Lgpgnver is a program which helps to check WinBoard pgn files for invalid draw/win claims.

version 1.18:
1.Fixed extended PGN(with score/depth) processing.
version 1.17:
1.Added extended PGN(with score/depth) processing.
version 1.16:
1.Fixed ep bug in blocked position recognition.
version 1.15:
1.Fixed bug that caused sometimes program hang.
version 1.14:
1.Added adjudicated(awarded) draws recognition.
version 1.13:
1.Added wins on time recognition.
2.Fixed 50-moves rule report when engine could mate.
version 1.12:
1.Fixed invalid mate claims recognition(see games N13,14 from TEST.PGN).
2.Fixed some games processing (see game N15).
version 1.11:
1.Fixed processing some PGN's(see game N12 from TEST.PGN).
version 1.09:
1.Fixed invalid 50-moves draw claim when mate is on board(see game N11 from TEST.PGN).
version 1.08:
1.Fixed bug, which caused infinite loop on some games(see game N10 from TEST.PGN).
version 1.07:
1.Fixed invalid ins.mat.draw recognition in rare cases(see game N9 from TEST.PGN).
version 1.06:
1.Fixed invalid insufficient draw claim in rare cases(see game N7 from TEST.PGN).
2.Added blocked positions detection (see pseudo-game N8 from TEST.PGN).
version 1.03:
1.Post of possible draw claims during the game even if result is correct.

Usage: lgpgnver Input_file Output_file [WarningLevel]
for example:
lgpgnver 1.pgn 1.res 2 will examine 1.pgn and create file 1.res with all games which are with warning level higher than 2.
Download lgpgnver v1.18(20kB)