 4 weeks.




GE Aviation GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN                                                     April 2003– Current

Software Development Manager

Role: Manager and Team Leader Domain: Windchill PDMLink, Windchill ProjectLink, Windchill Foundation PDMLink and ProjectLink are J2EE based applications. Technology: Java, Rose UML, XML, JDBC, RMI, .Net Service, Visual Basic…

·          Highlights:

·          Mange people, process, technology, cost and schedule.

·          Lead technical discussions.

·          *Guided developers and applied Extreme Programming successfully and thus contributed in rapid development saving money.

·          *Always kept projects on/before optimum time with quality work.

·          Managed three full lifecycle implementations. Currently upgrading to Windchill 9.x.

·          Assign work to development team.

·          Making sure that quality development happens on or before time. People have confidence in our delivery dates and quality of the solution.

·          Planning Builds with consultation of Business Analysts and System Support staff for QA testing and deployment.

·          Making sure that developers are motivated, have clear goals and roadmap, and have External Focus, Expertise, Imagination, Courage (to raise ideas), Clear Thinker and are included in decisions.

·          Making sure that developers follow a lean process (which follows Extreme Programming to reduce rework at the same time making sure that Requirements and Solutions are in sync. during the development).

·          Managing outsourced projects (Team Size in India: 4).

·          Making sure that developers are mentored, trained and have helping hand when stuck.

·          Architecting the solution to exceed the current needs and scalable to future needs.

·          Architected PDMLink/ProjectLink to be International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliant.

·          Integrated ProjectLink with external Oracle system so that all events and workflows are in synchronization in both the systems

·          Foundation to PDMLink Upgrade

1.      Role- Architect/Lead Developer: Upgraded heavy customization from Foundation 6.2.6 to PDMLink 7.0 in record time and saved company's money.

2.       Role PM: Efficiently managed the Upgrade Project (managed 12 people).

·          Outsourcing project for Outlook integration

1.      Role- PM. Managing outsourcing project getting executed off-shore at India.

·          Integration of IMEGENATION visualization tool to PDMLink.

1.      Role-Architect. Customized PDMLink and wrote ActiveX Control client side.

·          New Enhancements for PDMLink and ProjectLink.

1.      Role- SA and Lead Developer

·          Created alternate extremely user friendly interface to replace Prokject Link in foundation 626.

·          Increased productivity by designing efficient User Interfaces.

·          Extensive UML modeling experience using Rational Rose.

·          Working on complex Workflows related and other enhancements.


Senior Software Engineer (Research And Development Group)

Role: Lead Developer, Architect & Mentor Domain: Financial Application


Developed Credit Union Software for a Canadian client. I worked in Extreme Programming methodology with short iteration cycles of the product. I worked on server side java (JDBC with reflection, Stored Procedures) with SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 9i. My role was to develop Database level, Helper level and API level APIs. I also worked on JSP UI that extensively uses JavaScript and HTCs. I also work on seed data generation and writing stored procedure as and when required. Extreme Programming and Short Iterative Cycles give opportunity to work on whole life cycle development of the software product.

Tools: Forte, Eclipse, Edit plus, Clear Case, Junit, Tomcat and Apache in Windows 2000 environment. Team Size: 20



Senior Software Engineer (Research And Development Group)

Role: Sr. Developer, Architect and Mentor                 Domain: Windchill Foundation 6.2, PDMLINK 6.2 and ProductView


PTC makes Windchill, which is a robust, Web-based 3-tier suite of collaborate software application written in pure Java for product development. Windchill is a Product Data Management System (PDM) . It provides a secure environment for product lifecycle management that allows enterprises to integrate business processes and product data with dispersed divisions, partners, and customers. Customers like General Motors and Boeing use Windchill. It is used by thousands of concurrent users in distributed environment. The following were my accomplishments at PTC.


·          Developed a new improved product. I worked extensively on full life cycle development of the WindchillExpress product namely, Requirement, Analysis, Design, Development and Deployment Accomplished distributed Server Side Architecture and APIs for WindchillExpress product using JSP, Servlets, Sockets, JavaBean, JDBC (SQL, Transactions with Oracle8i), RMI. I used patterns. I also developed middle layer server APIs involving every aspect of Windchill. I wrote around 190 API components in Java and same number of APIs in Java and XML. Developed client in JavaSwing and Applets. Used SOAP to support non-java clients. I also had to extensively deal with XML and SOAP. Reduced bugs by performing Unit and System testing. Worked in both UNIX and Windows environment. I used VisualCafe, Tomcat, Apache, JRun, LDAP server, SQL Plus.

·          Advanced Windchill by giving it ability to visualize 3D products using JNI and Sockets. This was achieved by integrating Windchill (Written in Sun’s Java) with a 3D visualization application (written in Microsoft’s VC++). I had to do this in both UNIX and Windows environment. This was very technically challenging and complex, as the ActiveX control was visual one. Ensured bi-directional communication. I used MainWin to mimic Windows OS on UNIX.

·          Advanced testing by developing server side APIs in Java for Programmatic Automation and Regression Testing. I wrote 110 JavaBean components. I worked within in-house PART framework.

·          Data Modeled Using Rational Rose (Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagram, Object Diagram, Activity Diagram, Deployment Diagram ….) for Windchill Express product.

·          Developed Client Interfaces of the three-tier system in JavaSwing and JSPs for Java client of Windchill. For Visual Basic client used SOAP client in VB 6.0 environment, developed dll, made 190 API calls through SOAP and parsed XML. This had extensive use of SOAP and XML.

·          Developed elaborate prototype using j2ee/Weblogic/websphere application servers for various possible jsp architecture patterns. Compared performances. Used JSP, Servlets, EJB and worker JavaBeans. Used MVC, Factor Forward- Factor Back, Page-centric, Dispatcher, Singleton.

·          Eliminated bugs by fixing SPRs of Windchill Foundation product.

·          Technically lead a team of 4 engineers. Collaborated with other groups. The team size was 10.

·          Accomplished support of other teams as and when required. I am very good at teamwork, planning and proactive-attitude.


ACRO SERVICE CORPORATION (, client: General Motors)– AUBURN HILLS (MI) Nov 1998–April 2000

Software Analyst (At General Motors Truck Group and GM R & D,


Increased productivity by developing Visualization Data Management System (Involved UI, client & server side Java programming). Provided Visualization (Delmia's IGIP, which is a 3D simulation system for eManufacturing) integration with iMAN (PDM-Product Data Management System) to General Motors Corporation. Provided Classification Tool integration with iMAN (PDM) to Electronic Data Systems and interacted with customer base. The team size was 4. I interacted with 30 users. I had following concurrent multitasking achievements.


·        Data Modeled and developed web based Visualization Data Management System using Rational Rose, Visual Café, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets JDBC Transactions, SQL and JavaMail. Initially the database was SQL Server. Later changed it to Oracle 8.0. Used Factor Forward- Factor Back pattern, Mediator pattern and singleton Connection Pool Manager.

·        Developed Technical Requirements, Business Process, User Interface Requirements and User Acceptance Test for GM iMAN (A PDM product) and IGRIP (a 3D simulation tool) integration using UML. I was appreciated for arriving at a consensus of User Requirements for 3 different groups (I interacted with around 30 users).

·        Managed the technical implementation of the aforementioned requirements (Executed by DENEB and Unigraphics Solutions Inc.;

·        Wrote functional User Requirements for classification tool getting integrated with iMAN (A PDM product) using UML.



Information Technology Analyst at Electronic Data Systems (EDS).


TCS is multi-faceted largest company of South East Asia. It also provides offshore object oriented development for iMAN (iMAN is a Product Data Management system of EDS).

Provided Technical Implementation for iMAN (PDM) with quality and efficiency and interacted with customer base. I mentored 2 engineers.


·          Implemented core iMAN and iMAN Customization Projects including iMAN WEB. I used C++, C, Motif/UIL and Java on HP_UX, Solaris and AIX OSs. Customized iMAN for General Motors and Delphi.

·          Provided HTML/Java Applet interface and CGI programming in Perl on UNIX for iMAN Web product. Used Apache web server.

·          Customized iMAN for Delphi Electrical Systems using C++/C, Motif/UIL, and middle layer APIs.

·          Developed iMAN SDLC product on UNIX using C/C++, Motif/UIL, and middle layer APIs.

·          Developed test cases, pseudo code and participated in Review, Walkthrough and Inspection regularly. Used Windows NT for documentation.

·          The team size was 10. I mentored and supervised 2 developers.


ESCORTS YAMAHA MOTORS LTD. (Ranks within the top 15 industrial companies in India) INDIA Feb 1994 –Jan 1995

Product Design Automation Engineer (Engine Design Group)


Provided Design Knowledge Base System implemented in C++ on UNIX.


·        Improved productivity by developing Design Knowledge Base System in C++ on SGI’s IRIS operating system.

·        Improved productivity by developing a Reverse Engineering System in C++ on SGI’s IRIS operating system.

·        Carried out FEM (Finite Element Method) Analysis using GFEMPLUS.

·        Carried out Solid Modeling in I-DEAS Master Series 3.0 and UNIGRAPHICES 11.0.

·        Performed Unix Adminstration.

·        Implemented Statistical Quality Control and voluntarily took classes of shop floor workers once every week (1/2 hour).




· Designing a Class of Geometries - From Concept to Instantiation

Published and presented this paper at INCARF-93 (International Conference On CAD, CAM, Robotics and Automation Factories).