Chess History and Chronology by Bill Wall 

0550?      Chaturanga, earliest chess precursor, created in the Punjab (India) as a Hindu game.  Played on 8x8 board called ashtapada
0569       Chinese protochess, Hsiang Hsi (Xiangxi), invented by Emperor Wu Ti
0570       Khosrau I (Chosroes, Anushirvan, Naushirawan, Nushirvan) (501-579) becomes king of Persia from 531 to 579; under his reign, chess was introduced from India
0570       FABLES OF PILPAY (Fables of Kalilah wa Dimnah) written in India in Sanskrit (Panchatantra - 5 Principles).  Mentions chess.  Later translated by Barzuyah. 
0575       Barzuyah (Burzuy) (531-579), Khosrau's physician, went to India to collect copies of literature,  He and Buzurjmeher translated into Persian all the Sanskrit works, including chess
0590       Chatrang was an accepted noble accomplishment.
0600       Chessmen mentioned in the Sanskrit fantasy romance, 'Vasavadatta' by Subandhu (385-465).
0600       1st reference to chess (shatranj) in literature, the Persian romantic KARNAMAK. 
0610       Earliest chess pieces identified.
0620       Chess introduced in Egypt.
0625       Chaturanga mentioned in the Sanskrit, Harshacharita, by Bana.
0630       Chatrang (old Persian word for chess) developed from chaturanga.
0638       The Caliph Omar (584-644) sanctions chess among the Islamic people.
0638       Islamic conquest of Persia changes chatrang to shatranj.
0640       Buddhists spread chatrang eastward.
0650       Short romance written in Persian, Chatrang-namak, describing chess.
0656       Ali Ben Abu Talib (600-661) becomes caliph; disapproves of chess for Muslims.
0665       Sa'id Bin Jubair born.  1st to play blindfold.
0665       Amr ibn al-Asi, Muslim general and conqueror of Egypt died.  Chessplayer.
0680       50th rule of the canons forbids chess.
0685       Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan reigned.  A chessplayer.  
0690       Chess prohibited in Japan by the Emperor Jito.
0700       Sa'id Bin Jubair, a Black judge, plays blindfold chess.
0705       Abdalmalik b. Marwan died.  Earliest Umayyad calph associated with chess.
0710       Walid I kills chessplayer when the player purposely played bad against him.
0712       Seville conquered by Arabs.  Moorish invaders bring chess to Iberia.
0714       Sa'id Bin Jubair died.
0715       al-Waldi I died.  Killed a chessplayer who avoided beating the caliph.
0720       1st literary references to chess in Arabic.
0725       Sulaiman ibn Yashar died.  Disapproved chess.
0728       Arabic poet al-Farazdaq died.  His will mentions pawns of chess.
0735       Living chess introduced in Europe by Charles Martel (688-741).
0742       az-Zuhi died.  Great laywer of the Umayyad period and chessplayer.
0743       Hisham ibn Abdal-Malik died.  Caliph and chessplayer. Ruled 724-743
0750       Abbasid caliphs come to power in Baghdad.  Document chess.
0763       Harun ar-Rashid born.  Abbasid caliph of Islam 786-809.  Chessplayer
0770       1st mention of women chessplayers.
0776       Poet Abu Hafs Omar ibn Abdalaziz called ash-Shatranji, the chessplayer.
0780       Moorish invaders of Spain introduce chess to Western Europe.
0780       al-Mahdi write a letter to Mecca to give up chess, dice, and archery.
0790       Earliest known chess piece dates to this period.
0795       1st reference to Chinese chess in the HUAN KWAI LU (Book of Marvels).
0800       Chinese chess (Hsiang ch'i) introduced.
0800       Moors bring chess to Spain.  Chess reaches Italy.
0800       Corr. game by Emperor Nicephorus and Haron Al-Rashid.
0800       Al-Rushid (786-809), Caliph of Baghdad, 1st caliph to play chess.
0800?      al-Adli ar-Rumi born.  Chessplayer
0801       Charlemagne (742-814) introduced to chess.
0802       Nicephorus of Byzantium (Byzantime emperor from 802 to 811) writes to al-Rashid about chess.
0805       Ash-shafi'i, famous muslim lawyer, plays blindfold.
0808       Al Amon, Caliph of Baghdad protested at being disturbed while playing.
0809       Harun ar-Rashid died.  Abbasid caliph of Islam 786-809.  1st in his dynasty to play chess.
0813       al Amin, Caliph of Baghdad is playing chess when his brother, al-Mamum, sieges the city; later beheads al Amin
0813       Abdullah al-Mamum (786-833), son of Harun ar-Rashid, reigned.  Chessplayer.
0818       Top players were Jabir al-Kufi, Rabrab, and Abu'n-Na'am. (aliyat)
0819       al-Mamum watched Rabrab, Jabir al-Kufi, and Abdalghaffar al-Ansari play chess in Baghdad.
0819       Caliph Al-Ma'mun (Abdullah alMa'mun) gives 4 players the grandmaster title.
0820       Chess introduced in Russia thru the Caspian-Volga trade route.
0821       Chess introduced by Ziriab (Abul Hassan Ali ben Nafi) in Cordoba.  He was a Persian musician who lived in Baghdad.
0840       1st chess problem composed by the caliph Al-Aziz Billah.
0840       al-Aldi is considered the best chessplayer (aliyat)
0842       al-Aldi, authors 'a book of chess.'
0842       Caliph al-Mutasim ibn Harun ar-Rashid (Billah) died.  Chess problem attributed to him.  Reigned from 833 to 842.
0848       ar-Razi defeats al-Aldi in the presence of al-Mutawakki.
0848       Yahya ben Hahya died in Cordoba.  Chess author.
0849       Reference to chess in Kashmir Hara-vijaya (Victory of Siva) by Ratnakara.
0850       Decimal chess invented.  Board is 10 x 10.  1st use of dice in chess.
0860       Mohammed I, Emir of Cordoba from 852 to 886, is a passionate chess player.
0866       Abdullah Ibn Al-Mutazz was playing chess when the head of his chief arrival was brought to him.
0875       1st reference to knight's tour (turaga) in the Sanskrit Kavyalankara (ornaments of poetry) by Rudrata.
0880       Abu-Bakr Muhammad ben Yahya as-Suli (al Suli) born (880-946).  Author of 1st book on shatranj.
0880       Coordinate notation used in the Arab countries.
0892       al-Mutadid (Ah mad alMutadid) comes to power.  Chessplayer.
0895       Chess introduced to the Greeks; call it zatrikion.
0900       Chessplayers in India wages their fingers in chess matches.
0900       Chess introduced into Europe.
0902       al-Muktafi reigns (902-908); as-Suli is his best chess player.
0905       as-Suli defeats al-Mawardi in front of al-Muktafi.
0905       Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Yahya as-Suli, historian and top chess player.
0910       al-lajlaj (the stammerer) is the first to publish openings.
0920       Chess pieces are given Persian names.
0932       ar-Radi reigns.  Taught chess by as-Suli.
0932       al-Razi died.
0936       Saint Genadio died.  First Christian saint related with chess.  Was Bishop of Astorga.
0938       Chess pieces donated to the Celanova monastary.
0946       As-Suli died at Basra; strongest shatranj player in Baghdad.
0947       al-Ma'sudi, writes on the history of chess in India and Byzantine chess.
0950       Einsiedeln manuscript mentions the colored chessboard as a recent invention
0960       Further references of Chinese chess in the sung period.
0965       Al-Hakam (915-976), Caliph of Cordoba starts to collect 400,000 books; some Arabic manuscripts on chess
0970       Abul Faraj Muhammad ibn Obaidallah, or al Lajlaj (the Stammerer) died.  Pupil of as-Suli.
0970       Jusuph Tchelebi plays chess at Tripoli, Syria blindfolded
0973       Al-Beruni born.  Wrote INDIA, which mentioned chess.
0975       Daqiqi begins the SHAHAMA (Shahnameh), national epic of Persia; describes chess being presented as a gift
0975       Saint Rosendo (907-975) died.  Was a chessplayer.  He was Bishop of Mondonedo.
0980       Rabbi Abu Yachia describes chess in his Hebrew writings.
0988       ibn Ishaq an-Nadim writes "Kitab al-fihrist," (Book of Catalogs) a general bibliograph.  Chess Authors include Al-Aldi, Ar-Razi, As-Suli, Al-Lajlaj, and B. Aliqlidsi
0999       Versus de scachis is a 98-line poem describing the game & its rules.
0999       Earlist known literary account of chess in Europe, the Einsiedeln Verses, Switzerland.
1000       Chess is widely known throughout Europe.
1000?      A series of documents appear in the county of Urgell (Urgel), Spain (Catalan county) mentioning chess.
1000       Chess reaches Russia from Byzantium and from the the Vikings.
1000       The daughter of Otto II (955-983) was "won" from a chess match.
1005       Chess is banned in Egypt by al-Hakim; and all chess sets were burned.
1007       Petrus (Peter, Pedro) Damiani (Damian) born.  Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia
1008.07.28 1st written reference to chess in Europe, from a will of Ermengaud (Armengol) I, Count of Urgell.
1011       Firdausi (Ferdowsi) (935-1020) completes Shahnama (Shahnameh) or Book of Kings.  Written in Persian.  References to chess introduced to Persian monarch Noushirwain
1013       Chess brought to England with the Danish invasion.
1027       Canute (995-1035), King of Denmark and England, learns to play chess from pilgrimmage to Rome.
1030       al-Beruni (Biruni) writes of an Indian form of 4-handed chess and dice called Chaturaji (four kings).
1033       Chess pieces donated by Sancho II of Navarra to the church of San Millan de la Cogolla.
1035       Canute died.
1045       Priest from Urgell called Seniofredo donates chess set to the church of San Julian de Bar.
1045.10.22 Testimony drawn up by Ramon Levita of Badalona, bequesting his chess set to his brother.
1048       Al-Beruni died.  Wrote INDIA which mentioned chess.
1050       Earliest reference of chess in the German literature, the Latin epic Ruodlieb.
1055       Chess poem, Ludus scacorum or Elgia de Ludo Scachorum, written.
1058       al-Mawardi died.  Wrote about chess.
1058       Countess Ermessinda, widow of Count Ramon Borell (972-1017) wills her chess set to the abbey of San Egidio
1058.12    Cardinal bishop Damiani write to Gherardo of Florence (later Pope Gregory VII) complaining of Bishop Gerard playing chess
1060       William the Conqueror (1027-1087) breaks chessboard over the head of the dauphin of France
1066       Chess introduced into Britain.
1068       testament of Arsenda, wife of Arnau de Tost, stating that her chess board remains with her husband
1070       al-mutamid, Moorish king, regarded as a chess patron.
1071       Arnau Mir de Tost lists his 13 chess sets as part of his assets prior to him going on a pilgrimage
1072       Damiani died.
1078       ibn Ammar defeats King Alfonso VI (1040-1109) of Castile in a game of chess.  Was spared Seville. (Muslim origin)
1080       Normans name the financial departments exchequer.
1081       Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Commenus (1048-1118) comes to power.  Plays chess (zakitron) with his court.
1082       Regulations of chess in persia are published.
1087       Henry I (1068-1135) played chess in Paris against Louis, son of Philip I
1089       Jayyash leads revolt after disguising himself as indian chessplayer.
1089       Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra (Abenezra) b. in Tudela, Spain.  Author of Hebrew chess works.
1090       Boards with alternating light and dark squares are introduced.
1093       Chess is condemned by the eastern orthodox church.
1097       1st French reference to chess by Fouche de Chartes and Robert de St. Remi, who mention chess as a pastime
1098       Turkish General Karbuga was playing chess during the siege of Antioch by Peter the Hermit.
1100       Abu 'l-Fath Ahmad as-Sinjari writes chess manuscript containing 287 mansubat.
1100       1st Central European reference to chess.
1100       Chess becomes accepted as a regular featue of noble life.
1100       Chess introduced in Poland.
1100       Shogi played in Japan.
1100       The French Carolingian epic, Song of Roland, mentions chess.
1105       Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) writes the 'rubaiyat,' using a chess game.
1106       Chess included in a list of knightly accomplishments by Peter Alfonsi (Petrus Alphonsus) (1062-1110)
1106       Henry I (1068-1135) allowed his brother Robert Curthouse, Duke of Normandy, to play chess while imprisoned for 28 years.
1106       Exchequer at Westminster created; referred to as the scaccarium or chessboard.
1107       A chess problem is represented in the mosaic floor in the Saint Savino Church in Piacenza
1108       ar-Raghib died.  Wrote that the Medinese refused to give their daughters in marriage to chessplayers.
1110       John Zonares, Eastern Church monk, excommunicated chessplayers.
1110       Louis VI of France almost made a prisoner.  Escaped, saying that in chess the king cannot be captured.
1112       Dauphin throws chess pieces at King Henry I after losing.
1115       The emperor of the Byzantine empire is a chess addict.
1117       English knight seizes the bridle of Louis le Gros, says "the King is taken."  The prince responds that in chess the king is never taken.
1119       1st corr game: Henry I (1068-1135) of England & Louis VI (1081-1137).
1120       Oldest known chess set, the Lewis chessmen, from this period.
1123       Kyayyam wrote the RUBAIYAT with chess references
1125       Chess is banned in some byzantine churches.
1128       St. Bernard (1090-1153) forbids the knights templars from chess.
1130       Draughts, a variant of chess, invented in the south of France using backgammon pieces.
1140       The fers's (queen')s leap is introduced in Spain by Ezra.
1140       1st chess poems in Hebrew, by Ezra, titled "Carmina Rhythmica de Ludo Schahmat seu Shahiludio"
1140       Al-Mubarak writes Arabic manuscript for Abd-al-Hamid (AH manuscript)
1140       The Franciscan William de Malsmesbury mentions chess.
1144       Hyde Abbey, Winchester, destroyed by fire.  Chessmen from King Cnut.
1148       Alexiad of Anna Comnena mentions Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus playing chess.
1150       Bone chessmen were being made.  Lewis chessmen dated here.
1150       Draughts (checkers) started in France.
1157       A danish king saved himself by using a chessboard as a shield.
1157       Alexander Neckham (Neckam, Necham) (1157-1217) born.  Abbot of the Augustine Monastary of Cirencester.  Wrote of chess.
1167       Earliest spanish reference to chess.
1167       Abraham Ezra died in London.  Wrote several Hebrew works on chess.
1173       A French manuscript uses algebraic notation.
1180       1st British reference to chess, by a Winchester monk.
1189       1st European reference to chess problems, by Gerald of Wales.
1190       King Richard I (1157-99) learns chess while on the crusades.
1190       Alexander Neckam devotes a chapter to chess in his treatise, On the Nature of Things.
1190       Neckam condemns chess for being frivolous.
1195       The rabbi Maimonides includes chess among the forbidden games.
1197       Abbot of Persigny writes to Countess of Perche warning her against chess.
1198       The bishop of Paris (1198 to 1208), Eudes (Odo) de Sully (1168-1208), bans chess from the clergy as stated in his "Ordonn des Rois de France."
1199       John Lackland, King of England, was a keen chess player.
1200       Courier chess, played on a 12x8 board, introduced.
1200       Great chess, played on a 100 square board, introduced.
1202       4th Crusade (1202-1204)
1210       Morality of chess according to Pope Innocent III (1160-1216) written.
1212       Ferdinand (Ferrand) (1188-1233) of Portugal hit his wife Jeanne over a game of chess when she won.  When he became prisoner in 1214, she never tried to obtain his release
1213       King John (1166-1216) was playing chess when his deputies from Rouen arrived to ask for his help against King Augustus (1165-1233).
1217       Hulagu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, born.
1220       Chess is no longer played with dice to determine moves.
1230       Icelandic ST OLAF'S SAGA (Snorri Sturluson) contains chess reference and King Canute.  1st appearance of chess in the Norse lands.
1230       Astronomical chess introduced.
1240       Chess forbidden to the clergy in Worcester, England.
1242       Al-Mustasim, Abbasid caliph, reigned
1250       King Louis of France throws a chess set overboard during a trip from Egypt to the Holy Land.
1250       King Louis IX (1214-1270) receives a fine chess set from Aladdin.
1250       The king of Denmark was captured while playing chess.
1250       Latin verse romance, the Vetula, by Richard de Fournival.  Mentions chess.
1250       Mabinogion, Welsh epic, attains written form.  Chess mentioned.
1250       Jacobus (Jakob) de Cessolis (Jacobo da Cessole), born in Northern Italy.  Author of the most famous of chess moralities.  Dominican monk in Lombardy.  Died 1322.
1252       THE INNOCENT MORALITY chess allegory written by John of Wales.
1254.08.16 Court case about a chessplayer who stabbed his opponent to death.
1254.12    St Louis IX of France restricts chess to laymen and forbids all games in his kingdoms.
1255.05.08 Provincial Council of Beziers in France forbids chess.
1257       Arabic manuscript now in British Museum (BM manuscript).  It is named Al Shatranj ul Basri, Basrian Chess, from Hasan al Baari, its author.
1258       Al-Mustasim put to death by invading Mongols.
1258       end of Abbasid caliphs.
1260       King Henry III (1207-72) instructs the clergy to leave chess alone.
1262       Russian word for chess (shakmatny) is introduced.
1264       Quarrel over chess game; man stabs woman to death.
1265       Hulagu Khan died.
1266       Buzecca, a Saracen (Arabian), played 2 games blindfold, 1 OTB (+2=1) in Florence.
1266       Buzecca played at the Palace del Popolo in front of Count Guido Novello
1268       Conradon was playing chess in prison before being executed.
1271       Ruling dalmation towns of Yugoslavia was determined by a chess match.
1273       Cotton MS is the earliest English collection of chess problems.
1275       Cessolis writes the most important of all moralities and most copied. "De ludo scacchorum" (On Games of chess)
1275       Option of pawn double move on the 1st move introduced in Italy.
1279       Chinese introduce new pieces to Chinese chess (siang ki).  Chines chess played under the Tang and Sung dynasties (618-1279)
1283       Alfonso manuscript prescribed the use of a checkered board.
1283       Dice chess explained by King Alfonso X in his manuscript.
1283       Alfonso manuscript completed.  Compiled for Alfonso X, Castile King.  Called Libro del Acedrex.
1290       Lombard lawyer, Guido de Baysio, formulate rules to govern chess.
1291       The Archbishop of Cantebury, John Peckman, forbids chess.
1295       BONUS SOCIUS is 1st European MS using a coordinate notation.
1295       Bonus Socius, 1st compilation of chess problems, written in Lombardy.
1297       Chronicles of Robert of Gloucester has an account of the knights of King Arthur playing chess
1299       Priests were forbidden from playing chess.
1300       Gesta Romanorum, a chess morality compiled in England, written.
1300       Cessole writes 'Book of the customs of men and the duties of nobles'.  Chess morales. (liber de moribus)
1309       Ponce Hugo, Count of Ampurias, donates chessmen to the cathedral of Gerona.
1310       Chess forbidden to the clergy in Germany (Council of Trier).
1317       Cessole in charge of the inquisition in Genoa.
1320       Playing cards introduced.
1322       Jewish rabbi, Kalonymos Ben Kalonymos, condemns chess in his Eben Hohan.
1322       Jacobus de Cessolis dies.
1323       CHATRANG-NAMAK written; oldest of Pahlawi works
1328       ibn Taimiya (a Hanabalite) says chess can be played, but not for money.
1329       Synod of Wurzburg, Germany forbids chess.
1330       Citadel chess invented.  Extra square at each corner.
1330       Giovanni Duvignay, Priest Ospitaliero of S. Jacopo d'Altopascio translantes Cessolis's book into French
1331       al-jami plays 2 games blindfolded and a 3rd, simultaneously.
1335       Robert, King of Hungary, sent John, King of Bohemia, a chess set.
1335       1st written reference of chess in Hungary.  King Robert sent a chess set to the king of Bohemia.
1336       Timur born.  Mongol ruler and chess enthusiast,
1337       Conrad Ammenhausen writes about courier chess.  Ammenhusen translated Cesollis work into German.
1338       G. Nasra publishes "At-ta'bi'a fi la'b as-satrang" in Cairo
1340       persian 'treasury of sciences' includes 3 chapters on chess.
1347       translation of the Cessolis morality into French by the monk Giovanni Ferron
1350       Margiolano of Florence is recognized as the leading blindfold player.
1360       Les Amoureux Eschecs written.  Best example of romantic allegory.
1369       Chaucer (1343-1400) writes about chess in his poem The Book of the Duchess.
1370       Earlist known chess puzzle called arrangement.
1370       Pope Gregory xi (1329-1378) is an avid chessplayer.
1370       Arabic manuscript written; belonged to Sultan of Egypt; in Cairo; (C manuscript)
1374       Timur names his son shah-rukh after playing chess
1375       Charles V (1337-80) of France prohibits chess.
1380       William of Wykeleham, founder of Oxford, forbids chess.
1390.10.10 John I of Aragon requested a board and set at his lodging in Valencia.
1391       Charles D'Orleans b.  Chess player and father of Louis XII.
1392       Charles VI (1368-1422) forbids chess.
1397.02.05 Louis, Duke of Orleans, purchased an elaborate chessboard.
1402.07.20 Tamerlane (Timur) (1336-1405) plays chess with his son Schabroch (Shaw Rukh) while his prisoner, Sultan Bajazet (Bayezid), is brought to him
1403       Mohammed Balba, Moorish king, wants to put his brother Jusaf to death; delayed as Jusaf (Jusef) was playing chess, them Balba dies and Jusaf becomes king
1407       Louis, Duke of Orleans, died.  Chessplayer.
1408       The Sultan Mohammed plays live chess in Grenada, Spain.
1408       John Lydgate wrote a poem on Love, which he dedicated to the admirers of chess
1410       Martin of Aragon is an avid collector of chess sets and books.
1412       John Lydgate wrote Reson and sensuallyte, a romantic allegory.
1415       King Henry V (1386-1422) playes chess; got beat by John Wolcott.  Wolcott's coat of arms has 3 rooks on it.
1416       Jews of Forli banned all games of chance except chess.
1420       German king abandons the prohibition of chess.
1422       Cracow manuscript states that stalemate is a draw.
1422       Cracow poem attributes the invention of chess to Ulysses.
1425       1st reference to chess as 'the royal game' in Lydgates translation.
1430       Charles VII (1403-61), King of France, is a chess addict.
1433       Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, born.  Strong chessplayer.
1435       Bernat Fenollar born.  Catalan poet and clergyman from Valencia, Spain.  One of the authors of "Scachs d'amor."  Chess arbiter
1437       King James I of Scotland was playing chess when he was murdered.
1440       CIVIS BONONIAI, collection of chess problems, incorporated in Florentine manuscript.
1445       Narcis Vinyoles born.  Catalan poet from Valenica, Spain.  Died in 1517.
1446       Arabic chess manuscript "anmuzaj ul Catal" transcribed
1450       Custom of attaching to each problem an author.
1454       Best copy of Civis Bononiae's manuscript made.  Now in Modena.
1454       Living chess played in Morostica, Italy for the hand of a lady.
1457.05    Charles, Duke of Orleans, wins a rare chess manuscript.
1460       Charles the Bold (1433-77) considered the best player of his time.
1464       statute included chessmen in a list of goods which were no onger to be imported.
1465       Orleans, Charles d' died.  French prince and chessplayer.  Father of Louis XII.
1464       Luis Ramirez Lucena born in Aragon.  Chess author.
1467       Colonna's Hypnerotomachia Poliphili describes chess balet.
1470       INNOCENT MORALITY published.  1st printed reference to chess.
1471?      Gottingen manuscript published (maybe as late as 1475).  1st work devoted to modern chess, 33 pages.  Written by Lucena.
1472       1st printing of the Gesta Romanorum morality, in Latin.
1472       1st hardback book dealing with chess published.
1473       1st printed edition of Cessolis's Book of Chess published in Utrecht.
1474       William Caxton (1422-1491) publishes 'the game and playe of chesse.'  This is a translation of the work of Cesollis
1474.12    Gottingen manuscript in the hands of King Alfonso V of Portugal.
1475       Beginning of modern chess starts in southern Europe.
1475       Fers replaced by the queen and the aufin replaced by the bishop.
1476       At Louvaine, Charles the Bold forbids cards & dice, but not chess.
1477       Charles the Bold died.
1477       Jacob de Cessolis translation published in Augsburg
1480?      Damiano, Pedro born in Odemira, Portugal.   Wrote 1st chess book in Italian.  He was an apothecary (pharmacist).
1485       1st known modern chess game recorded.
1485?      Marco (Marcus) Girolamo (Hieronymus) Vida born in Cremona. (some sources say 1490)
1490       1st chess painting 'the chess players,' by a Venetian artist.
1490       En passant is introduced.
1492       Ferdinand played chess while Columbus negotiated.
1493.03.01 1st Italian edition of Cessolis printed in Florence for Antonio Miscomini
1495       1st practical chess book printed, by the Catalan Francesch Vicent treatise on openings.  Published in Valencia,
1495       During the Inquisition, living chess was played.
1495       Lucena is a student in Salamanca
1496       Oldest surviving book dealing with practical play printed by Lucena; Repeticion de Amores.
1497       Lucena writes 1st printed book on chess playing; dedicated to Prince Juan who did in 1497.
1498       Mennel presents manuscript to Emperor Maximilian I that chess is a game of skill.
1499       Scachs d'amor (Chess of Love) poem written by Castellvi, Fenollar, and Vinyoles.  Published in Valencia, Spain.
1500       World's longest poem, by Firdewsi, recounts how chess was invented.
1500       The Catalan Scachs d'amor chess poem written.
1500       Chess becomes a recognized pastime for Jews on the Sabbath.
1501       Girolamus Cardanus born.  Chess author, medical doctor, astrologist, mathematician, inventor.
1503       Arabic manuscript (F)
1503       Firdewsi completes a chess book which includes Dilaram's mate.
1504       1st French translation of Cessolis book, by Jean de Vignay in Paris (Moralite des Nobles Hommes)
1506.11.06 Franci de Castellvi died.  Catalan poet from Valencia, Spain.  Winner of the first modern chess game ever recorded
1507       Vida begins work on his famous chess poem De Ludo Scaccorum and Scacchia Ludus.  Finished in 1513.
1507       James Mennels publishes a book at Costentz on chess variants
1509       1st Portuguese expedition off Malacca.  The Javans recognized chess
1510       Vida writes his poem, Scacchia Ludus, the 1st mention of a goddess of chess.
1512       1st chess book to be published in Italy, by Pedro Damiano in Rome.  2nd extant chess book (after Lucena).
1512       Damiano writes Questo Libro e da imparare giocave a scachi, mostly chess problems.
1512       Damiano doesn't mention medieval chess.
1512       Damiano says chess was invented by Xerxes (Axedrez is Sp for chess).
1512       Manuscript copied by Guarini at Rome was last Italian collection of medieval chess.
1513       Vida writes chess poem Scacchia Ludus (De Ludo Scaccorum).
1516       Book of the Courtier written by Castiglione.  Mentions chess.
1517       Narcis Vinyoles died, aged 72.  Catalan poet, lawyer, and judge from Valenica, Spain.  
1518       2nd printing of Damiano's book, Questo libro, printed in Rome.
1519       Vida elevated by Pope Leo X to prefect of San Silvestro in Monte Corno
1519       Book written during Henry VIII reign calls the pieces Kynge, Quyen, Alfin, Knyght, Rok, and Paun.
1520       Lucas von Leyden paints THE CHESSPLAYERS, showing Courier chess.
1522       Clergy ordered not to play chess by Vassili III.
1524       3rd printing of Damiano's book, printed in Rome by Antonio Bladi de Asula.
1525       Scacchia ludus by Vida published in Lyons anonymously; pirate version.
1525       Unauthorized version of SCACCHORUM LIBER published in Florence.
1527       Vida published SCACCHIA LUDUS with his name and picture, a famous poem on chess, Rome.  Reprinted in Rome in 1544.
1527       Bernat Fenollar died, aged 92.  Catalan poet from Valencia, Spain.  He was a priest and mathematics professor.
1528       Paoli Boi (il Bove (Ox) or il Siracusano) born in Syracuse, Sicily.  16th century leading player.
1530       Ruy Lopez born in Zafra, Spain.  Spanish Franciscan priest & leading player.
1530       Luis Ramirez Lucena died, aged 66.  Chess author (Repeticion de amores e arte de axedrez con CL juegos de partido).
1532       Vida becomes Bishop of Alba.
1533       Atahualpa, inca emperor of peru, imprisoned and learns chess.
1534       2nd Italian editon of Cessolis published in Venice, in octavo.
1535?      Ceron, Alfonso born in Granada.
1536       Egenolff; Cessole morality by Egenolff at Franfurt mentions new chess.
1536       Egenolff publishes updated SCHACHZABEL by Mennel in Franfort.
1537       French pamphlet containing medieval chess problems; last medieval reference.
1542       Giovanni Leonardo Di Bona da Cutri born in Cutro, Calaria.  Nicknamed Il Puttino (The Boy).
1544       Damiano, Pedro died in Portugal, aged 44.   Wrote 1st chess book in Italian.
1547       John Frederick (1503-1554), Elector of Saxony, taken prisoner by Emperor Charles V and told that he was condemned to death while he was playing chess
1548       Giulio Cesare Polerio (l'Abruzzese) born in Lanciano, Italy.
1549       Valladolid; Cessole's morality published at Valladolid.  Last Spanish version.
1549       Paoli Boi defeats Pope Paul III (1468-1549) in a chess match.
1550       Arabic manuscript (RAS)
1550       Valdiviesco, Don Antonio de, Bishop of Nicaragua, assassinated while playing chess in his palace at Leon.
1550       Arabic manuscript (Q)
1550       Protohierarch Sylvester denounces chess.
1550       1st chess club, organized in Italy.
1551       Cessole's morality in dutch published at Louvain the last version.
1551       Ivan IV of Russia bans chess.  Civil code called Hundred Chapters.
1555       Castling is introduced.
1559       Villani writes on history and states thet Buceca, a Saracen, wat the greatest chess playe of his day
1560       Ruy Lopez visits Rome and defeats all the players (including Giovanni Leonardo di Bona).
1560       French version of Damiano's book published in Paris by Gruget.
1561       Ruy Lopez proposes the 50-move rule to claim a draw.
1561       Last time castling was 2 separate moves.
1561       Ruy Lopez writes his book on chess.   Introduces the word gambit. (Alcala de Henares, 1561)
1561       Ruy Lopez writes Libro de la Invencion Liberal y Arte del Juego del Axedrez.  Contains 66 games.
1562       1st instructional book, Damiano translation, published in London by James Rowbothum.
1562       Damiano's book in Engish called - The pleasaunt and wittie playe of the Cheasts renewed.
1562       St Teresa, a Spanish reformer, includes chess in her writings.
1564       Damiano's book reprinted in Venice.  Libro da imparare a giocar a Scachi.
1565?      Orazio Gianutio Della Mantia, chess author, born in Turin.
1566.09.27 Marcus Vida died in Alba, aged 76.  Chess poet and Bishop of Alba.
1569       Damianio's book reprinted in English.
1570       Alessandro Salvio born in Naples.  Neapolitan author and doctor.  Best analyst of his time.
1570?      Gianutto della Mantia, Horatio born in Italy.  Author of Italian chess book.
1571       Arabic manuscript (S)
1571       Dr. Don Geronimo Cascio born in Piazza Armerina in Enna, Sicily.  Supposedly showed the Muzio variation to Senor Muzio
1572       Ruy Lopez defeats several eminent players in Rome.  Lopez attended the pontification of Pope Gregory XIII.
1573.07.12 Don Pietro Carrera born in Militello, Sicily.  Player and author.  Died 1647.
1573       Giovanni Leonardo goes to Naples to study and practice chess
1574       Ruy Lopez goes to Rome to solicit the grant of a vacant benefice from Pope Gregory XiV. (Sarratt)
1574       Ruy Lopez beats Leonardo in Rome after they played for two successive games
1574       1st documented chess competion, played in Madrid.
1574       Paoli Boi and Leonardo beat Ruy Lopez and Ceron in presence of King Phillip II.
1574       Polerio records the important opening variations of his time.
1575       Leonardo finished two years of chess studies in Naples after his loss to Ruy Lopez
1575       Leonardo returns to Cutri to find out his brother was taken by Corsairs; ransom asked for.
1575       Leonardo travels to Genoa, Marseilles, Barcelona, and Madrid, defeating all in chess.
1575       Leonardo, Boi, Polerio visit the court of Philip II in Madrid.  Meet Ruy Lopez and Ceron.
1575       Giovanni Leonardo beats Ruy Lopez in Madrid at the court of King Philip II of Spain, 3 wins and 2 losses.
1575       Arabic manuscript (R)
1575       After the Plaque of Cremona, all games except chess were banned.
1575.08.22 King Philip II of Spain writes letter of recommendation to his brother, Don Giovanni of Austria for Boi.
1576       Boi taken prisoner by an Algerine Corsair and sold for a slave, but wins his freedom playing chess against his master.
1576       Girolamus Cardanus died, aged 75.  Chess author.  Wrote 249 books.
1576       Leonardo beats il Moro at Lisbon.
1579       Selenus, Gustavus born.
1579       Sukaikir is the last write on the older muslim game of chess.
1579.04.10 August der Jungere, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (Gustavus Selenus) born in Dannenberg, Germany.
1580       Ruy Lopez died, aged 50.
1580       Catherine de Medici of France is a keen chess player.
1581       Letter from Poland says that Russians are strong players.
1581       Wilcox writes A Glasse for Gamesters, defending chess.
1583       Italian lawyer recommends notifying player when queen is attacked.
1583       Thomas Actius writes that chess is a game of skill, not gambling.  Writes a chess book published in Pisa
1584.03.28 Ivan the Terrible dies while starting a game of chess.
1584       Ruy Lopez's book translated into Italian by Gio. Dominico Tarsia and published in Venice by Cornelius Arrivabene.
1584       Polerio writes about Lopez, Boi, and Leonardo from Madrid.
1584       Polerio writes the Manuscrito Buoncompagno and dedicated it to the Duke of Sora
1586       Leonardo plays chess against Boi in Naples, in the presence of the Duke d'Ossuna.  Leonardo wins the match in 3 days.
1587       Leonardo poisoned in the palace of Prince di Bisignano in Cutri, Calabria.  He died at age 46.
1587       Japanese chess (shogi) played
1590       Polerio's manuscript mentions Caro Kann and Greco Counter Gambit.
1590       Polerio plays the 1st recorded King's Gambit.
1590       Russian book on regulations forbade chess in Russia.
1594       Polerio dedicates chess treatise (Trattato degh scacchi dell'Abruzzese) to Duke of Sora.  Has 148 games.
1597       1st English version of Vida's Scacchia ludus.
1597       Treatise published by Horatio Gianutio dealing with openings and problems.  Published in Turin.
1598       James VI of Scotland writes Basilikon Doron and mentions chess.
1598       Boi loses to Alessandro Salvio three days before Boi's death.
1598       Boi, Paolo poisoned by his servant in Naples, Italy and died, age 70. 
1600       Gioachino Greco (il Calabrese) born in Celico, Italy near Cosenza in Calabria.  Great 17th century Italian player.
1600       Appearance of professional players who made their living at chess.
1600       Castling established as a single move; still regional variations.
1600       Nilakantha writes the BHAGAVANTABHASKARA, which has a chess section
1600       Stalemate in England is a win for the side whose King is stalemated
1604       Alessandro Salvio publishes the 1st comprehensive chess book, in Naples; Trattato.
1604       Salvio writes Il Puttino, altramente detto, il cavaliero errante, sopra il gioco de' scacchi
1605       Ohashi-Sokei appointed chief shogi player in Japan.
1606       Pedo Damiano's book printed at Bologna by Gio. Rossi
1606       Dr. Geronimo Cascio defeats Polerio in Rome.  Salvio beats Cascio.
1612       Buoncompagno, Duke of Sora and illegitimate son of Pope Gregory XIII, leading Italian chess patron, died.
1612       Giulio Cesare Polerio (Giulio Cesare da Lanciano) died in Rome. (some sources day 1608)
1612       Salvio wrote a chess tragedy in verse (La Scaccheide).
1612       Arabic manuscript (Y) was copied in Rabia by Asahh al Kirmani
1613       Chess on stage in Shakespeare's The Tempest (Miranda playing Ferdinand).
1614       Stalemate was a loss according to A. Saul of England.
1614       Don Quixote published; refers to chess.
1614       Arthur Saul's FAMOUS GAME OF CHESSE-PLAY published in London.  Thought Xerxes invented chess.
1617       Gustavus Selenius (Augustus, Duke of Brunswick Lunenberg) publishes the earliest German book on openings, in Leipzig. (Lopez's book)
1617       Pietro Carrera prints a book on all aspects of chess (del Giuoco Degli Scacchi). Printed in Militelli, Sicily. Attributes chess to Palamedes
1617       Carrera suggests new piece, the champion (combines rook and knight).
1617       Carrera suggests enlarging the chessboard to 10 x 8.
1618       Damanio's book printed at Venice by Peter Farri
1619       Greco compiles a manuscript (Trattato del nobilissimo gioco de scacchi) on openings to a patron in Rome.
1620       Cascio defeat il Marano.
1620       Modern version of castling established in France.
1620       Greco makes copies of his opening manuscripts for Monsignor Corsino, Cardinal Savelli, and Buoncompagni
1621       Greco wins 5,000 crowns at the Court of Duke Enrico of Lorraine in Nancy; leaves a copy of his manuscript
1621       Greco plays against Isaac Arnauld de Corbeville, Enrico di Savoia, and the Duke of Nemours
1621       Burton writes Anatomy of Melancholy and mentions chess.
1622       Chess used in a play caled THE SPANISH CURATE.
1622       Greco went to London where he was robbed of his 5,000 scudi (crowns).
1622       Daniel Souterius (1571-1634) publishes 'Book of Borad Games' and claims chess was invented by Palamedes
1623       Greco presents chess manuscript to Nicholas Montstephen and Francis Godolphin.
1623       Greco began the practice of giving complete games.
1624       A play, "A Game of Chess" by Thomas Middleton, written and acted at the Globe.  Anti-Spanish.
1624       Middleton's play suppressed by James I & Middleton went to prison.
1624       Greco returns to Paris; rewrites his manuscript to include entire games, not just positions
1624       Greco defeats all opponents at the court of Philip IV in Spain.  Defeats Mariano Morano.
1625       History of St Demys Abbey saying Charlegmane gave them a chess set.
1630       Charles I (1600-1649) is a chess addict, spending all his time at chess.
1633       Ecclesiastical lawyers declare chess as legal.
1634       Gioacchino Greco died in the West Indies, aged 34.  Left all his money to the Jesuits.
1634       Salvio publishes an account of Leonardo da Cutri, IL PUTTINO.  Contains 60 games
1634       Salvio starts a chess academy in Naples.
1634       Salvio republishes his Trattato; attacked Carrera.
1635       Louis XIII (1601-1643) was a chess addict.
1636.06.29 Hyde, Thomas, chess historian, born in Billingsley, England.
1640       1st mention of Scholar's mate in 2nd edition of Saul's chess book.  1st mention of the bishop.
1640       Modern version of castling established in England.
1640       Alessandro Salvio died, aged 70.
1641       1st mention of chess in America, in a history of Dutch settlers.
1643       Civil War pamphlet called The Game at Chess published.
1645.01.26 Polish ambassador Gabriel Stempkowski presented to Czar Alexei a chess set and table from Polish King Wladislaus IV (info from Stan Vaughan)
1647.01    Charles I was playing chess when the Scots sold him back to the English, in which he was later hanged
1647.09.18 Carrera, Pietro died in Messina, Italy, aged 74.  Sicilian historian & antiquarian.
1649       The Tsar Alexei punished chessplayers by whipping and prison.
1650       Venetian merchant conducts a corr. game against Slovenia player.
1650       Asperling, B born.  Chess author, player and blindfold player.
1651.05.13 Frederick William I of Prussia gives chess board to town of Strobeck.
1652       1st coffee house opened in London.  Chess was played there.
1654       Cunningham, Alexander born in Scotland.  Diplomat and historian.  Cunningham gambit.
1655       Ruy Lopez book translated from Italian to French and published in Brussels
1656       THE ROYALL GAME OF CHESSE-PLAYE, by Francis Beale, 1st published smothered mate.  Published in London.  Translation of Biochimos
1656       1st English edition of Greco's work published in London by Henry Herrington.  Prepared by Franics Beale.
1657       Moralizatio Scaccharii written by Innocent, an English monk and not Pope Innocent III
1658       Khalifa writes Arabic bibliography; has catalog of chess books
1660       The Shah Jehan builds a chess palace.
1663.04.23 Chess sets presented to the Tsar.
1664       Charles Cotton (1630-1687) publishes "The Compleat Gamester" which includes chess
1665       Abu; Earlist dating of Abu 'l-fath manuscript.
1666       Selenus died.
1666.09.17 August der Jungere, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (Gustavus Selenus) died in Wolfenbuttel, Germany.
1667       Giovanni Girolamo Saccheri born.  Played 3 games blindfold.
1669       Tsar Alexei Mikhailovitch orders 10 sets of chessmen.
1669       Greco's manuscripts published in Paris by Perpingve. (Le Jeu des Eschets)
1670       Cafe de la Regence opened in Paris.  Closed in 1916.
1672       Next English book since 1656, a re-issue of Saul and Joseph Barbier, called "The fmous game of Chesse-play"
1675       Leibniz, the german philosopher, played chess.
1680       A chess academy was conducted at Fountainbleau.
1683       Francisco Piacenza of Turin writes book describing flank openings as fianchetti.
1683       J.F. Sarasin publishes "Oevres" in Paris.  Traces the Latin word Scacchi to echecs and chess
1683.06    In the "Mercure Galant" there appeared an article on Greco
1685       Muscovite embassy to Louis XIV defeated French players in Paris.
1686       Tsar liberates man from confinement whose crime was playing chess and swearing.
1687       1st account of chess in Siam by La Loubere, envoy to Louis XIV
1687       Davidis Clerici writes "Oratio de Latrunculorum ludo" and ascribes the invention of chess to the Persians
1689       Geco's works printed again in Paris by Jacques Le Febvre.
1690       Books on the origin of chess published in Naples by Marco Severino.
1690       The medieval's king leap makes its last appearance in the 'Traite'.
1690       1st time openings are classified in an orderly way.
1690       'Traite de Lausanne' written by B. Asperling.
1692       Slaughter's coffee house in London founded for chessplayers.
1694       Thomas Hyde of Oxford publishes the 1st scholarly attempt of oriental chess origins, De Ludis Orientalibus (Games of the East), written in Latin
1695?      Bertin, Joseph born at Castelmoron-sur-Lot.  Chess author.
1696       Adam Olearius writes on chess and says chess called secrentz by the Persians and attributed to Elmaradabi, minister of the king of Persia
1697       D'Herbelot's BIBLIOTHEQUE ORIENTALE, published in Paris. Says chess was invetned by the Persian Busurge Mihiro.
1698       Giambattista Lolli born in Nonantola.  Chess author.
1698       TRAITE DES LAUSANNE by Gentil published.  1st appearance of QGCG.
1700       Payagunda writes CHATURANGAVINODA (The Game of Chess)
1700       Slaugter's Coffee House was center of London until 1770.
1700       Peter the Great cancels a ban on chess.
1702       M. de Kermar, Sire de Legal, born.  Philidor's teacher.
1703.02.18 Hyde, Thomas died in Oxford, England.   Oriental scholar.  Establised Indian origin of chess.
1705       Liebniz takes interest in chess.
1705       Phillip Stamma born.  Chess player from Aleppo.  Interpreter of Oriental languages.
1706       M. Caze writes an unpublished manuscript on the King's Gambit.
1706       Benjamin Franklin born.  Wrote 'Morals of chess'.
1707       Cunningham, Alexander originates the Bertin Gambit, published by Bertin in 1735.
1709       Charles XII, King of Sweden, plays chess.
1710       Asperling, B died.  Chess author, player and blindfold player.
1710       Caze, M. died.  Author of first manuscript on the King's Gambit.
1711       chess is prohibited in Frankfurt for 14 years after the Great Fire.
1712       Frederick the Great born.  Chess enthusiast.
1712       Jean Rousseau born.  French philosopher and chess enthusiast.
1713       Denis Diderot born.  French encyclopedist and chess enthusiast.
1713.02.01 Charles XII of Sweden plays chess during the skirmish at Bender (Bendery, Moldavia)
1715       Cozio, Carlo born in Italy.  Count of Montiglio and chess author.
1715       1st chess club in England at Slaughter's in London.
1716       Bouilly, Louis born.  Painted "The Chess Players."
1716       Leibnitz died.  Chess enthusiast.
1718       Charles XII died.  King of Sweden who played chess.
1718       del Rio, Ercole born in Guiglia, Italy.  Author.
1718       Grotto beat English Admiral Byng in Naples.
1719       Feret, in a paper to the French Academy, supports Indian origin of chess.
1719.11.09 Ponziani, Domenico born in Modena, Italy.  Prof. of Civil Law, Canon of the Cathedral, vicar.
1720       Janssen, Sir Abraham born.  One of England's strongest players.
1722       Three-handed chess and board invented by Marinelli in Naples.
1723       Sicilian Defense played in Naples by Severino.
1723       D. Scipone del Grotto died.  Leading player of Naples.  Priest from Salerno.
1723       Alexander Salvio's book printed at Naples by Felix Mosca
1725       Casanova, Giovanni born.  Playboay and chess player.
1726.09.07 Philidor, Andre born at Dreux near Paris.  18th century master.  Wrote 23 operas.  Died 1795.
1728       Charles Chevalier d'Eon de Beumont born.  Fr. diplomat, chessplayer, and transvestite.
1729       Catherine II born.  Chess enthusiast.
1730.12    Cunningham, Alexander died at the Hague.  Classical scholar.
1732       Franklin wrote, but did not publish, an outline of his Morals of Chess
1733       Jean-Jacques Rousseau becomes interested in chess.  Writes about it in his Confessions.
1733.09.15 "Short Essay on the Game of Chess" appears in the the Tory jurnal the Craftsman.
1733       Franklin learns chess
1734.12.13 Lewis Rou of NYC wrote a manuscript about chess.  Earliest known composition of chess in the US.
1734       Wolfgang von Kempelen, inventor of the first automaton, born.
1734       Franklin played the 1st reported chess game in America (see his Autobiography)
1735       Captain Joseph Bertin (1690-1736) writes THE NOBLE GAME OF CHESS.  Sold only at Slaughter's Coffee House in London.
1735       Rou writes poem in Latin about chessplayers in NY
1736       Philidor learns how to play chess.
1736.12.19 Bruhl, John (Hans) born in Wiederau, Germany.  Gave support to Philidor.  Minister of Saxony.
1736?      Bertin, Joseph died.  Author of THE NOBLE GAME OF CHESS.
1737       "Essai sur le Jeu d'Echecs" published in Paris by Philippe Stamma.  100 problems.
1737       Philip Stamma publishes a chess book (Noble Game of Chess) in Paris.  1st book using standard notation.
1737       Cunningham, Alexander died in London; Diplomat and historian.  Cunningham gambit.
1738       Philidor writes opera, performed at Versailles.
1740       Legall teaches chess to Philidor.  Legal starts with Rook odds.
1740       Philidor leave choir of Chapel Royal.
1740       Philidor plays a match of 10 games with Stamma (+7 =1  -2)
1741       Philip Stamma of Aleppo prints chess book in French at The Hague.  Contains 100 games in algebraic.
1742       Rousseau meets Legal and Philidor at the Cafe Maugis.
1743       Philidor and Legal playing on even level.
1743       Chess played on a board 14 by 10 in London.  Invented by the Duke of Rutland.
1744       Philidor plays 2 opponents blindfold in Paris at age 18.
1744       collection of poems published, including Rou's poem on chessplayers in NY
1745       1st edition of Hoyles games published, with a chess section.
1745       Stamma publishes 'the noble game of chess' in algebraic notation.  Published in London.
1745       Atwood, George born in England.  Played many games with Philidor.  Distinguished mathematician.
1745.12    Philidor earns a living by teaching and playing chess at The Hague.
1746.02.15 Heinse, Wilhelm born in Ilmenau, Germany.  Wrote about Anastasia's mate.
1746.09.28 Sir William Jones born.  Translated 1st Sanskrit reference to chess
1747       Philidor defeats Stamma in a match at Slaughter's in London.  10 games.
1747       Twiss, Richard born.  Chess author.
1747       Philidor visits England under the auspices of Sir Janssen, strongest English player.
1748       Philidor introduces the modern rule of numbering each move and its reply with the same number.
1748       Stein, Elias born.  Chess tutor of Dutch royalty.
1748       Philidor writes L'ANALYSE DU JEU DES ESCHECS.  Lord Sandwich orders 10 copies.
1748       Voltaire and Emperor Frederick II of Prussia play chess.
1749       Philidor publishes ANALYZE DES ESCHECS in London, most important chess book to date.
1749       Father Sacchieri of Turin was a chess player who could play 3 games of blindfold chess
1750       "The Royal Game of Chess" published in London.  English translation of Greco
1750       Lewis Rou, pastor of the Huguenot Church in NY died; compiled chess references
1750       Philidor gives chess exhibitions for Frederick the Great.
1750       Philidor plays 3 games blindfold in Berlin, winning all 3.
1750       king leap ended in Spain and Portugal.
1750       Legal's mate introduced by Legal against Saint Brie.
1750       Del Rio (the anonymous Modenese) publishes a chess book.  1st on the Scotch opening.
1750       English editon of Philidor's book published.  Called Chess Analyzed.
1750       CHESS MADE EASY, an English edition of Greco's work, published.
1750       Arabic manuscript (Z)
1751       Philidor plays 3 blindfold games simultaneously in Berlin.  He also played at Potsdom
1752       Chess manuscript presented to Gottingen University by F. Borner.
1752       Franklin writes that his chess playing partner, David Martin, is dead.
1752       French edition of Greco printed in London.
1753       letter written in Frankfort-on-the-Main that the Pope plays chess with Jews.
1754       Battilor, Stefano died.
1754.09    Philidor returns to France after an absence of 9 years.
1755       Article on chess in Diderot's ENCYCLOPEDIE.
1755       Stamma died.
1755       Philidor defeats Legall in France at the Cafe de la Regence.
1756       Rowlandson, Thomas born.  Chess artist 
1758       Monroe, James born.  Chess player and enthusiast.
1758.05.06 Robespiere born.  Chess enthusiast.
1759       earliest reference to chess in Canada.
1760       Rousseau plays Prince de Conti, winning 2 games.
1761       Hoyle publishes essay on chess (Murray 850).
1762       Franklin plays Bartram (game - CR 1/62,18)
1763       Sir William Jones writes the poem Caissa.
1763       Giambattista Lolli publishes a 632 page compendium of chess in Bologna.
1763       Modern usage of fianchetto 1st described by Lolli.
1763       Caissa, the muse or goddess of chess, created by Sir William Jones.
1763.06.19 Allgaier, Johann born in Schussenried, Germany. Tutored the Emperor's sons.  Died 1823.
1765       HISTORY OF CHESS by Robert Lambe (1711-1795) published (anonymously) in London.
1766       Alexandre, Aaron born in Hohenfeld, Bavaria.
1766       4-part 2-volume IL GIUOCO DEGLI SCACCHI by Count Carlo Cozio completed in Turin (Torino)
1767       Hyde's Latin work on the history of chess reprinted as 2nd volume.
1769       Lolli died.
1769       Von Kempelen's The Turk is the 1st great cabinet illusion.  Created in Presburg, Hungary.
1769       Ponziani publishes a practical chess guide to chess.
1769       Hoyle dies.
1770       Cochrane, James born in England.  Wrote a book on the Muzio Gambit in 1829.
1770       Turk 1st exhibited in Vienna at the court of Maria Theresa at Vienna.
1770       Pratt, Peter born.  Chess author.
1770       chess club formed at the Salopian Coffee House in London.
1770       "Essai sur le Jeu des Echecs" published in Hamburg.  This is an edition of Stamma's Treatise
1771       Philidor plays chess at the Salopian Coffee-house.
1771       Chess is used in the theater in LE BOURRU BIENFAISSANT.
1772       Jacob Sarratt born.  1st professional to teach chess in England.
1772       Coxe sees 4-handed chess in Russia.  1st reference to 4-handed chess.
1772       Parsloe's, a chess club in London, founded.  Closed in 1825.
1772       Philidor returns to London.
1772       Maelzel, John Nepomucene born in Ratisbon, Bavaria.  Turk owner.
1772       Jones, Sir William publishes his Poems (Oxford), including Caissa.
1773       Chess used in Goethe's 1st play.
1774       Parsloe's Chess Club founded in London on St. James Street.  Limited to 100 members.
1774       Oldest Danish chess book (Murray, 854).
1775       TRAITE DES AMATEURS published by Bernard, Carlier, Leger, Verdoni.
1775       Prince Potemkin and Catherine the Great play chess.
1775.02    Philidor gives chess lessons at Parsole's for 1 crown.
1776.12.26 British General Rall died in Battle of Trenton.  Was playing chess.
1777       2nd edition of Philidor's book, ANALYZE, in French and English.
1777       Gauss born.  Chessplayer.  Solved the 8 queens problem.
1777.06    d'Eon de Beaumont subscribes to Philidor's new book edition.
1778       Giambatatista Verci writes "Lettere sopra il Giuoco degli Scacchi" and published in Venice (Letters on Chess)
1779       Peter Roget b.  Devised 1st pocket set.  Wrote the Thesaurus.
1779       Duke of Rutland's chess invented using a 14 x 10 board.
1780       Cotter of England 1st plays the Allgaier Gambit of the KGA.
1780       Cozio, Carlo died in Italy.  Author.
1780.03.07 Deschapelles, Alexandre born in Ville d'Avray, France..  Lost his right arm in a war.  Died 1847.
1781       1st recording of games systematically, by Atwood.
1781       Vezin, Charles born in Hanover.  Philadelphia's best chess player.  Died in 1853.
1782       Ponziani writes IL GUICO INCOMPARABILE DEGLI SCACCI, Modena
1782.03.07 Butrimov, Ivan born in St Petersburg.  Published 1st Russian chess book in 1821,
1782.05.28 Philidor plays Count Bruhl and Bowdler blindfold, simultaneously.
1783       2nd performance of the Turk, in Vienna for Emperor Joseph II.
1783       Franklin plays the Turk in Paris.
1783       Paris starts chess club near the Palais Royal under patronage of Louis XVIII.  King's brother is a member
1783.05.08 Philidor plays 3 games simultaneously, blindfolded.  Age 57. (won 2, drew 1)  (Bruhl, Bowdler, Maseres)
1784       Oldest Swedish book, Kort Afhandling, is published by Konigstedt.
1784       Moses Hirschel introduces the o-o and o-o-o symbol. (Murray, 848).
1784       Kempelen brings The Turk to Britain.
1784       Thicknesse; 'The automaton chessplayer, exposed' by Thicknesse, published in London.
1785       Frederick the Great plays the Turk.
1786       "Le Traite des Amateurs" published by in Paris a group of amateurs who frequented the Cafe de la Regence
1786.12    Frankin publishes his 'Morals of Chess' in COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE.
1787       Richard Twiss (1747-1821) writes book called Chess (volume 1) anonymously in London (published by Robinson).
1787       Jacques Mouret born.  Turk operator.  Nephew of Philidor.
1787       Daines Barrington (1727-1800) writes An Historical Disquisition on the Game of Chess for the Society of Antiquarians in London.  Chess may have orginated in China
1787.10.09 Lewis, William, English player, b. in Birmingham.  Operated the Turk and wrote several chess books.
1788       Philidor playing at age 62 giving knight odds.
1788.05.10 Philidor playes Bruhl, Nowell, Leycester blindfolded and wins all 3 games
1789       Stein publishes opening book; analyzes the Dutch defense.
1789       Twiss writes Chess (vol 2).
1789       Racknitz builds a duplicate turk.  Publishes book exposing the Turk.
1789       A Historical Disquisition on the Game of Chess by Barrington appears in Archaeologia
1790       Sir William Jones writes 'On the Indian Game of Chess' published in Calcutta in Asiatic Researches
1790       3rd edition of Philidor's book published in London (Analysis of the Game of Chess).  Is edition 1749.  2nd editon 1777.
1790       1st known double rook sac made by Bowdler against Conway, London.
1790.01.27 Evans, William, inventor of the Evans gambit, born in Pembroke, Wales.
1790.03.13 Philidor plays Conway, Smith, and Sheldon blindfolded, winning all 3 at pawn odds.  He is age 64
1791       RUSSIA; 1st chess book published in Russia.
1792       Legall died.  Philidor's teacher.
1793       Eyles Irwin (1751-1817) writes a letter from Canton to the Earl Charlemont 'Account of the Chinese Game of Chess.'  Published by Royal Irish Academy in Dublin.  Says chess invented in China
1794       Douce writes EUROPEAN NAMES OF CHESSMEN in Archaeologia, London
1794       Deschapelles loses his right arm in the Battle of Fleurus
1794.02.12 Petrov, Alexander b. in Viserovo, Russia.  1st strong Russian player.  Died 1867.
1794.02.23 Philidor plays several blindfold, simultaneously at age 68.
1794.04.27 Sir William Jones died.   Sanskrit translater
1795       1st German chess manual, published by Allgaier, in Vienna.
1795       1st account of Burmese chess in Syme's ACCOUNT OF AN EMBASSY TO THE KINGDOM OF AVA.
1795       Turkish chess manuscript with 128 chess problems; now in Berlin
1795.06.20 Philidor's last blindfold performance.
1795.07.27 Dr. Ludwig Bledow, founder of the Pleiades, born in Berlin.  Owned one of the best chess libraries of his day.
1795.08.05 Last known game of Philidor.  Still winning at age 69 with pawn odds.
1795.08.31 Philidor, Andre died in London.  Age 69. (some sources say he died on Aug 24, 1795)
1796       Muhammad-khan, Shir wrote SARDARNAMA.
1796       Samuel Newham, England's leading provincial player, born.
1796       Atwood plays chess against Verdoni.
1796.07.15 Ponziani, Domenico died.
1797       Morosi makes an automaton for Ferdinand III, Duke of Tuscany.
1797       automaton is a center in a play.
1797       Bourdonnais, Louis Charles de la, born in Reunion Island.
1797.01.21 Calvi, Iganzio born in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  Italian player and composer.
1798       Deschapelles takes up chess at the Cafe de la Regence
1798.11.23 Alonzo Morphy, Paul's father, born in Charleston, South Carolina,
1798       Morosi makes an automaton and displays it in Paris.
1798       Jean-Loius Preti b.  Chess writer.  Started LA STRATEGIE.
1798.02.04 Cochrane, John, born in England.  Scottish player.  Founder of the romantic style.  Died 1878.
1798.04.28 Forbes, Duncan born in Kinnaird, Scotland.  Scottish linguist and writer on chess history.
1798.05.21 McDonnell, Alexander b. Belfast.  Best player in England around 1830.
1799       A. Curnock publishes "The Theory of Chess" and recommends changing the names of the pieces
1799       Durand, Philippe born in Fresnay-la-Mere.  Wrote 1st book devoted to the practical endgame.
1799       Captain Hiram Cox delivers article on Burma Game of chess in Bengal.  Attributes the origin of chess to Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
1799.11.25 Agnel, Hyacinth born in NY City.  Chess Author.  Died in 1871.
1800       Brede, Ferdinand born in Stettin, Poland.  Problemist.
1800       Schlumberger, Wilhelm born in Mulhouse.  Teacher of St Amant.  Operated the Turk.
1800       Grimm, Vincent born in Vienna.   Grimm Attack.
1800       Last time stalemate is a win for the side whose King is stalemated in England
1800.08.15 Basterot, Barthelemy born in Dublin. Chess author.
1800.09.02 Saint-Amant, Pierre born at Cheteau Latour.  Leading French player.  Died 1872.
1801       Cox's article on Burma chess published in Asiatick Researches in Calcutta
1801       Del Rio completed another chess book, which remained unpublished.
1801       James Christie (Palamedes) writes 'An inquiry into the antient Greek game' and says chess came from Greece
1802	   Del Rio, Ercole died.  Nicknamed the anonymous Modenese.
1802       1st American chess book - CHESS MADE EASY, published in Philadelphia by James Humphreys.
1803       oldest Berlin chess club formed
1803       Anthon exhibits Turk in London.
1803       Anatasia's mate, with Knight & Rook, published by Heinse, Wilhelm (1746-1803).
1803       Bryan, Thomas born in Philadelphia.  Bryan variation.
1803.03.13 Walker, George born.  English chess writer and organizer.
1803.06.22 Heinse, Wilhelm died in Aschaffenburg, Germany.  Wrote about Anastasia's mate.
1803.10.16 Karl Schorn born.  German painter and member of the Berlin Pleiades
1804       "An Introduction to the History and Study of Chess" written by Thomas Pruen and printed by H. Ruff
1804       1st authenticated correspondence match - The Hague vs. Breda.
1804       Verdoni died.  Italian player.  Replaced Philidor at Parsloe's in London.
1804       The name 'Philidor's Legacy', 1st used in book by Pruen.
1804       Napoleon Bonaparte plays the Alekhine's Defense.
1804.03.26 Kempelen, inventor of the first automaton, Turk, died.  Aulic Counselor on Mechanics to the Royal Chamber.
1804.05.15 d'Orville, Pierre born in St Petersburg.  Problemist.
1805	   1st original American chess book published in Boston by William Pelham; The Elements of Chess
1805.09.07 Szen, Jozsef born in Pesth, Hungary.  Founded Budapest Chess Club.
1805       Maelzel buys the Turk from Kempelen'son.
1805       Sarratt reputedly the best player in England until his death in 1819.
1806       Deschapelles bets the best chess players in Germany
1806.01.01 Kieseritzky, Lionel born in Tartu.  Strong French player of his day.  Died 1853.
1807       The Abbe Dubois writes 'Missionary in the Mysore' amd mentions that Hindus call chess Chatur-angam
1807	   Stalemate becomes a draw in England after persuasion by Sarratt.
1807       Worrall, Thomas born.  British Commissioner in Mexico.
1807       Sylvanus Urban writes an account of chess meetings in "The Gentlemen's Magazine"
1807.03.17 Mongredian born.  Pres. of London CC and Liverpool CC.
1807.04.06 London Chess Club founded.  Augustus Hankey 1st President
1807.07.11 Atwood, George died in London.  Played Philidor and recorded Philidor's games.
1807.11.22 Ernest Morphy born in Charleston, SC.
1808       J.H. Sarratt is chess pro at Salopian coffee house, London.
1808       A TREATISE ON THE GAME OF CHESS by Jacob Sarratt published in London in two volumes.
1808.05.10 Horwitz, Bernhard born in Neustrelitz, Germany.  One of the Pleiades.  Died 1885.
1808.12.17 Allen, George born in Milton Township, VT.  Chess author and nephew of Ethen Allen.
1809       Hugh Alexander Kennedy born.  British chess master.  Died in 1878.
1809	   Zurich chess club (Schachgeselischaft Zurich), oldest chess club in the world, founded.  Still exists.
1809       The Turk (Allgaier) defeats Napoleon at Schonbrunn. (game - CR 1/47, 16)
1809.06.09 Bruhl, John (Hans) died in London.
1810	   Elijah Williams b. Bristol.  English chess master.
1810       Eon de Beaumont, Charles died. (d'eon)  Transvestite.
1810       Rousseau, Eugene born.  French player.
1810.02.02 Hanneken, Hermann von, born in Vicheln, Prussia.  Prussian General.  Hanneken Defense.
1810.03    Staunton b. Westmoreland.  Leading player of the 1840's.
1810.07.15 Lowenthal, Johann b. Budapest.  Strong British player.
1810.08.11 Carl Mayet born in Berlin.  German chess master and Berlin Pleiades member.
1811       Allgaier writes "Neue Theoretisch, pratische Anweisung zum Schachspiele" published in Vienna
1811	   1st time the openings written in tabular form, in Allgier's book.
1811	   Kling b. Mainz.   Composer and pioneer endgame analyst.
1811	   Last known copy of the 1st practical chess book (1495) destroyed.
1811       Beauharnais, Napoleons's stepson, buys the Turk for 30,000 francs
1811.08.03 Hanstein, Wilhelm born in Berlin.  Magazine founder.  Hanstein Gambit.  Elo: 2480.  Berlin Pleiades.
1812.02.29 Hirschbach, Hermann born in Berlin.  Hirschbach var.
1813       Athenaeum founded in Philadelphia.  Chess players gathered there.
1813       J.F.W. Koch publishes "Codex der Schachspielkunst" in Magdeburg
1813       Sarratt publishes the works of Damiano, Ruy Lopez, and Salvio.
1813.07.09 1st newspaper chess column in "Liverpool Mercury."  Ran until August 20, 1814.  Written by Egerton Smith.
1813.08.23 Jaenisch, Karl born.  Resigned his army commission to play chess.
1814       Julius Mendheim (1788-1836) publishes a chess book in Berlin; he is one of the strongest players in Berlin
1814	   Wyvill, Marmaduke born.  Placed 2nd in the London 1851 tournament.
1814       Tiruvenkata (Trevangadacharya) Acharya Sastri (Shastri, Shastru)) writes ESSAYS ON CHESS, Bombay. 1st Indian problems.  Originally written in Sanskrit
1814       Meek, Alexander born in Columbia, SC.
1815       Hamppe, Carl born in Vienna.  Elo: 2410.  Hamppe opening
1815.07.08 Howe, Henry born in Guildford, England.  Canandian ch 1877.
1815.09.21 Paul Rudolf von Bilguer born in Ludwigslust, Germany.  Wrote HANDBUCH DES SCHACHSPIELS.  A Pleides.
1816       Maelzel supposedly invents the metronome; swiped from Winkel.
1816       English translation of "Les Strategemes des Echecs" published in London
1816.11.17 Hicks, William born in Portsmouth, England.  Canadian ch 1874.
1817       William Lewis publishes "Oriental Chess" (Sastri's book) in 2 volumes; 1st problems books printed in UK
1817	   Schliemann born.  Played the Schliemann Defense in the 1860s.
1817       John Cazenove (1788-1879) writes "A selection of curious and entertaining games at Chess" published in London
1817       Sarratt publishes works on Gianutio and Selenius.
1817       Maelzel repurchases the Turk.  Exhibits in Paris.
1817.10.10 Dubois, Serafino born in Rome.  Elo: 2550
1817       Kenny, W.S. publishes his "Practical Chess Grammar."
1818       W. Lewis published "Stamma on the Game of Chess" in London
1818       Kenny publishes "chess Exercies" in London.
1818       Chess is being played at the military academy at West Point, organized by Major S. Thayler
1818.07.06 Anderssen, Adolf born in Breslau (now Wroclaw), Germany.  Died 1879.
1818.09    Burk in London.  Operator is William Lewis, Champion of England.
1818.10.17 Baron Tassilo von Heydebrand von der Lasa born in Berlin.  Died 1899.  Berlin Pleiades
1819.03    "Greco on the Game of Chess," translated from the French by William Lewis and published in London
1819       Williams, then Mouret operate the Turk.
1819       Brunet y Bellet, Jose born in Barcelona.  Chess writer
1819       Allgaier publishes detailed analysis of the Allgaier Gambit.
1819.06.27 Ernest Falkbeer born in Brno (Brunn, Moravia), Czechoslovakia.  Edited THE CHESS PLAYERS' MAGAZINE.
1819.09	   Stanley, Charles born in Brighton.  Strong American master.  Died in 1901.
1819.11.06 Jacob Sarratt died impovrished.  Strongest English player of his day.
1820       Deschapelles teaches chess to La Bourdonnais, his student.
1820       Robert Willis published a book in which he analyzed the Turk.
1820       Marcus Kann born in Vienna.  Published analysis of Caro-Kann in 1886.
1820       The Incomparable Game of Chess published in London by Bingham; translation of Domencio Ponziani
1820.01    Bayer, Aloys displays his Bavarian Boy automaton in Munich.
1820.12.08 Frere, Thomas born in New York City.  Wrote chess handbook.
1821       1st Russian manual on chess published, by Butrimov. (On the Game of Chess)
1821       NEW TREATISE OF CHESS by Sarratt is 1st to have a beginner's section.
1821       Willis, Robert published an article about a hidden operator in the Turk in 'The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal.'
1821       Twiss, Richard died.  Chess author.
1821       Albrecht Weber born.  1st to investigate Indian literature for referecnes to chess.
1821.04    Deschapelles beats John Cochrane 6-1 in France
1821.08.12 Ware, Preston born in Boston.  Played in the US ch in 1880.  Pres of American chess Foundation.
1821.11.24 Buckle, Henry born in Kent.  Historian and leading British player.  Read 12 languages.  Died 1862.
1822       L. Allen writes CHESS IN EUROPE DURING THE 13TH CENTURY in the "New Monthly Magazine"
1822       Zurich CC plays against Winterthur CC at Baltenswil; 1st ever Swiss club match.  Zurich wins +41 -35 =5
1822       Divan, famous chess room in London, founded by Samuel Ries.
1822.02.09 John cochrane writes "A Treatise on the Game of Chess" published in London
1823       1st chess column to appear in a periodical, by George Walker for LANCET.  Did not last a year.
1823.01.03 Allgaier, Johann died in Vienna of dropsy.  Strong master from Vienna.
1823.04.29 Harrwitz, Daniel born in Breslau, Poland..  Strong German player of his day.  Elo: 2520.  Died 1884.
1823.09.30 Gottschall, Rudolf born in Breslau, Poland.  Founder of the German chess federation.
1824       "An Easy Introduction to the Game of Chess; Containing 100 Examples of Games" published in London
1824       Herzfeld, Sebastian born in Austria.  Physician.  Herzfeld defense.
1824       Beauharnois, Prince Eugene died.  Bought the Turk for a brief time.
1824       Evans discovered the Evans Gambit.
1824       Gentleman's Magazine contained contributions in chess
1824       Johann Horny writes "Anweisung das Schachspiel"
1824.04    Scotch opening named from the Edinburgh-London corr. match.
1824.04.23 1st corr, matches, between London & Edinburgh.  Edinburgh won in July 1826.
1824.10.22 Hookham, Henry born in London.  New Zealand ch 1890.
1825       Barnes, Thomas born in Falmouth, England.  Scored more wins than anyone else against Morphy.
1825       Ben-Oni by Reinganun, published in Frankfurt.  1st mention of Benoni.
1825       Parsloe's, a famous chess club in London, closed.
1825       Francois Villot writes about chess and claims it originated in Egypt
1825       1st ever Swiss Federal Chess Tournament in Baden.
1825       "The First and Second Games Now Pending Between London and Edingurgh Chess Clubs" published by William Lewis
1825.09.25 Hooper, Charles Alfred, creater of Ajeeb, born in Bristol, England.
1825.12.20 Maelzel sails for America with Turk to escape debts and lawsuits. (BCM 1977,401)
1826       Horace Hayman Wilson writes abut the use of dice in chess in India
1826       Schlumberger arrives in America.
1826.02.03 Maelzel landed in New York with the Automaton called the Turk.
1826       Samuel H. Parker publishes "An Analysis of the Games of Chess by Philidor" in Boston
1826.04.04 Boden, Samuel born in Hull.  Morphy considered him strongest English player.  Died 1882
1826.04.13 Turk 1st exhibition in the US, in New York.  Operator is a Frenchwoman.
1826.05.30 Blackmar, Armand born in Bennington, VT.  Originated the Blackmar Gambit in 1881.
1826.07    Edinburgh won 1st corr. chess match against London.  Started in 124.
1826.09.13 Turk exhibited in Boston.
1826.10.01 Schlumberger arrives in Boston to operate the Turk.
1826.12.22 The Turk arrives in Philadelphia.
1827	   Owen, John ('Alter') born.  Strong English player.
1827       1st chess club in Philadelphia formed after the Turk (Maelzel's Automaton) visits the city.
1827       Urusov, Sergei born.  Chess-playing Russian prince.
1827.05    Two youths observe the operator emerge from the Turk.
1827.05    Daniel Walker builds an automaton, The American Chessplayer.
1827.05.30 Brown, John born in Bridport, England.  Problemist.
1827.06.01 Baltimore Gazette revealed how the Turk operated with a hidden operator.
1827.06.01 Carroll, Charles age 84, plays The Turk.  Signed Dec of Independence.
1828       Tolstoy, Leo born.  Russian chess novelist and chess fanatic.
1828       Ranken, Charles born.  First president of the Oxford University Chess Club.
1828.04.15 From, Martin born in Nakskov, Denmark.  From's Gambit named after him.
1828.09    Turk returns to Europe.
1828.11.10 Bayer, Conrad born in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia.  Prize-winning problemist.
1829	   1st book entirely devoted to one opening, published in India.
1829       Correspondence between Madras and Hyderabad.
1829       James Cochrane and Ghulam Kassam wrote ANALYSIS OF THE MUZIO GAMBIT, Madras 1829.
1829       Abbazia Defense of the Kings's Gambit 1st published by Silberschmidt.
1829.02.14 Dufresne, Jean born.  German player and writer. Elo: 2370
1829.04    Turk returns to US.
1829.04.21 Crosskill, Alfred born in Beverley, England.  Endgame analyst.
1830	   Hamburger Schachklub, oldest chess club in Germany, founded.
1830       1st published game by an American woman player, from Philadelphia.
1830.05.   Campbell, Joseph born in Cookstown, Ulster.  Problemist
1830.05.04 de Riviere, Arnous Jules born in Nantes, France.  Elo: 2450.
1830.05.19 Cook, Eugene born in New York City.  1st American composer of note.
1830.05.29 Edge, Frederick born in London.  Journalist.
1830.07.14 Bird, Henry born in Portsea, Hampshire.  Leading British amateur player.  Elo: 2440.  Died 1908.
1830.08.08 Cochrane, James died in Cheltenham, England.  Wrote a book on the Muzio Gambit in 1829.
1830.08.16 MacDonnell, George b. Dublin.  Chess columnist and author.
1830.08.18 Freeborough, Edward born in Hull, England.  Author.
1831       Lewis chessmen discovered on the isle of Lewis.  67 pieces.  Oldest complete set.
1831       A SERIES OF PROGRESSIVE LESSONS ON THE GAME OF CHESS by W. Lewis published in London
1831       Fraser, George born in Scotland.  Scottish ch 1898; Fraser Attack.
1831       Westminster chess club at Huttman's founded by George Walker.(Bedford St, Covent Garden)
1831       Sir Frederick Madden attributes chess to Charlemagne
1831.11.11 Fiske, Daniel born in Ellisburg, NY.  American editor, writer, and bibliophile.
1831.12.27 Green, Valentine born in Knipton, England.  Green var.
1832       Frederick Madden writes HISTORICAL REMARKS ON THE CHESSMEN DISCOVERED IN THE ISLE OF LEWIS for "Archaeolegia"
1832       Boultbee, William born in England.  1892 Canadian Ch.
1832       "50 Games of Chess" by George Walker published in London
1832       Petrov analyses the Petrov's Defense.
1832.03.12 Grimshaw, Walter born in Dewsbury, England.
1832.08.07 Max Lange born in Leipzig.  Suggested the Max Lange attack in 1854.
1833	   Antonius van der Linde, Dutch chess historian, born.
1833       Mortimer, James born.  Chess journalist.
1833       Henry, W.R. born.  Pseudonym of William Russ.  American archivist.
1833.01.15 Paulsen, Louis born in Lippe-Detmold, Germany,  Master player.  Died 1891.
1833.02.05 Watkinson, John born.  Founder of the British Chess Magazine.
1834       George Walker writes a chess column for Bells Life.  Continues until 1873.
1834       Mouret, former operator of the Turk, sells the secret to a magazine. 1st authentic revelation of the Turk.
1834       Start of corr. match between Westminster Club and Cafe de la Regence.  
1834       Tennison, Otto born.  Tennison gambit.  Civil war commander.
1834.06	   1st match of consequence, the La Bourdonnais-McDonnell match.  1st match was 25 games.  Bourdonnais won (+16-5=4)
1834.10    Labourdonnais wins overall in series of 6 matches against McDonnell.  Played 85 (some say 88) games (+46-26=13)
1834.12.01 Automaton Turk exhibited in Charleston.
1835       "Chess for Beginners" written by William Lewis in London
1835       Fisk said to have won slight majority of games over Schlumberger
1835       Lewis plays Labourdonnais
1835	   Gumpel, Charles, builder of mephisto, born in England.
1835	   Staunton chessmen designed by Nathaniel Cook.
1835       Pratt, Peter died.  Chess author.
1835       Walker starts as editor of chess column in Bell's Life for 38 years.
1835       Ahlhausen, Carl born in Germany.  Librarian of the Berlin Chess Assn.
1835.      Congdon, James born in New York.  Elected president of the National Chess Association in 1874.
1835.01.04 1st appearance of G Walker's "Bell's Life in London."
1835.01.23 Fiske, William born in Ellisburg, NY.  Chess player, musician, and chess columnist.
1835.05.01 George Walker publishes "A Selection of Games at Chess actually played by Philidor and his Contemporaries"
1835.09.14 McDonnell, Alexander died in London of Bright's disease at the age of 37.  Greatest Irish player.
1836       1st chess magazine 'Le Palamede,' published in Paris by La Bourdonnais and J Mery.
1836       Kling publishes analysis of R and B vs. R endgame in Le Palamede.
1836       St Amant beats Walker in match at London CC with score of 5 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw
1836       Deschapelles ties St Amant (+1 -1 =1_
1836       Boncourt made even games with Szen
1836       Szen beats Labourdonnais 13-12, but Szen given pawn and move
1836       Szen beats Calis 12-1
1836       St Amant is the 1st to suggest a time limit to chess.
1836       proposed team match on British ship in Frech port
1836       Staunton on subscription list for collection of MacDonnell's games by Greenwood Walker.
1836       Schwarz, Adolf born.  Hungarian-born player.
1836.04    Poe writes 43-page essay in 'The Southern Literary Messenger' on how the Turk operates.
1836.05.17 Steinitz, William born in Prague.  Died 1900
1837	   1st comprehensive survey of openings published by Alexandre in Paris.
1837.04.06 Ignatz Kolisch b. Pressburg, Hungary.  Chess patron.  Died 1889.
1837	   Pleaides, a group of Berlin players, formed.
1837       England's 1st chess magazine, THE PHILIDORIAN, founded by Walker.
1837       Alexandre introduces standard notation and the castling symbol.
1837       Liverpool Chess Club founded.
1837       Mouret, Jacques died.    Turk operator.  Nephew of Philidor.
1837       Rosenthal, Samuel born.  Journalist and chess teacher.
1837       Benima, Levi born.  Dutch champion in 1881, 1883.
1837.01.11 Holloway, Alfred born in Bristol, England.  Holloway Defense.
1837.03.24 Mackenzie, George b. North Kessock, Scotland.  Ger. ch 1887.  Scottish ch 1888.
1837.04.30 Gilbert, Ellen (ne Strong) born in Leverett, MA.  Corr. player and Queen of Chess.
1837.06.22 Morphy. Paul born in New Orleans.  Died 1884.
1837.11.09 Maelzel, Schlumberger, and the Turk sailed for Havana.
1837.12    George Walker edits "The Philidorian" magazine in London
1838       A regular chess club was organized in New Orleans.  Lasted 2 years
1838	   1st use of the term grand master in connection with chess.
1838	   THE PHILIDORIAN by George Walker discontinued after 6 issues.
1838       Staunton joins Old Westminster CC.
1838       CHESSBOARD COMPANION by Lewis published.  Ran thru 9 editions.
1838.01.16 Brentano, Franz born in Marienburg, Germany.  Published analysis on openings.
1838.02    Schlumberger died.  St Amant's teacher.  The TURK operator.  Got yellow fever while in Havana.
1838.02.24 Guretzky-Cornitz, Bernhard born in Berlin.  Endgame analyst.
1838.03.05 Winawer, Simon b. Warsaw. German ch. 1883.  Died 1920.
1838.07.21 Maelzel found dead in berth off Charleston; buried at sea.
1838.07.25 Boren, Per born in Linkoping, Sweden.  Boren variation.
1838.09.14 Maelzel's property sold at public auction in Philadelphia.  Ohl buys Turk for $400.
1838.12.15 Gustav Neumann born in Gleinitz.  Strong German master.  Died 1881.
1839       1st chess magazine, Le Palamede, ends.
1839       Kieseritsky wins a 100 game match against E. Rousseau at the Cafe de la Regeance.
1839       New York Chess Club formed by James Thompson.
1839       Turk purchased by Dr John Mitchell.
1839       Budapest Chess Club founded by Josef Szen.
1840       Garrick Chess Divan opened by Mr. Huttman.  He published every week a leaf containing a chess problem
1840	   Penny postcard for chess led to a boom in postal chess.
1840	   Staunton is Secretary of the Westminster CC.
1840       Staunton bought magazine & converted into CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE.
1840       Othodox problem developed as an art form we know today.
1840       Potter, William born.  Leading English player of the 1870s.
1840       Staunton beats Popert in London match.
1840       CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE is 1st successful chess magazine in the English language.
1840.01.04 Hanham, James Moore born in Woodville, MS.  Introduced the Hanham variation in 1889.  Major, USA.
1840.05    Staunton began writing a chess column in the NEW COURT GAZETTE.
1840.09.16 Bilguer, Paul died (age 27) in Berlin.  A Lt. in the Prussian Army.
1840.11    Turk given to Chinese Museum in Philadelphia.
1840.12    Staunton ends writing a chess column in the NEW COURT GAZETTE.
1840.12.13 Louis Charles de la Bourdonnais d. London, of dropsy, age 43.  Buried in Kensall Green Cemetery.  
1841       1st chess periodical, CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE, by Staunton.  Lasted until 1854.
1841       Walker's NEW TREATISE is 1st popular chess book sold at a low price.
1841       Tournament first used a a chess term at Leeds.
1841.01.18 1st chess association formed, the Yorkshire Chess Association.  Led to the formation of the British Chess Association
1841.01.30 Loyd, Sam born in Philadelphia.  Most famous American composer.
1841.02.18 Ascher, Jacob born in Plymouth, England.
1841.04.28 Goering, Carl born in Bruheim, Germany.  Goring gambit.
1841.09.12 Delmar, Eugene born in New York City.  Elo 2420.  Delmar var.
1841.11.26 LEONARD; James Leonard b. NY.  Played 8 games blindfolded.
1841.12    St Amant revived Le Palamede, a monthly magazine until 1847.
1841.12    Stanley beats Staunton in a match (BCM 1982,365).
1841.12.06 Gossip, George born in NY.  He was last place in many tournaments.  Elo: 2310
1841.12.10 Blackburne, Joseph born in Manchester.  Br. ch. 1868, 1914.  Ger. ch. 1881.  Elo: 2570.  Died 1924.
1842	   1st openings analyses on modern lines published.
1842       Rousseau emigrates to the US; defeats B. Oliver and J. Schulten in matches.
1842       Stanley emigrates from London to New York to work in the British Consulate.
1842       Hoffer, Leopold born in Budapest.  Editor of the Chess Monthly.
1842       Chambers, John born in Scotland.
1842       Deschapelles beats St Amant 3-2
1842       Anderssen publishes a collection of chess problems.
1842.06.25 1st appearance of THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, oldest chess column.
1842.09.07 Zukertort, Johannes b. Lublin.  World ch challenger in 1886.  Died 1888.
1843	   1st known photograph of chessplayers.
1843	   1st edition of Bilguer's 'Handbuch des Schachspiels.'
1843       Wilson, Thomas Bright born.  Invented 1st chess clock.
1843       Stanley emigrates to New York.
1843       Sonneborn, William born.
1843       Staunton plays 1 c4, and becomes known as English opening.
1843       Staunton Gambit actually played by St Amant against Staunton.
1843       WALKER; George Walker founded St George's CC at Hanover Square.
1843       M. Jaenisch publishes 'L'Analyse Nouvelle,' (analysis of chess).
1843       Benoni 1st played by St Amant against Staunton.  Called Staunton def.
1843       Minckwitz, Johannnes born.  Chess author.
1843       CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE becomes a shilling monthly magazine.       
1843       1st documented American chess tournament, a local event.
1843.04.11 Johannes von Minckwitz born.  Edited 'Deutsche Schachzeitung'and wrote 2 chess books.
1843.07    St Amant (+2=1-2) beats Staunton in London and wins 1 guinea.
1843.08.01 Schallopp, Emil b.  German player and stenographer of the Reichstag.
1843.11.14 1st use of seconds for Staunton (Wilson,Evans, Worrell) and St Amant.
1843.11.14 Staunton-St Amant match, at Cafe de la Regence, Paris.
1843.12.18 Cordel, Oscar born in Ascherslebben, Germany.  Cordel var.
1843.12.20 Staunton's victory over St Amant marks the end of French supremecy.
1843.12.20 Staunton defeats St Amant, 11 wins, 6 losses, 4 draws, in Paris match.  Wins 100 pounds.
1844       Popert, H. died.  One of the strongest players of his day.
1844       Walker's CHESS STUDIES contains 1,020 games from 1780 to 1844.
1844       Ghulam Kassim died in India.  Ghulam Kassim gambit.  Co-author of 1st openings monograph.
1844       telegraph chess first played between Washington and Baltimore.
1844       Stanley beats Schulten twice.
1844       1st Boden's mate (mate with 2 Bishops), Horwitz-Popert, Hamburg.
1844       Rothschild, Albert born.  Chess patron.
1844.02.24 Barbier, Georges born in Besancon, France.
1844.11.16 1st telegraph match played between Washington and Baltimore.  7 games played
1845	   1st 2-dimensional pocket chess set devised by Peter Roget.
1845	   Defeat of Paris in a correspondence match ends French supremecy.
1845	   The "Indian" problem, published in CPC, starts chess compositions.
1845	   WHITE; John White, book collector, born.
1845       Stakes - first game for national ch ampionship is Stanley-Rousseau for stakes of $1,000.
1845       Williams becomes editor of the Field column.
1845       Pocket set first designed by Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869).
1845.02.06 Rudge, Mary b.  Won 1st international women's tourney, 1897.
1845.02.14 de Vere, Cecil (ne Brown) born in England.  Elo: 2450.  Winner of 1st British ch, 1866.  Died 1875.
1845.02.15 Staunton writes most influential column in ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.  Continues until 1878.
1845.03.01 1st US chess column in THE SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, NY, by Charles Stanley.
1845.04    1st chess problem to in the US appears in THE SPIRIT OF THE TIMES.
1845.04.09 Staunton & Kennedy in Gosport play Walker, Buckle, Evans in London by telegraph.
1845.04.11 Berger, Johann born in Graz.  Strong player, editor, and author.  Elo: 2495
1845.07.08 Charlick, Henry, 1st Australian chess champion (1887), born in London.
1845.11.10 Fleissig, Max born in Csenger, Hungary.  Fleissig Gambit.
1845.12.01 Charles Stanley defeats Eugene Rousseau in New Orleans - 15 wins, 8 losses, 8 draws.  1st US Ch
1846	   1st time chess notation with figurines appeared.
1846	   CHESS PALLADIUM, an American chess monthly, come out.
1846       Schulten beats Stanley.
1846       Anderssen joins the editorial staff of SCHACHZEITUNG chess magazine.
1846       Stanley writes 31 Games at Chess, the rarest of US chess books; 1st match book in US.
1846       Stanley publishes 31 GAMES OF CHESS, 1st US book on a chess match.
1846       THE BEAUTIES OF CHESS published.  1st large compilation of problems.
1846       Kieseritzky defeated Horwitz (+7=1-4) at London.
1846       SARRATT; Mrs. Sarratt gave chess lessons to the aristocracy in Paris.
1846.01.23 Clemenz, Hermann born in Tartu, Estonia.  Clemenz Opening.
1846.05.30 Wisker born.  1st to win British ch twice in succession.
1846.07.00 1st German magazine published by Bledow; oldest chess mag still in existence.
1846.08.06 Bledow, Ludwig founder of the Pleiades, died in Berlin.
1846.10    1st US chess journal, AMERICAN CHESS MAGAZINE, founded C. Stanley.  
1846.10    2nd chess mag, CHESS PALLADIUM & MATHEMATICAL SPHINX, by Marache & Wilson (BCM 1982,365)
1847	   Saavedra b. Seville.  Discovered the Saavedra move.
1847       Staunton 1st plays the Staunton Gambit against Horwitz.
1847       Simpson's, room at 101 The Stroud, London, famous for chess.
1847       Several womens' chess clubs formed in the Netherlands.
1847       Stanley challenges any player except Staunton to a match.
1847.05       Anton Schmid write "Tschaturangavidja: Literatur des Schachspiels," published in Vienna
1847.06.19 Nathanael Bland (1803-1865) reads "On the Persian Game of Chess," published by the Royal Asiatic Society (1852).  Says chess was invented in Persia
1847.07    CHESS PLAYER'S HANDBOOK by Staunton published in Bohn's Scientific Library series.
1847.09    Last issue of AMERICAN CHESS MAGAZINE by Stanley.
1847.10.27 Deschapelles, Alexandre died in Paris.  Gifted French player.  French soldier.
1847.12    Last issue of Le Palamede monthly chess magazine.
1847.12.25 Shinkman, Walter born in Bohemia.  The Wizard of Grand Rapids.
1848       open chess tournament at Simpson's
1848	   1st chess set and board for the blind made, by W. Wood.
1848       1st chess column in a women's magazine appeared in the Ladies Newspaper, London.
1848       Stanley edits a chess column in THE ALBION (1848-56).
1848       Hamppe of Vienna analyses the Vienna opening.
1848.09.14 Albin, Adolf born in Bucharest.  Austrian theortician, chess writer & journalist.  Died 1920.
1848.10.14 1st chess column in the US, in THE SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, ends.
1848.11.02 Stanley starts chess column in the Albion.
1848.12.31 Burn, Amos born in Hull, England.  German ch 1898.  Elo: 2530.  Died 1925.
1849       CHESS PLAYER'S COMPANION by Staunton published in 1849.
1849       Kieseritzky edited LA REGENCE until 1851.  Used an obscure notation.
1849       1st time the word tournament applied to a real tournament - England.
1849       Max Lange originally analyses the Kieseritzky Attack.
1849       CHESS EUCLID published by Kling, containing over 200 problems.
1849.01	   Buckle wins Ries Divan (London) knockout.  1st modern chess tourney.
1849.03    COOKE; Nathaniel Cooke register's his chess design (Staunton design).
1849.06.22 Paul Morphy, age 12, beats his uncle, Ernest Morphy, in his 1st blindfold game
1849.08.29 Mills, Daniel Mills b. Stroud.  Scottish ch 9 times.  Br amateur ch 1890.
1849.09    Staunton recommends Cooke's chess pieces in ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.
1849.10.28 Paul Morphy, age 12, defeats Eugene Rousseau in a chess game
1849.11.19 Mason, James b. Kilkenny, Ireland.  Chess master and author.  Died 1905.
1849.12.15 Brede, Ferdinand died in Altona, Germany.  Problemist.
1849.12.29 Lowenthal arrives in NY.  Politcal refugee.
1850       George Walker writes "Chess & Chess-Players: consisting of orignal stories and sketches"
1850	   Alexandre, Aaron died in London.  Chess author and teacher.
1850       Taubenhaus, Jean born.  Operated Mephisto.
1850       Cook, William born in Bristol, England.  Wrote opening book.  Cook var.
1850       Lowenthal establishes a cigar divan for chess players on Cincinnati.
1850       Chatard, Eugene born in France.  Chatard var.
1850       Staunton sold CHESS PLAYERS CHRONICLE.
1850.02.11 The "Great Match" between Stanley and J. Turner begins in Washington, D.C.
1850.02.14 Stanley defeats Turner, 11 wins, 5 losses, 1 draw.
1850.02.22 Rice, Isaac b. in Germany.  American industrialist and chess patron.
1850.05.04 Schiffers, Emanual born.  Known as Russia's Chess Teacher.  Died 1904.
1850.10.07 Karl Schorn died.  Member of the Berlin Pleiades.
1850.10.14 Hanstein, Wilhelm died in Magdeburg.    Magazine founder.  Hanstein Gambit.  Elo: 2480.  Berlin Pleiades
1850.11.12 Chigorin, Mikhail born in St Petersburg.  Russian ch 1899, 1901, 1903.  Elo: 2600.  Died 1908.
1851	   CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE published.
1851       The Immortal Game, Anderssen-Kieseritzky, played in the Divan.
1851       Hunt, Joseph born in Canada.  Hunt opening.
1851       Lowenthal becomes Secretary of the St. George Chess Club.
1851       Anderssen, A. is world chess ch; A. Anderson is world checker ch.
1851       Boden introduces the Boden-Kieseritzky Gambit.
1851       Scheve, Theodor von born.  German player.
1851       CHESS STUDIES, (208 studies) by Kling and Horwitz published.
1851.01.00 Paul Morphy's 1st published game appears in La Regence, published by Kieseritsky
1851.01.31 Butrimov, Ivan died in St Petersburg.  Published 1st Russian chess book in 1821,
1851.03.21 Brodsky, Adolf born in Taganrog, Russia.  Brodsky variation.
1851.04.14 Crane, William born in Castle Hill, Australia.  Australian ch 1888, 1897.
1851.05.07 Opening day of the 1st international tournament, London. St. George's CC, Polytechnic Bldg, Cavendish Square
1851.07.09 Englisch, Berthold born in Holtzenplatz, Austria.  German ch 1879.  Elo: 2520.  Died 1897.
1851.07.15 End of 1st international tournament began in London, organized by Staunton. (CR 1/51,4)
1851.07.28 All-play-all tournament, first was London International on this day.
1851.08    THE CHESS PLAYER, weekly magazine, edited by Kling & Horwitz.
1851.08    Anderssen wins the London International.  Only 1 prize, a silver cup.
1851.12.10 Hamilton, C.D.P. born.
1851.12.27 Judd, Max born.  US Open winner in 1903.  Was US consul in Vienna.
1852       WILLIAMS; Elijah Williams publishes book about The Divan.  150 games included.
1852       QUEVEDO; Leonardo Quevedo born.  Inventor of the 1st chess playing machine.
1852       THE CHESS TOURNAMENT, London 1851, published by Staunton.
1852       Lichtenhein emigrates to the US; was a Prussian officer.
1852       time limit of 20 minutes per move introduced in Harrwitz-Lowenthal.
1852       Wittek, Alexander born.  Austrian player, architect.
1852       Horwitz appointed chess professional in Kling's coffee house.
1852.11.09 Gelbfuhs, Oscar born in Sternberg, Czechoslovakia.  Tie-breaking method.
1852.12.26 Babson, Joseph born in Pigeon Cove, MA.  Chess composer.
1853	   1st game played using signals at sea between ships.
1853       Evergreen game between Anderssen and Dufresne played.
1853       Fleissig, Bernhard born in Hungary.  Fleissig var.
1853       Vezin, Charles died.  One of the best players in the country.
1853.01	   Dufresne wins the 1st berlin tournament.
1853.01    Williams edited a chess column in THE FIELD.
1853.05.18 Kieseritzky, Lionel died.  Committed to a mental home in Paris.
1853.08.02 Hall, John born in Bradford, England.  Hall var.
1853.09    Staunton plays several players in Belgium.
1854	   1st problem-solving chess contest, held in London, won by Grimshaw.
1854	   Williams, E. died of cholera in London.  Editor of the Field column.
1854       Helpmate invented by Max Lange.
1854       Staunton sold the CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE to R. B. Brien.
1854       The Max Lange attack analysed by Max Lange.
1854       Cleland, Robert born in New Zealand.  Won the 12th NZ Ch in 1899.
1854       Uedemann, Louis born.
1854       Lowenthal writes a chess column for THE ERA magazine for 13 years.
1854       Danish Gambit 1st analyzed in a German chess magazine.
1854       Fyfe, Peter born in Scotland.  Fyfe gambit.
1854.05.16 Forsyth, David born in Alness, Scotland.  New Zealand ch 1901.  Invented notation.
1854.06.13 Gledhill, Walter born in Leeds, England.   Gledhill Attack.
1854.07.04 Branch, William born in Hastings.  Chess historian.
1854.07.05 Turk destroyed by fire in a Chinese Museum in Philadelphia.
1854.07.21 Gattie, Walter born in London.  Won 1st Br. Amateur Ch 1886.
1854.11.02 Gunsberg, Isidor born in Budapest.  German ch 1885.  World Challenger 1891.  Elo: 2560.  Died 1930.
1854.12.11 1st meeting of the Mechanics' Institute chess club in San Francisco
1855	   1st Black American chessplayer, T. Thompson, born.
1855       The Chess Association, founded in Britain by George William.
1855       Cavallotti, Mattia born in Milan.  Cavallotti Countergambit.
1855       1st world problem tournament, organized by Charles Stanley.
1855       Gauss died.  Chessplayer.  Solved 8 queens problem.
1855       Only ancient chessmen of conventional shape discovered in India.
1855.02.14 Grundy, James born in Manchester, England.
1855.04.18 ROWLAND; Frideswide Beechey Rowland b.  1st woman to win a prize for chess problems & chess column.
1855.04.24 Mechanics' Institute chess club incorporated and considered the founding date
1856       Guest, Antony born in Staines, England.  Br. amateur ch 1888.
1856       CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE ends because of financial loss.
1856       Thomas Frere starts the Brooklyn Chess Club
1856       "Chess-Player's Annual" for the year 1856, edited by Charles Tomlinson, published in London.
1856.01.02 Falkbeer wins London knock-out, McDonnell chess club.
1856.02.22 start of the Atheneum CC in Philadelphia vs New York Chess Club Correspondence match
1856.03.15 Last chess column in the Albion, by Stanley.
1856.03.28 1st game by telegraph between clubs, Liverpool vs Manchester.
1856.06.28 Paul Morphy's only chess problem published in the New York Clipper
1856.07.06 The Immortal Problem composed by Conrad Bayer.
1856.08.11 Bachmann, Ludwig born in Kulmbach, Germany.  The Chess Herodotus.  Chronicler of chess.
1856.09.09 Hruby, Vincenz born in Krivsoudov, Czechoslovakia.  Elo: 2480
1856.11.19 Alapin, Simon born in Vilnius.  =1st at St. Petersburg 1878.  Died 1923.
1856.11.22 Alonzo Morphy, Paul Morphy's father, died in New Orleans
1856.12.15 A regularly organized chess club formed at Yale College
1857       1st American college chess club at Yale.
1857	   1st national body in Great Britain, The Chess Association, formed.
1857	   1st demonstration board, designed by Lowenthal.
1857       Mitchell, previous owner of the Turk, writes article on how it operates.
1857       Horwitz appointed professional at the Manchester Chess Club.
1857       Weis, Max born.
1857       Fiske wrote the dance tunes 'Chess Polka'.
1857       Edwards, Joseph born in New Zealand.  NZ Ch 1894.
1857       Buckle publishes HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION
1857       Fiske edits CHESS MONTHLY (1857-1860) (co-edited by Morphy).
1857       Vienna Chess Society founded
1857.01    Montgomery and D. Fiske propose a National Chess Congress.
1857.01.13 Szen, Joszef died in Hungary.  Founded Budapest Chess Club.
1857.01.15 Fritz, Alexander born in Kirchlotheim, Germany.  Elo: 2350.  Fritz var.
1857.04.10 Dudeney, Henry born in Mayfield, England.  England's king of puzzle makers.
1857.06.11 Narraway, James born.  Canadian ch 1893, 1897, 1898.
1857.08.11 Lowenthal wins Manchester knockout ahead of Anderssen.
1857.10	   Paulsen played 4 blindfold games simultaneously in NY.
1857.10    American Chess Association started.
1857.10.06 1st American Chess Congress is 1st true tournament in the New World.  Morphy won.
1857.10.20 Louis Paulsen's sister beat Judge Meek at the American Chess Congress
1857.11.10 1st American Chess congress ends. Won by Paul Morphy (16 players)
1857.12    Stanley's daughter born.  Named Pauline after Morphy.
1858       Boston Chess Club founded.
1858       chess telegraph matches played between Philadelphia and new York
1858       Paulsen is 1st Us opening theoritician; 1st to analyze Goring Gambit.
1858       Fiske edits chess column in the NY SATURDAY PRESS (1858-1860).
1858       Morphy plays the Duke of Brunswick & a Count at the Paris Opera.
1858       THE LIFE OF PHILIDOR published by George Allen.
1858       Frere's CHESS HANDBOOK published.  Describes 4-handed chess.
1858       HOUDIN; Robert-Houdin write chapter in his magic book about Automata.
1858.06.09 Morphy sails from NY on board the S.S. Arabia.
1858.06.21 Morphy 1st landed in England (Liverpool).
1858.08.27 Lowenthal wins BCA Congress knockout, Birmingham.
1858.10    chess column appears in the "Evening Bulletin" in Philadelphia
1858.12.28 Morphy defeats Anderssen at Paris 8-3
1859       Philadelphia chess Club organized; dissolved in 1885
1859	   1st Russian magazine, SHAKHMATNY LISTOK, published.
1859	   Vienna tournament: Hamppe 1st, Jenay 2nd, Steinitz 3rd.
1859       Lowenthal begins chess editor of the Illustrated News for 17 years.
1859       Stanley publishes MORPHY'S MATCH GAMES.
1859       Stanley publishes THE CHESS PLAYER'S INSTRUCTOR.
1859       Paulsen played 15 players blindfold.
1859       CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE reappears by Kolisch, Zytogorski, Kling.
1859       Problem published that has 47 ways to mate in one - a record.
1859       MOEHLE; Charles Moehle born.  Operated Ajeeb in the United States.
1859       Allen, George reveals how Turk operates, in Book of 1st American Chess Congress.
1859       Morphy beats 4 of Philadelphia's strongest players in a blindfold simul
1859       Book of the First American Chess Congress published
1859.02.03 Blake, Joseph born in Farnborough.  Br. ch. 1909; Br. corr. ch. 1922.
1859.02.06 Cohn, Wilhelm born in Berlin.  Elo: 2450.  Professional player.
1859.02.22 Baird (Winter Wood), Edith born in Brixton, England.  Composed over 2,000 problems.
1859.04.20 Morphy played 8 blindfold simul games at St George's CC, London.  Won 5, drew 3.
1859.04.26 Morphy plays 5 masters simultaneously at St James CC, London.
1859.07.02 1st intercollegiate chess match - between Amherst and Williams College
1859.07.02 Colleges met at Pittsfield, MA.  1st day was the 1st intercollegiate baseball match
1859.11.11 Morphy visits the Academy of Music in Philadelphia and plays 4 players blindfolded and won all 4
1859.12    Morphy gives up serious chess.
1860	   Hamppe wins Vienna tournament, Steinitz 2nd.
1860       Lowenthal writes MORPHY'S GAMES OF CHESS with Morphy's assistance.
1860       Boden's mate, mate by 2 Bishops, played by Boden in London.
1860       1st chess book written by a woman, ABCs of Chess by Cooke (BCM 1981,402)
1860       Code of rules published by Staunton in his CHESS PRAXIS.
1860       Makovetz, Gyula born.  Edited Hungary's first chess magazine.
1860       Staunton publishes CHESS PRAXIS, his 4th and final book in Bohn's series.
1860       1st helpmate by Loyd.  Black moves first.
1860       Stanley edits a chess column in the MANCHESTER WEEKLY (1860-62).
1860       1st woman chess author, H. Cooke, published The ABC of Chess, by a Lady
1860       USA had 87 chess columns; 7 are in Philadelphia
1860.02.05 Showalter, Jackson b. in Minerva, Kentucky.  US ch 1888,'90,'91,'95, 1906.  Died 1935.
1860.06.20 Shipley, Walter born.
1860.08.00 HISTORY OF CHESS published by Duncan Forbes (1798-1868) in London.
1860.08.11 Blathy, Otto born in Tata, Hungary.  Created longest chess problem, 290 moves.
1860.08.28 Kolisch wins Cambridge knock-out.
1861	   1st game played by means of underwater cable, Liverpool-Dublin.
1861	   1st match with timed moves (by sandglass: 24/2), Anderssen-Kolisch.
1861	   Steinitz wins Vienna tournament.  Austrian champion.
1861       The Chess Association renamed to British Chess Association (BCA).
1861       MacKenzie resigns his Army commission to become chess pro.
1861.03.04 Bardeleben, Curt born in Berlin.  German champion 1893, 1904.  Elo: 2510.  Died 1924
1861.06.01 Stanley wins Leeds knockout.
1861.06.30 Bauer, Johann born in Prague.  Strong Viennese master.   Elo: 2460
1861.07.21 Hodges, Albert born in Nashville.  Operated Ajeeb.  Won US ch 1894.  Elo: 2450
1861.09.14 Paulsen wins Bristol knockout.
1861.09.22 1st West German Chess Congress, Dusseldorf, won by Vitzthum.
1861.10.26 Telegraph match between Liverpool CC and Dublin CC.
1862	   1st study-composing tournament, orgnized by Lowenthal,won by Horwitz.
1862	   British Chess Association formed.
1862       Analysis of From's gambit 1st appears in SCHACHZEITUNG.
1862       Mackenzie wins a handicap tournament in London, defeating Anderssen.
1862.03.05 Tarrasch, Siegbert b. Breslau.  German ch 1889, 1892, 1894.  Challenger 1908.  Died 1934.
1862.05.29 Buckle, Henry died in Damascus of typhoid fever.  Historian and leading British player.  Read 12 languages.  Elo: 2480
1862.06.01 1st time hourglasses were used as clocks (2 hours/20 moves) - London.
1862.06.01 1st Round Robin pairings, London 1862.
1862.06.01 Lowenthal organizes world's 2nd international tournament, London.
1862.06.16 Anderssen wins London International, 1st Round Robin.
           Followed by Paulsen, Owen, MacDonnell, Dubois, and Steinitz.
1862.07.05 Caro, Horatio born in Newcastle, England.  Published analysis of the Caro-Kann in 1886.  Elo: 2470.
1862.08    CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE chess magazine ceases publication.
1862.09.07 2nd West German Chess Congress, Dusseldorf, won by Max Lange.
1862.09.26 Leonard, James died in the Civil War.  Strong American master.
1862.10.16 Gottschall, Hermann born in Posen, Poland.  Elo: 2400   Author and editor.
1862.10.24 Salwe b. Warsaw.  Strong Polish player.  4th Russian ch 1906.
1862.12.16 Hume, George born in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Problemist and collector.
1863       POPIEL; Ignacy Popiel born.  Analyzed the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.
1863       Mackenzie arrives in America to fight on the Union side.
1863       Basterot writes TRAITE ELEMENTAIRE DU JEU DES ECHECS, Paris.
1863       Allen, George writes LIFE OF PHILIDOR, Philadelphia
1863.01    1st issue of THE CHESS PLAYER'S MAGAZINE, by Falkbeer and Lowenthal.
1863.07.04 Lipschutz, Samuel b. Ungvar.  US ch 1892 by defeating Showalter.
1863.08.31 3rd West German Chess Congress, Dusseldorf, won by Max Lange.
1863.11.17 Brown, John died in Bridport, England of tuberculosis.  Problemist.
1863.11.29 Marco, Georg born in Czernowitz.  Chess journalist.
1864       Georgetown, British Guiana chess club founded.
1864       NEUE BERLINER SCHACHZEITUNG (1964-67) edited by Anderssen & Neumann.
1864.08.29 4th West German Chess Congress, Dusseldorf, won by Max Lange.
1864.11.11 d'Orville, Pierre died in Regensburg, Germany.  Problemist.
1865       Rynd wins 1st Irish Ch in Dublin.
1865       Counties' Chess Association (CCA) founded.
1865       Hooper builds copy of Turk, names it Ajeeb.
1865       Anderssen get honorary doctorate at Breslau University for his chess.
1865       Staunton publishes Great Schools of England.
1865       Kelling, F.K. born in New Zealand.  Grand old man of New Zealand chess.
1865.02.27 Mieses, Jacques born.  Longest career of any master, 60 years (1888-1948).  GM 1950.  Died 1954.
1865.03    1st issue of THE CHESS WORLD monthly magazine, edited by Staunton.
1865.08.29 German Congress, Berlin, won by Neumann (34/34).  1st 100% score.
1865.09.15 1st Counties Chess Association, Redcar, won by Skipworth.
1865.09.26 Steinitz wins in Dublin.
1866	   Mackenzie defeats G. Reichhelm for the US title (5 wins, 1 draw)
1866       Henry, W.R. died.  Pseudonym of William Russ.  American archivist.
1866       H.G. Hollingworth publishes article on Chinese chess for the Royal Asiatic Society in Shanghai
1866.01.17 Traxler born in Czechoslovakia.  Introduced Traxler var. 1890.
1866.02.21 Hutton, George born in Cranshaws, England.  Introduced pairing for team events.
1866.03.14 Troitzky, Alexei b. in St. Petersburg.
1866.03.18 Heyde, Albert born in Braunschweig, Germany.  Editor.  Heyde var.
1866.06.20 1st British Ch. London, won be de Vere.  Won 28 guineas.
1866.06.20 Steinitz wins London knockout.
1866.06.21 Atkinson, Walter born in Hull.  Introduced the Atkinson variation.
1866.07	   1st match with mechanical clocks, Anderssen-Steinitz.
1866.08.10 Steinitz defeats Anderssen, 8-6, to become recognized world ch.
1866.08.11 2nd Counties Chess Association, Redcar, won by De Vere.
1866.08.30 Burille, Constant Ferdinand born in Boston.  Operated Ajeeb in the United States.
1867       1st issue of LA STRATEGIE, French chess magazine.  Ended in 1940.  Edited by Preti.
1867       Danish gambit introduced generally by von der Lasa.
1867.01.07 James F. Magee born.  Started the Good Companion Chess Problem Club.
1867.04.22 Petrov, Alexander died in Warsaw.  1st strong Russian player.
1867.06.04 start of the International Tournament in Paris.  13 players
1867.06.12 Hamilton-Russell, Frederick born in England.  President of BCF.
1867.06.24 1st time mechanical clocks used, in Paris.
1867.07.11 Kolisch wins Paris tournament.  Presented a Sevres vase by Napoleon and 5,00 francs
1867.09.01 1st time draws count as 1/2 point - Dundee international.
1867.09.14 Dundee International, won by Neumann, and Fraser & Steinitz.
1867.10    Last issue of the CHESS PLAYERS'MONTHLY, edited by Lowenthal.
1867.10.27 Behting (Betins), Karl born in Berzmuiza, Russia.  Behting variation.
1868	   Ajeeb created by Hooper & exhibited at Royal Polytechnical Institute.
1868	   Winawer wins in Warsaw.
1868       George Selkirk writes "The Book of Chess" and published in London
1868       Chess World, volu III published
1868.01.14 Bettmann, Henry born in Cincinnati.  Chess problemist.
1868.05.18 Carl Maet died.  German master and Berlin Pleiades.
1868.05.31 1st Northern German Chess Fed, Hamburg, won by Max Lange.
1868.06.07 Janowski, David b. Woldowysk.  German ch 1902.  World challenger 1910.  Died 1927.
1868.06.24 Murray, H.J.R born in Camberwell.  Author of HISTORY OF CHESS.
1868.08.17 Forbes, Duncan died in London.  Wrote history of chess.
1868.11.23 2nd British Ch, London, won by Blackburne.
1868.12.24 Teichmann, Richard b. in Altenburg.  German master.  Died 1925.
1868.12.24 Lasker, Emanuel born in Berlinchen in Brandenburg.  World ch 1894-1921.  Died 1941
1869	   1st documented proposal for tie-breaks, by Zborzek of Prague.
1869.01    Longest master tourney, NY.  48 players.  Mackenzie won (+82 -8).
1869.03    Last issue of Staunton's, THE CHESS WORLD.
1869.07.24 2nd North German Federation, Anderssen 1st.
1870	   1st correspondence chess club founded in England.
1870       Rousseau, Eugene died.  French player.
1870.01.05 Helms, Hermann born in Brooklyn.  IA 1954.  Dean of American chess.
1870.01.10 Rinck, Henri born in France.  Leading endgame composer (2,000).
1870.03.03 Maroczy, Geza born in Szeged.  Hungarian ch 1932.  GM 1950.
1870,03,16 Karl Himly presents his paperon the Chinese game of chess to the Royal Asiatic Society
1870.05.15 Bryan, Thomas died aboard ship in the Atlantic.  Bryan variation.
1870.07.16 1st chess clocks used - Baden-Baden
1870.07.18 Anderssen wins at Baden-Baden, ahead of Steintiz and Blackburne.
1870.07.20 Heathcote, Godfrey born in Manchester.  Composer.
1870.08.22 Lewis, William died.  Chess theoretician, teacher, & author.
1870.09.24 Berger won the 1st tournament in the Austro-Hungarina empire, Graz.
1870.10.10 3rd British Championship, London, Wisker 1st (tb) and Burn.
1870.11.09 1st interstate match by telegraphy in Australia, Victoria vs N.S. Wales.
1870.12.16 Finn, Kate born in England.  1st British women's ch 1904.  Won again in 1905.
1871	   1st county match in England, Yorkshire-Lancashire.
1871	   Benedict, Clare born in America.  Chess patron.  Granddaughter of Fenimore Cooper.
1871       1st round robin tournament introduced in the US.
1871.02.10 Agnel, Yhacinth died in West Point, NY.  Author.
1871.02.22 Englund, Fritz born in Vastervik, Sweden.  Englund Gambit.
1871.11.28 Walbrodt b. Amsterdam.  German co-champion 1893 with Bardeleben.
1871.12.04 Start of the 2nd American Chess Congress.
1871.12.15 2nd American Chess Congress was $100 1st prize.  Total prize $290.
1871.12.15 2nd American Chess Congress, Cleveland, Mackenzie 1st. (9 players)
1872	   Schliemann died.
1872       PRICE; Edith Price b. London.  British ch 5 times.  Challenger 1927, 1933.
1872       Steinitz defeats Zukertort in match. (+7-1=4)
1872       Papers presented to Berlin Royal Academy of Science on chess history.
1872       Canadian Chess Association founded.
1872.01    Ware named president of the American Chess Foundation.
1872.01.15 Grimm, Vincent died in Budapest.  Grimm Attack.
1872.01.27 Sergeant, Philip born.
1872.03.17 Jaenisch, Karl died.  Leading Russian theoretician and chess author.
1872.07.02 Start of the 4th British Ch in London.
1872.07.14 2nd British Chess Association, London, Steinitz 1st.
1872.07.14 Wisker 1st to win British Championship twice in succession; London.
1872.07.22 Griffith, Richard born in London.  British ch 1912.  Co-author of MCO.
1872.08.03 Evans, William died in Ostend, Belgium.
1872.08.17 Calvi, Iganzio died in Modena, Italy.  Italian player and composer.
1872.08.20 Atkins, Henry born in Leicester, England.  Won Br ch 9 times, 7 times in a row.  IM 1950.  Died 1955.
1872.10.29 Saint-Amant, Pierre d. at Hydra, Algeria after being thrown from carriage. (Age 73)
1872.12.05 Harry Nelson Pillsbury born Somerville, MA.  Died 1906.
1873       Creevey, James born in Ireland.
1873       Blackburne gets the nickname 'Black Death' after playing in Vienna.
1873       Bird introduces Bird's Opening against Wisker.
1873       Walker ends his chess column in Bell's Life after 38 years.
1873       1st Netherlands Chess Federation, Gifford 1st at The Hague.
1873       Vienna: won by Steinitz.
1873.03.28 1st official Oxford-Cambridge match.  Oxford won with 9 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws.  Played at City of London CC
1873.05.16 1st Canadian Championship, Toronto.  Ensor 1st.
1873.05.23 Dutch Chess Federation founded.
1873.06.24 Corzo y Principe, Juan born in Madrid.  Cuban ch 1902.
1873.08    1st tie-breaking system, Sonnenborn-Berger, used by Gelbfuhs, Vienna.
1873.09.19 Charousek, Rudolf born in Prague.  Elo: 2570  Died 1900.
1873.10.17 Guretzky-Cornitz, Bernhard died in Berlin.  Endgame analyst.
1873.12.06 Blake, Percy born in Manchester, England.  Problemist.
1873.12.12 Barry, John born in Boston.
1873.12.14 Chajes, Oscar born in Brody, Russia.  Elo: 2440
1874	   Brooklyn Chess Club Ch, Delmar 1st.
1874	   Gossip publishes THE CHESS-PLAYERS'S MANUAL, a 900 page opening book.
1874       City of London Chess Magazine published by Potter.
1874       Hicks wins 2nd Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1874       DeLelie wins 2nd Netherland Ch in Amsterdam.
1874.03.02 Schlecter, Carl b. Vienna.  Ger. ch. 1900, 1904, 1910.  Challenger 1910.  Died 1918.
1874.05.14 Sotheby's holds important chess book auction (BCM 1974,171)
1874.06.22 Staunton died in his library chair, London, of a heart attack.
1874.07    American Chess Association transformed into National Chess Association.
1874.07.07 Start of the 3rd American Chess Congress.
1874.07.16 3rd American Chess Congress, Chicago, Mackenzie 1st. (8 players)
1874.07.16 3rd American Chess Congress had $450 in prizes; players had to pay $20 EF.
1874.08.20 Barnes, Thomas reduced his weight by 130 pounds in 10 months and died.
1874.10.01 Fahrni, Hans born in Prague.  Elo: 2480.  1st to play 100 simultaneously, 1911.
1874.12    Van der Linde publishes his 1st book on history of chess, Geschichte und Litteratur des Schachspiles (History and Literature of Chess) with 1118 pages and 4098 names in the index
1875	   WOLF; Heinrich Wolf, Austrian master, born.
1875       NEWHAM; Samuel Newham, England's leading provincial player, died.
1875       Gifford wins 3rd Netherlands Ch in Rotterdam.
1875       LEOPOLD; Prince Leopold, later Duke of Albany, President of Oxford U CC.
1875       Bartmanski, Henryk born in Poland.  Bartmanski variation
1875       Hoessler, Anton born.  Inventor of the Ingo rating system.
1875       Jackson wins 3rd Canadian ch in Ottawa.
1875.02.09 de Vere, Cecil (ne Brown) died in Torquay, England.  Elo: 2450.  Winner of 1st Britich ch, 1866.
1875.04.26 1st Italian ch, Rome, Seni 1st.
1876	   1st Russian chess magazine, published by Tchigorin.
1876	   CHESS THEORY AND PRACTICE published by Wormald (and Staunton).
1876	   Kling, pioneer endgame analyst, died.
1876       Vogel wins 4th Netherlands Ch in Gouda.
1876       Sanderson wins 4th Canadian Ch in Hamilton.
1876       Mephisto 1st exhibited at Westminster Aquarium in London.
1876       Royal Library in The Hague buys the Van Der Linde collection.
1876       brilliancy prize, first.  Tournament in NY.
1876       Pauly, Wolfgang born.  Greatest problemist of Romania.
1876       Steinitz defeats Blackburne in a match (+7-0=0)
1876.03.27 London (cigar divan), Blackburne 1st.
1876.05.17 Hamppe, Carl died in Gersau, Switzerland.  Elo: 2410.  Hamppe opening.
1876.05.28 Allen, George died in Worcester, MA.  
1876.05.29 Holzhausen, Walther born in Opava, Czechoslovakia.  Elo: 2410.  Holzhausen Attack.
1876.07.21 Lowenthal, Johann d. Hastings.  Strong British player.
1876.08	   New York (Cafe international), Mackenzie 1st.
1876.08.17 Start of the 4th American Chess Congress.  1st to attract foreigh masters.
1876.08.31 4th American Chess Congress, Philadelphia,  Mason 1st (not US citizen)
1876.09    1st attempt to copyright a chess game.
1876.09.01 1st brilliancy prize, a silver cup, awarded to Bird over Mason, NY.
1876.09.20 New York (NY Clipper tournament), Mason 1st.
1876.11.23 Heinrichsen, Arved born in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Heinrichsen opening.
1877	   German National Body formed; Germany becomes leading chess nation.
1877.11.13 Paul Leonhardt born.  Died 1934.
1877       Shinkman invents the 1st mutate of a block position problem
1877       Heath, Christopher born in London.  1923-4 Scottish Ch.  Heath var.
1877       Daniels wins 5th Netherlands Ch in The Hague.
1877       Cranston, T.G. born in Dublin.  Irish ch 1922, 1931.
1877.01.31 Green, Valentine died in London.  Green var.
1877.08.10 Marshall, Frank b. NY.  Ger. ch. 1906, 1908.  Challenger 1907.  US Ch 1909.  Died 1944.
1877.09.27 Gelbfuhs, Oscar died in Tesin, Czechoslovakia.  Tie-breaking method.
1877.12.01 1st meeting of the Manhattan Chess Club (37 people).  Thomas Frere was one of the organizers.
1878	   1st appearance of Mephisto by Gumpel.
1878       Theodore Noldeke finds 1st reference in Indian literature in the Karnamak, written between 590 and 628
1878	   1st East German Championship, Konigsberg, Hasford 1st.
1878	   1st time the sealed move introduced, in Paris.
1878	   London (Lowenthal cup), Wayte 1st.
1878       Counties' Chess Assn Handicap tournament won by Mephisto (Gunsberg).
1878       Van't Kruijs wins 6th Netherlands Ch in Amsterdam.
1878       MacDonnell withdraws from tourney unless Mephisto player identified.
1878       Worrall, Thomas died.  British Commissioner in Mexico.
1878       Swiderski, Rudolf born.
1878       CHESS STRATEGY by Loyd published.  Contains 500 of his problems.
1878       Barasz, Zsigmond born in Hungary.  Analysed the Budapest Defense.  Elo: 2440
1878       Sprega wins 2nd Italian Ch in Livorno.
1878.01    Telephone chess first played.
1878.01.25 1st documented telephone match, in Derbyshire.  Between F. Thompson and J. Cooper.
1878.02.15 1st New York State Championship, Cox 1st.
1878.03.02 Cochrane, John died in London.  Scottish player.  Founder of the romantic style.
1878.03.02 Bernard, Henry born in Devon, England.  Problemist.
1878.06.18 Paris, Zukertort 1st.
1878.08.12 Duhm, Hans born in Gottingen, Germany.  1901 Switzerland co-champ.
1878.10.11 Colman, Eugene born in Merton, England.  Colman var. discovered while POW in Japan.
1878.10.22 Hugh Alexander Kennedy died.  British chess master.  Born in 1809.
1878.11.20 Collijn, Ludvig born in Stockholm.  Chess patron.  President of the Swedish Chess Ass. from 1917 to 1939.
1879	   2nd New York State Championship, Auburn, Richmond 1st.
1879       College Chess Club,a women's chess club formed.  Disbanded after marriages (BCM 1981,403)
1879       Pope wins 7th Canadian Ch in Ottawa.
1879       Chess Monthly published by Zukertort..  Stopped in 1896.
1879       Dupre, C. wins 7th Netherlands Ch in Rotterdam.
1879.01    Ascher wins 6th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1879.01.15 St Petersburg, Tchigorin 1st.
1879.03.13 Anderssen, Adolf died in Breslau from a heart ailment.  Elo: 2600
1879.04    end of Westminster Papers chess journal
1879.04.02 Goering, Carl died in Eisenach, Germany.  Goering (Goring) gambit.
1879.04.23 Walker, George died.  Chess columnist in London.
1879.07.20 1st German Chess Federation, Leipzig, Englisch 1st.
1879.08	   City of London Chess Club Championship, Bird 1st.
1879.08.19 1st New Zealand Championship, Christchurch, Hookham 1st.
1879.09.26 Dus-Chotimirsky, Fedor born in Kozel, Russia.  IM 1950.  Died 1965.
1879.11.27 Hundsdorfer, Wolfgang born in Munich.  Problemist.
1880       President Garfield played chess.
1880	   1st intercontinental telegraph match.  2 games played between Liverpool and Calcutta.  Code by Rutherford.
1880	   1st chess club in Russia, organized by Tchigorin.
1880       Van der Linde published his 2nd book on history of chess.
1880       Flamberg, Aleksander born in Warsaw.  Elo: 2480.  Warsaw ch 1910.
1880       Przepiorka, Dawid born.  Polish player.
1880       Andreaschek, Karl born in Czechoslovakia.  Gambit named after him.
1880       Paulsen wins strong tournament in Brunswick, Germany.
1880       Bird wins 8th Netherlands Ch in Gouda.
1880       Perlis, Julius born.  Viennese player.
1880       Mackenzie defeats Max Judd of St Louis (+7-5=3).
1880.01.06 Start of the 5th American Chess Congress (10 players).
1880.01.26 5th American Chess Congress, new york, Mackenzie 1st (tb) and Grundy.
1880.01.26 5th American Chess Congress was the 1st to have a tie and playoff for an American title.
1880.02.11 Durand, Philippe died in Lisieux, France.  Wrote 1st book devoted to the practical endgame.
1880.03.03 White, Alain born.
1880.06.21 3rd New York ch, Syracuse, Calthrop 1st.
1880.07.03 Barnes, Albert publishes analysis of the Barnes Defense in Canada.
1880.09.16 Carls, Carl born in Varel, Germany.   German ch 1934.  IM 1951.  Elo: 2450  Died 1958.
1880.11.11 Collijn, Gustaf born in Stockholm.  With his brother, Ludvig, wrote LAROBOK.
1880.12.03 1st French ch, Paris, Rosenthal 1st.
1881	   Blackmar gambit first analysed and published.                   
1881       Salvioli wins 3rd Italian Ch in Milan.
1881       Preti, Jean-Louis died.    Chess writer.  Started LA STRATEGIE.
1881       Van der Linde publishes his 3rd book on history of chess.
1881       Shaw wins 8th Canadian Ch in Ottawa.
1881       Cavalotti introduces the Albin Countergambit against Salvioli, Milan.
1881       KLEINES LEHRBUCH DES SCHACHSPIELS by Dufresne published.
1881.01.01 1st BRITISH CHESS MAGAZINE, oldest mag without a break.  Watkinson is editor.
1881.01.17 Napier, William b. London.  Br. ch 1904.  Married Pillsbury's niece.
1881.02.16 Neumann died in Allenberg.  Suffered from mental illness.
1881.03.24 Platov, Vasily born.
1881.04.02 Howell, Clarence born in New York City.  Howell Attack.
1881.06	   Manhattan Chess Club ch, Teed 1st.
1881.06.14 Thomas, Sir George b. Istanbul.  Br. ch. 1923, 1934.  London ch 1946.  IM 1950.  Died 1972.
1881.07    Brentano's Chess Monthly publised in NY.
1881.08.29 2nd German Chess Fed, Berlin, Blackburne 1st.
1881.10.05 Fleischmann, Leo (also Forgacs) born in Budapest.  Elo: 2520  Hungary ch 1907.
1881.12.03 Sergeant b. Gateshead.  London ch 1951.
1881.12.15 du Mont, Julius born in Paris.
1882       1st time NimzoIndian Defense played, by Englisch against Steinitz.
1882       Messemaker wins 10th Netherlands Ch in the Hague.
1882       1st time in England of Sonneborn-Berger tiebreaker in Liverpool CC.
1882       Journaud, French chess editor died.
1882       BEECHEY; Frideswide Beechey is 1st woman to win prize as composer of chess problems.
1882       Mason made 72 consecutive Queen moves against Mackenzie, London.
1882       1st Italian chess column in the Enganeo, a Padua paper.
1882.01    Sanderson wins 9th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
1882.01.13 Boden, Samuel died of scarlet fever in London.  Elo: 2470
1882.05.11 Longest winning streak, 25 wins, Steinitz.  Began on 4 Aug, 1873.
1882.05.28 Edge, Frederick died in London.  Journalist.
1882.06.26 Vienna, Steinitz & Winawer 1st (18 players).
1882.07	   Moscow Chess Club ch, Durnovo & Schmidt 1st.
1882.10.02 Bernstein, Ossip born in Jitomir, Ukraine.  GM 1950; IA 1952.  Elo: 2590.  Died 1962.
1882.10.12 Rubinstein, Akiba b. Stawiski.  Ch. of 4 countries.  GM 1950.  Died 1961.
1882.10.30 Duras, Oldrich born in Prague.  Czech ch 3 times and German ch.  GM 1950.  Elo: 2580  Died 1957.
1882.12    Beechey is 1st woman to write a chess column.
1882.12.11 Graves, Frank born in Alvarado, TX.  USCF President 1954.
1882.12.27 Rueb, Alexandre born in La Haye.  1st FIDE President. 
1883	   Manhattan Chess Club Handicap, Simonson 1st.
1883       play published called MATE by Charles Jolliet.
1883       1st International Problem Tourney for Ladies, by Frideswide Beechey. (BCM 1981,403)
1883       1st Forsyth notation for giving positions in the Glasgow Weekly Herald.
1883       Zannoni wins 4th Italian Ch in Venice.
1883       Winawer wins 3rd German Ch in Nuremberg.
1883       Chess Blossoms by Frideswide Beechly Rowland, a woman.
1883       William Axon publishes Caxton's Game and playe of the chesse in London.
1883.01    Ascher and Howe win 10th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1883.04.26 1st day of the London International Tournament, 1st tourney in which double-headed clocks were used.
1883.04.26 1st mechanical double-faced clock (Wilson) - London (15 moves/hour).
1883.05.05 Spielmann, Rudolph b. Vienna.  Nordic ch 1919.  German ch 1927.  Died 20 Aug 1942.
1883.05.10 Hennig, Heinrich born in Germany.  Hennig-Schara Gambit.  Admiral.
1883.05.19 Henneberger, Walter born in Ennenda, Switzerland.  Henneberger var.
1883.06.23 London, Zukertort 1st (22 wins, 4 losses), Steinitz 2nd (19 wins, 7 losses).
1883.06.25 Retrospects of Chess in the Times appears
1883.08.31 Balla, Zoltan born in Budapest.  Elo: 2450
1883.10.15 volume 2 of the Brooklyn chess Chronicle edited by Munoz 
1883.10.27 Harley, Brian born in Saffron Walden, England.  Composer.
1883.12.02 Daly, Harlow born in Dorchester, MA.
1883.12.26 Ahues, Carl born in Bremen.  German ch. 1929.  IM 1950.  Elo: 2490.  Died 1968.
1884	   1st Manhattan Chess Club ch, Ryan 1st.
1884	   1st patent for chess clock by A. Schierwater.
1884	   Philadelphia Chess Club ch, Michaelis 1st.
1884	   Scottish Chess Association, oldest in the world, founded.
1884       First chess patent, for a clock.
1884       Lambert wins 11th Canadian Ch in Ottawa.
1884       1st womens' chess tourney, sponsored by the Sussex Chess Assn. (BCM 1981,403)
1884       CHESS STUDIES AND ENDGAMES, by Horwitz, published.  427 positions.
1884       Golden Gate chess club formed in San Francisco.
1884       Messemaker wins 12th Netherlands Ch in Gouda.
1884       Prokes, Ladislav born.
1884       Chess Fruits by Thomas and Frideswide Rowland.
1884.01    1st photo in BCM.
1884.01.09 Harrwitz, Daniel died in Bozen, Italy.  Strong German player of his day.  Elo: 2520.
1884.01.16 Yates, Frederick born Leeds.  British champion 6 times.  Died 1932.
1884.01.18 Wisker died from bronchitis & consumtion in Melbourne.
1884.03.01 Cohn, Eric born in Berlin.  Elo: 2480.  Medical doctor.
1884.03.18 1st telephone chess match between Cardiff and Swansea.
1884.06.05 Blumenfeld, Beniamin born in Volkovisk, Russia.  Russian chess theortician.  Elo: 2390
1884.07.10 Morphy died in New Orleans of apolexy at the age of 47.
1884.07.21 Start of the 1st Scottish Ch in Glasgow.
1884.07.24 British Chess Assn inaugurated.  Pres, Churchill; VP, Tennyson (BCM 1974,174)
1884.07.25 1st Scottish ch, Glasgow, Crum 1st.
1884.08.27 Znosko-Borovsky, Eugene b. Alexandrovitch.  Died 1954.
1884.09.16 Anderson, Magnus born in Melbourne.  Collected 6,000 chess books.
1884.11.28 Ilyin-Genevsky b. St Petersburg.  Leningrad ch. 1925, 1926, 1929.
1885	   Krylenko born.
1885       Tchigorin edits Achackmatni Vestnik.
1885       Tennyson, Poet Laureate, becomes President of the BCF.
1885       1st Australian ch. Melbourne.  Won by Esling, defeating Gossip.
1885       Havana Chess Club formed.  Site of 3 world chess championships, 1889, 1892, 1921.
1885       Lord Randolph Churchill elected Vice President of the BCF.
1885       Col Trabue to hold tourney funded by pinapples in Florida (BCM 1980,599)
1885       Van Foreest wins 13th Netherlands Ch in The Hague.
1885       American association of chess editors formed.
1885       Pollock wins 2nd Irish Ch in Dublin.
1885       Ajeeb makes its debut in the United States (New York).
1885       Gunsberg wins 4th German ch in Hamburg.
1885       Hereford Times confers 1 f4 as Bird's Opening.
1885       Krejcik born.
1885       American Chess Editors Assoication formed by D. Hervey.
1885       Peshutan Sanjana writes "Explanation of the game of Chess" (Wizarishn i chatrang)
1885.01    Steinitz edits THE INTERNATIONAL CHESS MAGAZINE until Dec, 1891.
1885.02.02 Treybal, Karel born in Czech.  Czech master.
1885.04.18 Golden Gate CC formed in San Francisco.
1885.05.11 2nd Manhattan chess club ch, Delmar 1st.
1885.06.15 1st Congress of British Chess Association, London; Gunsberg 1st.
1885.06.22 Vidmar, Milan born in Ljubljana.  Nordic ch 1909.  Yug ch 1939.  GM 1950.  Died 1962.
1885.07    H. F. W. Holt writes about Chinese Chess for the Royal Asiatic Society journal
1885.08.03 Start of 2nd Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
1885.08.08 Mills wins 2nd Scottish Ch.
1885.08.29 Horwitz, Bernhard died in London.  Leading player and composer of his day.  Elo: 2420
1885.09    President Cleveland and VP Hendricks visited Ajeeb in NY for chess.
1885.10.17 1st Irish chess association, Dublin, Pollock 1st.
1885.10.26 Franklin Chess Club organized in Philadelphia; president was D.M. Martinez
1885.12	   Franklin chess club ch, Philadelphia, Newman 1st.
1885.12.03 Lasker, Ed born in Poland.  IM 1961.  Died in 1981 at the age of 95.
1885.12.14 Ernest Falkbeer died in Vienna.  Chess editor.  Edited THE CHESS PLAYERS' MAGAZINE.  Elo: 2410.
1886       Brooklyn CC formed
1886       Mackenzie beats S. Lipschutz (5-3, 5 draws).
1886       Zannoni wins 5th Italian Ch in Rome.
1886       Van Foreest wins 14th Netherlands Ch, Utrecht.
1886       Hooper ships Ajeeb to Eden Museum, NYC.
1886       MacLeod wins 12th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
1886       Pollock wins 3rd Irish Ch in Belfast.
1886       KANN; Marcus Kann died.
1886       1st chess clock marketed in Liverpool (BCM 1980,599).
1886       Analysis of Caro-Kann appear in the chess magazine, BRUDERSCHAFT.
1886       THOMSON; Florence Thomson b. Glasgow.  Scottish ch.  World women's ch. 1937.
1886       Sonneborn and J. Berger publicize the Sonneborn-Berger method.
1886       Helsinki Chess Club formed.
1886.01    Issue No. 86 of Dubuque Chess Journal.  Issue No. 85 appeared in 1878.
1886.01.11 1st use of a demonstration board in a world championship match. 
1886.01.11 1st world ch. match, Steinitz-Zukertort, New York, begins.
1886.01.23 1st meeting of the Yorkshire Chess Club.
1886.02.17 British Chess Club, London, 1st Blackburne.
1886.02.20 1st telephone match, between Manchester and Liverpool, 40 miles apart; 2 games played; Liverpool won 1.5-0.5
1886.03.29 Steinitz (+10=5-5) defeats Zukertort, 12.5-7.5, New Orleans.  Steinitz becomes first official world champion.
1886.04.05 Start of 3rd Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
1886.04.09 Barbier wins 3rd Scottish Ch.
1886.07.29 London, Blackburne & Burn 1st.
1886.07.29 1st British Amateur ch, London, Gettie 1st (ended in October).
1886.08.08 1st Bavarian ch, Munich, Neustadtl 1st.
1886.08.18 Abonyi, Istvan born in Budapest, Hungary.  Invented the Abonyi gambit.
1886.09.03 1st New York Summer Congress, Cooperstown, Shipley 1st.
1886.09.06 Hanneken, Hermann von, died in Neunahr, Germany.  Prussian General.  Hanneken Defense.
1886.09.26 Harksen, Alfred born in Ystad, Sweden.  Harksen Gambit.
1886.10    Gattie wins 1st British Amateur ch and the Newnes Cup.
1886.11	   Berlin chess club ch, Schallopp 1st.
1886.11    Telegraphic match between London and St Petersburg.  Code invented by Gringmuth (Udeman notation)
1886.11.03 Blumich, Reinhold Max born in Germany.  Blumich variation
1886.11.07 Nimzovich, Aron b. Riga.  Russian ch 1914.  Nordic ch 1924, 1934.  Died 1935.
1887       Az-Rah automaton exhibit closed by Bordeaux police (BCM 1978,407).
1887       Don Jose Brunet y Bellet published EL AJEDREZ EN EGIPTO in Barcelona.  Attributes Egypt as the origin of chess
1887	   1st Brooklyn chess club ch.
1887	   Columbia chess club ch, new york, koehler 1st.
1887	   London chess league formed (metropolitan chess club competition).
1887       Barry, George wins 13th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1887       50 bd Yorkshire vs Lancashire 1st to use chess clocks.
1887       2nd Australian Ch won by Charlick in Adelaide.
1887       Van Foreest wins 15th Netherlands Ch, Amsterdam.
1887       Russian candidate for the Bulgarian crown is Prince Dadian (BCM 1980,600).
1887       Judd defeats A. Hodges 5-2.  Judd claims he is US champion.
1887       French Chess Assn formed.
1887       1st national ch for women, England.  Ladies Challenge Cup (BCM 1981,403)
1887       Mackenzie wins 5th German Ch in Frankfurt (15-5) ahead of 20 masters.
1887       New Jersey State Chess Association formed; Mr. R. Pope is President
1887.02.21 Tartakower, Saveilly b. Rostov-on-Don.  Polish & French ch.  GM 1950.  Died 1956.
1887.02.24 Kostic, Boris b. Vrsac.  Yugoslav ch 1935, 1938.  GM 1950.  Died 1963.
1887.02.26 Batik, Frantisek born in Chotusice, Czechoslovakia.  IMC 1959.
1887.04.21 Altschul, Frank born in San Francisco, CA.  Problem book publisher.
1887.04.23 Hromadka, Karel born in Gross Weikersdorf, Austria.  Elo: 2440.  Hromadka Defense
1887.07.11 Start of 4th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
1887.07.15 Mills wins 4th Scottish Ch.
1887.07.28 Duchamp, Marcel born in Rouen, France.  Famous avant-garde painter.
1887.08.15 Berlin Chess Club Jubilee, Max Harmonist 1st.
1887.08.31 2nd Australian ch, Adelaide, Charlick 1st.
1887.09.10 Johner b. Zurich.  Won Swiss ch. 6 times.  Brother won 12 times.
1887.09.18 Basterot, Barthelemy died in Torino, Italy.
1887.09.21 London Chess League founded under the name Metropolitan Chess Club Competition.
1887.10.10 Banks, Newell born in Detroit.
1887.11.02 Brooklyn Chess Club opened; Steinitz won a simul 12-0 for the opening of the club
1887.11.29 Start of 2nd British Amateur Ch in London.
1887.12.12 Locock wins 2nd British Amateur ch.
1888	   1st international correspondence chess tournament organized.
1888       Showalter wins 1st US ch, Cincinnati.  Judd takes last place. (6 players)
1888       Loman wins 16th Netherlands Ch, Rotterdam.
1888       Lipschutz adds 122-page addendum to Gossip's CHESSPLAYER'S MANUAL.
1888       MacLeod wins 14th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
1888       US Chess Association formed.
1888       New Viennese Chess Club founded.
1888       Z. Volpicelli publishes an article on Chinese chess for the Royal Asiatic Society
1888.01.08 Boris Velinsky born.  IM 1950.  Died 1950.
1888.03.30 Mongredien died.  Pres of the London CC and Liverpool CC.
1888.04.26 Friess, Hans died in Germany.  Friess var.
1888.05.18 Hirschbach, Hermann died in Leipzig.    Hirschbach var.
1888.06.20 Johannes Zukertort died in London of a cerebral hemorrhage after a chess game in a tournament at Simpson's Divan.  He was 45.
1888.07.16 Start of 5th Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
1888.07.21 Mackenzie wins 5th Scottish Ch.
1888.08.06 Start of the 3rd British Amateur Ch in Bradford.
1888.08.09 Heinrich Wagner born.  IM 1953.  Died 1959.
1888.08.18 Guest wins 3rd British Amateur Ch.
1888.10.06 Steinitz becomes naturalized U.S. citizen.
1888.10.06 Hammond, Alex born in England.  Chess set collector.
1888.10.28 Blackmar, Armand died in New Orleans.  American music publisher.
1888.11    Pillsbury learns the game of chess.  
1888.11.19 Capablanca y Graupera, Jose born in Havana.  World chess champion 1921-1927.  Elo: 2725.  Died 1942.
1888.12.28 Lederer, Norbert born.
1889	   Kolisch died in Vienna.  Chess patron.
1899       William Shelley Branch (1854-1933) writes "A Sketch History of Chess" bor BCM
1889 	   1st Switzerland ch, Pestalozzi & Poplawski 1st; Zurich.
1889       Sonneborn is writing about chess scoring methods.
1889       Rotlewi, Gerz born.  Polish player.
1889       Best game prize, first.  Gunsberg over Mason, New York 1889
1889       Pillsbury learns the game of chess.
1889       Blathy composes longest problem - mate in 290 moves.
1889       Flemming, Richard wins 15th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1889       Schiffers is 1st Russian to deliver a course of lectures on chess.
1889       4th Irish Ch held in Dublin.  Nobody knows who won.
1889       Tarrasch wins 6th German Ch in Breslau.
1889       Van Foreest wins 17th Netherlands Ch, Gouda.
1889       Em Lasker wins at Breslau; gains German master title.
1889.01    Ollivier wins 2nd New Zealand Ch, Christchurch.
1889.01.07 Johner, Hans b. Basel.  Swiss ch 12 times.  Brother won it 6 times.  IM 1950.  Died 1975.
1889.01.20 Start of 2nd world ch. match, Steinitz-Tchigorin, Havana.
1889.02    1st brilliancy prize for match game, awarded to Steinitz. (300 fr.)
1889.02.04 Steinitz defeats Tchigorin, 10.5 - 6.5 in 2nd world ch match, Havana.
1889.02.22 Ohio ch, Cincinnati, George Smith 1st.
1889.03    Hanham introduced the Hanham variation of the Philidor Defense.
1889.03.09 Levenfish, Grigori b. Poland.  USSR ch 1934, 1937.  GM 1950.  Died 1961.
1889.03.25 Start of 6th American Chess Congress, New York, Tchigorin & Weiss 1st.
1889.03.25 Tchigorin won the most games in a single tournament, 27.
1889.03.25 Top US player in the NY International was S. Lipschutz.
1889.04.14 Bogoljubow, Efim born in Kiev.  Ger. and USSR ch 1925.  Challenger 1929, '34.  Elo: 2610  GM 1951.  Died 1952.
1889.04?   1st game prize awarded to Gunsberg against Mason.1889
1889.05.00 Steinitz publishes 'Modern Chess Instructor' which was reprinted up to 1895.	   
1889.05.01 Lokvenc b. Vienna.  Ger. ch 1943.  Austrian ch 1951, 1953.
1889.05.28 Reti, Richard born in Bratislava.  Czechoslovkia ch 1925.  Died 1929.
1889.07.29 Start of 6th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
1889.07.29 Asztalos, Lajos born in Pecs, Hungary.  IM 1950; IA 1951.  Elo: 2480  Hungary ch 1913.  Died 1956.
1889.08.02 Marshall wins 6th Scottish Ch.
1889.08.09 2nd U.S. Chess Association, Haller 1st.
1889.08.21 Chandler, Guy born in Weymouth, England.  Founder of the British Chess Problem Society.
1889.08.25 MacLeod lost 31 games in a single tournament.
1889.09.22 Swiss Chess Association founded.
1889.10    Grand meeting of all Japanese chessplayers in Tokyo.  200 players.
1889.11.25 Wainright wins 4th British Amateur ch in London.
1889.11.28 Dawson, Thomas born in Leeds, England.  Created 6,400 problems.  Pioneer of fairy chess.
1889.12.08 Lange, Max died.
1890	   Cafe de la Regence ch, Paris, Goetz 1st.
1890       Showalter defeats Lipschutz in a match, Louisville.
1890       El Ajedristica, 1st true automaton, shown by Quevedo.
1890       Loman wins 18th Netherlands Ch, The Hague.
1890       Albin was the only player to get a prize, Vienna, 1890.
1890       THEORIE UND PRAXIS DER ENDSPIELE by Berger published.
1890       Pestalozzi and Poplawski win 2nd Swiss Ch, Winterthur.
1890       Traxler variation introduced by Peter Traxler.
1890       Short wins 16th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
1890       Albin Attack introduced by Albin against Csank, Vienna.
1890       Tchigorin beats Steintz in a telegraph match.
1890.01.29 Ware, Preston died.
1890.02    Showalter wins 2nd US ch, St Louis.  Called the 3rd Congress of the US Chess Assn.
1890.04.09 Whitaker, Norman born in Philadelphia.  IM 1965.  Died 1975.
1890.04.14 Start of 7th Scottish Ch, Dundee.
1890.04.18 Walker wins 7th Scottish Ch.
1890.07.26 Berlin, Bertold Lasker & Emanual Lasker 1st.
1890.08.25 Start of 5th British Amateur Ch in Manchester.
1890.09.30 Mills wins 5th British Amateur Ch.
1890.11    Showalter loses a match to Judd, 7-3.
1890.12	   1st city of London ch, Loman 1st.
1890.12.09 Start of 3rd world ch match, Steinitz-Gunsberg, NY.
1890.12.27 Grimshaw, Walter died in Whitby, England.
1891       Davison wins 17th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1891       Showalter wins 3rd US ch, Lexington. (4th Congress)
1891       Loman wins 19th Netherlands Ch, Utrecht.
1891       Sturgis, George born.  President of USCF.
1891       Rabinovich, Ilya born.  
1891       Bachmann 1st publishes a yearbook on chess.  Ended in 1930.
1891       1st article on chessplayer ratings published in the BCM by Brumfitt.
1891       Em Lasker travels to London to run a chess pavilion at a German exhibition.
1891.01    Barnes wins 4th New Zealand Ch, Wellington.
1891.01.01 Campbell, Joseph died in London.  Problemist.
1891.01.03 Brinckmann, Alfred born in Kiel, Germany.  IA 1951; IM 1953; Elo: 2470.  Died 1967.
1891.01.22 Steinitz (+6=9-4) beats Gunsberg, 10.5-8.5, in 3rd world ch, NY.
1891.04.05 Bauer, Johann died in Gortz, Austria of tuberculosis.
1891.04.14 MacKenzie, George d. in NY hotel room from TB.  Born in 1837.
1891.04.14 Steinitz claims Mackenzie killed himself with an overdose of morphine.
1891.07.20 Start of 8th Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
1891.07.25 Chambers, John wins 8th Scottish Ch.
1891.08.18 Paulsen, Louis died in Germany.
1891.10.10 Kipping born.  Most famous problem editor of all time.
1891.12.12 1st long distance telephone match in Great Britain, Liverpool vs London.
1891.12.25 Kubbel b. St Petersburg.  Problem & endgame studies composer.
1892	   Kupchik born.
1892	   Torre, V. wins 6th Italian Ch in Turin.
1892       Tarrasch wins 7th German Ch in Dresden.
1892       Falkener publishes GAMES ANCIENT AND ORIENTAL in London.
1892       Steinitz ends International Chess Magazine.
1892       Roberts wins 1st South African Ch, Cape Town.
1892       Corrodi, Oswald (died in 1893) and Fahrni win 3rd Swiss Ch, Basel.
1892       Van den Berg wins 20th Netherlands Ch, Amsterdam.
1892       Hicks, William died in Montreal.  Canadian ch 1874.
1892       Weenik, Henri born.  Dutch composer, player and author.
1892       Lipschutz wins 4th US ch in a match in a match against Showalter (7-1, 7 draws)
1892       1st time PxP or P-KKt4 used (rather than spell it out)
1892       Em Lasker takes 1st place at a London tournament.
1892.01    Siedeberg wins 5th New Zealand Ch, Auckland.
1892.01.02 Start of world ch match, Steinitz-Tchigorin, Havana.
1892.02.07 Opocensky, Karel born.  IM 1950.  4-time Czech ch.  Died 1975.
1892.02.28 Steinitz (+10=5-8) beats Tchigorin, 12.5-10.5, in world ch match.
1892.03.07 1st day of the last meeting of the British Chess Assn, at British CC, London.
1892.03.07 Start of 6th British Amateur Ch in London.
1892.03.15 Kupchik, Abraham born in Brest-Litovsk, Russia.  Manhattan CC Ch.
1892.03.18 Jones and Bateman win 6th British Amateur Ch.
1892.04    Pillsbury beats Steinitz, 2-1, in Boston.
1892.04.14 Start of 9th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
1892.04.19 Mills wins 9th Scottish Ch.
1892.06.19 Ahlhausen, Carl died in Berlin.  Adopted 1.g4 as his opening.
1892.07.29 Romanovsky b. St Petersburg.  USSR ch 1923, 1927.  IM 1950.  Died 1964.
1892.09.03 Southern Counties' Chess Union formed.
1892.09.10 Balogh, Janos born in Tirgu Secuiesc, Romania.  IMC 1953.  Introduced the Balogh Defense.
1892.10.31 Alekhine, Alexander born in Moscow.  Elo: 2690.  Died March 24, 1946.
1892.11.26 Bohatirchuk, Fedor born in Kiev.  USSR ch 1927.  IM 1954.  IMC 1967.  Died 1984.
1892.12.29 Geza Nagy born.  IM 1950.  Died 1953.
1893       Van Foreest and Loman win 21st Netherlands ch, Groningen.
1893       Binet makes a study of memory anc chess by studying chess players who play blindfolded
1893       Mason writes THE PRINCIPLES OF CHESS.  Sold 13,000 copies.
1893       Walbrodt and Bardeleben win 8th German Ch in Kiel.
1893       First of a series of famous cable matches between the U.S. and England.
1893.09    Albin introduces the Albin counter-gambit against Lasker, NY International.
1893       Popoff wins 4th Swiss ch, Bern.
1893       Wallace wins 4th Australian ch in Sydney.
1893       Narraway wins 19th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
1893       Helms writes a chess column in the Brooklyn Eagle.  Continued until 1955.
           Longest running uniterrupted chess colum under the same authorship.
1893.01    Siedeberg wins 6th New Zealand Ch, Christchurch.
1893.01.01 Dutch Federation monthly magazine SCHAKEND NEDERLAND founded.  
1893.01.06 Antal, Aladar born in Jaszladany, Hungary.  Wrote a book on openings.
1893.02.23 Anderson, Gerald Frank born in Newcastle, South Africa.  British chess problemist.  IJComp 1960; IMComp 1975.
1893.04.10 Start of 10th Scottish Ch, Dundee.
1893.04.13 Dufresne, Jean died.  German player and writer. Elo: 2370
1893.04.14 Walker wins 10th Scottish Ch.
1893.04.30 Breyer, Gyula born in Budapest.  Hungarian ch 1912.  Elo: 2500  Died 1921.
1893.09.30 New York International: Lasker 1st; Albin 2nd; Showalter 3rd
1893.10    NY tourney; 1st Pillsbury; 2nd Hodges; 3rd Showalter.
1893.11.21 Gruenfeld, Ernst born in Vienna.  German ch 1927.  GM 1950.  Elo: 2550.  Died 1962.
1894       ENCHEIRIDION ZATRIKION by Olivier, 1st Greek work on chess, Athens.
1894       WYLLIE; James Wyllie, Checker Ch for 40 years, loses to James Ferrie.
1894       Wittek, Alexander born.  Austrian player, architect.
1894       Davison wins 20th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1894       Tarrasch wins 9th German Ch in Leipzig.
1894       Loman wins 22nd Netherlands Ch, Rotterdam.
1894       Tarrasch publishes his 300 Games of Chess.
1894       Pillsbury plays board 1 for Brooklyn CC.
1894.01    Women's chess club formed in NY, by Eliza Foote.  30 members.  Lasted until 1949.
1894.01.10 Nikolay Zubarev born.  IM 1950.  Died 1951.
1894.01.23 Ceriani, Luigi born in Milan, Italy.  Problemist.
1894.02    Showalter beats Hodges 8-6.
1894.03.15 Start of Steinitz-Lasker world ch match, NY and Montreal.
1894.03.23 Start of 11th Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
1894.03.27 Spens wins 11th Scottish Ch.
1894.04.07 Apsenieks, Fricis born in Tetele, Latvia.  Elo: 2430.  Latvian ch 1926-7, 1934
1894.05.18 Adam, Edmund born in Sonneberg, Germany.  Introduced the Adam variation in 1939.
1894.05.26 Lasker defeats Steinitz, 12-7, to become world champion.
1894.05.26 Steinitz is oldest world champion at 58 years, 10 days.
1894.07.25 Kmoch, Hans born in Vienna.  IM 1950.  Chess author.  Died 1973.
1894.08    Hodges defeats Showalter 5-3; recognized as US champion.
1894.10.20 New York, Steinitz 1st; Albin 2nd; Showalter 3rd.
1894.11.28 Ilyin-Genevsky born.  Died 1941.
1894.12.28 Mattison b. Riga.  Latvian ch 1924.  World amateur ch 1924.
1895	   1st cable match, between the British chess club and Manhattan.
1895       Bachmann wins 5th Swiss ch, Zurich.
1895       Hooper sells Ajeeb to James Smith, who returns it to London.
1895       Only 1 chess periodical in Russia, Chakmatny Bulletin.
1895       Olland wins 23rd Netherlands Ch, Arnhem.
1895       Ajeeb returns to Coney Island; Sam Gonotsky is hidden operator.
1895       Potter, William died.  Leading English player of the 1870s.
1895       Model, Abram born.  Botvinnik's chess trainer.
1895       Showalter wins 5th US ch in a match against Lipschultz (7-4).
1895       Wallace wins 5th Australian ch in Melbourne.
1895       Franklin Club beats Manhattan Club 7.5 to 6.5 in a telegraph match
1895.01    Mackay wins  8th New Zealand Ch, Wellington.
1895.01    Women's chess club formed in London.
1895.04.12 Start of 12th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
1895.04.16 Mills wins 12th Scottish Ch.
1895.05.06 From, Martin died in Copenhagen.  From's Gambit named after him.
1895.05.18 Saavedra publishes an underpromotion solution of a problem to win.
1895.06.15 Swiss System pairings, invented by J. Muller, 1st used in Zurich.
1895.08.05 Start of Hastings International.
1895.08.05 women's chess tournament, Hastings, won by Lady Thomas. (not the 1st)
1895.08.14 Grigoriev, Nikolay born in Moscow.  Elo: 2440.  Moscow ch 1921, 1922, 1923-4, 1929.  Endgame analyst.
1895.08.19 Start of 7th British Amateur Ch in Hastings.
1895.08.24 Atkins wins 7th British Amateur Ch.
1895.09.02 Pillsbury wins at Hastings (16.5 - 4.5).  Tchigorin 2nd, Lasker 3rd.
1895.09.25 Cheron, Andre born in Colombes, France.  Fr ch 3 times.  Authority on endgame studies.  IJComp 1957; IMComp 1959.
1895.10.08 Antonio Sacconi born.  IM 1951.  Died 1968.
1895.12    Pillsbury contracts syphilis.
1895.12.13 St Petersburg; start, Lasker 1st, Steinitz 2nd, Pillsbury 3rd, Tchigorin 4th.
1895.12.16 Barbier, Georges died in France.
1896       Stewart Culin (1858-1929) writes "Chess and Playing Cards" for the Smithsonian
1896       UC Berkeley beat Harvard in a chess game by wire.
1896	   Sozin born.
1896	   Wyvill, Marmaduke died.
1896       Herman Jacobi publishes history of chess in Sanskrit literature.  References Haravijaya and Kavyalankara (9th century).  Published in ZDMG in Weisbaden
1896       Bachmann and H. Duhm win 6th Swiss Ch, Lucerne.
1896       Only game played with 5 queens on board, Tresling-Benima, Winschoten.
1896       Showalter defeats Kemeny and Barry to retain US Ch.
1896       Price, Edith founded the Gambit Chess Rooms
1896       Bleijkmans wins 24th Netherlands Ch, Leiden.
1896       Wallace wins 6th Australian ch in Sydney.
1896       Austrian Attack introduced in Tarrasch-Charousek, Nuremberg.
1896       Em Lasker publishes COMMON SENSE IN CHESS.
1896       Em Lasker wins at Nuremberg with 12 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses.
1896       The Pillsbury National Correspondence Chess Association (PNCCA) formed
1896       Mercantile Library Chess Association formed in Philadelphia; joined Franklin Club in 1955
1896.01    Meldrum wins 9th New Zealand Ch, Wanganui.
1896.01.27 Lasker wins at St Petersburg.  Stenitz 2nd.
1896.03.13 1st US-UK cable match - US 4.5, UK 3.5.  Newnes trophy.
1896.04.03 Start of 13th Scottish Ch, Dundee.
1896.04.09 Mills wins 13th Scottish Ch.
1896.04.19 Canal, Esteban born in Chiclayo, Peru.  Hungarian ch 1933.  IM 1950.  HGM 1977.  Died 1981.
1896.05.02 Vajda b. Rimavska Sobota.  Hungarian ch 1928.  IM 1950.  Died 1967.
1896.06.14 Mansfield, Comins born.  Chess problemist.
1896.09.05 Becker, Albert born in Vienna.  Austrian ch 1925, 1937.  IM 1953.  Died 1984.
1896.09.14 Freeborough, Edward died in Hull, England.  Author.
1896.09.20 Saemisch, Friedrich b. Berlin.  Austrian ch 1921.  GM 1950.  Died 1975.
1896.11.07 Start of Lasker-Steinitz world ch match, Moscow.
1896.12.01 Mueller,Hans born.  Austrian ch 1947.  Developed the Austrian Attack.  IM 1950.  Died 1971.
1897	   1st reference to lightning chess.
1897	   LINDE; Antonius van der Linde, Dutch chess historian, died in Weisbaden.
1897	   Tromovsky born.
1897       German book on history of chess published in Leipzig by von der Lasa.
1897       Loman wins 25th Netherlands Ch, Utrecht.
1897       Lasa publishes history of chess, Leipzig.
1897       Roberts wins 2nd South African Ch, Cape Town.
1897       Lasa encourages Murray to write history of chess.
1897       Steinitz and Lipschutz tie for NY State Championship.
1897       Palmer, Marvin born in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Won Iowa ch at 20.  Won Missouri ch in 1922.  Won Michigan ch 5 times.
1897       Urusov, Sergei died.  Chess-playing Russian prince.
1897       Narraway wins 21st Canadian Ch in Orilla.
1897       1st Nordic Ch won by S. Svensson in Stockholm.
1897       Barulin, Mikhail born in Russia.  Fostered chess problems in Russia.
1897       Steinitz plays 22 games blindfold (+17) in Vienna at age 61.
1897       2nd Anglo-American match.  GB 5.5, US 4.5.
1897       Sack wins 7th Swiss Ch, Aarau.
1897       Jacobsen wins 8th Australian ch in Sydney.
1897       Laucks, Forry born.  Founder of Log Cabin Chess Club.
1897       Correspondence Chess League of America loosly organized
1897.01    Barnes wins 10th New Zealand Ch, Christchurch.
1897.01.14 Lasker (+10=5-2) defeats Steinitz, 12.5-4.5, Moscow.
1897.02    Pillsbury wins 6th US ch in a match against Showalter in NY.  
           Won 10-8, 3 draws.  Pillsbury says he does not want the title.
1897.02.12 Gurvich, Abram born in Russia.  IJComp 1956.
1897.03.14 Guidelli, Giorgio born in Serravalle d'Asti, Italy.  Composer.
1897.03.23 Araiza, Jose born in Mexico.  Mexico ch.  Won 15 times in a row.
1897.04.16 Start of 14th Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
1897.04.19 Mills wins 14th Scottish Ch.
1897.05.10 Gedult, David born in Warsaw.  
1897.05.18 Colle, Edgar born in Ghent, Belgium.  Belgium ch 1924.  Elo: 2490.  Died 1932.
1897.05.31 Cable match between the House of Commons & House of Representatives.
1897.06.23 1st women's international tournament at Hotel Cecil, London, won by Mary Rudge. (BCM 1981,403)
1897.07.24 A.A. Macdonnell publishes Bana's Sanskrit reference to chess in the Harsacarita (7th century) in the ATHENAEUM.  Harsacarita translated by F.W. Thomas and Cowell.
1897.07.25 Andre Muffrang born.  IM 1951.  Died 1989.
1897.08.16 Major Willaim Wilson, VP of Mercantile Library CC murdered
1897.08.30 Start of 8th British Amateur Ch in Southamton.
1897.09.08 Atkins wins 8th British Amateur Ch.
1897.09.28 Fraenkel, Heinrich born in Germany.  Assiac.
1897.10.15 Bayer, Conrad died in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia.  Prize-winning problemist.
1897.10.19 Englisch, Berthold died in Vienna.  German champion 1879.  Elo: 2520.
1898	   Kriegspiel invented by journalist Michael Henry Templeton in London.
1898	   Vukovic, Vladimir born.
1898       Culin published CHESS AND PLAYING CARDS in Washington.
1898       Burn wins 10th German Ch in Cologne.
1898       Marco edits WIENER SCHACHZEITUNG (1898-1916).
1898       F.W. Thomas writes THE INDIAN GAME OF CHESS published in ZDMG.  Says that chess is mentioned in the Vasavadatta, edited by Fitsedward Hall in 1859
1898       Pillsbury operates Ajeeb in Coney Island until 1904.
1898       Tresling wins 26th Netherlands Ch, The Hague.
1898       Berger edits DEUTSCH SCHACHZEITUNG (1898-1911).
1898       3rd Anglo-American match.  GB 5.5, US 4.5.
1898       Trenchard scored 27 zeros (most ever), +1, =8, at Vienna.
1898       Bachmann win 8th Swiss ch, Basel.
1898       Zepler, Eric, German composer born.  1st professor of electronics.
1898       Narraway wins 22nd Canadian Ch in Toronto.
1898       Gustavus Reichhelm and Walter Penn Shipley write "Chess in Philadelphia."
1898.01    Barnes wins 11th New Zealand Ch, Auckland.
1898.01    A.A. Macdonell writes THE ORIGIN AND EARLY HISTORY OF CHESS for the Royal Asiatic Society
1898.01.14 Fox, Maurice born in the Ukraine.  Won Canadian ch 8 times.
1898.02.25 Start of the Pillsbury-Showalter US ch match, New York.
1898.03.07 Eugenio Szabados born.  IM 1951.
1898.03.23 Fazekas, Stefan born in Staoraljaujhely, Hungary.  Br. ch 1957.  IM 1953.  IMC 1964.  Died 1967.
1898.04.01 Pillsbury wins 7th US ch in a match vs Showalter. (+7,-3,=2)
1898.04.09 Start of 15th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
1898.04.16 Fraser wins 15th Scottish Ch.
1898.06.24 Texas State Chess Association formed in Dallas;  1st President was Otto (William) Monning
1898.07.05 Pillsbury and Tarrasch tie for 1st at Vienna;  Tarrasch wins in playoff and $1,500
1898.08.26 Vladimir Vukovic born.  IM 1951.  died 1975.
1898.09.11 William Winter b. Medstead. London ch 5 times.  Br ch 1935, 1936.  IM 1950.  Died 1955.
1898.10.14 1st Texas Chess Championship; won by Otto Ballard of Dallas
1898.11.12 Harkness, Kenneth born in Glasgow, Scotland.  Developed rating system.
1898.11.24 Hookham, Henry died in Christchurch.    New Zealand ch 1890.
1899	   1st use of a flag on a chess clock.
1899	   4TH Anglo-American match.  US 6, GB 4.
1899	   LASA; Tassilo von der Lasa d. Weisbaden.  Chess historian & theoretician.
1899       Atkins wins 27th Netherlands Ch, Amsterdam.
1899       Rogard, Bror born.  2nd president of FIDE.
1899       2nd Nordic Championship, won by J. Moller in Copenhagen.
1899       Michael wins 3rd South African Ch, Durban.
1899       Henneberger win 9th Swiss ch, Lausanne.
1899       Branch publishes a SKETCH HISTORY OF CHESS in BCM.
1899       Smith wins 23rd Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1899       Paris Chess Club forbids discussion political or religious subjects.
1899       1st Anglo-American University cable match.
1899       1st Oxford-Cambridge (3.5) vs American colleges (2.5) match.
1899       King of Italy announces national chess ch; only 1 participant.
1899       Koenig b. Kula, Hungary.  IM 1951.  Chess author.
1899       Blackburne beat Lasker in London (Lasker's only loss).
           1st time a British player beat a reigning ch.
1899       London: Lasker 1st, 4 points ahead of the rest.  Won 18, drew 7, lost 1.
1899.01.15 Dubois, Serafino died in Rome.  Elo: 2550
1899.01.28 Northern Counties' Chess Union formally inaugurated.
1899.02.22 Koch b. Berlin.  IM 1950.  E. Ger. ch 1951, 1952.  
1899.03.31 Start of 16th Scottish Ch, Stirling.
1899.04.04 Mills wins 16th Scottish Ch.
1899.04.23 Nabokov, Vladimir born.
1899.05.01 Josef Lokvenc born.  IM 1951.  Died 1974.
1899.06.03 MacDonnell, George died.
1899.07.27 Heydebrand un der Lasa, Tassilo died in Storchnest, Poland.
1899.09.14 1st All-Russian chess championship, Moscow, Tchigorin 1st.  14 players. (CHESS 12/49,55)
1900	   Charles Alfred Hooper, creater of Ajeeb, died.  Born 9/21/1825.
1900	   Western Chess Association founded. Sponsored Western Open.  In 1934 it becomes the American Chess Federation.
1900       Pillsbury plays 16 games blindfolded (+11-1=4); a record.
1900       Present-day push-button chess clock perfected by Veenhoff of Groningen, the Netherlands.
1900       Brentano invents Brentano variation of the Ruy Lopez.
1900       Cook's chess firm taken over by Jacques and made Staunton chess sets.
1900       Paris 100 as part of the great Paris Exhibition; Lasker won with 14 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss.
1900       Pillsbury gives 150 chess exhibitions and travels 40,000 miles.
1900       Anne Sullivan teaches chess to Helen Keller
1900       James Mason writes "Social Chess"
1901.01.17 Pillsbury marries Mary Ellen Bush.  He met her at a chess exhibiton 3 years earlier
1900.01.19 Frere, Thomas died in New York City.  Wrote Frere's Chess Handbook in 1858.
1900.01.29 Chernev, Irving, chess author, born in Priluki, USSR.
1900.02.12 Howe, Henry died in Montreal.  Canandian ch 1877.
1900.02.12 Gilbert, Ellen (ne Strong) died in Hartford, CT.  Corr. player and Queen of Chess.
1900.03.18 Roberto Gabriel Grau born in Buenos Aires.  8-time Argentine champion.  FIDE co-founder.  Died 4/12/1944.
1900.04.10 Herbstmann, Alexander, IM for chess compositions, born in Rostov-Don, Russia.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1959.
1900.04.13 Theodore Henry Tylor born in Birmingham.  3-time Br. cr. ch.  Only blind player in ol.  Died 10/23/1968.
1900.04.18 Charousek, Rudolf, Hungarian master, died of TB (age 27) in Nagyteteny, Czechoslovakia.
1900.04.23 article appears in "The Nation" called "The Antiguity of Chess" by L.N.D.  Willard Fiske and Washburn Hopkins reply.
1900.04.29 Wren, Fred, chess author, born in Sherman, Maine.
1900.08.12 William Steinitz died in New York in an asylum.
1900.08.16 Fiske publishes THE EARLY HISTORY OF CHESS in the NATION, NY.
1900.08.23 Heinrichsen, Arved died in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Heinrichsen opening.
1900.09.03 1st Western Chess Association (1st US Open), Excelsior; Udemann 1st.
1900.11.24 Richter, Kurt born.  East German IM 1950.  Died 1969.
1901.06.27 Endre (Andreas) Steiner, Hungarian master, born.  Died 12/29/1944 in a Nazi concentration camp.
1901       Haberditz, Hans born in Austria.  Haberditz var.
1901       Weber, A. died.  1st to investigate Indian references to chess.
1901       Pillsbury gave a simul blindfold display in Moscow on 22 boards.  A. Alekhine's older brother, Alexei, got a draw.
1901       Didier scores 1/4 out of 13 in Monte Carlo.
1901       Shipley wins 16th Franklin Chess Club ch.
1901.01.01 Makarczyk b.  Polish ch 1948.  IM 1950.  Died 1972.
1901.01.20 Gilg, Karl born in Mankendorf, Czechoslovakia.  IM 1953.  West German.  Died 1981.
1901.01.27 Chigorin wins 2nd Russian National Tournament in Moscow, followed by Schiffers and Janowski
1901.02.09 Koenig, Imre, chess author, born in Kula, Hungary.  IM 1951.
1901.03.01 Janowski wins at Monte Carlo, followed by Schlechter, Chigorin, Von Scheve, Alapin, Mieses, Blackburne, Gunsberg, Marco
1901.04.19 USA and Britain tie 5-5 in the 6th radio match; 10 players each team; Pillsbury beat Blackburne on board 1
1901.04.28 Adams, Weaver American chess master, born in Dedham, Massachusetts.  Died in 1963.
1901.05.20 Johannes von Minckwitz died.  Chess author.  Threw himself under a tram. 
1901.05.20 Euwe, Max born in Amsterdam.  Dutch ch 12 times.  World ch 1935-37.  GM 1950; IA 1951.  FIDE President 1970-78.
1901.05.29 Ronald MacDonald wins 18th Scottish Ch, Glasgow
1901.08.17 2nd Western Chess Association Open (2nd US Open), Excelsior; Nicholas Macleod 1st.
1901.08.17 Pillsbury wins 14th NY State chess ch held in Buffalo, followed by Delmar, Napier, and Marshall
1901.08.21 Betbeder, Louis born in Orleans, France.  IA 1967.  Betbeder variation.
1901.09.02 Imre Koenig born.  IM 1951.  
1901.10.06 Charles Henry Stanley, 1st US chess champion (1845), died.  Born September 1819.
1901.11    Lady Jane Carew d.  Chessplayer who lived in 3 centuries (1797-1901).
1901.11    1st time chessboard appears with cartesian coordinates in BCM.
1901.11.03 Reggio wins 8th Italian Ch in Venice
1901.11.24 John Owen (born 1827), English player, died.  Vicar.  Wrote under pseudonum of Alter.
1901.12.12 Reilly, B.P. born.
1901.12.18 Capablanca, age 12, beats Cuban champion Juan Corzo in a match in Havana
1902       Pillsbury plays 22 blindfolded in Moscow.  A record. (+17 -1 =4)
1902       Last British Amateur ch.  Was held 10 times since 1886.
1902       Niemeijer, Meindert born.  Dutch chess bibliophile.
1902       Lasker gets PhD in mathematics from Erlangen University.  Dissertation on geometrical calculus and ideal numbers.
1902       Browne writes HISTORY OF PERSIA.
1902       Rosenthal, Samuel died.  Journalist and chess teacher.
1902       Manuel Golmayo wins 1st Spanish Ch
1902       USA beats Britain in 7th radio match
1902       Mrs. W.J. Baird publishes "700 Chess Problems"
1902.02.04 Congdon, James died in Milwaukee.  Elected president of the National Chess Association in 1874.
1902.02.11 Hartong, Jan born in Rotterdam.  IMComp 1959.
1902.03.12 Maroczy wins Monte Carlo, followed by Pillsbury, Janowski, Teichmann, Schlechter, Tarrasch, Wolf, Chigorin, Marshall
1902.03.16 Monticelli b. Venice.  Italian ch 1929, 34, 39.  IM 1950.  GME 1985.  Died 1995
1902.03.31 Edmond MacDonald wins 19th Scottish Ch in Perth.
1902.04    Juan Corzo wins Cuban Ch in Havana.  Capablanca took 4th.
1902.06	   1st radio match, between two ships in the Atlantic 160 miles apart.
1902.06.05 Kieninger b.  German ch 1937, 1940.  West German ch 1947.  IM 1950.  Died 1975.
1902.07.27 Berg, Theodore born in Riga, Latvia.  Berg variation.
1902.08.02 Pillsbury playws 21 games blindfolded simultaneously in Hanover.  Wins 3, draws 11, loses 7.
1902.08.09 3rd Western Chess Association (US open), Excelsior; Louis Uedemann 1st.  19 players.
1902.08.11 Janowski wins 13th German Chess Federation Ch in Hanover; followed by Pillsbury, Atkins, Mieses, Napier, Wolf, Chigorin
1902.09.01 Kevitz, Alexander, American player, born.
1902.10.03 Walbrodt, Carl died in Berlin.  German ch 1893.  Died of TB.  Born 1871
1902.11.05 Boultbee, William died in Toronto.  1892 Canadian Ch.
1903       Makovetz, Gyula died.  Edited Hungary's first chess magazine.
1903       Divan chess room closed.
1903       USA beats Britain in 8th radio match
1903       the movie "A Chess Dispute" is made
1903       1st unofficial Estonian chess ch;  won by Sohn
1903.01.07 Breuer, Johann born in Cologne.  IJComp 1957; IMComp 1973
1903.02    passenger on the Minnehaha, en route to London, played chess by wireless against someone of the Saxonia
1903.03.14 Lajos Steiner, Hungarian international master, born in Oradsa.  IM 1950.  Died 1975.
1903.03.17 Tarrasch wins Monte Carlo, followed by Maroczy, Pillsbury, Schlechter, Teichmann, Marco, Wolf, Mieses, Marshall
1903.03.17 C. Moreau scored 0 out of 26 in Monte Carlo.
1903.03.20 Halberstadt, Vitaly born in Odessa.  IJComp 1957.  Paris ch 1925.
1903.03.20 Pinkus, Albert born in New York.  Won Manhattan CC Ch in 1941,1945.
1903.03.29 Dr. Dietrich G. Prinz born.  Wrote the original chess playing program for computer in 1951.
1903.04.01 Salo Landau born.  Died 1943.
1903.04.17 Gregor Piatigorsky, chess patron, born.
1903.08.05 Bagby, Charles born in Charleston, SC.
1903.08.15 4th Western Chess Association (US Open), Chicago; Judd 1st on tiebreak over Uedemann and Johnston; 18 players
1903.08.21 Fairhurst, William born in Alderley Edge, England.  Br. ch 1937.  Scottish ch 11 times. IM 1951.  Died 1982.
1903.08.25 Elo, Arpad born.  Died 1992.
1903.08.26 Bruce, Ronald born in England.
1903.09.17 Koltanowski, George, honorary IGM (1988),born in Belgium.  IM 1950.  Died on Feb 5, 2000, age 96.
1903.09.26 Chigorin wins 3rd Russian Ch, held in Kiev, followed by Bernstein.
1904	   Lommer, greatest british study composer, born in Islington.
1904       Abbott, Hedley born in Davenport, England.  1936-7 NZ Ch.
1904       American Chess Bulletin founded by Herman Helms.  Continued until 1963.
1904       Marshall proclaimed U.S. Chess Champion when Pillsbury declined to play due to illness.
1904.04.10 Andersen, Eric born in Gentofte, Denmark..  Danish ch 12 times (8 years in a row).
1904.05.04 Malmgren b. Avesta.  GMC 1953.  2nd in 1953 world corr. ch.
1904.05.05 Crosskill, Alfred died in Beverley, England.  Endgame analyst.
1904.05.07 British Chess Federation founded.  1st president, A. Naumann.
1904.05.09 Stoltz, Gosta, Swedish GM, b. Stockholm.  Swedish ch 5 times.  IM 1950.  GM 1954.  Died 1963.
1904.05.19 Marshall wins Cambridge Springs, PA tourney, followed by Janowski, Lasker, Marshall, Showalter, Schlechter, Chigorin, Mieses
1904.06.04 Grob, Henry born in Braunau, Austria.  Swiss ch 1939, 1951.  IM 1950.  Died 1974.
1904.06.27 Giers, Paul born in Bonn, Germany.  USCF President 1949.
1904.07.02 Lundin b. Stockholm.  EGM 1983.  Swedish ch 10 times.  IM 1950.  Died 1988.
1904.07.27 Rudenko, Ludmila born in Lubni.  World women's ch 1949-53.  Challenger 1956.  IM 1950.  Died 1986.
1904.08    1st British Ladies ch.  Won by K.B. Finn.
1904.08.01 Von Bardeleben wins 14th German Chess Federation Ch in Colburg, followed by Schlechter, Swiderski, Bernstein, Marco
1904.08.08 Bain (Weiser), Mary born in Hungary.  Challenger 1937.  US women's ch 1951-3.
1904.08.19 Marshall wins Rice Trophy and Waller wins general tournament at the 17th NY state ch in Sylvan Beach.
1904.08.22 1st day of the BCF Congress, Hastings.
1904.08.27 Makogonov, Vladimir born in the Caucasus.  USSR IM 1950.  Died 1993.
1904.09.03 1st British ch, played at Hastings, since 1872 (32 years).  Napier & Atkins tie.  Napier won playoff.  Organized by BCF.
1904.09.17 Fiske, Daniel, American bibliophile, died in Frankfurt.
1904.10.03 Buschke, Albrecht born in Berlin.
1904.10.05 Rice Gambit Association formed at the home of Isaac Rice.
1904.10.15 Akopian, Andranik born in Russia.  IA 1965.
1904.10.21 Akerblom, Axel born in Fors Station, Sweden.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1967
1904.10.27 5th Western Chess Association (US Open), St Louis; Mlotkowski 1st, followed by Uedemann.  14 players.
1904.10.27 Marshall wins 7th American Chess Congress, held in St Louis, followed by Judd and Uedemann.  10 players
1904.11    1st appearance of Lasker's Chess Magazine.  Lasted until 1909.
1904.11.23 Rellstab b.  W German IM 1950.  Died 1983.
1904.11.26 Gunderam, Heinz born in Grossenhain, Germany.  
1904.12.09 Santasiere, Anthony American master, born.  NY Ch.  US Open Ch in 1945.
1904.12.12 Schiffers, Emanuel (b. 1850), Russian master, died.  1st Russian to teach chess.
1905       "Scachs d'amor" Catalan discovered by the Jesuit P. Ignasi Casanovas.  It was lost in the Spanish Civil War.
1905	   Mir Sultan Khan, British master, born in the Punjab, India.  Br ch 1929,32,33.  Died in 1966
1905       Harman, John born in England.  Classified chess studies.
1905       Ranken, Charles born.  First president of the Oxford University Chess Club.
1905       1st Scottish Ladies Ch and won by S. Hutchinson.
1905       Shanghai Chess Club founded.
1905       Brunet y Bellet, Jose died in Barcelona.
1905       "Chess in Iceland and in Icelandic Literature," published in Florence, Italy after Willard Fiske's death in 1904.
1905.01.06 Marshall, Frank marries Caroline.
1905.01.15 Mason, James (b. 1849), American chess master, died in London.
1905.03.09 Collins, Ethel Boyd born.
1905.03.14 Heinicke, Herbert born in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  W German IM 1953.
1905.04.11 Platz, Joseph, American master, born in Cologne.
1905.04.15 Steiner, Herman born in Austria-Hungary.  US Ch 1948.  NY Ch in 1929.  US Open ch in 1946.  IM 1950,  Died 1955.
1905.05.26 Frydman, Paulin born in Poland.  IM 1955.  Warsaw ch 1931, 1932, 1933, 1936.  IM 1955.  Died 1982.
1905.06    Mackenzie dies.
1905.07.04 Holloway, Alfred died in Gawler, Australia.  Holloway Defense.
1905.07.18 Maroczy wins at Ostend, followed by Janowski, Tarrasch, Schlechter, Marco, Teichmann, Burn, Leonhard, Marshall
1905.08.16 Kristensen b.  World blind ch 1963, 1966, 1969.
1905.08.26 Atkins wins 2nd BCF Ch in Southport, England.
1905.08.27 6th Western Chess Association (US Open), Excelsior; Ed Schrader 1st.  18 players.
1905.08.31 Janowski and Maroczy win section A and Fleischmann win section B at Barmen, Germany
1905.09.11 Rivierre, Jules Armous de (b. 1830), French master, died.  Elo: 2450
1905.09.12 Duras wins 1st Czech Ch in Prague.
1905.10.20 Fabel, Karl born in Hamburg.  Famous problemist.  IJComp 1964; IMComp 1967.
1905.11.07 Viktor Goglidze born.  IM 1950.  Died 1964.
1905.11.17 Erdelyi, Stefan born in Timisoara, Romania.  IM 1950.  Died 1968.
1905.11.19 Kashdan, Isaac, American GM, born in New York.  IM 1950.  GM 1954.  Died 1985.
1905.11.23 Torre, Carlos, Mexico's 1st IGM (1977), born in Yucutan, Mexico.  IM 1963.  GM 1977.  Died 1978.
1905.11.27 Michel, Pablo b.  German/Argentinian IM 1956.
1905.11.27 Goglidze, Victor born in Kutaisi, Russia.  IM 1950.  Elo: 2430.
1905.11.30 Lipschutz, Samuel (b. 1863), former US champion, died of lung disease.
1905.12.01 Fraser, George died in Wormit, Scotland.  Scottish ch 1898; Fraser Attack.
1905.12.11 Engels, Ludwig born in Dusseldorf.  Elo: 2460.  Strong German player.
1906	   1st national correspondence association, the British CCA, formed.
1906       Rice Gambit Assn formed.  Em Lasker is secretary.
1906       Ostend hosts an international women's tournament.
1906       Sonneborn, William died.
1906       Belson, John born.  Canadian champion.
1906.01    Albert Fox wins Manhattan CC Ch.
1906.01.22 Acosta-Silva, Manuel born in Venezuala.  IA 1957.
1906.01.31 Bonham, Reginald born in St Neats, England.  Blind world ch 1958.  Cr ch 6 times.
1906.02.08 Gresser, Gisela (ne Kahn) born in Detroit.  Challenger 1949-50.  WIM 1950.  Died 2000.
1906.02.16 Menchik, Vera, Woman world ch from 1927 to 1944, born in Moscow.  Died 1944.
1906.03.27 Purdy, Cecil J.S., Australian corr. GM,  born in Port Said.  IM 1951.  CGM 1953.  Died 1979.
1906.04.23 Dunkelblum, Arthur born in Podgorze, Poland.  Belgian ch 1949.  IM 1957.  Died 1979.
1906.04.23 Jiri Pelikan born.  IM 1965.
1906.05.09 1st American Women's Chess Congress, held in New York.  Won by Mrs. Charles P. Frey.
1906.05.07 Judd, Max, former us champion, died.
1906.06.10 Herzfeld, Sebastian died in Vienna, Austria.  Physician.  Herzfeld defense.
1906.06.17 Pillsbury died in Philadelphia (age 34) of syphilis.
1906.06.28 Em Lasker won the 19th NY state championship, held in Trenton Falls.
1906.07.12 Schlechter wins Ostend, followed by Maroczy, Rubinstein, Nernstein, Burn, Teichmann, Marshall, Janowski.
1906.08.03 Broadbent, Reginald born in Durban, South Africa.  Br ch 1948, 1950.
1906.08.12 Marshall wins 15th German Chess Federation Ch, held in Nuerenberg, followed by Duras, Fleischmann, Schlechter, Chigorin.
1906.08.27 Zoltan Balla wins 1st Hungarian Ch, held in Gyor.
1906.09.01 7th Western Chess Association (US Open), Chicago; George Wolbrecht 1st, followed by Magnus Smith and Harry Kee.  20 players.
1906.09.20 Philip Milner-Barry born.  Died 1995.
1906.10    The Chess Amateur appears.
1906.10.12 Ekstrom, Folke born in Lund, Sweden.  IM 1950; IMC 1971.
1906.11.01 Panov, Vasily, Soviet IM and author, born in Kozelsk.  IM 1950.  Died 1973.
1906.12.15 Salwe, George d. Lodz.  Russian ch 1906.
1906.12.26 Bolbochan, Jacobo born in Buenos Aires.  Argentina ch 1932, 1933.  IM 1965.  Died 1984.
1907	   GM; Title of grandmaster was 1st used at the Ostend tournament.
1907       Williams, Ken born.
1907       Em Lasker published a book called Kampf (Struggle).
1907       Britain beats USA in 9th radio match.
1907.01.26 7th World Chess Championship starts in NY: Lasker-Marshall  Match played in NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Memphis.
1907.02.16 Chicco, Adriano born in Geneva, Italy.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1967.  Historian and problemist.
1907.04.08 Lasker beats Marshall 11.5 to 3.5 in 7th world ch; best of 8 wins.  
1907.04.11 Dunst, Theodore, American player, born in New York City.
1907.04.15 Abrahams, Gerald born in Liverpool.  Barrister and chess author.  Died in 1980.
1907.04.30 Rodl, Ludwig b.  W German IM 1953.  Died 1970.
1907.05.11 Gossip, George, player and author, died in Liphook, England.  Elo: 2310
1907.06.18 Gereben, Erno (ne Grunfeld) born in Sopron, Hungary.  Hungarian/Swiss.  IM 1950.
1907.06.25 Tarrasch wins GM tourney at Ostend, followed by Schlechter, Janowski, Marshall, Burn, and Chigorin
1907.06.30 Julius Finn wins NY state ch.  It was played aboard the S.S. Alexandria.
1907.08.10 Coles, Richard born in Kingston-on-Thames, England.  Author of chess biographies.
1907.08.13 Statham, Louis, chess patron, born.
1907.08.26 Atkins wins 4th BCF Ch.
1907.08.27 8th Western Chess Assoication Open (US Open), Excelsior, Einar Michelson 1st.  20 players
1907.09.07 Rubinstein wins at Karlsbad. followed by Maroczy, Leonhardty, Nimzovich, Schlechter, Vidmar, Duras, Teichmann
1907.09.23 Enevoldsen, Jens born in Copenhagen.  Danish ch 1940,43,47,48,60.  IM 1950. IA 1960.  Died 1980.
1907.09.27 Vladimir Petrov born.  Latvian ch 1934,35,37.  Died in prson camp in 1943.
1907.10.06 Garry Koshnitsky born.  Australian master.
1907.10.27 Isaias Pleci born.  IM 1965.  Died 1979.
1907.11.15 Horowitz, Al American IM, born in Brooklyn.  IM 1950; IA 1951.  Died 1973.
1907.11.17 Gattie, Walter died in Bournemouth, England.  Won 1st Br. Amateur Ch 1886.
1907.12.19 Pirc, Vasja, Yugoslav GM, born in Idrija.  5-time Yug ch.  GM 1953.  IM 1950.  Died 1980.
1908       Olga Menchik born in Moscow.  Women's World Ch. Challenger 1935, 1937.  Died June 26, 1944 by V-1 rocket.
1908       Solkoff, Ephraim born.
1908       Reti has 16 losses, 3 draws (Vienna).
1908       Sokolsky, Alexei born.
1908       Grumette, American chess patroness, born.
1908       Bronowski, Jacob born.  Board 3 at Cambridge.
1908       Prague International.  Draws must be at least 30 moves.
1908       Em Lasker marries for the 1st time.
1908       USA beats Britain in 10th radio match
1908.01.13 Paoli b.  Italian ch 1951,57,68.  IM 1951.
1908.01.25 Chigorin, Mikhail, Russian master, died of diabetes in Lublin.  Elo: 2600.
1908.01.26 Stahlberg, Gideon b. Sunte.  11-time Swedish ch.  GM 1950.  Died 1967.
1908.03.02 Aronson, Eva born in Linkoping, Sweden.  WIM 1972.
1908.03.28 Clemenz, Hermann died in Tartu, Estonia.  Clemenz Opening.
1908.04.11 Bird, Henry died in London.  Leading British amateur player.  Elo: 2440
1908.04.17 Duras, Maroczy, and Schlechter win at Vienna, followed by Rubinstein, Teichmann, and Spielmann
1908.05.15 Diemer, Emil, German player, born in Radolfzell, Germany.
1908.05.22 Korn, Walter, chess author, born in Prague.
1908.06.12 Duras and Schlechter win at Prague, followed by Vidmar, Rubinstein, Teichmann, Maroczy, Leonhardt, Marshall
1908.07.03 1st game by wireless telegraphy between 2 ocean liners. (BCM 1974,111)
1908.08.05 Hanauer, Milton born in Harrison, NY.
1908.08.17 start of Lasker-Tarrasch world ch match, Dusseldorf and Munich.  1st introduction of Seconds in world championship play.
1908.08.19 Marshall wins 16th German Chess Federation Ch in Duesseldorf, followed by Salwe and Spielmann.
1908.08.22 Atkins wins 5th BCF Ch, held at Tunbridge Wells, England
1908.08.25 9th Western Chess Federation Open (US Open), Excelsior; Edward Elliot 1st.  12 players
1908.09.30 Lasker beats Tarrasch, 10.5-5.5, Munich.  The best of 8 wins.
1908.10.08 Ragozin, Vyacheslav, Soviet GM, born.  GM 1950.  Died 1962.
1908.10.13 Foltys, Jan born in Svinov, Czechoslovakia.  Czech ch 1943.  IM 1950.  Died in 1952.
1908.10.16 Vsevolod Rauzer, Soviet master, born.  Died in 1941.  Ukrainian chess master.
1908.10.27 Aitken, James born in Calderbank, Scotland..  Scottish ch 10 times.  London ch 1950.  Died in 1983.
1908.11.18 Guliaev, Alexander (ne Grin) born in Moscow.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1974; GMComp 1988.
1908.11.21 Flohr, Salo, Soviet GM, born in Horodenka, Ukraine.  GM 1950.  IA 1963.  Died 1983.
1908.12.22 Chekhover, Vitaly born in St Petersburg.  IM 1950; IJComp 1956; IMComp 1961  Died 1965.
1909	   Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA) founded.  First president was Stanley chadwick
1909       Tennison, Otto born.  Tennison gambit.  Civil war commander.
1909       Capablanca played 720 games in a simul tour, 686 wins, 20 draws, 14 losses.
1909       Swiderski, Rudolf died.  Committed suicide.
1909       Rejfir b.  Czech IM 1956.  Died in 1962.
1909       Cunningham, George born.  died in 1993.
1909       1st American woman chess author, Eliza C. Foot of NYC - chess puzzles
1909       Britain beats USA in 11 radio match
1909.01    End of Lasker's Chess Magazine.
1909.01.10 Holford, John born.  1945-46 South African co-champ.
1909.02.22 Delmar, Eugene died in New York City.  Elo 2420.  Delmar var.
1909.03.12 St Petersburg; Lasker & Rubinstein tie for 1st, followed by Duras, Spielmann, Bernstein, Teichmann
1909.03.12 Alekhine wins All-Russian Amateur tournament in St Petersburg
1909.03.21 Gottschall, Rudolf died in Leipzig, Poland.  Founder of the German chess federation.
1909.03.28 Fiske, William born in Syracuse, NY.  Chess player, musician, and chess columnist.
1909.04.19 Alexander, Conel born in Cork.  Br ch 1938, 1956.  IM 1950; IMC 1970.  Elo: 2475  Died 1974.
1909.05.04 Kan, Ilya, Soviet IM, born.  IM 1950.  Died 1978.
1909.05.14 Alatortsev, Vladimir born in St Petersburg.  IM 1950; IA 1953; HGM 1983.  Elo: 2480  Died 1987.
1909.05.21 Endzelins, Lucius born in Tartu, Estonia.  GMC 1959.  2nd in the World cr ch 1956-9.  Australian ch 1961.
1909.06.04 Ed Lasker wins 1st East German Chess Federation Ch.
1909.06.07 Porat, Josef born.  Palestine ch 1937.  Israeli ch 1953,57,59,63.  IM 1952.
1909.06.26 Eisinger Jr, Max born in Germany.  Eisinger var.
1909.06.30 Dubinen, Peter born in Gorky.  GMC 1962.  2nd in 1962 world cr ch.  IM 1950.  USSR Corr. Ch 1957.  Died 1983.
1909.07.01 Lasen, I. born.  Challenger 1937, 39, 49.  Danish women's ch 17 times.
1909.07.13 Wood, B.H. b. Sheffiled.  Br cr ch 1945.  Editor of CHESS.
1909.08.12 Olland wins 1st Netherlands Ch in Leiden
1909.08.17 Barda, Olaf born in Norway.  6-time Norwegian ch.  IM 1952; GMC 1953  Died 1971.
1909.08.20 Rubtsova, Olga b. Moscow.  Women's world ch 1956-8.  Corr ch 1971.  Died 1994.
1909.08.21 Atkins and Blake win 6th BCF ch, held in Scarborough. Atkins wins the playoff.
1909.08.25 Battell, Jack American chess corres. organizer, born in New York City.
1909.08.25 10th Western Chess Assoication Ch (US Open), Excelsior; Oscar Chajes 1st.  16 players.
1909.09.14 Bron, Vladimir born in Nikolaev, Ukraine.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1966; GMComp 1975.
1909.09.22 Josef Rejfir born.  IM 1956.
1909.10.11 Georgy Lisityn born.  IM 1950.  Died 1972.
1909.10.30 Forsythe, David died in Dunedin, New Zealand.  Invented Forsythe notation.
1909.11.23 Marshall defeats Showalter, 8.5 to 3.5, in match for U.S. Championship in Lexington, KY.  
1909.11.29 Frantisek Zita born.  IM 1950.  Died 1977.
1909.12.16 Vidmar, Milan Jr. born.  Yug IM 1950.  Died 1980.
1910       Napolitano, Mario born.  ICCG 1953.
1910       Velimirovic, Jovanka born.  Yugoslavia's 1st woman ch.  D. Velimirovic's mother.
1910       1st match between England & Netherlands, Kent.  England won.
1910       Tolstoy, Leo born.  Russian chess novelist and chess fanatic.
1910       Schwarz, Adolf born.  Hungarian-born player.
1910       Belavenets, Sergey born in Russia.  Moscow ch 1932, 1937, 1938.
1910       Krejcik took on 25 players on his 25th birthday.  Went 0 out of 25.
1910       Klein b.  Br ch 1951.
1910       Britain beats USA in 12 radio match
1910.01.07 start of Lasker-Schlechter world ch match, Vienna and Berlin.
1910.01.27 Reinfeld, Fred born in New York.  Died 1964.  Twice NY ch.  Wrote 100 books.
1910.02.03 Czerniak, Moshe born in Warsaw.  Palestine ch 1936.  Israeli ch 1955.  IM 1952.  Died 1984.
1910.02.09 Book, Eero born in Helsinki.  IM 1950.  IA 1981; HGM 1984.  Finnish ch.
1910.02.10 Lasker ties with Schlechter, 5-5, in 10th match game to retain title, Berlin.
1910.02.19 Konstantinopolsky b. Zhitomin.  Won 1st USSR cr ch 1951.  IM 1950.  HGM 1983.  Died 1990.
1910.02.19 Fuster, Geza born in Budapest.  IM 1969.
1910.02.24 Kottnauer b.  IM 1950.  Died 1996.
1910.02.26 Capablanca wins NY state chess assoication ch.
1910.02.27 Genrikh Kasparian born.  IM 1950.  Died 1995.
1910.02.28 Rossolimo, Nicholas, US GM, born in Kiev.  Paris ch 10 times.  IM 1950.  GM 1953.  Died 1975.
1910.04.08 Dake, Arthur born in Portland.  IM 1954; HGM 1986.  Died 2000.
1910.04.15 Najdorf, Miguel, Argentinan GM, b. Warsaw.  GM 1950.  Argentinian ch 1950,51,55,60,66,75.  Died 1997.
1910.04.17 Mikenas, Vladis, Lithuanian ch 1936,47,48,61, born in Estonia.  IM 1950.  HGM 1987.  Died 1992.
1910.04.28 Paros, Gyorgy, world's leading composer of helpmates, born in Hungary.
1910.05.01 Tolush, Alexander b. St Petersburg.  Leningrad ch 4 times.  IM 1950.  GM 1953.  Died 1969.
1910.05.11 Kaila b.  Finnish ch 1939,54.  IM 1952.
1910.08.06 Schlechter wins 17th German Chess Federation Ch in Hamburg, followed by Duras, Nimzovich, Spielmann, Marshall
1910.08.13 Clarke, Richard, creator of the British system of grading, born in England.
1910.08.24 11th Western Chess Association Open (US Open), Chicago; George Wolbrecht 1st.
1910.08.27 Atkins wins 7th BCF Ch in Oxford.
1910.08.30 Gorgiev, Tigran born in Jizliar, Russia.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1969.
1910.08.31 Trifunovic, Petar, Yugoslavian IGM (1953), born.  Yug ch 5 times.  IM 1950.  GM 1953.  Died 1980.
1910.09.17 Mikenas, Vladas b.  HGM 1987 (Russia).
1910.11.08 start of Lasker-Janowski world ch match, Berlin.
1910.12.08 Lasker beats Janowski, 9.5-1.5, Berlin.  Bst of 8 games.
1910.12.21 Andreaschek, Karl died in Czechoslovakia.  Gambit named after him.
1911	   1st time a player played 100 opponents simultaneously (Fahrni-Munich)
1911	   1st appearance of 'modern chess openings.'
1911       Yakimchik, Vitold born.  Soviet chess composer.
1911       Rothschild, Albert died.  Chess patron.
1911       Mortimer, James died.  Chess journalist.  Caught pneumonia at a chess tournament.
1911       Konig died.  Born in 1836.  Bohemian composer of chess problems.
1911       Anderson, Peter born in Scotland.  1954 Scottish ch.
1911       Hungarian Chess Federation founded.
1911       Finland is 1st country to organize chess for students.
1911       Last cable match between US and UK.  UK beats USA 6-4 in 13th cable match
1911.02.09 Duras lost to Janowski after 161 moves, one of the longest games.
1911.02.19 1st day of San Sebastian tourney.  1st appearance of Capa in Europe.  He took 1st.
1911.02.19 1st time players reimbursed for their travels - San Sebastian.
1911.02.22 Bartmanski, Henryk died in Poland.  Bartmanski variation
1911.03.01 Golombek, Harry born in London.  IM 1950; IA 1954; HGM 1985.  4-time British ch.  Died 1995.
1911.03.17 Capablanca wins at San Sebastian, Spain, followed by Rubinstein, Vidmar, Marshall, Nimzovich, Schlechter, Tarrasch
1911.04.10 Loyd, Sam, America's most famous chess composer, died in Brooklyn.
1911.05.05 Lilienthal, Andor born in Moscow.  USSR ch 1940.  GM 1950.
1911.05.17 O'Kelly de Galway, Alberic b. Brussels.  GM 1956.  World cr ch 1952.  CGM 1962.  Died 1980.
1911.05.29 Heidenfeld, Wolfgang born in Berlin.  S African ch 8 times; Irish ch 6 times.
1911.06.08 Yudovich, Mikhail, Soviet IM and author, born.  IM 1950.
1911.06.14 Abramov, Lev born in Russia.  IA 1957; IMC 1979.
1911.07.13 Bernstein, Sidney born in New York City.  Author.
1911.08.13 Florian, Jaromir born.  
1911.08.15 Vaitonis b.  Lithuanian ch 1934,37,42,43,44.  Canadian ch 1951,57.  IM 1952.  Died 1983.
1911.08.17 Botvinnik, Mikhail born Kuokkala (now Repino), Russia.  GM 1950; IJComp 1956.  Died 1995.
1911.08.21 Barcza, Gedeon born in Kisujszallas, Hungary.  IM 1950; GM 1954; IMC 1966.  Died 1986.
1911.08.25 Atkins and Yates tie at 8th BCF Ch in Glasgow.  Atkins wins playoff.
1911.08.28 12th Western Chess Association (US Open), Excelsior; Charles Blacke 1st.  14 players.
1911.09.24 Teichmann wins at Karlsbad, followed by Rubinstein, Schlechter, Rotlewi, Marshall, Nimzovich, Vidmar
1911.10.20 Cozens, William born in Longstock, England.  Author.
1911.11.01 formation of the Capitol City Chess Club with 12 members
1911.11.04 Elisaveta Bykova born.  IM 1953.  Died 1989.
1911.11.26 Reshevsky, Samuel, US GM, born in Ozorkow, Poland.  6-time US ch. GM 1950.  Died 1992.
1911.12.09 Nikolai Novoteinov b.  IM 1951.
1912       Dawson invents the Grasshopper, most common Fairy chesspiece.
1912       Maurian d.  Born in 1838.  Played Morphy many times.
1912       Uedemann, Louis died.  Born 1854.  Invented Udemann code which is really the Gringmuth notation.
1912       Nezhmetdinov, Rashid born.  Wrote 1st Tatar chess book in 1953.
1912.      Cox, Thomas born in Ireland.  Irish ch in 1937, 1938.
1912.01.15 Fritz, Jindrich born in Prague.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1966; GMComp 1975.
1912.02    MCO; 1st edition of MCO.
1912.02.13 Abbazia (now Opatija) tournament held.  All games were King's Gambit Accepted.  Won by Spielmann, followed by Duras, Cohn, Reti
1912.03.20 Rubinstein wins at San Sebastian, followed by Nimzovich, Spielmann, Tarrasch
1912.05.07 Dunhaupt, Heinz born in Buckeburg, Germany.  IMC 1963; GMC 1973.
1912.05.23 Ahman, Harry born in Malmberget, Sweden.  IMC 1979.
1912.06.22 Bidev, Pavle born in Prijepolje, Yugoslavia.  Chess historian.
1912.07.12 Cramer, Fred born in Milwaukee.  Past USCF President.
1912.07.28 Veresov, Gavril, Soviet player, born.  IM 1950.  Died 1979.
1912.08.16 Combe, Robert born in Logie-Buchan, Scotland.  Br ch 1946.
1912.08.24 13th Western Chess Association (US Open), Excelsior; Ed Elliott 1st.  12 players.
1912.09.23 Collins, John born in Newburgh, New York.  Chess teacher.  Won 1952 NY Ch.
1912.10.12 Ascher, Jacob died in New York City.
1912.10.16 Ahmad, Iqbal born in Pakistan.  IMC 1965.
1912.12.15 Neimetdinov b.  1st USSR Master in chess and checkers.  IM 1954.  Wrote 1st chess book in Tatar language.
1913	   MURRAY; "History of chess" by H.J.R. Murray published by Oxford U Press.
1913       Flores, Rodrigo born in Santiago, Chile.  Chilean player who won 1946-47 Marshall CC Ch.  Chilean ch.
1913       Szily b.  Hungarian IM 1950.  Died 1976.
1913       Been, Jan born in Amsterdam.  Been variation
1913       Perlis, Julius died after an Alpine climb.
1913.01.17 Loshinsky, Lev, greatest chess composer, born.
1913.01.27 Prins, Lodewijk b. Amsterdam.  Dutch GM 1982.  Netherland ch 1965.  IM 1950.  HGM 1982.
1913.02.15 Eliskases, Erich born.  IM 1950.  GM 1952.  Died 1997.
1913.03.30 Haring, Jacobus born in Hoorn, Netherlands.  IJComp 1964; IMComp 1968; GMComp 1990.
1913.04    Rard b. Viljandi.  Estonian ch 1934, 1938-39.
1913.04.06 Guimard, Carlos, Argentine gm, born.  IM 1950.  GM 1960.  Argentine ch 1947,49,53.
1913.05.10 Bourke, Austin born in Ireland.  1951 Irish ch.
1913.05.12 Bondarevsky, Igor born in Rostov-on-Don.  USSR ch 1940.  GM 1950; IA 1954; GMC 1961.  Died 1979.
1913.05.14 Cordel, Oscar died in Berlin.  Cordel var.
1913.08.09 Bely, Miklos born in Budapest.  Hungarian IM 1956. 
1913.08.12 Kotov, Alexander b. Yula.  USSR 1948.  GM 1950.  Candidate 1950, 1953.  Died 1981.
1913.08.17 Muhring b.  Dutch IM 1951.
1913.08.17 Cohn, Wilhelm died in Berlin.  Professional player.
1913.08.19 Capablanca goes 13-0 in Rice Chess Club, New York tournament.
1913.08.24 14th Western Chess Association (US Open), Chicago; Bradford Jefferson 1st.  18 players.
1913.08.28 Hoffer, Leopold died in London.  Editor of the Chess Monthly.
1913.10.02 Jozsef Szily born.  IM 1950.  Died 1976.
1913.11.04 Bikova, (Bykova) Elizaveta born in Bogoliubovo, Russia.  WIM 1950; IM 1953; WGM 1976; World ch 1953-6, 1958-62.
1914	   1st time chess appeared in a film, The Wishing Ring.
1914	   1st time the term fairy chess used for heterodox problems.
1914       Bastrikov, Georgy born in Russia.
1914       All-Russian Chess Federation founded (865 members).
1914       Burille, Constant Ferdinand died in Boston.  Operated Ajeeb in the United States.
1914.01    Kupchik wins Manhattan CC Ch
1914.01.08 Pilnik, Herman, Argentine GM, born in Germany.  IM 1950.  GM 1952.  Died 1981.
1914.01.15 Kluber b.  Hungarian IM 1954.
1914.01.31 Alekhine and Nimzovich tie at All-Russian Ch, St Petersburg.
1914.02.21 Denker, Arnold born in New York City.  US ch 1944.  IM 1950.  HGM 1981.  Died Jan 2, 2005, age 90.
1914.03.06 Van Scheltinga b.  Dutch IM 1965.  Died 1994.  
1914.03.08 Neikirch, Oleg born.  Bulgarian ch 1937,38,48,53,57.  IM 1952.  Died 1985.
1914.04.14 Banfalvi, Sandor (ne Brilla) born in Cehal, Romania.  IMC 1967; GMC 1979.
1914.04.21 Blackburne's last tournament, St Petersburg (age 72).
1914.04.21 St Petersburg International starts.
1914.05.11 Ufimtsev, Anatoly born.  Developed the Pirc in 1934.  Died July 10, 2000.
1914.05.22 Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia, confers the grandmaster title to 5 finalists.
1914.05.22 Lasker wins St. Petersburg International, followed by Capablanca, Alekhine, Tarrasch, and Marshall.
           Lasker was paid an appearance fee, the 1st time this ever happened.
1914.06.27 Baturinsky, Victor born in Russia.
1914.06.28 Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated at Sarajevo.
1914.07.20 Mannheim is host of the 19th congress of the German Chess Federation.
1914.07.20 Norwegian Chess Federation founded.
1914.07.31 Goetz wins 1st French ch in Lyon.
1914.08.01 Germany declared war on France and Russia.  World War I began.
1914.08.02 Last round of Mannheim tournament, 19th German Chess Federation Ch.  Alekhine leads 9.5 - 1.5, followed by Vidmar ans Spielmann.
1914.08.21 Blackburne tied for 1st at Br ch, held in Chester, at age 72.  Tied with Yates.  Yates won the playoff on forfeit.
1914.08.26 15th Western Chess Association (US Open), Memphis; Jefferson 1st in playoff against Wolbrecht.
1914.10.07 Alexandar Tsvetkov born.  IM 1950.
1914.10.11 Fine, Reuben born in Manhattan.  1st at AVRO 1938.  GM 1950.  Died 1993.
1914.10.20 Hay, David died in Melbourne.  1879 New Zealand co-champ.
1914.10.20 Karff b.  Challenger 1937, 1939, 1949.  WIM 1950.  Died 1998.
1914.10.26 de Groot, Adrianus born in Santpoort, Netherlands.  
1914.12.16 Graf-Stevenson, Sonja born in Germany.  WIM 1950.  US Women's ch 1964.  Died 1965.
1915       Marshall Chess Divan started by Frank Marshall.  Forerunner to Marshall Chess Club.
1915       Cavallotti, Mattia died in Milan.  Cavallotti Countergambit.
1915       Wilson d.  Born 1843.  invented 1st mechanical chess clock.  Died of cholera.
1915.01    Ed Lasker wins NY Metropolitan Chess League
1915.02.12 Capablanca played 65 boards and 84 opponents in Brooklyn.  48 wins, 5 losses, 12 draws in 6 3/4 hours.
1915.02.21 Letelier b.  Chile IM 1960.
1915.02.23 Marshall played 92 players in Portland, Oregon.  74 wins, 4 losses, 11 draws
1915.02.25 Andersson, Bertil born in Sweden.  1958 Swedish corr. ch.
1915.03    George Thomas wins the 25th London ch.
1915.03.03 Plater b.  Polish ch 1949,56,57.  IM 1950.  Died 1982.
1915.03.19 Cook, Eugene died in Hoboken, NJ.  1st American composer of note.  He was 85.  Composed over 800 problems.
1915.04.15 Arvidsson, Egon born in Sweden.  1953 Swedish corr. ch.
1915.04.20 Ujelky b.  Czech IM 1961.  Lawyer.
1915.05.09 Capablanca wins NY Masters tournament.  Marshall took 2nd.
1915.06.09 Ahman, Ernst born in Sweden.  1948 Swedish ch.
1915.06.14 Cortlever, Nicolaas born in Amsterdam.  Dutch IM 1950.
1915.08.21 16th Western Chess Association (US Open), Excelsior; Showalter 1st, followed by Norman Whitaker.  11 players.
1915.08.30 Albrecht, Hermann born in Marburg, Germany.  IJComp 1957.  
1915.08.31 Hooper, David born in Reigate, England.  Br cr ch 1944.  London ch 1948.
1915.09.21 Letelie Martner, Rene born.  IM 1960.
1915.11.02 Rice, Isaac, chess patron, died.
1915.11.29 Harold Schonberg born.
1916	   1st analysis and play of the Budapest Gambit.
1916       Kostich played 20 blindfold games simultaneously; a record.
1916       Dilworth, Vernon born in England.  Dilworth var.
1916       Tarrasch-Mieses match in Berlin; prize was 1/2 pound of butter.  Tarrasch won 9-4.
1916.01.07 Keres, Paul born.  GM 1950.  Died 1975.
1916.02.04 Trolanescu b.  Romanian ch 1946,54,56,57.  IM 1950.  Died 1980.
1916.04.25 John Ewing wins 1st British Columbia Ch, in Vancouver.
1916.05.11 Osmo Kaila born.  IM 1952.
1916.05.15 Castaldi, Vincenzo born in Marradi, Italy.  IM 1950.  Italian ch 1936.  Died 1970.
1916.07.26 Charlick, Henry, 1st Australian chess champion (1887), died in Adelaide.
1916.08.20 Schmidt, Paul b.  Estonian ch 1935,37.  German ch 1941.  IM 1950.  Died 1984.
1916.08.23 17th Western Chess Association (US Open), Chicago; Ed Lasker 1st, followed by Showalter
1916.11.14 1st time Budapest G. played competitively, Breyer-Esser.
1916.11.18 Cuellar-Gacharna, Miguel born in Columbia.  IM 1957.
1916.12.04 Kaarle-Sakari Ojanen born.  IM 1952.
1917       Sanchez b.  Columbian IM 1951.
1917.01.19 Gledhill, Walter died in Harrogate, England.  Gledhill Attack.
1917.03.17 Brentano, Franz died in Zurich.  Published analysis on openings.
1917.03.19 Szabo, Laszlo b. Budapest.  9-time Hungarian ch.  GM 1950.  Died 1998.
1917.05.29 Bullockus, Ted born in New York City.  
1917.06.03 Coons, Everett born in Rochester, NY.  Coons pairing system.
1917.06.11 Arlauskas, Romanas born in Kuanas, Lithuania.  GMC 1965.
1917.07.08 Foldeak, Arpad born in Szob, Hungary.  IJComp 1964.
1917.07.15 Gonzalez, Juan born.
1917.07.16 Hruby, Vincenz died in Trieste, Italy.  Elo: 2480.
1917.08.25 18th Western Chess Association (US Open), Lexington; Ed Lasker 1st.  5 players.
1917.08.25 Cook, William born in Bristol, England.  Wrote opening book.  Cook var.
1917.09    Loewenborg beats Anton Olson in the 1st Swedish Chess Federation Congress.
1917.11.27 Kramer b.  Dutch IM 1954.
1918       Capablanca wins an international tourney in NY at the Manhattan CC; 9 wins and 3 draws
1918	   British chess problem society formed.
1918       Pachman, Vladimir born.  Brother is Ludek.  IGCComp 1975.
1918       Berlin: Em Lasker 1st.
1918.02.15 Atiashev, Peter born in Russia.  1955 Russian corr. ch.
1918.03.07 Katetov b.  Czech IM 1950.
1918.08.19 Reti wins as Kassa, Hungary; won 10, drew 2; Vidmar 2nd
1918.08.23 Cohn, Eric died in Germany.  Elo: 2480  Medical doctor.
1918.09.28 19th Western Chess Association (US Open), Chicago; Borislav Kostic 1st.
1918.10.23 Marshall debuts the Marshall attack against Capablanca.
1918.11.30 John Barry elected presient of the Boston CC
1918.12.04 Capablanca visits Philadelphia and plays 16 players simultaneously, winning 14, drawing 2
1918.12.14 Ojanen b.  Finnsh ch 1950-53,1957-62, 1967.  IM 1952.
1918.12.19 Blau, Max born in Munich.  IM 1953.  Swiss ch 1953,55,56,67.  Died 1984.
1918.12.27 Schlechter, Carl, Viennese master, died of tuberculosis in Budapest.  He was 44.
1919       Reti plays 24 blindfolded in Haarlem, Netherlands (+12 -3 =9).
1919       Taubenhaus, Jean died.  Operated Mephisto.
1919       64 magazine founded.
1919.01.08 Gustave Koehler died.  Won Manhattan CC Ch in 1898 and 1905; won NJ and 1898 NY ch
1919.01.26 Grundy, James died in Manchester, England.
1919.02.25 Frideswide Beechey Rowland died in Bray, Ireland.  Famous woman problemist & columnist.  Started Ireland's 1st chess periodical, The Four-Leaved Shamrock.
1919.02.27 Kasparian b.  IM 1950.  GMC 1972.  10-time Armenian ch.
1919.03.02 Florian, Tibor (ne Feldman) born in Budapest.  Hungarian ch 1945.  IM 1950.  Hungarin ch 1945.
1919.03.09 Chaude de Silans, Chantal born in Versailles.  WIM 1950.
1919.04.05 Capablanca beats Kostich 5-0 in Havana
1919.04.09 Schallopp, Emil died.
1919.04.16 Altschuler, Roman born in Kursk, Russia.  IMC 1967.
1919.05.14 Wagman, Stuart born.
1919.05.15 Bruce, Mary (ne Drew) born in Plymouth, England.  World jr women's ch 1935.  WIM 1951.
1919.06.09 Boleslavsky, Isaak born in Zolotonobna, Russia.  GM 1950.  Died 1977.
1919.08.23 Capablanca wincs Victory tourney at Hastings
1919.06.21 Simagin, Vladimir b. Moscow.  GM 1962.  USSR ch 1964.  IM 1950.  Died 1968.
1919.08.27 Boylston Chess Club in Boston formed; August Seaver 1st president
1919.09.14 Jean Taubenhaus died in Paris.  Warsaw chess master.  Born Dec 14, 1850.
1919.09.27 20th Western Chess Association (US Open), Cincinnati; Ed Lasker 1st.  11 players.
1919.09.27 Rabar, Braslav, developer of opening indexes, born in Yugoslavia.  IM 1950.  Yug ch 1951.  Died 1973.
1919.09.29 Zvorikina, Kira born.  5-time USSR women's ch.  Challenger 1960.
1919.10.02 Medina b.  Spanish ch 1944-1950, 1952, 1963.  Venezuelan ch 1955,56,58.  IM 1950.
1919.11.08 British Chess Problem Society formed.
1919.11.27 Bent, Charles born in Southsea, England.  One of England's finest composers.
1919.12.02 Capa played a team of 38 members of the House of Commons.  w 36, d 2.
1919.12.03 Heemskerk, Fenny born in Amsterdam.  WIM 1950; WGM 1977.
1919.12.14 Bela Sandor born.  IM 1964.  Died 1978.
1920       Belgium Chess Federation founded.
1920       Rotlewi, Gerz died.  Polish player.
1920.01.12 Winawer, Simon (b. 1838), Polish master, d. Warsaw.  German ch 1883.
1920.01.19 Donnelly, Ruth born.
1920.01.20 Borisenko, Valentina (ne Belova) born in Vologda, Russia.  Challenger 1949.  USSR women's ch 5 times.  WIM 1950; WGM 1978.
1920.01.28 Belova, Valentina born in Cherepovets, Russia.  WIM 1950; WGM 1978.
1920.02.01 Albin, Adolf died in Vienna.  Elo: 2450  
1920.03.20 Bolbochan, Julio born in Buenos Aires. IM 1950; GM 1977.  Argentine ch 1938,46,48.  Died 1996.
1920.04.17 Hunt, Joseph died in Wolverhampton, England.  Hunt opening.
1920.04.23 Crane, William died in Stanmore, Australia.  Australian ch 1888, 1897.
1920.06.02 Heyde, Albert died in Aberdeen, WA.  Editor.  Heyde var.
1920.07.20 Aronin, Lev born in Samara, Russia.  IM 1950.  Moscow ch 1965.  Meterologist.  Died 1983.
1920.08.13 Edmondson, Edmund, us chess organizer born in Rochester, NY.  USCF President 1963.  USCF executive director 1967.
1920.08.21 Reti wins at Goteborg, Sweden, followed by Rubinstein, Bogoljubow, Mieses, Tarrasch, Tartakower
1920.09.08 Perez, Francisco b.  Spanish ch 1946,48,54,60.  IM 1959.  Lives in Cuba.
1920.09.11 Udovcic, Mijo born.  Yugo ch 1963.  GM 1952.  IM 1957.  
1920.09.20 Italian Chess Federation founded.
1920.09.26 21st Western Chess Association (US Open), Memphis; Ed Lasker 1st.  8 players.
1920.10.07 Seidman, Herbert born in NY.  Intercollegiate Ch 1941.  Marshall CC Champ.
1920.10.20 Alexander Cherepkov born.  IM 1984.
1920.10.24 Alekhine wins 1st USSR championship, held in Moscow.
1920.11.03 Reshevsky enters the US.
1920.12    1st Hastings Christmas Chess Congress (won by Yates).
1920.12.01 Furman, Semyon born in Moscow.  IM 1954; GM 1966.  Leningrad ch 1954, 1957.  Died 1978.
1920.12.15 Caro, Horatio died in London.  Published analysis of the Caro-Kann in 1886.  Elo: 2470.
1921	   Gumpel, Charles, builder of Mephisto, died in England.
1921       Alekhine introduces Alekhine's Defense in Budapest.
1921       Breyer set new blindfold record, 25 opponents (+15=7-3)
1921       French Chess Federation founded.
1921.02.06 Kazic, Bozidar born.  Journalist, arbiter.
1921.02.10 Levy, Louis born.
1921.02.16 Fichtl, Jiri born in Brno, Czechoslovakia.  Czech ch 1950, 1960.  IM 1959.
1921.02.20 Shocron, Ruben born.
1921.03.15 Lasker-Capablanca world championship match, Havana.
1921.03.24 Smyslov, Vasily born.  GM 1950.
1921.04.09 Puc, Stojan, Yugoslavian IGM, born.  IM 1950.  GM 1984.
1921.04.10 Robert Wade born Dunedin, NZ.  Br ch 1952, 1970.  3-time NZ ch.  IM 1950.
1921.04.28 Capa beats Lasker, 9-5, Havana.
           Em Lasker had been world champion for 27 years, 337 days.
1921.04.30 Ilivitsky b.  USSR IM 1955.  Died 1989.
1921.04.30 Lasker writes that the end of chess is in sight (BCM 1980,613)
1921.06.27 Reshevsky plays 20-game simul in LA.
1921.07.04 Szilagyi b.  Hngarian IM 1956.
1921.09.04 Adams, John born in England.  IMC 1976.
1921.09.22 Nadareishvili, Gia, soviet IGM of chess compositions, born.
1921.10.13 Western Chess Association (US Open), Cleveland, Ed Lasker 1st.
1921.10.20 Lehmann b.  W German IM 1961.
1921.11.09 Breyer, Gyula Hungarian master, died in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.  Heart attack.  
1921.12.03 Sajtor b.  Czech IM 1950.  FIDE VP in 1956.  GM 1985.
1922	   Australian Chess Federation formed.
1922	   Grunfeld introduces the Grunfeld defense against Kolisch at Teplitz.
1922	   Saavedra, author of the most famous of all studies, died.  A monk.
1922       Visserman, Eeltje born.  One of 1st four to be awarded IGCC when it was introduced in 1972.
1922       Scheve, Theodor von died.  German player.
1922       Hutton pairing system 1st used in Britain in Counties corr. ch.
1922       Marshall Chess Club incorporated.
1922       Lucena proved to be the author of the Gottingen manuscript.
1922.01    Marshall played 155 games simultaneously in Montreal; won 126, drew 21, lost 8.
1922.02.   Benima, Levi died in Amsterdam.  Dutch champion in 1881, 1883.
1922.02.04 Sliwa, Bogdan, Polish IGM (1987), born.  Polish ch 1946,51,52,53,54,60.  IM 1953.  GM 1987.  Died 2003.
1922.02.04 Capa plays 103 players, winning 102, drawing 1, in Cleveland.
1922.02.08 Averbakh, Yuri born in Kaluga, Russia.  IM 1951; GM 1952.  IJComp 1956; IA 1969;  USSR ch 1954.  Prez of USSR Chess Fed (1973-1978)
1922.02.16 Teschner, Rudolph, German master and author, born.  W German ch 1951.  IM 1957.
1922.02.25 Borisenko, Georgy born in  Kharkov, Ukraine.  2nd in 4th world corr ch 1962-4.  IMC 1961; GMC 1966.
1922.03.02 Ahues, Herbert born in Berlin.  IJComp 1962; IMComp 1976.  GMComp 1989.
1922.03.14 Arnlind, Eric born in Arnas, Sweden.  IMC 1959; GMC 1968.
1922.04.09 Brglez, Francek born in Cadram, Yugoslavia.  IA 1970; IMC 1974; GMC 1979.
1922.05    Watkinson elected pres. of Huddersfield CC.  1st elected in 1853.
1922.07.25 Edwards, Joseph died in Dunedin, New Zealand.
1922.08	   US Open, Louisville, Factor 1st.
1922.08.15 Petar Smederevac born.  IM 1965.
1922.09.02 Christoffel, Martin born.  Swiss ch 1942,43,45,48,52.  IM 1952.
1922.09.08 Rossetto, Hector, Argentine IGM  born.  IM 1950.  GM 1960.
1922.10.08 Hunter, Charles born in England.  Br cr ch '61.  World's fastest speaker.  IMC 1967.
1922.10.25 Averby, Rune born in Sweden.  1973 Swedish corr. ch.
1922.11.01 Vladimir Kozomara born.  IM 1964.
1923       Thomas is British Chess Ch and British Badminton Ch.
1923       Duchamp abandoned art for chess.
1923       Marshall successfully defended his title in a match with Edward Lasker, by a score of 5-4.
1923       Milner-Berry becomes 1st British Boy Ch.
1923       Koltanowski wins Belgium ch.
1923       Ostravia: Em Lasker 1st.
1923.01.01 Khenkin, Victor b.  Russian.  HGM 1992.
1923.02.02 Gligoric, Svetozar born in  Belgrade.  12-time Yugo ch.  IM 1950; GM 1951.
1923.02.15 Hasin b.  USSR IM 1964.
1923.04.19 Dombrovskis, Alfreds born in Aizpute, Latvia.  IJComp 1956.  
1923.04.21 Estrin, Yakov born in Moscow.  World cr ch 1975.  IMC 1965; GMC 1966; IM 1975; GM 1984.  Died 1987.
1923.05.09 Durkin, Robert born in Milwaukee.  Durkin opening (1.Na3).
1923.06.01 Shamkovich, Leonid born in Rostov-Don, USSR.  IM 1962.  GM 1965.  Left USSR in 1974.  Died 2005.
1923.06.02 Beni, Alfred born in Vienna.  IM 1951.
1923.06.14 Pfeiffer b.  W German ch 1964.  IM 1957.
1923.07.06 Cleland, Robert died in Dunedin, New Zealand.  Won the 12th NZ Ch in 1899.
1923.07.08 Janosevic, Dragoljub, Yugoslavian IGM, born.  IM 1964.  GM 1965.
1923.07.15 Alapin, Simon died in Heidelberg.  Elo: 2500
1923.07.20 Adams, Faneuil born in Boston.  Died in 1999.  Former President of the American Chess Foundation.
1923.08	   US Open, San Francisco, Whitaker & Mlotkowski 1st.
1923.08.29 Marco, Georg (b. 1863) died in Vienna.
1923.09.26 Boren, Per died in Malarhojden, Sweden.  Boren variation.
1923.10.13 Foguelman, Alberto born in Buenos Aires.  IM 1963.
1923.12.04 Nedeljkovic b.  Yugoslav IM 1950.
1923.12.19 Watkinson died.  Founder of the British Chess Magazine.
1923.12.24 Pilnick, Carl born.
1923.12.30 Hanham, James Moore, died in New York City.  Introduced the Hanham variation in 1889.  Major, USA.
1924	   1st use of the term Indian defense, coined by Tartakower.
1924  	   USSR; The State takes over the control of chess in the USSR.
1924       Atkins wins his 8th British ch; Southport.
1924       1st World Amateur ch.  1st = Mattison (Latvia).
1924       1st American to beat soviet player in international comp. - Marshall.
1924.01.01 Junge, German champion, b. Conception, Chile.  Ger ch 1941.  Died 1945.
1924.01.08 Guidelli, Giorgio died in Rome of pneumonia.  Composer.
1924.01.22 Sarapu, Ortvin b. Narva.  Won New Zealand ch 16 times.  IM 1966.  Died 1999.
1924.01.31 Curt von Bardeleben committed suicide in Berlin.  Jumped out second-floor window.
1924.02.01 Baird (Winter Wood), Edith died in Paignton, England.  Queen of Chess.  Composed over 2,000 problems.
1924.02.12 Van den Berg b.  Dutch IM 1963.  Died 1971.
1924.02.16 Barendregt, Johan born in Nieuwerkerk, Netherlands.  IM 1962.  Prof of psychology.  Died 1982.
1924.02.19 Bronstein, David born near Kiev.  GM 1950.  USSR Ch 1948,49.  IJComp 1961.
1924.03.16 NY International.
1924.03.21 Reti beats Capa.  Undefeated since 2/10/1916 in 63 games (+40=23).
1924.04.19 Lasker wins NY International.  Capa 2nd; Alekhine 3rd.
1924.05.11 Pachman, Ludek b. Bela pod Bezdezem.  7-time Czech ch.  W Ger ch 1978.  Died 2003.
1924.07.20 FIDE; Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDE) founded in Zurich.
1924.09.01 Joseph H. Blackburne died in London at age 82.  Played in 53 tourneys in 52 years.  Born 1841.
1924.09.02 Carlos Torre wins 25th Western Chess Association (US Open) Tournament in Detroit.
1924.09.15 Chatard, Eugene died in La Varenne, France.  Chatard var.
1924.09.15 Bogoljubow wins the All-Russian tournament (3rd USSR Ch)
1925	   1st International tourney to be financed from gvt funds, Moscow.
1925	   1st film to deal exclusively with chess, CHESS FEVER.  USSR film comedy.
1925	   Marseillaise chess invented.  Player plays 2 moves at a time.
1925	   Nimzovich publishes 'my system.'
1925	   Romanian Chess Federation founded.
1925       Baden-Baden.  1st international tourney in Germany after WWI.  Alekhine won.
1925       Suer b.  Turkish IM 1975.
1925       Helms wins NY State championship.
1925.01.29 Guest, Antony died in London, England.  Br. amateur ch 1888.
1925.03.02 Geller, Efim born in Odessa.  USSR ch 1955, 1979.  IM 1951; GM 1952.  World Senior Ch 1992.  Died 1998.
1925.03.26 Yanofsky, Daniel b. Brody, Poland.  8-time Canadian ch.  Br ch 1953.  IM 1950.  GM 1964.  Died 2000.
1925.04.01 Wexler b.  Argentine ch 1959.  IM 1959.
1925.04.25 Belkadi, Ridha born in Tunis.  IM 1974.  IA 1982.
1925.05.13 Kholmov, Ratmir born.  IM 1954.  GM 1960.
1925.05.23 Henneberke, Franciscus born in Amsterdam.  Dutch IM 1962.
1925.06.12 Teichmann, Richard (b. 1868), German master, died.
1925.06.23 Husak, Karel born in Beroun, Czechoslovakia.  2nd in world cr ch 1968.  IMC 1965; GMC 1968.
1925.06.25 Heilemann, Paul born in Lahn, Germany.  IMC 1967; GMC 1984.
1925.06.26 Unzicker, Wolfgang b. Pirmasens.  7-time W Ger ch. IM 1950.  GM 1954.
1925.06.29 Zagorovsky, Vladimir IGM correspondence player (1965), born.
1925.08	   US Open, Cedar Point, Kupchik 1st.
1925.09.02 Eisen b.  Top corr. player.
1925.10.11 Davies, Marry born in Barry, Wales.  1974 Wales women's champion.
1925.10.20 Milic b.  Yugoslav IM 1951.  Died 1986.
1925.10.26 Holladay, Edgar born in Cleveland.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1977.
1925.10.29 Divinsky, Nathan born in Winnipeg.  Author.
1925.11.16 Acketa, Tihomir born in Yugoslavia.  IA 1966.
1925.11.25 Burn, Amos died in London.  German ch 1898.  Elo: 2530
1926	   KHAN; Sir Umer Hayat Khan discovers Mir Sultan Khan in India.
1926	   Menchik wins 1st world jr. women's ch (under 21) in England.
1926       Em Lasker writes LASKER'S MANUAL OF CHESS.
1926.01.07 Saunders Pritchard b.  World jr women's ch at 10.  Br ch at 13.
1926.01.07 Ion Balanel born.  IM 1954.
1926.01.24 Flamberg, Aleksander died in Warsaw.
1926.02    MENCHIK; Vera Menchik wins 1st Girl's Open in London.
1926.02.07 Taimanov, Mark born.  IM 1950.  GM 1952.
1926.02.24 Karaklajic b.  Yug ch 1955.  IM 1955.  Disc jockey in Belgrade.
1926.03.06 Whyld, Ken born.
1926.03.26 Schwartz, Rolf, German chess author, born.
1926.05.25 Akins, Claude born in Georgia.  Actor and chess enthusiast.  Died in 1994.
1926.06.07 Balanel, Ion born in Bucharest.  Romanian Ch 1950,53,55,58.  IM 1954.
1926.07    3rd FIDE Congress in Budapest.  Little Olympiad of 4 nations.  Hungary 1st.
1926.08	   US Open, Chicago, Stolzenberg 1st.
1926.09.20 Spence, American chess author, born in Omaha, Nebraska.
1926.10.21 Eretova, Kveta born in Prague.  WIM 1957; WGM 1986.
1926.11.16 Suetin, Alexei born.  IM 1961.  GM 1965.  Died 2001.
1926.12	   National Chess Federation of the U.S.A. founded.
1927	   1st women's world championship, London.  1st = V. Menchik.
1927	   Duchamp marries.  Divorced 3 months later because of his chess.
1927	   International Correspondence Chess Association founded by FIDE.  Replaced in 1946 by ICCF.
1927       First original book in the Russian language devoted to the endgame by Rabinovich.
1927       1st use of figurine algebraic notation in a magazine - Belgium.
1927       Weis, Max died.
1927       Zappas, Byron, leading Greek problemist born.
1927.01.15 Janowski, David (b. 1868) died of tuberculosis in Hyeres, France, just before a tourney.
1927.02.21 Sunnucks, Anne, British woman champion and author, born.  Br Ladies Ch 1957,58,64.
1927.02.22 Campomanes, Florencio, FIDE president since 1982, born in Manila.  IA 1958.
1927.03.17 Alberto Giustolisi born.  IM 1962.
1927.03.23 Capablanca wins NY International.
1927.03.23 Damjanovic, Mato born in Djeletovci, Yugoslavia.  IM 1962; GM 1964.
1927.05.13 Rudolf Maric born.  IM 1964.
1927.06	   Alekhine-Capablanca match, won by Alekhine.
1927.06.06 Bobotsova, Antonia (ne Ivanova) born in Sofia, Bulgaria.  WIM 1954; IA 1972; WGM 1983.
1927.07	   OLYMPIAD; 1st Olympiad, the London Olympiad, Hungary 1st.  16 teams.
1927.07.06 Donner, Johannes (Jan) born in The Hague, Netherlands.  IM 1952; GM 1959.  Dutch ch 1954, 1957, 1958. Died 1988.
1927.07.07 Goldschmeding, Cornelius born in Amsterdam.  IJComp 1958; IMComp 1971; GMComp 1988.
1927.08	   US Open, Kalamazoo, Margolis 1st.
1927.08.02 Duckstein, Andreas, Austrian IM, born.  IM 1956.  Austrian ch 1954, 1956.
1927.08.30 Giorgio Porreca born.  IM 1957.
1927.09.16 Capablanca-Alekhine world championship, Buenos Aires.
1927.10.09 Gaige, Jeremy, american chess archivist, born in New York City.
1927.10.17 Angelov, Petko born in Bulgaria.  IMC 1973.
1927.11.19 Bourne, Brian born in London.  1956 Wales ch.
1927.11.29 Alekhine (+6=25-3) beats Capa, 18.5-15.5, Buenos Aires.
1927.11.29 Alekhine defeats Capablanca to become world champion.
1928	   IFBS; International Association for Correspondence Chess, IFSB, formed.
1928       Sultan Khan wins All-India ch (BCM 1978,519)
1928       White, John died.  Founder and donor of the world's largest chess library.
1928       Yates wins his 5th British ch, at Tenby.
1928.01.03 Anderson, Frank Ross born in Edmonton.  3-time Canadian ch (1953, 1955).  IM 1954. Died 1980.
1928.02.28 Chajes, Oscar died in New York City.  Elo: 2440
1928.03.11 Hybl, Jaroslav born.  2nd in world cr ch 1968.  IMC 1965; GMC 1968.
1928.03.17 Giustolisi, Alberto born in Rome.  Italian ch 1961,64,66.  IM 1962.
1928.03.30 Anton, Aurel born in Salbagel, Romania.  IMC 1980.
1928.04.20 Byrne, Robert born in Brooklyn.  US ch 1972.  IM 1952; GM 1964.
1928.05.10 Schmid, Lothar b. Rudebeul.  GM 1959.  GMC 1959.  2nd in 1959 cr ch.
1928.05.12 Fuller, John born in England.  1954 British corr. ch.
1928.06.09 Bibuld, Jerome born in New York City.  IA 1980.
1928.06.25 Jimenez, Eleazor born in Cuba.   IM 1963.
1928.07.15 Benko, Pal born in Amiens, France.  5-time US Open ch.  IM 1950; GM 1958.
1928.08	   Euwe wins 2nd (and last) world amateur championship.
1928.08	   Hague Olympiad, Hungary 1st.  Only amateurs allowed.  2nd olympiad.  
1928.08	   US Open, South Bend, Stolzenberg 1st.
1928.08.30 Porreca b.  Italian ch 1950,56.  IM 1957.
1928.10	   White (b. 1845), book collector, died in Jackson Lake, Wyoming.
1928.10    Berthold Lasker dies.
1928.10    Temple, inventor of Kriegspiel, died.
1928.10.14 Robatsch, Karl, Austrian IGM, born.  IM 1957.  GM 1961.  Died 2000.
1928.10.27 Filip, Miroslav born in Prague.  IM 1953; GM 1955; IA 1978.  Czech ch 1950,52,60.
1929	   DRAW; Minimum of 30 moves before draw agreed rule (abolished in 1952).
1929	   Sultan Khan brought to England.  Won Br ch 1932, 1933.
1929       My System by Nimzovich 1st published in English.
1929       Breazu, Mihai born in Deva, Romania.  IMC 1974; GMC 1985.
1929       1st international codification of rules.
1929.01.21 Brodsky, Adolf died in Manchester, England.  Brodsky variation.
1929.01.27 Berliner, Hans born in Berlin.  GMC 1968.  5th World Corr. Ch (1965-8).
1929.03.13 Slater b.  Br chess patron.  
1929.03.15 Ajeeb destroyed by fire at Coney Island.
1929.04.18 Shipman, Walter born.
1929.05.10 Lothar Schmid born.  IM 1951.  GM 1959.
1929.05.14 Antoshin, Vladimir born in Moscow.  IM 1963.  GM 1964.
1929.05.17 Vladimirov b.  IM 1963.
1929.06	   Alekhine-Bogoljubov match.
1929.06.01 Kozma b.  Czech ch 1957.  IM 1957.  Died 1975.
1929.06.06 Reti, Richard (b. 1889) died of scarlet fever in Prague.
1929.06.17 Petrosian, former world chess champion, born.  IM 1952.  GM 1952.  Died 1984.
1929.06.20 Crown, Gordon born in Liverpool.  
1929.07.25 Roycroft, A. John, English study composer and author, born.
1929.08	   US Open, St Louis, Hahbohm 1st.
1929.08.15 Kramer, George born in NY.  Won NY ch in 1945 at the age of 16.
1929.08.20 Barden, Leonard born in London.  Br Ch 1954.  Tied for 1st in 1958.
1929.09.02 Bertok, Mario born in Zagreb.  Yug IM 1957.
1929.09.05 Dunphy, William born in Australia.  Irish ch 1957.
1929.09.05 Cobo-Arteaga, Eldis born in  Cuba.  IM 1967.
1929.09.16 Nedeljkovic-Jovanovic b.  Yug Woman ch 1951-53,58,65.  
1929.09.16 Bouwmeester, Henk born in Haarlem, Netherlands.  IM 1954; GMC 1981.
1929.09.26 Alekhine-Bogoljubov match, Germany.
1929.09.29 Mario Bertok born.  IM 1957.
1929.10.08 Bisguier, Arthur born in the Bronx.  US jr ch 1948.  US ch 1954-58.  IM 1950; GM 1957.
1929.10.25 Milev b.  Bulgarian ch 1952,60,61.  IM 1952.
1929.11.12 Alekhine (+11=9-5) beats Bogoljubov, 15.5-9.5, Holland.
1929.12.03 Hutton, George died in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Devised the Hutton pairing method for teams.  Born in 1866.
1929.12.05 Onat b.  Turkish IM 1975.
1929.12.20 Babson, Joseph died in Seattle, WA.  Chess composer.
1930       Turover gives 500 lire brilliancy prize at San Remo
1930       Rittner, Horst born.  ICCG 1961.  Won the 6th World Corr. Ch.
1930.01.13 Boris de Greiff born.  IM 1957.
1930.01.23 Myers, Hugh, American chess author, born.  Died Dec 24, 2008.
1930.02.06 Soos b.  IM 1967.  Romanian/W German.
1930.02.13 de Greiff, Boris born in Medillin, Columbia.  IM 1957; IA 1978.
1930.02.13 Greiff, Boris born in Medillin, Columbia.  IM 1957; IA 1978.
1930.04.24 Dudeney, Henry died in Lewes, England.  England's king of puzzle makers.
1930.05.02 Gunsberg, Isidor died in London.  German ch 1885.  World Challenger 1891.  Elo: 2560.
1930.05.16 Backlund, Ake born in Vaasa, Finland.  IMC 1980.
1930.05.23 Matanovic, Alexander b. Belgrade.  3-time Yugoslav ch.  IM 1951.  GM 1955.
1930.06    Chess Amateur ends.
1930.06.   Chambers, John died in Cardiff, Wales.
1930.06.12 Byrne, Donald born in New York City.  US Open ch 1953, 57.  IM 1962  Died 1976.
1930.07.22 Krogius, Nikolai, Soviet IGM, born.  IM 1963.  GM 1964.  Psychologist.
1930.08    Hamburg Olympiad, Poland 1st.
1930.08    US Open, Chicago, Whitaker & Factor 1st.
1930.08.17 Fleishmann, Leo (also Forgacs) died in Berettyoujfalu, Hungary.  Elo: 2520  Hungary ch 1907.
1930.08.20 Kaminsky, Oleg born.
1930.09.13 Smith, Ken American chess master, born in Olney, Texas.
1930.10.17 Asenova, Venka born in Bulgaria.  WIM 1965; HWGM 1986
1930.10.24 German, Eugenio born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  IM 1952.  Died 2001.
1930.10.25 Honfi, Karoly born in Budapest.  Hungarian IM 1962.
1930.12.21 Pietzsch, Wolfgang, b. Wittgendorf, DDR.  4-time DDR ch.  IM 1961.  GM 1965.  Died 1996.
1931       Weenik, Henri died.  Dutch composer, player and author.
1931       Alekhine wins at Bled, 5 1/2 points more than 2nd place.
1931       Jones, Ernest publishes 'The Problem of Paul Morphy.'
1931.01.08 Minev, Nikolai international master, born.  Bulgarian ch 1953,65,66.  IM 1960.
1931.02.05 Holuj-Radzikowska, Krystina born in Lvov, Russia.  WIM 1954; WGM 1984.
1931.02.22 Doda, Zbigniew born in Poznan, Poland..  Polish ch 1964, 67.  IM 1964.
1931.03.07 Fleissig, Bernhard died in Vienna.  Fleissig var.
1931.03.23 Korchnoi, Victor b. Leningrad.  IM 1954.  GM 1956.
1931.03.28 Lein, Anatoly born in Leningrad.  IM 1964.  GM 1968.
1931.04.06 Douthwaite, Brian born in Cardiff, Wales.  1958 Welsh ch.
1931.05.13 Fuderer, Andrija born in Subotica, Yugoslavia.  IM 1952; HGM 1990.  
1931.07    1st Michigan State Ch, held in Jackson, MI.
1931.08    Prague Olympiad, USA 1st.
1931.08.22 Fred Reinfeld wins New York State Ch
1931.08.12 Berger, Bela born in Szombathely, Hungary.  Hungarian/Australian IM 1954.
1931.09.01 Pomar-Salamanca, Arturo, Spanish IGM, born.  7-time Spanish ch.  IM 1950.  GM 1962.  Ch of Balearic Isles at 11.
1931.09.09 Bhend, Edwin born.  Swiss IM 1960.  Swiss ch 1957.
1931.09.27 Witkowski, Stefan born.  IN 1977.
1931.09.30 Bobotsov, Milko born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  IM 1960; GM 1961.  Bulg. ch 1958.  1st GM Bulgarian.
1931.10.03 Martinovsky, Eugene born.
1931.10.08 Toran b.  Spanish ch 1951,53.  IM 1954.
1931.10.12 US Open, Tulsa, Reshevsky 1st
1931.10.30 Bobotsov, Milko born.  IM 1960.  GM 1961.
1931.10.31 Nei, Iivo born.  IM 1964.
1931.11.14 Curdo, John, American chess master, born in Lynn, MA.  
1931.11.15 Bogdanovic, Rajko born in Vares, Yugoslavia.  IM 1963.
1931.12.17 Brandreth, Dale born in Phoenixville, PA.  Bibliophile.
1931.12.19 Radovici, Corvin born.  IM 1968.
1932       Canadian Chess Federation replaces Canadian Chess Association.
1932       Takacs died.
1932       Bruno Bucholz develops the Buchholz system of tie-breaking
1932       George Koltanowski plays 160 board simultaneously at Antwerp, winning 135, drawing 18, and losing 6
1932       Braille Chess Association founded.
1932.01    Salo Flohr wins at Hastings
1932.01    Noteboom died in England.  Age 22.
1932.01.16 Ciocaltea, Victor born in Bucharest.  Romanian ch 1952,59,61,62,70,71.  IM 1957; GM 1979.  Died 1983.
1932.02.07 Grabczewski born in Warsaw.  IM 1972.
1932.03.01 Van Geet, Dirk born in the Netherlands.  IM 1965; GMC 1986.
1932.03.08 Finn, Kate died in London.  1st Br women's ch.  Won in 1904, 1905.
1932.03.10 Kupper b.  Swiss ch 1954,57,62.  IM 1955.
1932.03.22 Evans, Larry Melvyn born in Manhattan.  4-time US ch.  IM 1952; GM 1957.
1932.04.20 Colle, Edgar died in Ghent, Belgium.  Died after operation of gastric ulcer.  Belgium ch 1924.  Elo: 2490
1932.04.22 Nikolac b.  Yugoslav IM 1975.
1932.04.22 Fritz, Alexander died in Alsfeld, Germany.  Elo: 2350.  Fritz var.  
1932.06.10 Albulet, Maria born in Braila, Romania.  WIM 1957; WGM (emeritus) 1985
1932.06.15 Bartolovic, Vojko born in Zagreb.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1967; GMComp 1980
1932.07.28 Capelan, Gunter born in Wermelskirchen, Germany.  IM 1968.
1932.08    US Open, Minneapolis, Fine 1st.
1932.08.10 Partos b.  Romanian IM 1975.
1932.08.11 Bilek, Istvan born in Budapest.  3-time Hungarian ch.  Ex-wife also Hungarian ch.  IM 1958; GM 1962.
1932.10    LYONS; William Lyons of Kentucky died at age 83.  One of the 1st chessbook dealers.
1932.11.01 Kraidman, Israeli IGM (1976), born.  IM 1965.
1932.11.11 Yates, Frederick (b. 1884), English master, died from a gas leak.
1932.11.16 Mattison d. Riga.  World amateur ch 1924.  Latvian ch 1924.
1932.11.27 Weinberger, Tibor born.
1932.12.01 Lazarevic b.  WGM 1976.  
1932.12.07 Brasket, Curt born in Tracy, MN.  FM 1984.
1932.12.25 Reuben Fine wins 16th Marshall CC Championship
1933       1st Bulgarian Ch, held in Varna
1933       1st Br Boys' Ch, Hastings.
1933       Alekhine visits Shanghai and gives simuls.
1933       Emanuel Lasker driven out of Germany and settles in England, then Russia.
1933.01    1st issue of CHESS REVIEW by Kashdan and Horowitz.  Was published until Nov 1969.  Merged with Chess Life
1933.01.06 Salo Flohr wins Hastings Christmas Congress for second consecutive year
1933.01.11 Haag, Ervin born in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary.  Hungarian. IM 1961; IMC 1961.
1933.01.14 Englund, Fritz died in Stockholm.  Englund Gambit (1.d4 e5).  Born Feb 22, 1871.
1933.01.18 Popovych, Orest born.  FIDE master.
1933.01.22 Branch, William died in Cheltenham, England.  Chess historian.
1933.01.22 Burger, Karl born in New York City.  IM 1980 (two GM norms).  Died in 2000.  Medical doctor.
1933.02.03 Sanguinetti, Raul b.  Argentina ch 1956,1957,1962,1965, 1968, 1973, 1974.  IM 1957. GM 1982.  Died Aug 6, 2000.
1933.02.05 Lutikov, Anatoly, Soviet IGM, born.  IM 1967.  GM 1974.  Died Oct 15, 1989.
1933.02.18 Alaikov, Venelin born in Shumen, Bulgaria.  IJComp 1977; IMComp 1988
1933.02.23 Mikhalchisin, Adrian b.  Yugoslav IM 1963.
1933.03.05 Vasiukov, Evgeny born.  6-time Moscow ch.  IM 1958.  GM 1961.
1933.03.07 Gottschall, Hermann died in Gorlitz, Germany.  Elo: 2400.  Author and editor.
1933.03.18 Clarke, Peter born in London.  2nd in Br ch 5 times.  IMC 1976; IA 1976; GMC 1980; FM 1984.
1933.04.   Oxford beats Cambridge in 57th Varsity Match.  Cambridge leads series by 26 matches to 25, with 6 ties.
1933.04.03 Navarovsky b.  Hungarian IM 1965.
1933.04.06 Diez del Corral, Jesus born in Saragossa, Spain.  Spanish ch 1955, 1965.  GM 1974.  IM 1967.
1933.04.06 Bartok, Gyorgy born in Budapest.  IMComp 1967; GMComp 1980
1933.04.06 Bakcsi, Gyorgy (ne Bartok) born in Budapest.  IMComp 1967; IJComp 1979; GMComp 1980.
1933.04.16 Honfi, Lujza (ne Gurszky) born in Budapest.  WIM 1969; WIMC 1977.
1933.04.26 Djurasevic, Bizidar born in Belgrade.  Yugoslav IM 1957.
1933.05.25 Shinkman, William (b. 1847), chess composer, died.
1933.05.29 Padevsky, Nicola, Bulgarian IGM, born.  4-time Bulgarian ch.  IM 1957, GM 1964.  Corporate lawyer.
1933.06    National Master tournament held in Aachen, Germany; won by Bogoljubow; Goebbels is honorary chair
1933.06.13 Lengyel, Levente born.  IM 1962.  GM 1964.
1933.06.19 Alekhine plays 32 boards in a blindfold simul; wins 19, draws 9, loses 4.  A new world record.
1933.07.07 Nun b.  Czech IM 1976.
1933.07.23 5th Chess Olympiad held in Folkestone. USA wins gold, Czechoslovakia silver, and Sweden bronze
1933.07.23 Vera Menchik retains her title in Women's World Ch
1933.09.09 Botvinnik wins 8th USSR Ch
1933.09.30 Flesch, Janos born.  Hungary.  Blindfold player.  IM 1963.  GM 1980.  Died 1983.
1933.10.01 Reuben Fine wins Western Open (US Open) in Detroit
1933.10.07 Penrose, Jonathan, b. Colchester.  10-time Br ch (6 in a row).  IM 1961.  Psychologist.
1933.10.17 Berger, Johann died in Graz.  Strong player, editor, and author.  Elo: 2495
1933.10.21 Dijk, Nils born in Indonesia.  IMComp 1961; IJComp 1966.
1933.10.22 Hochberg, Burt born in New York City.  Died May 13, 2006.  Former Chess Life editor.
1933.10.23 Scafarelli b.  Italian IM 1957.
1933.10.25 Sherwin, James, American chess master, born.  IM 1958.  Former President of American Chess Foundation (1979-90).
1933.11.12 Ivkov, Boris, Yugoslav IGM, born.  1st World jr ch 1951.  GM 1955.  IM 1954.
1933.11.13 Gurgenidze, Bukhuti born in Surami, Georgia.  IM 1968.  GM 1970.
1933.11.28 Addison, William born in Baton Rouge, LA.  IM 1967.
1934       Palestine Chess Federation founded.
1934       First Soviet chess player to be awarded Honored Master of Sport - Romanovsky.
1934       American Chess Federation founded.
1934       Kolty plays 34 games blindfold (+24=10).
1934.01    Log Cabin Chess Club founded by E. Forry Laucks.
1934.01.12 Oswald, Don born in Ottawa, Kansas.  Book dealer.
1934.01.24 Ghitescu, Teodor, Romanian IGM, born, Bucharest.  Romanian ch 1963.  IM 1961; HGM 1986.
1934.02.17 Tarrasch, Seigbert (b. 1862), German master, died, Munich.
1934.02.18 Chepizhny, Victor born in Dnepropetrovsk, Russia.  IJComp 1965; IMComp 1969; GMComp 1989.
1934.02.24 Darga, Klaus born in Pankow, Germany.  2-time FRG ch.  GM 1964.  IM 1957.
1934.03.02 Kolarov b.  Bulgarian IM 1957.
1934.03.03 Pauly, Wolfgang died.  Greatest problemist of Romania.  Born Aug 15, 1876.
1934.03.15 Brady, Frank born in New York City.  IA 1972.  Wrote Profile of a Prodigy.
1934.03.19 Andersen, Borge born in Denmark.  4-time Danish ch (won in 1967, 1968).  IM 1964.
1934.03.23 Bachtiar, Arovah born in Banjarmasin, Indonesia.  IM 1977.
1934.04.01 Alekhine-Bogoljubov world championship, Germany.
1934.04.30 Bikhovsky, Anatoly born in Izhevsk, Russia.  IM 1982.
1934.05.16 Boey, Josef born in Anvers, Belgium.  IM 1973; IMC 1974; GMC 1975.  Belgium ch 1959, 1964, 1971.
1934.06.13 Engel, Klaus born in Berlin.  IMC 1966; GMC 1983.
1934.06.14 Alekhine (+8=15-3) beats Bogoljubov, 15.5-10.5, Germany.
1934.06.27 Cafferty, Bernard born in Blackburn, England.  Br corr ch 1960.  FM 1984.  BCM editor from 1981.
1934.07.05 Dely b.  Hungarian ch 1970.  IM 1962.
1934.07.20 Aarseth, Erling born in Norway.  IMC 1981.
1934.08    US Open, Chicago, Reshevsky & Fine 1st.
1934.08.15 Gijssen, Geurt born.  International arbiter.
1934.09.28 Fuchs, Reinhart born in Berlin.  IM 1962.
1934.10.05 Blumenfeld, Rudy born in Bucharest.  FM.
1934.10.11 Haygarth, Michael born in Leeds, England.  Br ch 1964.
1934.10.18 Drimer, Dolfi born in Iasa, Romania.  IM 1961; IA 1986.
1934.10.30 Hanken, Jerome (Jerry) born in Cincinnati.
1934.11.12 Stein, Leonid born.  3-time USSR ch.  IM 1961.  GM 1962.  Died 1973.
1934.11.20 Polugaevsky, Lev born.  3-time USSR ch.  IM 1961.  GM 1962.  Died 1995.
1934.12.14 Paul Leonhardt died of a heart attack while playing a game of chess.  Born Nov 13, 1877.  1907 Nordic ch.
1935       STEVENSON; Agnes, wife of Stevenson, killed in Poland by propeller of plane.
1935       1st explanation of the Swiss system by Ranneforth in Schackalendar.
1935       1st corr. Olympiad.  Hungary won; 17 teams.
1935       CHESS founded by B. H. Wood in Sutton Coldfield.
1935       Sanakoyev, Grigory born.  12th World Corr. Chess Ch.
1935       Vladimirov, Yakov born.  IGCC 1988.
1935       Pearl of Zandvoort games.  26th game between Euwe and Alekhine.
1935       Keres wins Estonian ch at 19.
1935       Flohr gets married.
1935.01.14 Yukhtman, Yakov (Jacob) born.  Died Jan 26, 1985.
1935.01.26 Olafsson, Fridrik, 1st Icelandic Grandmaster, born.  IM 1956.  GM 1958.
1935.01.26 Nikolic, Stanimar b.  Yugoslav IM 1967.  GM 1978.
1935.01.27 Levenfish and Rabinovic win the 9th USSR Ch, held in Leningrad
1935.02.05 Showalter, Jackson d. in Lexington, Kentucky.  5-time US ch.  Born 1860.
1935.03.04 Larsen, Bent born at Tilsed in Jutland.  IM 1955.   GM 1956.
1935.03.16 Nimzovich, Aron (b. 1886) died of pneumonia in Copenhagen.
1935.03.17 Panno, Oscar b. Buenos Aires.  World jr ch 1953.  GM 1955.  IM 1954.
1935.03.23 Grigoriou, Miltiadis born in Athens, Greece.  Greek IM 1975.
1935.03.29 Uhlmann, Wolfgang b. Dresden.  8-time East German ch.  IM 1956.  GM 1959.  Is an accountant.
1935.04.09 Klovans, Janis born.  IM 1976.
1935.05.28 Barasz, Zsigmond died in Budapest.  Analysed the Budapest Defense.  Elo: 2440
1935.06    Euwe-Alekhine is 1st world ch match to officially have seconds.
1935.06.10 Matulovic, Milan b. Belgrade.  2-time Yugoslav ch (1965, 1967).  IM 1961.  GM 1965.
1935.06.15 Zaitsev, Alexander, Soviet IGM (1967), born.  IM 1965.  Died 1971.
1935.07.24 Osnos, Viatcheslav b.  IM 1965.
1935.07.27 Karner, Hillar born.  IM 1980.
1935.07.30 Forintos, Gyozo, Hungarian IGM, born.  IM 1963.  GM 1974.
1935.08    US Open, Milwaukee, Fine 1st.
1935.08    Warsaw Olympiad, USA 1st.
1935.08.09 Holzhausen, Walther died in Magdeburg, Germany.  Elo: 2410.  Holzhausen Attack.
1935.09.08 Baumbach, Friedrich born in Weimer, Germany.  E Ger ch 1970.  IMC 1967; GMC 1973.  11th World Corr Ch. (1986-89)
1935.09.22 Eszik, Lajos born in Sweden.  1985 Swedish corr. ch.
1935.09.22 Rudensky, Nikolai b.  World blind ch 1975.
1935.09.25 Purdy, John b Sydney.  Australian ch 1955; 1963. Father and grandfather were Australian also ch.
1935.10.03 Alekhine-Euwe match, Holland.
1935.10.16 Curtis, Donald born in Cardiff, Wales.  1959 Welsh ch.
1935.11.08 Bjelica, Dimitrije born in Vrbica, Yugoslavia. FIDE master. 
1935.11.12 Ciric, Dragoljub, Yugoslav IGM, born.  IM 1961.  GM 1965.
1935.12.05 Bettmann, Henry died in Cincinnati.  Chess problemist.
1935.12.08 Zatulovskaya, Tatiana born.  IM 1961.  WGM 1976.  USSR women's ch 1960, 62, 63.
1935.12.15 Euwe defeats Alekhine, 15.5-14.5, to become world champion.
1935.12.20 Feuerstein, Arthur born.  Won 1st US Armed Forces ch in 1960.
1935.12.30 Fine wins 16th Hastings Congress.
1935.12.30 Aaron, Manuel born in Toungoo, Burma.  1st Indian IM.  IM 1961.  IA 1986.
1936       Ajeeb tours the USA playing checkers (operator is Jesse Hanson).
1936       Over 10,000 women players took part in the eliminating sections of the Russian Women's Chess Ch.
1936       Keeble, John wins Norfolk ch.  He won in 1884 (52 yrs).
1936       Trades Union Championship of the USSR had 700,000 entries.
1936.01.14 Hume, George died in Nottingham, England.  Problemist and collector.
1936.01.28 Popov, Luben born.  IM 1966.
1936.02.21 Barczay, Laszlo born in Miskolc, Hungary.  IM 1966; GM 1967; IMC 1973; GMC 1979
1936.02.23 Farre-Mallofre, Miguel born in Barcelona.  Spanish IM 1959.
1936.03.19 Gufeld, Eduard born in Kiev.  IM 1964; GM 1967.  Died in 2002.
1936.03.26 Blake, Percy died in Warrington, England.  Problemist.
1936.05.15 Traxler, Karel (b. 1866), Czech problemist, died.
1936.05.24 Heinz Liebert born.  IM 1966.
1936.05.27 Garcia, Raimundo born in Argentina.  IM 1964.
1936.07    1st U.S. Championship Tournament, New York, Reshevsky 1st.
1936.07.06 Braun, Leslie born.  FIDE master.
1936.07.16 Schweber, Samuel b.  Argentinian IM 1961.
1936.07.19 Keller, Dieter b.  Swiss ch 1958,60,61,63.  IM 1961.
1936.08    US Open, Philadelphia, Horowitz 1st.
1936.08.16 Bagirov, Vladimir born in Batumi, Georgia.  IM 1963.  GM 1978.  Died 2000.
1936.08.28 Botvinnik and Capablanca tie for 1st at Nottingham.
1936.10.03 Sergievsky, Vladimir b.  IM 1966.
1936.10.22 Lyman, Shelby chess master and tv personality, born.
1936.10.27 Howell, Clarence died in New York City.  Howell Attack.
1936.10.31 Knezevic, Milorad b.  Yugoslav GM 1976.
1936.11.09 Tal, Mikhail b. Riga.  6-time USSR ch.  World ch 1960-61.  GM 1957.  Died 1992.
1936.11.25 Moehring, Guenther born.  IM 1976.
1936.11.29 Malich, Burkhard, East German IGM, born.  IM 1962.  GM 1975.  East German ch 1957, 1973.
1936.12.04 Cuchi, Jose born in Segovia, Spain.  IA 1986.
1936.12.05 Johannsson b.  Iceland IM 1963.
1936.12.18 Leonardo Torres y Quevedo d.  Created Ajedrecista, a chess automaton.  Born Dec 28, 1852.
1936.12.27 Buljovcic, Ivan born in Subotica, Yugoslavia.  IM 1974.
1937       1st notable chess portrayal on stage.
1937       Koltanowski played 34 opponents blindfolded, in Edinburgh (+24=10).
1937       Em Lasker settles in New York.
1937.01.03 Sydor, Andrzej born.  Polish master.
1937.01.25 Jerzy Kostro born.  IM 1968.
1937.01.30 Spassky, Boris b. Leningrad.  World jr ch 1955.  World ch 1969-72.  IM 1953.  GM 1955.
1937.02.07 Camara, Helder born in Fortaleza, Brazil.  IM 1972.
1937.02.08 Gipslis, Aivars born in Riga.  8-time Latvian ch.  IM 1963.  GM 1967.  Died 2000.
1937.03.05 Minic, Dragoljub b.  Yugo HGM 1990.  IM 1964.
1937.03.07 Tringov, Georgi, Bulgarian IGM, b. Plovdiv.  3-time Bulgarian ch.  IM 1962.  GM 1963.
1937.03.07 Langeweg, Kick b.  Dutch IM 1962.
1937.03.11 Vukcevich, Milan US IM and chess composer, born in Belgrade.  Nominee for Nobel Prize.  Died May 10, 2003.
1937.03.22 Mednis, Edmar born in Riga, USSR.  GM 1980.  Died 2002.
1937.03.23 Liberzon, Vladimir, Israeli IGM, born in the Soviet Union.  IM 1963.  GM 1965.
1937.04.04 Portisch, Lajos, Hungarian IGM, born in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.  IM 1958.  GM 1961.
1937.04.23 Andreeva, Olga born in Russia.  WIM 1967.
1937.05.14 Levinfish wins 10th USSR Ch in Tbilisi
1937.05.16 Saidy, Anthony born.  IM 1969.
1937.06.15 1st ballet with a chess theme, 'checkmate.'  Composed by A. Bliss.
1937.06.22 Bachmann, Ludwig died in Munich.
1937.07.04 Acevedo, Armando born in Mexico.  FM
1937.07.14 Bloodgood, Claude born in La Paz, Mexico.
1937.08    Gilchrist, Mary plays for Scotland at the Stockhlom Olympiad.
1937.08    Stockholm Olympiad, USA 1st.
1937.08    US Open, Chicago, Polland 1st.
1937.08.01 Barnes, Barry born in Brighton, England.  IJComp 1967; IMComp 1967.
1937.08.27 Axt, Helga born in Bad Ems, Germany.  WIM 1961.
1937.09.14 den Ouden, A. born in the Netherlands.  IMC 1971; GMC 1980.
1937.10.05 Euwe-Alekhine world ch match, Holland.
1937.10.06 Gliksman, Darko born in Slavonski Brod, Yugoslavia.  IM 1970.
1937.10.17 Johannessen, S. b.  Several times Norwegian ch.  IM 1961.
1937.11.07 Zilberberg, Alik born.  3rd US Corr. GM.
1937.12.02 Bukic, Enver born in Banja Luka, Yugoslavia.  IM 1964; GM 1976.
1937.12.04 Lombardy, William born in the bronx.  IM 1957.  GM 1960.
1937.12.16 Alekhine defeats Euwe to regain world ch.
1937.12.22 BCM incorporated as a limited company.
1937.12.25 Vaisman, Alexander b.  Romanian IM 1975.
1937.12.25 Cardoso, Rodolfo born in Anda, Philippines.  Philippine ch 1958, 1963.  IM 1957.  World Jr Ch 1957.
1938       Bruce, Ronald lost to 2 world ch (Alekhine & Menchik) on the same day.
1938       Krylenko (b. 1885), leading soviet chess promoter, executed.
1938       Samisch lost on time (45 moves/2.5 hrs) after 12 moves, Prague.
1938       AVRO tournament in which the world's best 8 players competed.
1938       Rudenko, GM for chess compositions, born.
1938       Chakravarti Chintaharan publishes "Sanskrit Works on the Game of Chess" in Calcutta
1938.01.14 Marovic, Drazen, Yugoslav GM, born.  IM 1965.  GM 1975.
1938.01.17 Emma, Jaime born in Argentina.  IM 1978.  Died 2005.
1938.01.24 Lang, Edith (Bilek) born in Hungary.  IWM 1965.  Hungarian women's ch 1958, 1963.
1938.02.02 Altrichter, Ulrich born in Austria.  IMC 1982.
1938.02.05 Gerusel, Mathias born in Elbing, Poland.  IM 1968.  
1938.02.22 Ostojic, Predrag, Yugoslav IGM, born.  IM 1968.  GM 1975.  Died 1996.
1938.02.27 Andersen, Eric died in Copenhagen.  Won Danish ch 12 times.  Elo: 2480
1938.02.28 Spiridinov, Nikola b.  Bulgarian ch 1969.  IM 1970.  GM 1979.
1938.03.06 Kuprejanov, George b.  Canadian IM 1972.
1938.03.19 Zinn, Lothar born.  IM 1966.  Died 1980.
1938.03.23 Tatai, Stefano b. Rome.  9-time Italian ch.  IM 1966.  
1938.04.02 Vizantiades, Lazaros b.  Greek IM 1968.
1938.04.19 Erdeus, Gheorghe-Aurel born in Satu-Mare, Romania.  IM 1986; IA 1986.
1938.04.25 Hickey, Lisa (ne Lane) born in Philadelphia.  WIM 1959.
1938.05.13 Filipowicz, Andrzej born in Warsaw.  Polish IM 1975.
1938.05.27 Zaitsev, Igor born in Ramenskoe, USSR.  Moscow ch 1969.  IM 1970.  GM 1976.
1938.06.17 Karasev, Vladimir b.  USSR IM 1976.
1938.07    US Championship, New York, Reshevsky 1st.
1938.07.04 Zichichi, Alvise born.  IM 1977.
1938.07.24 Cabarkapa, Milenko born in Krupice, Yugoslavia.  Blind world ch 1966-1970.  IM 1986.
1938.08    US Open, Boston, Horowitz & Kashdan 1st.
1938.08.10 Miagmasuren, Lhamsuren b.  Mongolian IM 1966.
1938.08.20 Tan Hiong Liong born.  IM 1963.
1938.10.05 Kovacs, Adrian b.  Hungarian IM 1965.
1938.10.12 Durao, Joaquim born in Lisbon.  Portugal IM 1975.
1938.11.04 Mohrlock, Dieter born.  IM 1969.
1938.11.10 Grigoriev, Nikolay died in Moscow.  Elo: 2440.  Moscow ch 1921, 1922, 1923-4, 1929.  Endgame analyst.
1938.11.27 Fine and Keres tie for first in AVRO.  Strongest event to date.
1939       Last (21st) edition of Staunton's CHESS PLAYER'S HANDBOOK published.
1939       1st rating system, used by the CCLA.
1939       Elaine Saunders wins Br women's ch at age 13.
1939       Weldon, Charles born.  Died in 1993.
1939.      Cox, Thomas died in Ireland.  Irish ch in 1937, 1938.
1939.01.07 Radulov, Bulgarian IGM, born.  4-time Bulgarian ch.  IM 1968.  GM 1972.
1939.01.13 Adamski, Andrzej born in Warsaw.  IM 1980.
1939.01.29 Hecht, Hans born in Luckenwalde, Germany.  IM 1969; GM 1973; IMC 1980.
1939.03.01 Dubeck, Leroy born in Orange, NJ.  USCF President 1969-72.
1939.03.12 Bednarski, Boguslaw born in Myslenice, Poland.  IM 1964.  Polish ch 1963.
1939.05.16 Botvinnik wins 11th USSR Ch in Leningrad
1939.05.28 Fahrni, Hans died in Ostermundingen, Switzerland.  Elo: 2480.  1st to play 100 simultaneously, 1911.
1939.06.01 Atkinson, Walter died in St. Leonards-on-Sea, England.  Introduced the Atkinson variation.
1939.07.17 Bone, Eric born in Lebanon, Ohio.
1939.07.24 Abdurahmanovic, Fadil born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.  IJComp 1972; IMComp 1980.
1939.07.26 Godes, Devis born in Russia.  IMC 1983; GMC 1984.
1939.07.29 Fine wins American Chess Federation (ACF) Ch in New York
1939.08    US Open, New York, Fine 1st.
1939.08    Buenos Aires Olympiad, Germany 1st.
1939.08.27 Uitumen, Tudev b.  Mongolian IM 1965.
1939.09.04 Portisch, Ferenc b.  Hungarian IM 1975.
1939.09.26 Blathy, Otto died in Budapest.  Created longest problem, 290 moves.
1939.10.04 Collijn, Ludvig died in Stockholm.  Chess patron.  President of the Swedish Chess Ass. from 1917 to 1939.
1939.11.01 Bukal, Vladimir born in Zagreb.  IM 1977.
1939.12.12 Kestler, Hans b.  W German IM 1976.
1939.12.27 Sturgis of Boston elected USCF (dues $1).
1939.12.27 American Chess Federation & National Chess Federation form USCF.
1940       Przepiorka, Dawid died.  Polish player.  Died in a concentration camp.
1940       Stahlberg played 400 opponents on a replacement basis in Buenos Aires.  +379 in 36 hours.
1940       1st USSR corr. chess ch.
1940       Adele Rivero wins us women's championship.
1940       Last issue of LA STRATEGIE.
1940       Beasley, John born in England.  Problemist and computer consultant.
1940.01.01 Ahlers, Klaus born in Ahrensburg, Germany.  West German Corr. Ch 1980.
1940.02.08 Kogan, Boris born.  Died in 1993.
1940.03.06 Hamilton, Charles died in St. Louis.
1940.03.22 Deze, Anton born in Beocin, Yugoslavia.  Yugoslav IM 1976.
1940.04.02 Peev, Peicho born.  IM 1973.
1940.04.09 Barry, John died in West Roxbury, MA.
1940.05    Reshevsky wins US Ch.
1940.05.05 Bielecki, Carlos born in Argentina.  World jr ch 1959.  IM 1959.
1940.06    "White to play and win" by weaver adams is published.
1940.06.02 Csom, Istvan born in Satoraljaujhely, Hungary.  IM 1967; GM 1973.  Hungarian ch 1972, 1973.
1940.06.07 Belavenets, Ludmilla born in Moscow.  WIM 1977; WIMC 1979; IMC 1979.  Russian Women's ch 1975.
1940.07    US Ch, New York, Reshevsky 1st (3rd consecutive time).
1940.07.11 Hennings, Artur born.  IM 1966.
1940.07.13 Aldret, Jorge born in Mexico City.  FM.
1940.08    US Open, Dallas, Reuben Fine 1st (27 players).
1940.08.02 Hollis, Adrian born in Bristol.  Br cr ch 1966,67,71.  IMC 1970; GMC 1976.
1940.08.08 Sahovic, Dragutin, Yugoslav GM (1978) born.  IM 1976.
1940.08.15 Cuartas, Carlos born in Columbia.  IM 1975.
1940.09    National Chess Centre burnt down in London after an air raid.  Had 700 members.
1940.09.11 Fyfe, Peter died in Glasgow, Scotland.  Fyfe gambit.
1940.09.24 Naranja, Renato born.  IM.
1940.09.26 Savon, Vladimir born.  IM 1967.  GM 1973.  USSR ch 1972.  Died 2005.
1940.09.29 Frenkel, Vera born.
1940.10    Bondarevsky and Lilienthal tie for 1st at Moscow in USSR Ch.
1940.10.08 Hamann, Svend born in Copenhagen.  IM 1965.
1940.11    USCF postal play began.
1940.11.10 Todorcevic, Miodrag b.  Yug GM 1989.  IM 1977.
1940.12.28 Ault, Leslie born in Elizabeth, NJ.
1941       1st USCF Open postal tourney won by Louis Persinger.
1941       Perkonoja, Pauli born.  First International Solving GM, 1982.
1941       Rauzer (b. 1908) died.
1941       Reshevsky defeats Horowitz to retain his US Championship.
1941       Karff defeats Rivero to win US women's championship.
1941       Fine publishes "Basic Chess Endings."
1941       Marshall authors "my fifty years of chess."
1941.01    Botvinnik wins "Absolute Championship" of the USSR.
1941.01.11 Lasker, Emanuel (b. 1868) died in Manhattan.
1941.01.13 Avner, Uri born in Petach Tikva, Israel.  IJComp 1979; International Solving Master (ISM) 1982
1941.01.14 Oscar Carillo-Quinones b.  Peru IM 1963.
1941.02.27 Kuijpers b.  Dutch ch 1963.  IM 1964.
1941.03.27 Bokhosian, Sarkis born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  IM 1978.
1941.04.25 Apsenieks, Fricis died in Riga, Latvia.  Elo: 2430.   Latvian ch 1926-7, 1934
1941.05.03 Gaprindashvili, Nona born in Zugdidi, Georgia.  WIM 1961; IM 1962; WGM 1976; IGM 1978.  Women's World Ch 1962-78.
1941.06    Hitler attacks Russia; ends preliminaries of the 13th National Ch.
1941.06.16 Oim b. in Estonia.  Won 9th world corr. ch.
1941.07.12 Charles Jaffe died.  Former NY state ch and chess editor.
1941.07.13 Raud d. Buenos Aires of starvation.  2 time Estonian ch.
1941.07.27 US Open, St Louis, Fine 1st.
1941.08.02 Murey, Yaacov b.  GM 1987.
1941.08.11 Kushnir, Alla, Soviet woman master, born.  Women's final in 1965,69,72.
1941.08.27 Hall, John died in Bradford, England.  Hall var.
1941.08.29 Stahlberg played 400 games simultaneously in Buenos Aires; 364 wins, 14 draws, 22 losses. (40 at a time, then new opponent)
1941.09.03 Ilyin-Genevsky, Alexander d. Novaya Ladoga.  3-time Leningrad ch.
1941.09.06 Remlinger, Larry born.
1941.09.10 Balinas, Rosendo born in Manila.  IM 1975; GM 1976.  Died 1998.
1941.09.27 Corzo y Principe, Juan died in Havana.  Cuban ch 1902.
1941.10.02 Treybal, Karel executed in Prague.
1941.10.03 Hamilton-Russell, Frederick died in Cleobury North, England.  President of BCF.
1941.10.03 Palciauskas, Victor, world correspondence champion, born.  Professor of geophysics.
1941.10.21 Yanofsky, Abe wins Canadian ch at age 17.
1941.10.26 Zaltsman, Vitaly born.
1941.12.23 Ault, Robin born in Elizabeth, NJ.  Won US Jr 3 times in row.
1941.12.30 Parma, Bruno b. Ljubljana.  World jr ch 1961.  GM 1963.  IM 1961.
1942       1st British Corr. ch held.  Won by R. Bonham (blind).
1942       Karff wins US Women's championship.
1942       Ryumin, Nikolai died.  Beat Capablanca, Euwe, and Stahlberg.
1942       Rabinovich, Ilya died from malnutrition during the siege of Leningrad.
1942       Rajkovic, Yugoslav IGM (1977), born.
1942       1st U.S. Speed Championship; won by Fine.
1942       Pomar wins ch of Balearic Islands at age 11.
1942       1st use of swiss pairing, in U.s. at Texas championship.       
1942       CHESS REVIEW price: 30 cents; yearly subscription $3.
1942       Barulin, Mikhail died in Russia.  Fostered chess problems in Russia.
1942.01.03 Dunne, Alex born.
1942.01.29 Brinck-Claussen, Bjorn born in Copenhagen.  IM 1986.
1942.02.02 Richardson, Keith, English corres. igm, born.  1st British GM, 1975, for corr.
1942.02.17 Shipley, Walter born.
1942.02.23 Blumich, Reinhold Max died in Falkenberg, Germany.  Blumich variation
1942.03.07 Belavenets, Sergey died in Novgorod, Russia.  Killed in action.  Moscow ch 1932, 1937, 1938.
1942.03.08 Capablanca, Jose died at the Manhattan Chess Club.  World chess champion 1921-1927.  Elo: 2725.
1942.03.26 Kovacevic, Yugoslav IGM, born.  IM 1970.  GM 1976.
1942.03.27 Alterman, Vladimir born in Russia.  GM 1992.
1942.04.01 Vukic, Milan, Yugoslav IGM, born.  Yug ch 1974.  IM 1967.  GM 1975.
1942.04.06 Kagan, Shimon born.  IM 1969.
1942.04.18 Kubbel d. in the siege of Leningrad.  Problem composer.
1942.04.19 Valvo, Michael, US IM, born.
1942.04.25 Albertson, Bruce born.
1942.05.06 Formanek, Edward born in Chicago.  IM 1977.
1942.05.07 Giam, Choo Kwee born in Singapore.  Singapore IM 1976; IA 1983.
1942.05.12 Velimirovic, Dragoljub, Yugoslav IGM, born.  IM 1972.  GM 1973.
1942.05.18 Augustin, Josef born in Kyjov, Czechoslovakia.  IM 1976
1942.06.05 Abonyi, Istvan died in Budapest, Hungary.   Hungarian master.
1942.06.17 Rajkovic b. Krusevac.  GM 1977.  Yugoslav ch 1983.  IM 1974.
1942.07    US CH, New York, Reshevsky & Kashdan 1st; Resevsky wins playoff.
1942.08    Troitzky, founder of modern study composition, died of starvation in Leningrad.
1942.08.18 Vukic, Milan born.  IM 1967.  GM 1975.
1942.08.20 Spielmann, Rudolf (b. 1883), Austrian master, died in Sweden.
1942.08.29 Zuidema, Coenraad born.  IM 1964.
1942.08.30 US Open, Dallas, Steiner & Yanofsky 1st.  Directed by C.J. Thompson.
1942.11.11 Goichberg, William born in New York City.  FM 1983.  Chess organizer.
1942.11.27 Jansa, Vlastimil, Czech IGM, born.  IM 1965.  GM 1974.
1943       US Amateur ch - won by A. Mengarini.
1943       Wolf, Heinrich, Austrian master, died by the Nazis.
1943       Tseitlin, Mark born.  IM 1978.
1943       US Chess Federation recognizes Helms as Dean of American Chess.
1943.02.25 Hoffman, Asa born.
1943.03.09 Fischer, Robert born in Chicago.  IM 1957; GM 1958.  World Ch 1972-75.
1943.03.22 Spassov, Liuben b.  Bulg GM 1976.
1943.03.27 Gulbrandsen, Arne born in Moss, Norway.  IM 1981.
1943.03.28 Behting (Betins), Karl died in Riga, Latvia.  Behting variation.
1943.03.31 Zuckerman, Bernard born.  IM.
1943.04.10 Schmidt, Wlodimierz b. Poznan.  4-time Polish ch.  GM 1976.  IM 1968.
1943.04.14 Nemet, Ivan b. Sombor.  Yugoslav ch 1979.  GM 1978.  IM 1976.
1943.04.19 Toth b.  Italian IM 1974.
1943.05.15 Campos-Lopez, Mario born in Mexico.  IM 1975.
1943.05.18 Sosonko b. Troitsk.  2-time Dutch ch.  GM 1976.  IM 1974.
1943.07.04 Rodrigues-Vargas, Peruvian IGM (1978) born.
1943.08    US Open, Syracuse, Horowitz 1st.
1943.08.02 Subramanian, S born.
1943.08.06 Pfleger, Helmut b. Teplice-Sanor.  West German ch 1965.  GM 1975.  IM 1965.  Dr of psychology.
1943.08.09 Kavalek, Lubomir born in Prague.  IM 1965.  GM 1965.
1943.09.23 Tseitlin, Mark born.  IM 1978.
1943.09.26 Gutierrez, Jose born in Columbia.  IM 1972.
1943.08.26 Vladimir Petrov died at Kotlas.  Born in 1907.  Latvian chess master.
1943.10.04 Camaratta b.  Top corr. player.
1943.10.12 Ostemeyer, Peter born.  IM 1981
1943.10.17 Cunningham, Walter born in Los Angeles.
1943.10.22 Calvo-Minguez, Ricardo born in Alicante, Spain.  IM 1973.  Died 2002.
1943.10.31 Blagojevic, Katarina (ne Jovanovic) born in Belgrade.  WIM 1964; WGM 1986.
1943.10.31 Marangunic, Srdjan born.  IM 1971.
1943.11.11 Adamski, Jan born in Warsaw, Poland.  IM 1976.
1943.11.18 Bwee, Touw Hian born in Pekalongan, Java.  IJComp 1977; IMComp 1977; GMComp 1984
1943.11.21 Lee b.  Br ch 1965.
1943.12.01 Enklaar, Bertus born in Amsterdam.  IM 1973.
1944       WAGNER; Elbert Wagner elected USCF President.
1944       STEINER; Endre Steiner, Hungarian player, died.
1944.01.11 Botvinnik retains his title as Absolute Chess Ch of the USSR.
1944.01.12 Hort, Vlastimil born in Kladno, Czechoslovakia.  IM 1962; GM 1965.
1944.02.03 Hodges, Albert Beauregard died in Staten Island at age 82.  Operated Ajeeb.  Won US ch 1894.  Elo: 2450
1944.02.26 Averkin, Orest born in Russia.  IM 1976.  
1944.03.27 Hess, Ralf born in Luxemburg.  IM 1980.
1944.04.06 Acers, Jude, American master, born in Long Beach.
1944.04.06 Gheorghiu, Florin, 1st Romanian to get IGM, born.  IM 1963.  GM 1965.  World Junior ch 1963.  Romanian ch 8 times.
1944.04.12 Grau, Roberto died in Buenos Aires.  Former South American champion and several time Argentina ch.
1944.04.18 Planinc, Albin, Yugoslav IGM, born.  IM 1970.  GM 1972.
1944.04.27 Westerinen, Heikki, Finland IGM, born.  Finnish ch 1965,66,68.  IM 1967.  GM 1975.
1944.05.05 Dzindzihashvili, Roman born in Tbilisi.  IM 1970; GM 1977.  US co-champ 1983.
1944.05.07 Denker wins US Ch, New York. (15.5-1.5).  Won 9 straight games
1944.05.07 Gresser wins US women's championship.
1944.05.21 USSR Chess ch (13th) (National Chess Ch) begins in Moscow.
1944.05.26 Kristol b. Leningrad.  World women's ch 1984.
1944.06.13 Lengyel, Levente b.  Hungarian GM 1964.  IM 1962
1944.06.13 Rocha, Antonio born.  IM 1979.
1944.06.21 Botvinnik wins 13th National USSR Chess Championship, Moscow.
1944.06.26 Menchik, Olga died in a bombing raid.  World challenger in 1935, 1937.
1944.06.26 Menchik-Stevenson, Vera (b. 1906) died in Kent from a bombing raid.
1944.07.01 Komljenovic, Davorin b.
1944.07.04 Garcia-Martinez, Silvino born in Havana.  IM 1969.  GM 1975.
1944.08.10 McCord, Dr. J.B. went 0 for 17 in the US Open.
1944.08.10 Reshevsky 1st at 45th US Open, Boston.
1944.09.05 Sloth b. Sjorring.  European jr ch 1963-4.  World corr ch 1980.
1944.09.15 Ree, Hans born.
1944.09.25 Tseshkovsky, Vitaly born.  IM 1973.  GM 1975.
1944.10.17 Mestrovic, Zvonimir born.  IM 1966.
1944.10.25 Bang, Erik born in Horsens, Denmark.  IMC 1974; GMC 1979.
1944.11    Jackson, E.S. wins the third U.S Amateur title in New York.
1944.11.09 Marshall, Frank (b. 1877), American master, died in Jersey City.
1944.11.15 Ree, Hans born.  IM 1968.  GM 1980.
1944.12.20 Sturgis, George died in Boston. President of USCF.
1944.12.31 Meyer, John born.
1945       PETROV; Vladimir Petrov died in prison camp.  Born 1907.  Latvian ch 1934,35,37.
1945       1st annual USCF golden knights postal championship; won by Rehberg.
1945       Canadian Chess Federation changes name to Chess Federation of Canada.
1945.01    Gresser, Gisela plays 32 players simultaneously.  Won 26, drew 2, lost 4.  Record simul for a female.
1945.02.06 Cebalo, Miso born in Zagreb.  IM 1978; GM 1985.
1945.02.08 Ivanov, Nino Kirov born.  IM 1971.  GM 1975.
1945.02.18 Plachetka, Jan, Czech GM, born.  GM 1978.
1945.03.14 Levy, David b. London.  Scottish ch 1968, 1975.  IM 1969.
1945.03.21 Martz, Bill born in Detroit.  IM 1975.
1945.03.29 Dueball, Juergen born.  IM.
1945.03.31 Rubinetti, Jorge born.  IM 1969.
1945.04.09 Tealsen, Dirk born.
1945.04.16 Antunac, Goran born in Bari, Italy.  Yugoslav IM 1975.
1945.04.17 Junge died, a German army officer killed in action.
1945.05.15 Pytel b.  Polish IM 1975.
1945.05.25 Gesos, Pavlos born in Aetomilitsa, Greece.  IM 1980.
1945.06.01 USSR Ch began (14th) in Moscow.
1945.06.28 Nicevski b.  Yugoslav IM 1975.
1945.07.02 Botvinnik wins 14th USSR Ch in Moscow.
1945.07.21 Santasiere wins 46th US Open, Peoria, IL.  33 players.
1945.07.25 Martinovic b.  Yugoslav IM 1976.  GM 1979.
1945.08.18 Musil, Vojko born.  IM 1967.
1945.08.21 Alburt, Lev born in Orenburg, Russia.  IM 1976;  GM 1977.  US Ch 1984, 1985.
1945.08.31 Balla, Zoltan died in Budapest.  Elo: 2450
1945.09.01 1st Inter. sport of any kind after the war, usa-ussr radio match.  USSR won 15.5 - 4.5.
1945.09.02 V-J Day.  World War II ends.
1945.09.04 Fine plays 4 experts blindfolded, rapid transit, winning all 4.
1945.09.11 Kirov-Ivanov, Bulgarian IGM, born.  IM 1972.  GM 1975.  Bulgarian ch 1973.
1945.09.15 Petran b.  Hungarian IM 1976.
1945.09.26 Gutman, Lev born in Riga, Latvia.  IM 1980; GM 1986.
1945.10.10 Razuvayev, Soviet IGM, born.  IM 1973.  GM 1976.
1945.10.14 Baczynskyj, Boris born in Vienna.  FM 1982.
1945.11    Ellis, Paul win US Amateur Ch in NY.
1945.12.21 Suttles, Duncan born.  IM 1967.  GM 1973.
1945.12.29 1st National Individual Intercollegiate Tournament, NY.
1946       1st time the USSR joined FIDE.
1946       International Corr Chess Fed created by FIDE.
1946       Karff wins US women's championship.
1946.01.09 Hastings 1945/46.
1946.01.09 Salman, Nachum born.
1946.01.19 Kuzmin, Gennady, Soviet IGM, born.  GM 1973.
1946.02.27 Andersson, Goran born in Alvesta, Sweden.  IMC 1979.
1946.02.28 Cvetkovic, Srdjan born in Sremska Mitrovica, Yugoslavia.  IM 1980.
1946.03.15 Tukmakov, Vladimir born.
1946.03.16 Basman, Michael born in London.  IM 1980.
1946.03.21 Gandev, Peter born in Sliven, Bulgaria.  IMComp 1988.  Leading composer of fairy problems.
1946.03.22 Smejkal, Jan, Czech player, born.  IM 1970.  GM 1972.
1946.03.24 Alekhine, Alexander died of a heart attack in Estoril, Portugal.
1946.04.01 Farago, Ivan born in Budapest.  IM 1974; GM 1976.  Hungarian ch 1986.
1946.04.03 Aeschlimann, Beat born in Switzerland.  IA 1981.
1946.04.06 Holzl, Franz born in Kufstein, Austria.  IM 1985.
1946.04.18 Rashkovsky, Naum born.  IGM 1980.
1946.05.13 Locock d.  Born in 1862.  Br chess problem composer.
1946.06.02 Bronstein, Luis born in Cordoba, Argentina.  IM 1978.
1946.07.19 Goumondy, Claude born in Belmont, France.  IMComp 1979; GMComp 1984; IJComp 1984.
1946.08    US Open, Pittsburgh, Steiner 1st.  58 entries.  1st Swiss system for the US Open.
1946.08.07 Strauss, David born.
1946.08.10 Mariotti, Sergio, Italian GM, born in Florence.  IM 1969.  1st Italian GM 1974.  Italian ch 1969, 1971.
1946.08.13 Groningen 1946 begins with 20 players.
1946.08.20 Zavanelli, Max born in Ohio.  Corr player.
1946.08.24 Ivanovic, Bozidar b.  Yugoslav IM 1976.  GM 1977
1946.08.25 Kelling, F.K. died in New Zealand.  Grand old man of New Zealand chess.
1946.09.01 1st USCF official publication, CHESS LIFE.
1946.09.07 Botvinnik wins 1st major international tourney after WW2, Groningen. 
1946.09.17 USSR vs USA return match ends in Moscow.  USSR wins
1946.11    1st Central American Championship, held in Guatemala.  Nicaragua won.
1946.11.05 Cetkovic, Miodrag born in Vladican-Han, Yugoslavia.  IM 1983.
1946.11.12 Erenska-Radzewska, Hanna born in Poznan, Poland.  WIM 1973; WGM 1981.
1946.11.12 Radzewska, Hanka born.
1946.11.17 US Ch (6th), New York, Reshevsky 1st.  Played on the 50th floor of the Chanin Bldg.  20 entries.
1946.11.20 Butnorius, Algimantas born in Russia.  IM 1983.
1946.12.19 Shahade, Michael born.
1946.12.30 Amos, Bruce born in Toronto.  IM 1969.
1947       1st national championship of the Republic of the Philippines was won by Horacio Tagle.
1947       Alden, Charles born.  1966 US Jr Ch.
1947       Robinson, Sir Robert wins 1947 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  Pres. of the Royal Society and chessplayer.
1947       1st national event to use the swiss system, the US Open.
1947       1st postage stamp depicting chess issued in Bulgaria.
1947       1st computer program for chess specified by A. Turing.
1947       O'Sullivan scored 1 draw and 12 losses at Hilversum Zonal.
1947       1st Idaho state championship, won by C.H. Stewart of Boise.
1947       Nesis, Gennady born.  ICCG 1985.
1947       Russell, Hanon born.  
1947       1st Peru national championship; won by J. Perez.
1947       Gilchrist, Mary died in Scotland.  British lady ch in 1920 and 1934.
1947.01    Alexander, C.H.O'D wins Hastings 1946/47 with 7.5 - 1.5 score.
1947.01    Najdorf plays 45 opponents blindfold (+39=4-2) in 23.5 hours.
1947.01.08 Ivanov, Igor born.
1947.02.09 Gulko, Boris born in Erfurt, Germany.  IM 1975.  GM 1976.  Moscow ch 1974.
1947.02.24 Devenney, Raymond born in Coleraine, Ulster.  Ireland co-champ 1977.
1947.03    Belson, John Harold died.  Canadian chess champion in 1934.
1947.03    Najdorf wins Mar del Plata tournament.
1947.03    Keres wins 15th USSR Championship in Leningrad (14-5 score).
1947.03.05 Blumenfeld, Boris died in Moscow.  Russian chess theortician.  Elo: 2390
1947.03.13 Belson, John died in Toronto (age 41).  Canadian champion in 1934, 1946.
1947.03.24 Hartoch, Robert b. Amsterdam.  European jr ch 1963-64.  IM 1971.
1947.04.14 Karlins, Andrew born.
1947.05.20 Kaidor b.  Israeli IM 1975.
1947.05.25 Lederman born in USSR.  IM 1976.  Lives in Israel.
1947.05.28 Soltis, Andrew born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.
1947.06    Kevitz, Alexander won the Manhattan CC Ch, 6.5 - 1.5.
1947.06.01 Suba, Mihail, Romanian IGM (1978), born.  IM 1975.  GM 1978.
1947.06.03 Banas, Jan born in Nitra, Czechoslovakia.  IM 1979.
1947.06.16 Narraway, James died in Canada (age 90).  Canadian ch 1893, 1897, 1898.
1947.06.16 Tseitlin, Mikhail b.  GM 1988.
1947.06.29 Yanofsky wins Canadian Championship held in Quebec.
1947.07.01 1st tourney for World Corr. Chess Ch began; 78 players.  Purdy won.
1947.07.04 Radashkovich b.  IM 1976.  Israeli.
1947.07.27 Grunberg, Sergiu-Henric born in Bucharest.  IM 1985.
1947.07.31 O'Kelly wins 1st European Zonal tournament at Hilversum.
1947.08    Turco, Marquis Stefani Rosselli del died in Italy.  Founder of the Italian Chess Fed.
1947.08.01 Post, E. died in Berlin (age 65).  President of the German Chess Fed.
1947.08.03 Fernandez, Ciro born in Cuba.  IM 1975.
1947.08.05 Debarnot, Roberto born in Argentina.  IM 1977.
1947.08.12 Hartston, William born.  IM 1973.  Br ch 1973,75.
1947.08.14 Yoffie, Marc born.
1947.08.22 Golombek and Broadbent tie in the 1947 British Ch.
1947.08.23 Kashdan wins 48th US Open (11.5 - 1.5), Corpus Christi. (86 players are a record)
1947.09.06 Grefe, John born in Hoboken, NJ.  IM 1975.  US co-champ 1973.
1947.09.07 Grigorian, Karen born in Erevan, Armenia.  IM 1982.
1947.09.08 Bleiman, Yacov born in Vilnius, Lithuania.  IM 1971.
1947.09.25 Borik, Otto born in Prague.  IM 1982.
1947.09.25 Sigurjonsson, Gudmundur, Icelandic IGM, born.  IM 1970.  GM 1975.
1947.10.02 Krnic b.  Yugoslav IM 1976.
1947.10.04 Fatalibekova, Elena (ne Rubtsova) born in Moscow.  WIM 1970; WGM 1977.
1947.10.06 Bazlov, Yuri born in Slavianka, Russia.  Winner of the 15th USSR study-composing ch (1979-80)
1947.10.14 Suradiradja, Herman b.  Indonesia GM 1977.
1947.10.16 Estevez-Morales, Guillermo born in Menesses, Cuba.  IM 1972.
1947.10.29 Foigel, Igor born in Russia.  IM 1982.
1947.11.09 Georgadze, Tamaz born in Tbilisi, Georgia.  IM 1975; GM 1977.
1947.11.15 Kurajica, Yugoslav IGM, born.  Won World Jr Ch 1965.  GM 1973.
1947.11.17 Crown, Gordon dies at age 18 in Liverpool after an operation for appendicitis. 
1947.11.25 Lechtynsky, Jiri b.  Czech GM 1982.
1947.11.29 Hennig, Heinrich died in Kiel, Germany.  Hennig-Schara Gambit.  Admiral.
1947.12.09 Dvoretsky, Mark born in Moscow.  IM 1975.  Leading Russian chess trainer.
1947.12.09 Hartston-Miles-Bellin, Jana (ne Malypetrova) born in Prague.  WIM 1969; WGM 1982.
1947.12.09 MILES; Jana Malypetrova Hartston Miles b. Prague.  8-time Br women's ch.
1947.12.18 Basagic, Zlatko born in Derventa, Yugoslavia.  IM 1986.
1947.12.28 Quinteros, Miguel, Argentine IGM, born.  IM 1970.  GM 1973.
1948       Markwick, F.W. died (age 85) while playing chess at Leigh-on-Sea.  Chess correspondent for 44 years.
1948       1st British Girls Ch won by A. Pocknell.
1948       1st Russian woman to achieve a master's rating - Elizabeth Bykova.
1948       Evans (age 16) captures Marshall Club Ch.
1948       Mukhin b.  IM 1975.  Died in 1977
1948.01    Szabo, Laszlo won Hastings 1947-48 (7.5 - 1.5).
1948.01    FINE; "Practical Chess Openings" by Fine published.
1948.01.14 Atanasov Petkov, Petko born in Bulgaria.  IM 1983
1948.01.27 Vadasz, Laszlo b.  Hungarian IM 1975.  GM 1976.
1948.01.29 Keene, Raymond born.  IM 1972.  2nd British GM 1976.  Br ch 1971.
1948.02.14 Govedarica, Radovan born in Vrbas, Yugoslavia.  IM 1980.
1948.03.02 World championship match-tournament begins, The Hague.
1948.03.03 Despotovic, Momcilo born in Belgrade.  IM 1978; IMC 1982.
1948.03.14 Bjelajac, Milan born in Skopje.  IM 1982.
1948.03.16 Lemachko, Tatiana born.
1948.04.24 Hase, Juan born in Argentina.  IM 1982.
1948.05.05 Honlinger met 213 opponents; won 187, drew 13, lost 13 in 12.5 hours without a break.
1948.05.06 Harding, Timothy born in England.  Author.
1948.05.17 Botvinnik wins at The Hague/Moscow to become world champion.  Wins $5,000.
1948.06.09 Simic, Radoslav b.  Yug GM 1984.
1948.07.16 Boersma, Paulus born in Leewarden, Netherlands.  IM 1986.
1948.07.17 Adams, Weaver wins 49th US Open, Baltimore.
1948.07.24 Bisguier wins US Jr Championship held at Oak Ridge, TN.
1948.08.11 FIDE General Meeting (19th) starts at Saltsjobaden, Sweden.
1948.08.15 Bronstein wins 1st interzonal at Saltjobaden.  Survived an assassin.  1st place was $550.
1948.08.25 Braun, Marilyn (Koput, Simmons) born in Milwaukee.  WIM 1972.
1948.08.29 Charles "Kit" Crittenden wins NC state ch at age 14, nation's youngest state ch. (CR 6/51,164)
1948.08.31 Gresser and Karff become US women's co-champions.
1948.08.31 Steiner, Herman wins 7th US Ch in South Fallsburg, NY.
1948.09    Price, Edith wins Br Women's ch in London at age 76.  Oldest champ ever.
1948.09.30 Djukic, Zeljko born in Glamoc, Yugoslavia.  IM 1986.
1948.11.06 Huebner, Robert born in Cologne.  IM 1969; GM 1971.
1948.11.18 Frederic Lazard died.  French chess player.
1948.11.20 1st Soviet stamp issued to mark the world chess championship match.
1948.11.30 Gustave Lazard died.  French problemist.
1948.12.02 Angantysson, Haukur born in Flateyri, Iceland.  IM 1981.
1948.12.14 Bronstein and Kotov tie in the 16th USSR Ch, Moscow.
1949       ICCF; International Cr. Chess Fed (ICCF) replaces International Chess Assn.
1949       Tranmer, E. scored a perfect 11-0 score in the British Ladies' Ch.
1949       Evans wins Marshall Club Ch.
1949       Shannon presents a paper on programming a computer for chess.
1949       Rueb, President of FIDE for 25 years, retired.  Rogard becomes FIDE President.
1949       1st USSR correspondence chess championship tournament.
1949       SILENT; Formation of International Committee on Silent Chess (Copenhaen).
1949       1st Northern California - Southerna California annual match.
1949       Fine wins New York International.
1949       Israeli Chess Federation founded.
1949.01.05 Espig, Lutz born in Greiz, Germany.  IM 1972; GM 1983.
1949.01.08 Rossolimo wins Hastings 1948/49.
1949.01.08 Botterill, George born in Yorkshire, England.  Br ch 1974.  IM 1978.
1949.01.10 Browne, Walter born in Sydney, Australia.  IM 1969; GM 1970.  US Ch 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1983.
1949.01.21 Blackstock, Les born in 1949.
1949.02.01 Day, Lawrence born in Kitchener, Ontario.  IM 1972.
1949.03.05 Vaiser, Anatoly b. Alma Alta.  GM 1985.
1949.03.12 Balashov, Yuri born in Shadrinsk, Russia.  IM 1970; GM 1973.
1949.04.10 Didishko, Vereslov born in Minsk.  IM 1982
1949.04.27 Timoshenko, Gennady born.  IM 1976.
1949.05.02 Raicevic, Vladimir b.  IM 1975.  GM 1976.  Yugoslavia.
1949.05.21 Ghizdavu, Dumitru born in Bucharest.  IM 1972.
1949.07    1st FIDE Grandmaster list.  17 GMs. (CHESS 7/49,213; 10/49,14)
1949.07.03 Kupreichik, Viktor born.
1949.07.22 Markzon, Gregory born.
1949.07.25 Ghinda, Mihai-Viorel born in Bucharest.  IM 1977.
1949.08    US Open, Omaha, Alburt Sandrin 1st (half blind).
1949.08.08 Opening day of the 1st British Ch run as a Swiss, at Felixstowe.
1949.08.28 O'Connell, Kevin b.  British writer.
1949.09    Golombek wins British Ch.  1st British Ch to use the Swiss system.
1949.09    Mackenzie, A.J. died in Hastings.  3-time Scottish Ch.
1949.09.14 Zlotnikov, Mikhail born.
1949.09.29 Ermenkov, Evgeny born in Sofia.  5-time Bulgarian ch.  IM 1974; GM 1977.
1949.10.13 Alexandria, Nana born in Poti, Georgia.  3-time USSR women's ch.  WIM 1966; WGM 1976
1949.11.10 Antonov Nikolov, Vladimir born in Pernik, Bulgaria.  IM 1980.
1949.11.20 Bronstein and Smyslov tie in 17th USSR Ch.
1949.11.23 Hernandez, Roman born in Santiago, Cuba.  IM 1975; GM 1978.  Cuban ch 1981-82.  IM 1975.
1949.12.05 Koltanowski played 257 games in 12 hours in San Francisco.  Played 37 at a time.
1950       PHILLIPS; Harold Phillips elected USCF president.
1950       LONG GAME; Pilnik-Czerniak, 191 move draw, 23 hours.  Mar del Plata.
1950       ICCF; The International Correspondence Chess Federation formed.
1950       CORR; 1st individual world correspondence championship began.
1950       BONHAM; International Braille Assn founded by R. Bonham.
1950       KAPLAN; Julio Kaplan born.
1950       Najdorf played 250 games simultaneously, won 226, drew 14, lost 10. (CR 1/51,1)
1950       Jim Cross wins 1950 US Jr ch (CR 1/51.3)
1950       state champions (CR 1/51,4)
1950.01    Laszlo Szabo wins Hastings 1949/50. (CR 1/51/1)
1950.01.12 Rowley, Robert born.
1950.01.15 Boehm, Hans born in the Netherlands.  Dutch IM 1975.
1950.01.18 Rudenko, Liudmila wins Women's World Ch, Moscow.  16 players.  11.5-6.5 score.
1950.02.11 Sveshnikov, Yevgeny b. Cheliabinsk.  GM 1977.
1950.02.23 Budinszky, Maria (nee Ivanka) born in Budapset.  WIM 1968.
1950.02.25 Frey, Kenneth born in Neuilly, France.  IM 1975.
1950.02.28 Lerner, Konstantin b. Odessa.  GM 1986.
1950.03.24 Babula, Milan born in Uhersky Brod, Czechoslovakia.  FM 1981; IM 1983.
1950.03.26 Palatnik, Semen b.  GM 1978.
1950.03.31 Adorjan, Andras born in Budapest.  IM 1970; GM 1973.  Born Jocha.
1950.04.16 Bouaziz, Slim born in Tunisia.  IM 1975.
1950.04.23 Rantanen, Yrjo b. Tampere.  2-time Finnish ch.  GM 1981.
1950.05.01 Start of 1st corr. world ch finals.  Won by Purdy.
1950.05.01 Bronstein, Boleslavsky win 1st candidates tournament, Budapest, (won $5,000)
1950.05.08 Bellon-Lopez, Juan born in Valencia, Spain.  5-time Spanish ch.  GM 1979.  IM 1974.
1950.05.27 Maurice Wertheim died.  Former president of Manhattan CC.  Born in 1886. (CR 7/51, 204)
1950.06.18 Borm, Franciscus born in Roosendaal, Netherlands.  IM 1986.
1950.07    FIDE met in Copenhagen.  27 GMs. (CHESS 8/1950, 208)
1950.07.05 Diaz, Joaquin Carlos born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.  Cuban IM 1975.
1950.07.09 Lukacs, Peter b.  Hungarian IM 1976.
1950.07.22 Chevaldonnet, Francois born in Reims, France.  IM 1985.
1950.07.22 1950 US Open, Detroit, Bisguier 1st. (120 players).  Score was 9-3. Evans wins speed ch (CR 1/51/3)
1950.07.31 Start of 1st Candidates playoff, Bronstein-Boleslavsky, Moscow.
1950.08    C. Chaude de Silans is 1st lady to play in men's olympiad.
1950.08    Sir T. Thomas is only blind player to play in a chess olympiad.
1950.08.27 Bronstein wins Candidates playoff, 7.5-6.5, against Boleslavsky.
1950.08.27 Ubilava, Elizbar b. Tbilisi.  GM 1988.
1950.09.02 Broadbent wins British Ch. at Buxton.
1950.09.10 Dubrovnik Olympiad; Yugoslavia 1st, US 4th. (1st post-war olympiad).  16 countries (CR 1/51, 3)
1950.09.11 Meduna, Eduard b.  Czech GM 1987.
1950.09.11 Harandi,Khossrow born in Iran.  Iran IM 1975.
1950.09.19 Lombard, Andre b.  Swiss ch 1975.  IM 1976.
1950.09.30 Robinson, Robert elected President of the British Chess Fed.
1950.10.04 Weinstein, Norman born.
1950.10.04 Giffard, Nicolas born in La Baule, France.  IM 1980.
1950.11    1st USCF rating list (2306 players, Fine is #1, Reshevsky #2) (CHESS 2/51,96)
1950.11.01 Bradford, Joseph born in Meridian, MS.  FM.
1950.11.02 Ljubojevic, Lubomir, Yugoslav IGM, born.  GM 1971.
1950.11.19 Biyiasas, Peter born in Athens.  3-time Canadian ch.  IM 1972; GM 1978.
1950.11.27 Birnboim, Nathan born in Tel Aviv.  IM 1978.
1950.12    Verlinsky, Boris died in USSR.  Born 1887.  IM 1950.  USSR ch 1929.
1950.12    Hans Johner wins Swiss championship for the 12th time (CR 2/51,39)
1950.12.10 Najdorf wins Amsterdam international, Reshevsky 2nd. (CR 2/51,44)
1950.12.12 Keres wins 18th USSR Ch.
1950.12.24 Dobrovolsky, Ladislav born in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia.  FM 1981; IM 1982.
1951       Pachl, Franz born.  German problemist and German ch of mini-golf in 1977.
1951       ARBITER; Internatioal arbiter (judge) title created by FIDE.
1951       Wade played 30 Russian boys in Moscow.  Drew 10, lost 20.
1951       STAMP; 1st postage stamp portraying a master issued in Cuba.
1951       BRAILLE; International Braille Chess Association founded by R. Bonham.  Affiliated with FIDE in 1964.
1951       White, Alain died.
1951       CORR; 1st USSR cr ch won by Konstantinopolsky.
1951       COLLEGE; Columbia wins 16-team intercollegiate championship.
1951       Milton Hanauer wins the 1950-51 Marshall CH Ch (CR 3/51,69)
1951       Denker wins Manhattan CC Ch (CR 5/51,133)
1951       Sherwins wins NY state ch at age 17.  (CR 10/51, 290)
1951       Mary Bain wins US women's ch (CR 12/51, 356)
1951.01.04 Ervin, Roy born.
1951.01.06 Unzicker wins Hastings 1950/51. (CR 2/51,35)
1951.01.16 Hundsdorfer, Wolfgang died in Freissing, Germany.  Problemist.
1951.01.19 Hernandez, Jose born in Cuba.  IM 1977.
1951.02.10 Peters, John born.
1951.02.14 Abramovic, Bosko born in Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia.  IM 1980; GM 1984.
1951.02.21 Dory, Jeno born in Budapest.  IM 1986.  
1951.03.15 start of the Botvinnik-Bronstein match, Moscow (1st under FIDE rules)
1951.03.30 Velikov, Petar b.  Bulgarian IM 1975.
1951.04    USCF publishes its 2nd national rating list (CR 2/51,103)  Fine-2817, Reshevsky-2734 as of Dec 1, 1950
1951.04.05 Barreras, Alberto born in Cienfuegos, Cuba.  IM 1981
1951.04.23 Alain C. White, Alain died in Sumerville, SC. Chess problem authority.  (CR 5/51,135 and 6/51,168)
1951.04.25 Savage, Allan born.
1951.05.03 Purdy won Australian ch for 4th time.  Won in 1934,1937,1948.
1951.05.11 Botvinnik draws Bronstein to retain world ch., Moscow. (CR, May and June 1951)
1951.05.11 Wall, William Dale born in Raymond, Washington.  Chess author & organizer.
1951.05.23 Karpov, Anatoly born in Zlatoust, USSR.
1951.05.25 Hulak, Krunoslav born in Osijek, Yugoslavia.  Yugoslav ch 1976.  GM 1976.  IM 1974.
1951.05.28 Horvath, Gyula born in Bacsalmas, Hungary.  IM 1986.
1951.05.29 Maroczy, Geza (b. 1870), Yugoslav IGM, died in Budapest at age 81.  GM 1950. (CR 7/51, 200)
1951.06.01 Staunton Centenary tournament in England.  Won by Gligoric.  (CR 8/51, 227)
1951.06.11 Boudy, Julio born in Cuba.  IM 1975.
1951.06.11 1st World Jr. championship, Birmingham, England starts (ends June 23, 1951).  Age limit is 21.  Boris Ivkov, age 17, 1st. (CR 8/51, 232 and 9/51, 259)
1951.06.14 Fedder, Steen born in Copenhagen.  IM 1982.
1951.06.20 Wertheim Memorial ends in New York. Event won by Reshevsky. (CR 7/51, 204)
1951.06.18 Sax, Gyula, Hungarian IGM, born.  IM 1972.  GM 1976.
1951.06.27 Andersson, Ulf born in Vasteras, Sweden.  IM 1970; GM 1972.
1951.07    US Ch, New York, Evans 1st.
1951.07.23 Commons, Kim born in Lancaster, CA.  IM 1976.
1951.07.29 Coudari, Camille born in Aleppo, Syria.  Canadian IM 1979.
1951.08    US Open, Fort Worth, Evans 1st. (98 players)
1951.08.02 Fernandez, Juan born in Argentina.  IM 1975.
1951.08.19 Larry Evans wins US Ch (CR 9/51, 263)
1951.08.25 Dann, Stephen born in Worcester, MA.  Chess magazine editor.
1951.09.02 Salgado, Robert born.
1951.09.05 Watson, John born.
1951.09.06 Ribli, Zoltan, Hungarian IGM, born.  IM 1970.  GM 1973.  Hunarian ch 1973,74.
1951.10.14 Interzonal at Stockholm, Sweden.
1951.10.15 Vaganian, Rafael born.
1951.10.18 "Faithfully Yours" play opens in New York staarring Robert Cummings and Ann Sothern.  Features chess (CR 1/52, 4)
1951.10.23 Horvath, Tamas born in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.  IM 1982.
1951.10.31 Anton, Volker-Michael born in Magdeburg, Germany.  IMC 1983.
1951.11.04 Torre, Eugenio, Filipino IGM, born.
1951.11.20 Hresc, Vladimir born in Zemun, Yugoslavia.  IM 1985.
1951.12.00 Pavle Bidev (1912-1988) writes "New Investigations About Chess Origins" published in Mail Chess in Belgrade
1951.12.02 Koltanowski won 43, drew 5, lost 2 in 10 seconds-per-move blindfold chess in 9 hours of play in SF.
1951.12.05 Ardiansyah, H. born in Bandjermasin, Indonesia.  IM 1969; GM 1986.
1951.12.08 DeFotis, Gregory born in Chicago.
1951.12.11 Blake, Joseph died in Kingston-Upon-Thames.  Br ch 1909.  Br corr. ch 1922.
1951.12.14 Timman, Jan, Dutch IGM, born.
1951.12.15 Keres wins 19th USSR Championship in Moscow. (CR 2/51, 38)
1951.12.16 Dawson, Thomas died in London.  Pioneer of fairy chess.  Born in 1889.  Rubber chemistry expert.
1951.12.20 Arapovic, Vitomir born in Mostar, Yugoslavia.  IM 1979.
1951.12.24 Piasetski, Leon, Canadian IM, born.  IM 1975.
1952       Gligoric wins Hastings 1951/52.
1952       Reshevsky defeats Najdorf for the unofficial ch of the west.
1952       POUTIANEN; Pertti Poutianen b.  Finnish ch 1974.  IM 1976.  Died 1978.
1952       STUDENT; 1st international tournament for students, Liverpool.
1952       Evans defeats Steiner 10-4 in a US Championship match.
1952.01.04 Szymczak, Zbigniew born.
1952.01.05 Ogaard, Leif b.  Norwegian IM 1974.
1952.01.10 Romanishin, Oleg born.  IM 1973.
1952.01.17 VOGT; Lothar Vogt, East German IGM, born.  IM 1973.  GM 1976.
1952.01.28 Arbakov, Valentine born.  Rated 2640 as an IM.
1952.02.02 Mecking, Henrique born in Brazil
1952.02.02 Andres-Mendez, Miguel born in Havana.  IM 1984.
1952.02.13 Combe, Robert died in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Br ch 1946.
1952.02.16 Sidney Kenton died.  New York and Manhattan CC organizer. (CR 3/52, 68)
1952.02.17 Montgomery, Parker born.
1952.02.22 Tarjan, James born.  GM 1976.
1952.02.26 Rinck, Henri (b. 1870), chess composer, died in Barcelona.
1952.03.04 Eslon, Jaan born in Falkoping, Sweden.  IM 1977.
1952.03.11 Foltys, Jan died in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia.  Czech ch 1943.  IM 1950.  Qualified for Interzonal but died of leukemia.
1952.03.21 Barle, Janez born in Rijeka, Yugoslavia.  Yugoslav IM 1976.
1952.04    Koltanowski beats Bogart in blindfold play. (CHESS 5/52,159 - game).
1952.04.16 Afek, Yochanan born in Tel Aviv.  FM 1986  Born Kopelovich.  IJComp 1988; IMComp 1989.
1952.04.24 Heathcote, Godfrey died in Cheltenham, England.  Composer.
1952.04.24 Ornstein, Axel b.  Swedish ch 1975.  IM 1975.
1952.05.01 Dorfman, Iosif born in Russia.  IM 1977; GM 1978.
1952.05.16 Winslow, Elliot born.
1952.05.17 Leverett, Bruce born.
1952.06.10 Day, Angela born in Canada.  WIM 1982.
1952.06.18 Bogoljubov, Efim German IGM, died in Triberg, Germany after a simul exhibition. (CR 7/52, 200)
1952.06.27 Meyer, Eugene born.
1952.06.29 Sher, Miron b.  URS GM 1992.
1952.06.30 Bellin, Robert born in Great Yarmouth, England.  Br co-Ch 1974.  IM 1977.
1952.07.07 Jamieson, Robert b.  Australian IM 1975.
1952.07.11 Sharif, Mehrshad b.  Iranian IM 1975.
1952.07.16 Platov, Vasily (b. 1881), soviet chess composer, died.
1952.07.16 Hardicsay, Peter born in Vac, Hungary.  IM 1986.
1952.07.26 US Open, Tampa, Evans 1st.
1952.08.30 Helsinki olympiad ends, USSR 1st; Argentina was 2nd; Yugoslavia was 3rd;  USA 5th. (CR10/52,296); 1st time USSR participated
1952.09.06 Napier, William (b. 1881), American master, died in Washington DC. (CR 10/52, 299)
1952.09.10 Hug, Werner born in Feldmeilen, Switzerland.  World jr ch 1971.  Swiss ch 1975.  IM 1971
1952.09.19 Chellstorp, Craig born in Chicago.  US Jr Ch. 1972.
1952.10    Saltsjobaden (Stockholm) Interzonal, Kotov 1st.  21 players
1952.10.19 Haik, Aldo born in Tunis.  IM 1977.
1952.10.20 Sergeant, Philip, chess author, died.
1952.11.20 Bikova wins Women's Candidates for the World Championship, Moscow.
1952.11.21 Shirazi, Kamran born.
1952.12    Ratings, USCF: Reshevsky 2751, Fine 2676, Evans 2660 (CHESS 12/52,47)
1952.12.18 Evans, Larry David born in New York City.  IM 1980.
1953       CORR; Titles of GM of corr. chess and IM for corr. chess instituted.
1953       1st chess book published by the Tatar language, by Neimetdinov.
1953       1st Br jr ch; won by D. Griffiths.
1953       DEAF; 1st team championship for the deaf (Norway).
1953       Karff wins US women's championship.
1953       1st Clare Benedict International Team Tournament, won by the Dutch.
1953       Keres becomes 1st sportsman of the year in chess in USSR.
1953       1st Bognor Regis Chess Congress, England.
1953.01    1st FIDE bulletin published.
1953.01.09 Hastings 1952/53 over.  4-way tie.
1953.01.10 Scott, Robert died.  Born 1889.  Br ch 1920.
1953.02.09 Taylor, Timothy born.
1953.02.23 Bielczyk, Jacek born in Katowice, Poland.  IM 1979.
1953.03.07 Erdelyi, Tamas born in Hungary.  IM 1986.
1953.03.16 Knaak, Rainer, East German IGM, born.  IM 1973.  GM 1975.  E German ch 1974.
1953.03.20 Dobosz, Henryk born in Lublin, Poland.  IM 1978.
1953.03.22 Rogoff, Kenneth, US IGM (1978), born.  IM 1974.
1953.03.31 CORR; End of 1st world corr. ch.  Won by Cecil Purdy with 10.5 score.
1953.04.08 Castro-Rojas, Oscar born in Columbia.  IM 1975.
1953.06.14 Hazai, Laszlo born in Budapest.  IM 1977.
1953.07    2nd World jr. ch, Copenhagen, Panno, Darga 1st.
1953.07    1st British Lightning Chess Ch (10 seconds a move); won by Paul List.
1953.07    1st British Lightning Chess Champion - Leonard Barden.
1953.07.28 CANDIDATES; 2nd Candidates tournament, Zurich, Smyslov 1st.
1953.08    US Open, Milwaukee, Donald Byrne 1st, wins $1,500 (182 players).
1953.08.19 Beil, Zdenek born in Frydek-Mistek, Czechoslovakia.  IM 1985.
1953.09.04 Stean, Michael, British IGM (1977), born.  IM 1975.
1953.09.11 Berry, Jonathan born in Chilliwack, British Columbia.  IA 1975; IMC 1983; FM 1984; GMC 1985
1953.09.26 Gurgenidze, David born in Russia.  IMComp 1980; GMComp 1990.
1953.10.05 Panchenko, Aleksander b.  GM 1980.
1953.10.20 Biriescu, Ion born in Darova-Timis, Romania.  IM 1979.
1953.10.24 Smyslov wins 2nd Candidates tourney, Zurich.
1953.11.09 PINTER; Joszef Pinter b. Budapest.  GM 1982.  IM 1976.
1953.11.17 Makarichev, Sergei b. Moscow.  GM 1976.  IM 1974.
1953.11.26 World Women's Championship finished in Moscow.
1953.11.30 Gruchaz, Robert born.  IM 1980.
1953.12.02 Garcia-Palermo, Carlos born in La Plata, Argentina.  IM 1981; GM 1985.  
1953.12.03 BALLET; 1st ballet on ice, Sinbad the Sailor, with a chess theme, London.
1953.12.08 Grigorov, Iordan born in Sofia, Bulgaria.  IM 1979
1953.12.09 Garcia-Gonzales, Guillermo born in Las Villas, Cuba.  3-time Cuban ch.  GM 1976.  IM 1974.
1953.12.16 Petrosian, Arshak b.  GM 1984.
1953.12.16 Gonzales, Jorge born in Bogota, Columbia.  IM 1977.
1953.12.17 Beliavsky, Alexander born in Lvov, Ukraine.  IM 1973; GM 1975.  World Jr ch 1973.  USSR ch 1974
1954       USSR beats US, 20-12, in 8-board match in NY.
1954       Lombardy (16) wins NY state championship.
1954       Alice chess invented by Vernon Parton (1897-1974).
1954       OLY; 1st Student Olympiad, world youth team ch, Oslo, won by Czechoslovakia.
1954.02.23 Mieses, Jacques (b. 1865), IGM, died (1st British player to get IGM).
1954.02.28 Kopec, Danny born.
1954.03    RATINGS; 1st British Grading List published (49 names).  (BCF)
1954.03.09 Garcia, Gildardo born in Medellin, Columbia.  IM 1979.
1954.03.16 Botvinnik-Smyslov match, Moscow, begins.
1954.03.25 Liebowitz, Errol born.
1954.05.03 Fernandez-Garcia, Jose born in Portugalete, Spain.  IM 1980; GM 1986.
1954.05.10 Epstein, Esther born.  WIM 1972.
1954.05.13 Botvinnik draws with Smyslov to retain world ch title.
1954.05.14 Cooper, John born in Cardiff, Wales.  IM 1984.
1954.06.12 Orton, William born.
1954.06.18 Ambroz, Jan born in Lanskroun, Czechoslovakia.  IM 1980.
1954.06.23 Arkhipov, Sergey born in Moscow.  IM 1985; GM 1992.
1954.07    US ch, New York, Bisguier 1st.
1954.07.08 Levitina, Irina born.  WGM 1976.  
1954.07.18 Bjarnason, Saevar born in Iceland.  IM 1985.
1954.08    OLY; Amsterdam Olympiad, USSR 1st.
1954.08    US Open, New Orleans, Evans 1st on t-b over Pomar (110 players).
1954.08    Gresser wins US women's open.
1954.08.23 Harper, Bruce born in Vancouver, British Columbia.  FM 1983.
1954.08.27 Silman, Jeremy born.
1954.09.06 Agzamov, Georgy born in Almalik, Russia.  IM 1982; GM 1984.  Died 1986.
1954.11.03 Alekhina, Natalia born in Russia.  WIM 1984.
1954.11.10 Spraggett, Kevin, Canadian IGM (1985), born.  IM 1975.
1954.11.18 Mikhalchisin, Adrian b. Lvov.  GM 1978.
1954.11.23 Bernard, Henry died in England.  Problemist.
1954.11.25 Savereide, Diane born.
1954.12.06 Armas, Asela born in Cuba.  WIM 1978.
1954.12.14 Moore, Bobby born.
1954.12.24 Delaune, Richard born.
1954.12.31 Znosko-Borovsky, E. (b. 1884), Russian master & author, died.
1955       Gresser and Nancy Roos become US women's co-champions.
1955       Fordham wins national intercollegiate team title.
1955       USSR beats US, 25-7, in Moscow match.
1955       BLIND; Start of 1st Blind Corr, World Ch.  Won by R. Bonham.
1955       ACF; Formation of American Chess Foundation
1955       Franklin and Mercantile clubs merge to form Franklin-Mercantile Chess Club
1955.01.06 Marjanovic, Slavojub b. Lalinac.  Yugoslav ch 1985.  GM 1978.
1955.01.23 Biyiases, Ruth (ne Haring, Orton) born in Bourne, MA.  
1955.01.23 Haring, Ruth (Orton, Biyiasas) born in Bourne, MA.  WIM 1977.
1955.01.31 Atkins, Henry died in Huddersfield, England.  IM 1950.  9-time Br Ch (1905-1911, 1924, 1925).
1955.02.05 Barnes, Craig born in Norman, OK.  US master.
1955.02.08 Szekely b.  Hungarian IM 1976.
1955.02.20 Shapiro, Daniel born.
1955.03    RATING; USCF rating list: Reshevsky (2766), Evans (2629, R. Byrne (2621)
1955.03.20 Schiller, Eric born.
1955.04.14 Schneider, Atilla born.
1955.04.23 Miles, Anthony, US IGM (1976), born in England.  1st British GM.  
1955.04.25 Nunn, John born.  IM 1975.  GM 1978.  European Jr ch 1975.
1955.04.26 Armas, Iulius born in Bucharest.  IM 1985.
1955.05.16 Murray, H.J.R. (b. 1868), chess historian, died.
1955.05.18 Harley, Brian died in Bognor Regis, England.  Composer.
1955.05.27 Alzate, Dario born in Columbia.  IM 1984.
1955.06    World jr. ch, Antwerp, Spassky 1st.
1955.06.28 Blocker, Calvin born in Cleveland.  FM 1981; IM 1982.
1955.07.07 Bonin, Jay born.  IM 1985.
1955.07.10 Schneider b.  Swedish IM 1976.
1955.07.11 Karlsson b. Stockholm.  GM 1982.
1955.07.15 Frankle, Jon born.
1955.07.26 Djuric, Stefan born in Belgrade.  IM 1978; GM 1982.
1955.08    US Open, Long Beach, Rossolimo 1st. (wins 1955 buick) (156 players)
1955.09.11 Arne, Mike born.
1955.10    INTERZONAL; Gothenburg interzonal, Bronstein 1st.
1955.10.25 Angelova (Chilingirova), Pavlina born in Bulgaria.  WIM 1982.
1955.11.23 Lederer, Norbert died.
1955.11.25 Steiner, Herman, 50, dies during the California state championship.
1955.11.27 Chekhov, Valery born in Russia.  World jr ch 1975.  IM 1975; GM 1984.
1955.12.11 Lukov, Valentin b.  Bulgarian GM 1988.
1955.12.11 Griffith died in Hendon, England.  British ch 1912.  Co-author of MCO.
1955.12.13 Loginov, Valery b.  GM 1991.
1955.12.18 Winter d. of TB.  Br ch 1935, 1936.  Born 1898.
1955.12.24 Kuligowski b. Warsaw.  Polish ch 1978.  GM 1980.
1956       Bernstein plays in Ostend at age 74.  Also played bd 1 for France.
1956       DEAF; 1st world championship for the deaf and dumb.
1956       China officially sponsors chess as a competitive sport.
1956       Price d. London.  5-time Br ladies ch.  Challenger 1927, 1933.
1956       Sozin (b. 1896), Russian master, died.
1956       Fischer wins us junior title, scoring 8.5-1.5 in Philadelphia.
1956       1st Alekhine Memorial, Moscow; won by Botvinnik & Smyslov.
1956.01.09 Grunberg, Hans-Ulrich born in Schwerin, Germany.  IM 1981.
1956.02.05 Tartakower, Savielly (b. 1887), IGM, died.
1956.02.10 Frias-Apablaza, Victor born in Santiago, Chile.  IM 1982.
1956.02.28 Gruenfeld, Yehuda born in  Zcerdziniov, Poland.  IM 1978; GM 1980.  Israeli ch 1982.  Deaf mute.
1956.03.02 Gil-Reguera, Juan born in Barcelona.  IM 1986.
1956.03.17 Van Der Sterren, Paul b.  Netherlands GM 1989.
1956.03.25 Kochiev, Alexander b. Leningrad.  GM 1977.  IM 1975.
1956.03.27 CANDIDATES; Start of Candidates tourney, Amsterdam.
1956.04.07 du Mont, Julius died in Hastings.
1956.04.30 Smyslov wins Candidates tourney, Leewarden, Netherlands.
1956.05.01 Ivanov, Alexander born.  GM 1992.
1956.05.12 Franco, Zenon born in Asuncion, Paraguay. IM 1982; GM 1991.
1956.05.19 Inkiov b. Stanke Dimitrov.  GM 1982.
1956.06.22 Anderson, Renard born.
1956.06.27 Christiansen, Larry born in Riverside, California.  GM 1977.  US Jr Ch 1973, 1974, 1975.  US Ch 1980.
1956.07.16 Hromadka, Karel died in Prague.  Elo: 2440.  Hromadka Defense
1956.08    OLY; Moscow Olympiad, USSR 1st. (US did not play)
1956.08    US Open, Oklahoma, Bisguier 1st.
1956.08.13 Farago, Sandor born in Budapest.  FM 1985; IM 1986.
1956.08.15 Olafsson, Helgi, Icelandic IGM (1986), born.
1956.09.04 Paehtz, Thomas b.  German GM 1991.
1956.09.11 Gurevich, Dmitry born in Moscow.  IM 1981; GM 1983.
1956.09.24 Machulsky, Anatoly b.  GM 1991.
1956.10.02 Speelman, Jonathan, British IGM (1980), born.
1956.10.17 Fischer defeats D. Byrne in the "game of the century"
1956.10.24 Klaric, Zlatko b.  Yug GM 1982.
1956.11.01 Asztalos, Lajos died in Budapest.  IM 1950; IA 1951.  Elo: 2480.  Hungary ch 1913.
1956.11.25 Eingorn, Viacheslav born in Odessa.  IM 1984; GM 1986.  
1956.12.05 Henley, Ronald born in Houston.  IM 1980; GM 1982.
1957       1st European team ch., Vienna.  1st USSR (4 countries).
1957       Spann elected USCF president.
1957       FILM; The Seventh Seal, Swedish film by Inmar Bergman.
1957       Gresser and Sonja Graf become us women's co-champions.
1957       China has its 1st national ch.
1957       ICCF; USSR became official member of the ICCF.
1957       Martin, G. played 142 opponents, +130 =11 -1 in 4 hours 40 minutes in London.
1957       U of Chicago wins US intercollegiate team ch.
1957       Fazekas wins the Br ch, but not selected for olympics.  Protests.
1957       ASPCC; Creation of the All Services Postal Chess Club.
1957       FILM; 8x8, a German surrealist film by Hans Richter made.
1957       FILM; The Seventh Seal, Swedish film by Inmar Bergman.
1957       Fischer wins us jr ch in San Francisco, scoring 8.5 out of 9.
1957       OLY; 1st women's olympiad Emmen, Netherlands.  USSR 1st.  21 countries.
1957       FILM; 8x8, a German surrealist film by Hans Richter made.
1957       Maniac, 1st computer to play a form of chess (6x6 board)
1957       Lyman, Harry wins us amateur ch, 6-0, in Ashbury park, NJ.
1957       CHINA; Chess officially recognized and encouraged in China.
1957.01.05 Duras, Oldrich died in Prague.  Czech ch 3 times and German ch.  GM 1950.  Elo: 2580
1957.01.09 Akhsharumova-Gulko, Anna born in Moscow.  WIM 1977.  USSR women's ch 1976, 1984.
1957.01.14 Grun, Gerd-Peter born in Minden, Germany.  FM 1984; IM 1986.
1957.01.15 Sanchez, Gabriel born.
1957.01.16 Hoi, Carsten born in Copenhagen.  IM 1979.
1957.01.20 Vladimirov, Evgeny b.  GM 1989.
1957.01.30 Barlov, Dragan born in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia.  IM 1982; GM 1986.  Yugoslav ch 1986.
1957.02.07 Helmers, Knut born in Oslo.  IM 1979.
1957.02.11 Zaitshik, Gennady b.  GM 1984.
1957.02.15 Malmgren d. Uppsula.  World cr ch 1953.
1957.02.23 Mar, Craig born.
1957.03.05 Botvinnik-Smyslov world ch match, Moscow.
1957.03.11 Akhmilorskaya, Elena born in Leningrad.  WIM 1977; WGM 1977.  Challenger 1986.
1957.03.13 Mestel, Jonathan, British IGM (1982), born.  Br ch in 1976 (age 19).  World Cadet ch 1974.
1957.04.27 Smyslov defeats Botvinnik to become world champion
1957.05.02 Sunye-Neto, Jaime b. Curtiba.  6-time Brazilian ch.  GM 1986.
1957.05.30 Bass, Leonid born in Leningrad.  IM 1982.
1957.06    World Jr ch, Toronto, Lombardy 1st (perfect score).
1957.06.24 Schussler, Harry b.  Sweden GM 1988.
1957.06.30 Campora, Daniel born in San Nicolas, Argentina.  IM 1982; GM 1986.  Argentinian ch 1986, 1989.
1957.07.21 Malaniuk, Vladimir b.  GM 1987.
1957.07.26 deFirmian, Nicholas born in Fresno.  IM 1979; GM 1985.  US co-champion 1987.
1957.07.29 Gavrikov, Viktor born in Russia.  GM 1984.  USSR co-ch 1985.
1957.07.31 Borkowski, Franciszek born in Wroclaw, Poland.  IM 1980.
1957.07.31 Begovac, Franja born in Sombor, Yugoslavia.  IM 1986.
1957.08    US Open, Cleveland, Fischer 1st. (184 players)
1957.08.30 Haberditz, Hans died in Vienna.  Haberditz var.
1957.09.02 OLY; Start of 1st women's olympiad, Essen.
1957.09.16 Diesen, Mark born in Buffalo.  World jr ch 1976.  US Jr co-champ 1976.  Diec Dec 10, 2008.
1957.09.29 Gavrikov, Victor born.  GM 1984.  USSR ch 1985.
1957.10.06 Filipovic, Branko born in Banja Luka, Yugoslavia.  IM 1984.
1957.10.18 Rodriguez, Amador b. San German, Cuba.  GM 1977.  Cuban ch 1984.  IM 1975.
1957.10.30 Ftacnik, Lubomir born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.  IM 1977; GM 1980.  Czech ch 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985.
1957.11.11 Hebert, Jean born in Quebec.  IM 1978; GMC 1984.
1957.12    US Ch, New York, Fischer 1st.
1957.12.21 Cifuentes-Parada, Roberto born in Santiago, Chile.  IM 1984; GM 1992.
1958       OLY; Munich Olympiad; US 4th. (13th Olympiad)
1958       BLIND; 1st world blind ch; won by Bonham.
1958       Interzonal in Portoroz, Yugoslavia; Fischer ties for 5th.
1958       Smagin, Sergei b.  GM 1987.
1958       Buchholz, Bruno died in Magdeburg, Germany.  Devised a tie-breaker.
1958       Anderson, Frank scored 84% at Munich ol.  Became ill, missed GM title.
1958       Covo-Artega of Cuba wins US Open in Rochester, Minnesota (139).
1958       Piran Codex rules for chess problems drawn up at Piran, Yug at Congress of Problemists.
1958       COMPUTER; 1st computer to play chess.
1958       WEINSTEIN; Raymond Weinstein wins US Jr ch, in Homestead, Florida.
1958       OLY; 1st chess ol for the blind, Meschede, W. Germany.  7 teams played.
1958.01.11 Taulbut, Shaun born.
1958.01.12 Doncevic, Dario born in Buenos Aires.  IM 1986.
1958.01.19 Adam, Edmund died in Frankfurt, Germany.  Adam variation, Ruy Lopez.
1958.02.14 Lputian, Smbat b. Yerevan.  GM 1984.
1958.02.15 Hebden, Mark born in Leicester.  IM 1982.  Grand Prix (UK) ch 1981.
1958.02.22 Skembris, Spyros b.  Greek GM 1991.
1958.02.25 Goodman, David born in England.  World Cadet ch 1975.  IM 1983.
1958.03.03 Kouatly, Bachar b.  French GM 1989.
1958.03.03 Forgacs, Gyula born in Budapest.  IM 1984.
1958.03.04 Smyslov-Botvinnik world ch match, Moscow.
1958.03.18 Winston, Peter born.
1958.03.23 Garcia-Padron, Jose born in Las Palmas, Spain.  IM 1981.
1958.03.30 Andruet, Gilles born in Paris.  IM 1982.
1958.04.02 Dizdarevic, Emir born in Zenica, Yugoslavia.  IM 1982; GM 1988.
1958.04.11 Yermolinsky, Alexey born.  GM
1958.05.09 Botvinnik defeats Smyslov to regain world ch.
1958.05.24 Georgiev, Krum born in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.  IM 1977; GM 1988.
1958.06.14 Schulien, Charles born.
1958.07.01 Cabrilo, Goran born in Gorazde, Yugoslavia.  IM 1980.
1958.07.02 Bogner, Hal born in New York City.  IA 1982.  Founder of Chess Labs.
1958.07.09 Braga, Fernando born in Buenos Aires.  IM 1983.  Italian ch 1986.
1958.07.18 Gyorkos, Lajos born in Hungary.  FM 1985; IM 1986.
1958.07.21 Donchev, Dimitar born in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Bulgarian GM 1990.
1958.07.24 Kosten, Anthony b.  English GM 1990.
1958.08.22 Zapata-Ramirez, Alonso, Columbian IGM (1984) born.
1958.08.26 Tisdall, Jonathan born.
1958.08.30 de la Villa Garcia, Jesus born in Villahan, Spain.  IM 1986.
1958.09    Fischer gains the GM title at age 15. (15 years, 6 months
1958.09.11 Carls, Carl died in Bremen, Germany.  German ch 1934.  IM 1951.  Elo: 2450
1958.09.25 Donaldson, John born in Los Angeles.  IM 1983.
1958.09.27 Fedorowicz, John born in New York City.  IM 1978; GM 1986.
1958.09.27 Bergstrom, Christer born in Solna, Sweden.  IM 1986.
1958.10.15 Boensch (Bonsch), Uwe born in Halle-an-der-Saale, Germany.  IM 1977; GM 1986.
1958.11.02 Benhadi, Madani born in Algeria.  IM 1982.
1958.11.02 Dvoirys, Semen born in Zhmerinka, Russia.  GM 1990.
1958.11.29 Psakhis, Lev Soviet IGM (1982) born.
1958.12.04 Dizdar, Goran born in Zagreb.  IM 1980; GM 1991.
1958.12.25 Crotto, Rachel born in New York City.  WIM 1978; US Women's Ch 1979.  Played in women's ch at 13.
1958.12.27 Tate, Emory born.
1959       Kaidanov, Grigory born.  GM 1988.
1959       RATINGS; 1st time the elo system of rating players used.
1959       HAM; 1st ham radio chess tournament.
1959       Fischer repeats as US champion.
1959       IM; Title of international master for chess composition.
1959       Tal becomes world champion after defeating Botvinnik.
1959       Wiel, John C. van der born.  IGM 1982.
1959       Hoessler, Anton of Ingolstadt, Bavaria died.  Invented the Ingo system.
1959       Gligoric voted Yugoslav Sportsman of the Year for chess.
1959       Bisguier wins US Open in Omaha.
1959       Lane wins us women's championship.
1959       Fischer shares 5th-6th in candidates tournament.
1959       Frank Street wins the US Amateur Ch; 1st Afrrican-American to win a national chess championship
1959       Walter Haris becomes the 1st African-American chess master after his performance at the US Junior Ch.
1959.01.30 Andrijevic, Milan born in Pancevo, Yugoslavia.  IM 1982.
1959.02.02 Rueb, Alexandre (b. 1882), 1st president of FIDE, died.
1959.02.05 Cramling, Dan born in Stockholm.  Swedish ch 1981.  IM 1982.
1959.02.07 Mokry, Karel b.  Czech GM 1984.
1959.02.12 Flear, Glenn born in Leicester, England.  IM 1983; GM 1987.
1959.02.14 Popovic b. Orlovat.  GM 1981.
1959.02.20 Dolmatov, Sergey born in Kiselevsk, Russia.  World jr ch 1978.  IM 1978; GM 1982.
1959.02.22 Gurevich, Mikhail born in Kharkov, Russia.  USSR ch 1985.  IM 1985; GM 1986.
1959.03.06 Campos-Moreno, Javier born in Santiago, Chile.  IM 1979.
1959.03.17 Grimberg born in Petach Tikva.  World under-16 ch 1976.
1959.03.18 Andonov, Bogomil born in Kiustendil, Bulgaria.  IM 1986.
1959.03.27 Ginsburg, Mark born in Louvain, Belgium.  FM 1980; IM 1981.
1959.04.12 Kengis, Edvins born.  Latvian GM 1991.
1959.04.19 Gomez-Baillo, Jorge born in Argentina.  IM 1986.
1959.06.03 Baja, Victor born.
1959.06.08 Sturua, Zurab b.  GM 1992.
1959.06.24 Wagner d. in Hamburg.  Born 1888.  German IM 1953.
1959.07.10 Dur, Arne born in Innsbruck, Austria.  IM 1982.
1959.07.14 Bucker, Stefan born in Munster, Germany.  FM 1983
1959.07.17 Nogueiras, Jose b. Santa Clara, Cuba.  GM 1979.
1959.07.28 Sisniega, Marcel born.  Mexican GM 1992.
1959.08.01 Gallego-Eraso, Francisco born in Irun, Spain.  IM 1986.
1959.08.08 Yudasin, Leonid born.  GM 1990.
1959.08.08 Costigan, Richard born.
1959.08.09 Van der Wiel, John b. Leiden.  European jr ch 1978-9.  GM 1982.
1959.08.10 Hawelko, Marek born in Lublin, Poland.  IM 1984.
1959.08.26 Rohde, Michael US IGM (1988), born.
1959.09    RATINGS; USCF rating list: Reshevsky (2693), Fischer (2636), D. Byrne (2514)
1959.09.06 CANDIDATES; Start of Bled Candidates tourney.
1959.09.07 Kudrin, Sergey born. 
1959.09.13 Regan, Kenneth born.                    
1959.09.19 Tverskaya, Julia born.
1959.10.10 Hund, Barbara born in Leverkusen, Germany.  WIM 1979; WGM 1982.
1959.10.11 Kaidanov, Grigory born.  GM
1959.10.19 Lau, Ralf born.  German GM 1986.
1959.10.24 Yrjola, Jouni born.  Finland GM 1990.
1959.10.25 Odendahl, Steven born.
1959.10.31 Tal wins Bled Candidates (Fischer 5-6).
1959.11.11 Armas, Jorge born in Holguin, Cuba.  IM 1979.
1959.12.25 Wharton, William born.
1959.12.25 de Boer, Gerrit-Jan born in Landsmeer, Netherlands.  IM 1986.
1959.12.28 Kindermann, Stefan born.  German GM 1988.
1959.12.28 Federl, Alan born.
1960       Cramer elected USCF president.
1960       1st Armed Forces Chess Championship - Thomas Emery Award
1960       RATING; Elo rating system adopted by uscf.
1960       Fischer wins US championship.
1960       US team wins world student championship.
1960       Fischer, Spassky tie in Mar del Plata, Argentina International.
1960       MOTT-SMITH; Chess problem composer Geoffrey Mott-Smith dies.
1960       Flesch played 52 games blindfold at Budapest (+31=18-3).
1960       Hong Kong Chess Association formed.
1960       Cyprus Chess Assn founded.  1st Cyprus ch.
1960       OLY; Leipzig olympiad; ussr 1st, us 2nd.
1960       Aseev, Konstantin born.  1985 Leningrad ch.
1960       Benko wins USCF speed ch; Bisguier 2nd, Fischer 3rd.
1960       KILL; Spectactor killed by player when criticized game.  Sailor acquitted.
1960.01.01 Vyzmanavin, Alexey born.  GM 1989.  (Vishmanavin)
1960.01.20 Garkov, Mitko born in Pleven, Bulgaria.  IM 1986.
1960.02.02 Fries-Nielsen, Jens born in Esbjerg, Denmark.  IM 1984.
1960.02.06 Chernin, Alexander born in Russia.  IM 1980; GM 1985.  European Jr Ch 1979-80.
1960.02.13 Yusupov, Artur born.  IGM 1980.
1960.02.15 Petursson, Margeir b. Reykjavik.  GM 1986.
1960.03.01 Gunawan, Ronny born in Surabaya, Indonesia.  IM 1984.
1960.03.06 Chernin, Alexander born.  GM
1960.03.08 McCambridge, Vincent born.
1960.03.15 Botvinnik-Tal world ch, Moscow.
1960.03.16 Azmaiparashvili, Zurab born in Georgian.  IM 1984; GM 1960.
1960.03.18 Plaskett, James b. Okeliha, Cyprus.  GM 1985.
1960.03.24 Seirawan, Yasser born in Damascus, Syria.
1960.04.04 Chandler, Murray born in Wellington, New Zealand.  IM 1977; GM 1983.  New Zealand ch 1975-6.
1960.05.03 Berg, Klaus born in Nykobing, Denmark.  IM 1983.
1960.05.07 Lobron, Eric West German IGM (1982), born.
1960.05.07 Tal defeats Botvinnik to become world champion.
1960.05.21 Lanka, Zigurds born.  Latvian GM 1992.
1960.06.09 Groszpeter, Attila born.  Hungarian IM 1979; GM 1986.
1960.06.20 Whitehead, Paul born.
1960.06.24 Rogers, Ian Australian IGM (1985), born.
1960.07.13 Rivas-Pastor, Manuel born.  Spanish GM 1987.
1960.07.31 Davies, Nigel born in Southport, England.  IM 1982.
1960.08.02 William Morrison born.  FIDE master.  African-American.  "The Exterminator"  1995 MD champ.
1960.08.15 Gazik, Igor born in Zilina, Czechoslovakia.  FM 1982; IM 1985.
1960.08.17 Ernst, Thomas born in Uppsala, Sweden.  IM 1984; GM 1990.
1960.09.11 Nikolic, Predrag Yugoslav IGM (1983), born.
1960.10.10 Lakdawala, Cyrus born.
1960.10.20 Aseev, Konstantin born.  GM
1960.10.26 Hartman, Christer born in Stockholm.  FM 1986; IM 1986.
1960.11.13 Arnason, Jon born in Reykjavik.  IM 1979;  GM 1986.  World Under-16 Ch 1977.
1960.12.13 Koltanowski plays 56 opponents blindfold (+50=6) in San Francisco.  Took 9 3/4 hours.
1960.12.18 Gheorghiu wins Romanian ch at age 16.
1961       Ault wins US Jr ch for 3rd consecutive year.
1961       Fischer become us champion for 4th time.
1961       OLY; Women's olympiad abandoned because DDR team unable to obtain visa.
1961       Benko wins US Open in San Francisco.
1961       CHESS LIFE from newspaper to monthly magazine form.
1961       Lane appears on what's my line and cover of Sports Illustrated.
1961       BLIND; 1st blind olympiad, Meschede, W Germany.  Won by Yugoslavia (7 teams).
1961       Scrivener, Robert won Mississipi state ch at age 80.
1961       Ratings: Fischer-2641; Reshevsky-2632; Lombardy-2555; Byrne R-2535
1961.01.07 Vera, Reynaldo born.  Cuban GM 1988.
1961.01.08 Arkell, Keith born in Birmingham, England.  IM 1985.
1961.01.09 Heinbuch, Detlef born in Bochum.  IM 1986.
1961.01.17 Chiburdanidze, Maya born in Kutaisi, Russia.  WIM 1974; WGM 1977; IM 1978; GM 1984.  Women's World Ch 1978-91.
1961.01.21 Aronoff, Irene born in USA.  WFM.
1961.02.03 McNab, Colin born.  Scottish GM 1992.
1961.02.08 Akesson, Ralf born.  IM 1981.  Swedish ch 1985.
1961.02.09 Levenfish, Grigori (b. 1889), Soviet IGM, died.  GM 1950.
1961.02.10 Canda, Danilo born in Nicuaraga.  IM 1986.
1961.02.11 Petrosian wins 28th USSR Ch, Moscow.
1961.02.27 Eng, Holger born in Neuenhaus, Germany.  IM 1984.
1961.03.04 Bany, Jerzy born in Bytom, Poland.  IM 1983.
1961.03.10 Agusto, Obafunmilayo born in Nigeria.  FM.
1961.03.15 Tal-Botvinnik match starts, Moscow.
1961.03.15 Rubinstein, Akiba (b. 1882), Polish IGM, died in Anvers.
1961.03.15 Brown, Timothy born.
1961.03.26 Rizzitano, James born.
1961.03.31 Pigusov, Evgeny born.  GM 1988.
1961.04.17 Brooks, Michael born in Chicago.  FM 1982.
1961.04.21 Danailov, Silvio born in Sofia, Bulgaria.  IM 1984.
1961.04.26 Tangborn, Eric born.
1961.05.05 Douven, Rudy born in Heerlen, Netherlands.  FM 1985; IM 1986.
1961.05.10 Heath, Christopher died in London.  1923-4 Scottish Ch.  Heath var.
1961.05.12 Botvinnk defeats Tal to regain world championship.
1961.06.09 Bischoff, Klaus born in Ulm, Germany.  IM 1982; GM 1990.
1961.06.17 Damljanovic, Branko born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.  IM 1982; GM 1989.
1961.07.13 Franke, Heribert born in Bad Cannstatt,Germany.  IM 1986.
1961.07.16 Fischer-Reshevsky match starts in NY.
1961.08.21 Barbero, Gerardo born in Argentina.  IM 1986; GM 1988.
1961.09    Parma wins World Jr Ch, at The Hague.
1961.09    Tal wins at Bled.  Fischer 2nd.
1961.09.12 Guzman, Ricardo born in the Philippines.  IM 1982.
1961.09.12 de Guzman, Ricardo born in the Philippines.  IM 1982.
1961.09.19 Alvarez-Ibarra, Rafael born in Bilbao, Spain.  IM 1986.
1961.10.10 Cvitin, Ognjen born in  Siberik, Yugoslavia.  World jr ch 1981.  IM 1982; GM 1987.
1961.10.12 Whitehead, Jay born.
1961.10.31 Benedict, Clare died in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Chess patron.  Granddaughter of Fenimore Cooper.
1961.11.07 Glek, Igor born.  GM
1961.11.16 Sergeant d. Kingston-on-Thames.  London ch 1951.
1961.11.29 Gertler, David born in Camden, NJ.  FM 1985.
1961.12    Lane, Lisa drops out of Hastings 1961/62 because she is in love.
1961.12.07 Gurieli, Nino born in Russia.  WIM 1979; WGM 1980.
1962       Gresser wins US women's ch.
1962       Paul Thieme (1905-2001) writes "Chess and Backgammon in Sanskrit Literature" speculates that chess was known in India in 2nd century BC
1962       CAPA; 1st Capablanca Memorial in Cuba.
1962       Worst team: Cyprus, 0/20 at Varna ol 1962.  Ioannidis went 0/20.
1962       Rejfir died.  Born in 1909.  Czech IM 1956.
1962       GM; 1st GM of over-the-board and corres. chess - O'Kelly.
1962       Evans wins US championship.
1962       Joseph Needham writes "The Magnet, Divination, and Chess" chapter in Science and Civilization in China
1962.01.10 Hammond, Alex died in England.  Chess set collector.
1962.02.06 Antunes, Antonio born in Lisbon.  IM 1985.
1962.02.12 Ioseliani, Nana b. Tbilisi.  2-time USSR women's ch.
1962.02.12 Gobet, Fernand born in Romont, Switzerland.  IM 1985.
1962.03    Living chess played between Botvinnik & Smyslov, Moscow.
1962.03.11 Ragozin, Vyacheslav died.  Former world corr. ch.
1962.04    Stockholm Interzonal, Fischer wins 2.5 points ahead of the field.
1962.04.03 Grunfeld, Ernst died in Vienna.  German ch 1927.  GM 1950.  Elo: 2550.
1962.04.10 Khouzman, Alexander born.  GM
1962.04.12 Cuijpers, Frans born in Heerlen, Netherlands.  IM 1984.
1962.04.18 Watson, William,  born.
1962.04.23 Graves, Frank died in Fort Worth, TX.   USCF President 1954.
1962.05.02 CANDIDATES; Start of Curacao Candidates tourney.
1962.05.22 Schneider, Alexander born.
1962.05.23 Novikov, Igor born.  GM 1990.
1962.06.09 Youngworth, Perry born.
1962.06.13 Motwani b. Glasgow.  World under-16 ch 1978.  Scottish ch 1978.
1962.06.26 Petrosian wins Curacao Candidates (Fischer is 4th).
1962.06.28 Gauglitz, Gernot born in Meissen, Germany.  IM 1986.
1962.07.31 Brustman, Agnieszka born in Warsaw.  WIM 1979; WGM 1985.
1962.08    CANDIDATES; Curacao Candidates; Petrosiam 1st; Fischer 4th.
1962.08.17 Wilder, Michael born.
1962.08.20 Fischer accuses Russians of cheating in Sports Illustrated.
1962.08.25 Medina wins US Open, San Antonio.
1962.08.25 Nenachev, Alexander born.
1962.09.17 Broder, Iris born in Halle, Germany.  WIM 1986.
1962.09.17 Wilder, Michael born.
1962.09.20 Adam, William born.
1962.09.24 Tischbierek, Raj born.  German GM 1990,
1962.10.09 Vidmar, Milan died.
1962.10.14 Ehlvest, Jaan born in Estonio.  IM 1982; GM 1987.  European Jr Ch 1982-3.
1962.10.18 Fernandes, Antonio born in Pamphilosa da Serra, Portugal.  IM 1985.
1962.10.25 Turner, Abe stabbed to death.
1962.11.18 Gurvich, Abram died in Moscow.  IJComp 1956. 
1962.11.21 London, Dimitri born.
1962.11.30 Bernstein, Ossip died in France.  GM 1950; IA 1952.  Elo: 2590.
1962.12.06 Drasko, Milan born in Capljina, Yugoslavia.  IM 1984.
1963       Fischer wins US championship ahead of Bisguier.
1963       Fischer wins Western Open.
1963       COLLEGE; Brooklyn college wins us intercollegiate ch in Philadelphia.
1963       CORR; Br Postal Federation formed.
1963       US Open in Chicago; Lombardy wins.  (266 players)
1963.01.01 Winats, Luc born.  Belgium GM 1993.
1963.01.06 Helms, Hermann died in Brooklyn.  IA 1954.  Dean of American chess.
1963.01.06 Adams, Weaver, died in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.
1963.02.01 Garbarino, Rodolfo born in Argentina.  IM 1982.
1963.02.08 Hjartarson, Johann born in Reykjavik.  IM 1984; GM 1985.  Icelandic ch 1980, 1984.
1963.02.12 Root, Doug born.
1963.03.09 Carvajal, Ana born in Cuba.  WIM 1978.
1963.03.15 Botvinnik-Petrosian match, Moscow.
1963.03.20 Sokolov, Andrei, Soviet IGM (1984) born.  World Jr Ch 1982.
1963.03.24 Morovic-Fernandez, Ivan born.  Chilean GM 1986.
1963.04.13 Kasparov, Gary, world chess champion, born in Baku.
1963.04.23 Cramling, Pia born.  WGM 1982; IM 1983.
1963.05.22 Petrosian defeats Botvinnik to become world champion.
1963.05.27 Rozentalis, Eduardas born.
1963.06.03 Levitt, Jonathan born.  English GM 1991.
1963.06.14 Hjorth, Gregory born in Melbourne.  IM 1984.
1963.06.16 Schroer, Jonathan born.
1963.06.25 Jacobs, Byron born.
1963.07.25 Hodgson, Julian born in St Asaph, Wales.  IM 1983; GM 1988.  British ch 1991.
1963.07.25 Stoltz, Gosta (b. 1904), Swedish Grandmaster, died.
1963.07.27 1st Piatigorsky cup in Los Angeles; won by Petrosian and Keres.
1963.08.28 King, Dan born.  English GM 1989.
1963.09.01 An, Yang born in China.  WIM.
1963.09.18 Hertneck, Gerald born.  IM 1985; GM 1991.
1963.09.26 Yedidia, Jonathan born.
1963.10.30 Milos, Gilberto born.  Brazil GM 1988.
1963.11.03 Kostic, Boris (b. 1887), died in Belgrade.  IM 1950.
1963.11.14 Krasenkov, Mikhail born.  GM.
1963.12.06 Hawksworth, John born in England.  IM 1986.
1963.12.20 Ardaman, Miles born.
1963.12.22 Sacconi d.  Born 1895.  Italian ch 1935.  IM 1951.
1963.12.28 Ardaman, Miles born.
1964       BRAILLE; International Braille Chess Assn affiliated with FIDE.
1964       CLOCK; 1st electronic clock manufactured in Kiev.
1964       RATINGS; 1st international rating list by elo.  Fischer and Petrosian (2690).
1964       1st game with 5 knights on board, Szabo-Ivkov, Belgrade.
1964       MEYER; John Meyer wins US Junior championship.
1964       Fischer sweeps US ch with 11-0 score.
1964       Lane opens her chess emporium, 'Queen Pawn,' in NY.
1964       Draw can only be proposed before a move.
1964       BLIND; 2nd blind olympiad, East Germany.  Yugoslavia won.  9 countries.
1964       En passant sound magazine for the blind founded.
1964.01.23 Khasanova b. USSR.  Women's jr ch 1983.  WIM 1984.
1964.01.26 Chow, Albert born in Chicago.  FM 1984.
1964.02.13 Hector, Jonny born in Sweden.  GM 1992.
1964.02.17 Kipping d.  Composed over 7,000 problems.
1964.03.01 Ronanovsky d. Moscow.  USSR ch 1923, 1927.  IM 1950.  Born 1982.
1964.03.08 Lalic, Bogdan born.  Yug GM 1964.
1964.03.11 Benjamin, Joel born in Brooklyn.  IM 1980; GM 1986.  US Ch 1987.
1964.04.17 Greenfeld, Alon born in New York City.  Israeli IM 1983; GM 1989.
1964.05.10 Graf, Sonja won US Women's Ch, New York.
1964.05.20 Amsterdam Interzonal started.
1964.05.26 Salov, Valery b.  GM 1986.  World under 16 ch in 1980.
1964.05.29 Reinfeld, Fred died in New York.
1964.05.31 Kotlyar, Gregory born.
1964.06.16 Griego, David born.
1964.06.21 Neverov, Valery born.  GM 1992.
1964.06.23 Barbulescu, Dan-Catalin born in Bucharest.  IM 1984.
1964.07.20 Colman, Eugene died in London.  Colman var. discovered while POW in Japan.
1964.08.13 Horvath, Jozsef born in Budapest.  IM 1986; GM 1990.
1964.08.25 Kotronias, Vasilios born.  Greek GM 1990.
1964.08.29 Benko wins US Open in Boston (229 players).
1964.08.31 Glueck, David born in Boston.  FM 1986.
1964.09.15 Goglidze, Victor died in Tbilisi, Georgia.  IM 1950.  Elo: 2430.
1964.09.18 Hansen, Curt born in Bov, Denmark.  IM 1982; GM 1985.  World Jr Ch 1984.  Danish ch 1983, 1984, 1985.
1964.09.23 Tolnai, Tibor born.  Hungarian GM 1990.
1964.09.27 Stohl, Igor born.  Czech GM 1992.
1964.10.24 Dokhoian, Yuri born in Russia.  GM 1988.
1964.11.07 Oll, Lembit born.  GM 1990.
1964.12.21 Renet, Oliver born.  GM 1990.
1965       Street wins US amateur (242 players).
1965       1st university to introduce course on chess, Moscow.  2,000 attended.
1965       Kurajica won world jr ch.  IM before even a master.
1965       Gresser wins us women's ch.
1965       EG; 1st chess magazine devoted to studies, EG, founded by Roycroft.
1965       Mecking wins Brazilian ch at age 13.
1965       Paros gets IM for chess composition for helpmates only.
1965       1st National Open, Las Vegas; Reshevsky wins (138 players)
1965       CORR; Start of the 1st Women's World Corr. Chess Ch.
1965       Soltis repeats as NY city jr. champion.
1965.01    Keres wins at Hastings.
1965.02.11 Chekhover, Vitaly died in Leningrad.  IM 1950; IJComp 1956; IMComp 1961
1965.02.12 Condie, Mark born in Scotland.  IM 1984.
1965.02.27 Goldin, Alexander born.  GM 1989.
1965.03.06 Graf-Stevenson, Sonja died in New York.  WIM 1950.  US Women's ch 1964.
1965.03.07 Abarca Aguirre, Manuel born in San Antonio, Chile.  FM 1986.
1965.03.16 Adianto, Utat born in Jakarta, Indonesia.  IM 1985; GM 1986.  1st INDO GM.  World Jr Ch
1965.04    CANDIDATES; 1st Candidates matches: Spassky beats Keres; Geller defeats Smyslov.
1965.04.16 Hickl, Jorg born.  German IM 1986; GM 1988.
1965.04.17 Adelman, Charles born.
1965.06.01 Short, Nigel, British IGM (1984), born.
1965.07    Candidates match: Tal defeats Portisch; Larsen defeats Ivkov
1965.07    EG; 1st issue of EG magazine.
1965.07.11 Epishin, Vladimir born.  IGM 1990. 
1965.07.11 1st chess tournament in Greenland.
1965.07.24 Root, Alexey born.
1965.07.31 Laucks, E. Forry died.  Founder of Log Cabin Chess Club.
1965.08.06 US Open held in Puerto Rico.  1st time outside the US.  Benko, Lombardy tie.
1965.08.16 Mozetic, Dejan born.  IM rated at 2585.
1965.08.25 Start of Capablanca Memorial in Cuba.  Fischer played by teletype.  1st time
1965.09.01 CORR; Start of 1st women's world cr ch.
1965.10.20 Arkell, Susan born.
1965.11.05 Dus-Chotimirsky, Fedor died in Moscow.  IM 1950.
1965.11.21 Abelardo-Roldan, Adrian born in Argentina.   IA 1986.
1965.11.28 Georgiev, Kiril born in Petrich, Bulgaria.  IM 1983; GM 1985.  World Jr Ch 1983. Bulgarian ch 1984, 1986, 1989.
1965.11.28 1st American Open; won by Benko in Santa Monica.  124 players
1965.11.28 Dautov, Roustam born.  GM.
1965.12.03 Illescas-Cordoba, Miguel born.  Spanish GM 1988.
1965.12.30 Fischer (2734) repeats as US Champion.
1966       kaufman wins american open in santa monica.
1966       Sultan Khan, Mir died.
1966       Longest game without capture.  Filipowicz-Smederavac, 70 moves.
1966       Rohland elected uscf president.
1966       BLIND; 1st World Blind Ch, Timmendorfer Strand, W Germany.  Won by Cabarkapa.
1966       Journal of Gerontology that chess players peak at 36. (Elo)
1966       Fischer wins his 7th us championship, ahead of Evans.
1966       COMPUTER; MacHack VI computer played in Boston Amateur Ch; Score 1/2-4 1/2.
1966       Latest castling.  Bobotsov-Ivkov, move 46.
1966       Prokes, Ladislav died.
1966       Benko captures National Open.
1966       CENSUS; USSR census shows 3,540,000 registered chess players.
1966       COMPUTER; 1st serious chess program, mac hack, became operational.
1966       Golombek awarded the OBE for his service to chess.  
1966       Colias, William born.
1966       Largest display.  6840 boards, 300 experts, played 20 players; Havana
1966       OLY; Havana olympiad, ussr 1st, us 2nd.
1966.01.18 Khalifman, Alexander b.  European ch 1985.  IM 1986.  GM.
1966.01.29 Dlugy, Maxim born in Moscow.  IM 1982; GM 1986.  World Jr Ch 1985.  USCF President 1990.
1966.01.29 Joshi, Sandeep born.
1966.03.06 Ashley, Maurice born in St. Andrew, Jamaica..  IM 1993.  1st Afro-American IM.  First Black GM (1999)
1966.03.15 Petrosian-Spassky match, Moscow.
1966.03.30 Grivas, Efstratios born in Egio, Greece.  IM 1984.
1966.04.11 Start of Petrosian-Spassky World Championsip match.
1966.04.25 Mir Sultan Khan died of TB in Pakistan.
1966.05.11 Gresser and Lane becomes us women's co-champions.
1966.05.13 Murshed, Niaz born.  Bangladesh GM 1986.
1966.05.21 Kozul, Zdenko born.  Yug GM 1989.
1966.05.29 Petrosian defeats Spassky, 12.5-11.5, Moscow.
1966.06.26 1st us jr invitational; won by Browne.  Held in new York.  8 players.
1966.08.15 Spassky wins 2nd Piatagorsky Cup; 2nd is Fischer.
1966.08.15 Piatigorsky Cup over.  Spassky wins.
1966.08.26 Benko and R. Byrne share 1st in 67th US Open, Seattle.
1966.10    Berg, Theodore died in Riga, Latvia.  Berg variation.
1966.10.27 Barua, Dibyendu born in Chittagong, Bangladesh.  India IM 1984; GM 1991.
1966.11.21 Bareev, Evgeny born in Moscow.  IM 1986; GM 1989.  1982 World Under-16 ch.
1966.11.23 COMPUTER; Start of 1st computer match between USSR and US.
1966.12.19 Anderson, Magnus died in Melbourne.  Book collector.
1967       Matera wins US Jr Invitational.
1967       Andorra Chess Federation formed.
1967       COMPUTER; Machack VI is 1st computer to play in human chess tourney.
1967       Matulovic takes back move against Bilek at Sousse.  Game drawn.
1967       OSCAR; 1st Chess Oscar.
1967       Lohrman wins US Amateur in Philadelphia, 222 players.
1967       COMPUTER; 1st international match between USSR & US computers.  USSR won.
1967       USCF moves its headquarters from New York City to Newburgh.
1967       World student tourney in Czechoslovakia, USSR 1st, US 2nd.
1967       Gresser wins US Women's championship.
1967       US Open, Atlanta; won by Benko.
1967       Fischer 1st in Monaco.
1967       RATINGS; USCF ratings: Fischer (2762), Benko (2592), Evans (2582).
1967.01.10 Engels, Ludwig died in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Strong German player.
1967.01.28 Shtern, Igor born.
1967.02    Creevey, James died in Dublin.  Irish ch 1933, 1934.
1967.02.05 Rechlis, Gad born.  Israeli GM 1990.
1967.02.25 Granda-Zuniga, Julio born in Peru.  IM 1984; GM 1986.
1967.03.01 Conquest, Stuart born in Ilford, England.  World under-16 ch 1981.  IM 1985.
1967.04.09 Litvinchuk, Jon born.
1967.04.22 Flear, Christine (ne Leroy) born in France.  WIM 1986.
1967.05.03 Fazekas, Stefan died in London.  Oldest British player.  Born in 1898.  Br ch 1957.  IMC 1964.
1967.05.15 Agdestein, Simen born in Norway.  IM 1983; GM 1985.  Soccer player.
1967.05.17 Howell, James born in Brent, England.  IM 1985.
1967.05.26 Stahlberg, Gideon died in Leningrad.  Born 1908.  GM 1950.
1967.05.29 Brunner, Lucas born in Bern, Switzerland.  IM 1986.
1967.05.30 Brinckmann, Alfred died in Kiel, Germany.  IA 1951; IM 1953; Elo: 2470.
1967.06.06 Klinger, Josef born.  Austrian GM 1988.  Austrian ch 1985.
1967.07.21 Arencibia-Rodriguez, Walter born in Holguin, Cuba.  IM 1986; GM 1990.  1986 World Jr Ch.
1967.09.12 Shabalov, Alexander born.  GM.
1967.10.19 Izumikawa, Burt born.
1967.10.22 Mohr, Stefan born.  German GM 1989.
1967.10.25 Halberstadt, Vitaly died in Paris.  IJComp 1957.  Paris ch 1925.
1967.10.25 Vajda d. Budapest as a result of a gas leak from a faulty oven.
1967.12.24 Strugatsky, Vladimir born.
1968       Korchnoi defeats Reshevsky in Amsterdam candidates match.
1968       Daly, Harlow won Maine championsip at age 85.
1968       Evans wins US championship.
1968       Kaplan of Puerto Rico wins world jr ch.
1968       Benko wins National Open in Lake Tahoe.
1968       AIPE founded by Jordi Puig.
1968       Gelfand, Boris born in Byelorussia.  GM 1989.  World Jr Ch 1988.
1968       Spann, former USCF president, dies.
1968       QUEENS; Greatest number of queens appear on board, 7.  Konopleva-Schmidke.
1968       Larsen scores 11-1 to win US Open in Snowmass, Colorado.
1968       Berliner wins the 5th world correspondence championship.
1968       JAPAN; 1st Japanese national federation.
1968       BYRNE; D Byrne wins Atlantic Open; 329 players, an open tournament record.
1968.01.21 Smirin, Ilia born.  GM.
1968.01.26 Wahls, Matthias born.  German GM 1989.
1968.02.15 Wolff, Patrick born.  GM.
1968.03.10 Carr, Neil born in Newham, England.  FM 1985.
1968.04.25 Neely, Elizabeth born.
1968.05.08 Fishbein, Alexander born.  FM 1986.
1968.06.05 Horvath, Csaba born in Hungary.  IM 1986.
1968.06.13 Sokolov, Ivan born.  Bosnian GM 1987.
1968.06.22 Blatny, Pavel born in Brno, Czechoslovakia.  IM 1986.
1968.06.24 Gelfand, Boris born.  GM.
1968.09.24 Hansen, Lars Bo born.
1968.09.25 Simagin, Vladimir died.  Born 1919.  IM 1950.  GM 1962.
1968.10.01 Duchamp, Marcel died in Neuilly, France.  Famous avant-garde painter.
1968.10.03 Norwood, David born.  English GM 1989.
1968.10.26 Erdelyi, Stefan died in Resita, Romania.  Im 1950.
1968.11.06 Collijn, Gustaf died in Stockholm.  With his brother, Ludvig, wrote LAROBOK.
1968.12    Ballet, Pawn to King 5, presented by John Chesworth.
1968.12.31 Ahues, Carl died in Hamburg.  IM 1950.  German Ch 1929.  Elo: 2490.
1969       CHECKS; Record 38 checks in succession, Westerinen-Keres, Tallinn.
1969       CHESS LIFE begins to use algebraic notation
1969       Gresser wins us women's ch.
1969       Benko 1st at Atlantic Open in NY (376 players).
1969       Sokolsky, Alexei died.
1969       Samisch loses 13 games on time, Linkoping.
1969       Samisch lost all 15 of his games on time at Berlin.
1969       RATINGS; USCF ratings: fischer (2745)
1969       Fischer's my 60 memorable games, published by Simon and Schuster.
1969       JAPAN; 1st Japanese national tournament.
1969       USCF membership: 12,580
1969.01.01 Jarecki, John born.
1969.01.15 Henneberger, Walter died in Zurich.  Henneberger var.
1969.01.27 Piket, Jeroen born.  Netherlands GM 1989.
1969.01.28 Hellers, Ferdinand born in Stockholm.  IM 1985; GM 1989.  European Jr Ch 1984-5.
1969.01.30 Dreev, Alexei born in Russia.  FM 1985; GM 1989. World Under-16 Ch 1983, 1984.
1969.02.28 Edelman, Danny born.
1969.03.   Lief, Adam born.
1969.03.03 Tolush, Alexander died.
1969.03.15 Petrosian-Spassky match, Moscow.
1969.03.18 Ivanchuk, Vasily born.  GM.
1969.04.19 Polgar, Zsusza born.
1969.04.22 Sagalchik, Gennadij born.
1969.05.17 Abhyankar, Anupama born in Bombay, India.  WIM 1985.
1969.05.25 Spassky defeats Petrosian, 12.5-10.5, Moscow.
1969.06.17 Spassky defeats Petrosian to become world ch.
1969.06.18 Korchnoi wins Reti Memorial in Luhacovice, Czech.
1969.06.28 Yu, Peter born.
1969.06.20 Rogoff wins US Jr Ch.
1969.06.29 Gresser won US Ladies ch for the 9th time.
1969.08.22 Benko, Bisguier, Vukcevich tie for US Open, Lincoln.
1969.08.30 Karpov wins world jr ch in Stockholm. Becomes IM.
1969.09.06 Finegold, Benjamin born in Detroit.  FM 1986.
1969.09.08 Ceriani, Luigi died in Milan, Italy.  Problemist.
1969.09.26 Rachels, Stuart born.
1969.10.12 Petrosian and Polugaevsky tie for 37th Soviet Ch.
1969.10.22 Rojas-Sepulveda born.  World under-16 ch 1985.
1969.11.05 Madl, Ildiko born.
1969.12.11 Anand, Viswanathan born in Madras, India.  IM 1985; GM 1988.  World Jr Ch 1987.
1969.12.17 Reshesky wins 20th US ch. Won the 1st US Ch in 1936.
1969.12.29 Richter, Kurt, German International Master, died.
1970       SPACE; 1st time chess played in space - Sevastianov.
1970       Kupchik (b. 1892), American Master, died.
1970       Rogoff wins us jr ch.
1970       USSR vs rest of the world match in Yugoslavia.
1970       US wins world student ch.
1970       COMPUTER; 1st us computer ch, held in ny, won by a machine from northwestern.
1970       Larsen wins US Open, Boston (303 players).
1970       OLY; Siegen Olympiad; USSR 1st, US 4th.
1970       Rodl d.  Born in 1907.  W German IM 1953.
1970.01.06 Castaldi, Vincenzo died in Firenze, Italy.  Italian Ch 1936.  IM 1950.  Born 1916.
1970.03.19 Abel, Herbert died.  Founded American Open.
1970.05.04 Alterman, Boris born.  GM.
1970.05.06 Fischer wins at Rovinj-Zagreb, 13 out of 17.
1970.07.12 Zoltan Varga born.
1970.09    RATINGS; 1st international ratings.  Used the Elo system.
1970.10    Xie Jun born.  
1970.10.09 Rao, Vivek born.
1970.10.30 Xie Jun born.
1970.11.22 Barucker, Claudia born in Zerbst, Germany.  East German corr. ch.
1970.12.13 Fischer wins palma de majorca interzonal.
1971       Capps, Carrol died.  Chess benefactor.
1971       Fischer wins Manhattan club 5-minute ch.
1971       1st European junior championship.
1971       Richter d.  Born in 1894.  Czech ch 1948.  IM 1951.
1971       1st Statham masters event, won by Evans.
1971       BLIND; 1st US championship for the blind, won by James Slagle.
1971       Spasov, Vasily born.  IGM 1990.  World Jr Ch 1989.
1971       Fischer defeats Petrosian, 6.5-2.5, in Buenos Aires.
1971       Christiansen is 1st jr-high school player to win the nation HS ch.
1971       Browne and Evans win US Open in Ventura (402 players)
1971.02.01 Sherzer, Alex born.
1971.02.08 Braude, Mikhail born.
1971.02.24 Lutz, Christopher born.  German GM 1992.
1971.02.28 Mueller, Hans died.  Born in 1896.  Austrian ch 1947.  IM 1950.
1971.04.02 Ilundain, David Garcia born.  Spanish GM
1971.04.04 Harksen, Alfred died in Ystad, Sweden.  Harksen Gambit.
1971.05.02 Barda, Olaf died in Oslo.  6-time Norwegian ch.  IM 1952; GMC 1953
1971.05.31 Ulibin, Mikhail born.
1971.06.02 Fischer beats Taimanov 6-0, in candidates match in Vancouver, BC.
1971.06.21 Aladiova, Katrin born in Bulgaria.  WFM 1986.
1971.06.30 Van den Berg d.  Born 1924.  Dutch IM 1963.
1971.07    RATINGS; 1st publication of the International Rating List, 600 names.
1971.07.01 FIDE; 1st official rating list.
1971.07.12 Akopian, Vladimir born.  FM 1986; GM 1991.  World Under-16 Ch 1986.  World Jr Ch 1991.
1971.07.25 Fischer beats Larsen in Denver 6-0 (1st world ch candidates in US)
1971.09.27 Bely, Miklos died in Gyor, Hungary.  Hungarian IM 1956. 
1971.09.27 Araiza, Jose Joaquin died.
1971.10.26 Fischer defeats Petrosian in candidates match in Buenos Aires.
1971.10.31 Zaitsev, Alexander died of thrombosis after having a leg lengthened.
1971.11.17 Adams, Michael born in England.  GM 1989.  British Ch. 1989.
1971.12.07 Akopian, Vladimir born.
1971.12.14 Bologan, Viktor born.  GM.
1972       Church's fried chicken international tournament won by Petrosian.
1972       COLLEGE; Columbia U wins pan-am intercollegiate, Toronto (233 players).
1972       RATINGS; USCF ratings: fischer (2825), kavalek (2573).
1972       Aronson and Marilyn win us women's ch.
1972       Gligoric wins 2nd Statham tourney in Lone Pine.
1972       GM; 1st British GM title, to Comins Mansfield (for chess composition).
1972       Browne wins US Open, Atlantic City.
1972       Pilnick wins 7th American Open, Santa Monica (306 players)
1972       GM; Title of grandmaster for chess composition 1st awarded.
1972       GM; 1st Corr. GM of the Blind awarded to R. Bonham.
1972       Velimirovic, Jovanka born.  Yugoslavia's 1st woman ch.  D. Velimirovic's mother.
1972       Skoff elected USCF president.
1972.02.06 Gurevich, Ilya born in Kiev.  FM 1985.  World Jr Ch 1990.
1972.03.20 Lisitzin d.  USSR IM 1950.
1972.03.21 Turtel, Evan born.
1972.07.04 Shirov, Alexey born.  GM.
1972.07.11 Fischer-Spassky world ch match.
1972.07.23 Thomas, Sir George died.
1972.09.02 Fischer defeats Spassky to become world champion.
1972.09.09 Edelsberg, Alexander died in South Carolina.  5-time South Carolina Ch.
1972.10.04 Harkness, Kenneth died in Yugoslavia.  Developed rating system.
1972.10.07 Van Wely, Loek born.  GM.
1972.10.26 Bain (Weiser), Mary died in New York City.  Challenger 1937.  US women's ch 1951-3.
1972.11    Fischer on the Bob Hope Show.
1973       Rogard, Bror died.  2nd president of FIDE.
1973       1st World Open; Browne 1st (732 players).
1973       Association of US Journalists is established.
1973       Bisguier wins Lone Pine.
1973       WEINSTEIN; Norman Weinstein 1st at US Open, Chicago.
1973.01    Panov died.  Born in 1906.  IM 1950.
1973.01.18 Horowitz, Al died in New York City.  IM 1950; IA 1951.
1973.02.13 Kmoch, Hans died in New York.
1973.02.14 Tiviakov, Sergei born.  GM.
1973.04.12 Lautier, Joel born.  French GM 1990.
1973.04.26 Tal played 86 games without defeat (+47=39) starting in July, 1972.
1973.06.12 Levitan, Yuliya born.
1973.07.04 Stein, Leonid died.
1973.11.16 Anderson, Peter died in Glasgow, Scotland.  1954 Scottish ch.
1973.12.06 Rabar, Braslav died.  Born 1919.  Yug ch 1951.  IM 1950.
1974       COLLEGE; U of Chicago wins Pan-am intercollegiate, Atlanta  (73 teams).
1974       Spassky beats Byrne in 1/4-finals, San Juan.
1974       USCF annual dues are raised to $15.
1974       Browne wins us ch.
1974       Benko and Hort share US Open, New York (549 players).
1974       Korchnoi defeats Mecking in Augusta.
1974       RATINGS; USCF rating list: Byrne (2618), Kavalek (2570), Browne.
1974       Bronowski, Jacob died.  Board 3 at Cambridge.
1974       Browne wins Lone Pine.
1974       COMPUTER; 1st computer world championship held in Stockholm.  Won by Caissa.
1974       Nezhmetdinov, Rashid died.  Wrote 1st Tatar chess book in 1953.
1974       Fischer resigns his title.
1974       BOOK; 1st book employing algebraic issued by a major american publisher.
1974       CADET; 1st world cadet (under 16) championship.  Won by Mestel.
1974       Karff wins us women's ch, St. Petersberg.
1974.02.15 Alexander, Conel died in Cheltenham, England.  Cracked Enigma.
1974.04.02 Lokvenc d. St. Polten.  German ch 1943.  2-time Austrian ch.
1974.05.15 Sadler, Matthew born.
1974.06.02 Kamsky, Gata born.  GM.
1974.07.03 Grob, Henry died in Zollikon, Switzerland. IM 1950.  Swiss ch 1939, 1951.
1974.10.02 Tsemekhman, Vadim born.
1974.11.02 Polgar, Zsofia born.  Performance rating of 2900 in Feb, 1989
1975       Antal, Aladar died in Hungary.  Antal Defense is the Pirc Defense.
1975       Koltanowski elected USCF president.
1975       Liberzon wins Lone Pine (22 gms).
1975       Benko and Lombardy share US Open Ch, Lincoln.
1975       Largest us exhibition ever of chess manuscripts, etc, in NY.
1975       Makarczyk d.  Polish ch 1948.  IM 1950.  Born 1901.
1975       Miles & Reuben agree to draw without making a move.  1st time allowed
1975       Savereide wins us women's ch.
1975       Vukovic died.  Born 1898.  Yug IM 1951.
1975       1st time U.S. finished 1-2 in international event - Portugal.
1975       BOOK; 1st chess book issued by american press using algebraic, by Kane.
1975       Benko and Trefler win World Open (815 players)
1975       Browne wins US Ch, Oberlin, Ohio.
1975.03.03 Fabel, Karl died in Pischertshofen, Germany.  Famous problemist.  IJComp 1964; IMComp 1967.
1975.03.15 Topolov, Vesseline born.  GM.
1975.04    Fischer forfeits his title, Karpov becomes world champion.
1975.04.   Sidelnikov, Alexander born.
1975.04.03 Karpov proclaimed world champion.
1975.04.03 1st time world ch. without having won the title by playing.
1975.04.22 Steiner, Lajos (b. 1903), Hungarian IM, died.
1975.04.30 Zaderman, Yuri born.
1975.05.20 Whitaker, Norman died in Phoenix City, Alabama.
1975.06.05 Keres, Paul (born 1916) died.
1975.06.21 Clarke, Richard, creator of the British system of grading, died in London.
1975.06.25 Kramnik, Vladimir born.  GM.
1975.07.24 Rossolimo, Nicholas, owner of greenwich village chess studio, died in New York.
1975.07.29 Seltzer, Robert born.
1975.08.16 Saemisch, Friedrich died.
1975.09.09 Stein, Alan born.
1975.09.30 Bagby, Charles died in San Francisco, CA.
1975.11.16 Opocensky, Karel died.  Born 1892.  Czech ch 1927,28,38,44.  IM 1954.
1975.12.02 Johner, Hans died.  B. in 1889.  Swiss ch 1908,23,28,29,31,32,34,35,37,38,47,50.  IM 1950.  Directed Zurich Philharmonic Orchestra.
1975.12.19 Paros, Gyorgy died.  Born 1910.  Leading helpmate composer.
1976       Wilder (13) becomes youngest US Master since Fischer.
1976       OLY; US wins olympiad, Haifa.
1976       Smoking banned at major national events.
1976       Szily d.  Born 1913.  Hungarian IM 1950.
1976       Morrison appointed USCF executive director.
1976       Browne, Seirawan, Pike are co-winners of American Open.
1976       Lein and Shamkovich share US Open, Fairfax.
1976       COMPUTER; 1st chess-playing computers for popular use came on the market.
1976       Savereide wins US women's ch in Teton Village, Wyoming.
1976       Lein and Zuckerman win World Open.
1976       LASKER; Ed Lasker played in telex match between London and NY at age 90.
1976       Diesen and Rohde share US jr invitational.
1976       Model, Abram died.  Botvinnik's chess trainer.
1976       Petrosian wins Lone Pine; he & Smyslov are 1st Soviets to play there.
1976.01    1st national chess league; d.c. plumbers win.
1976.01.29 Klein, Erez born.
1976.02.19 Loshinsky, Lev died.
1976.03.18 Garber, Stanislav born.
1976.04.08 Byrne, Donald died in Philadelphia.  US Open ch 1953, 57.  IM 1962
1976.06.07 Kreiman, Boris born.
1976.07.22 Manion, Josh born.
1976.07.23 Polgar, Judit born.  GM 1991.  Youngest GM at 15 yrs, 5 mths.
1976.08.06 Piatigorsky, Greg died.
1976.08.29 Almasi, Zoltan born.  GM.
1976.10.09 1st National Chess Day, proclaimed by President Ford.
1976.10.24 OLY; Haifa olympiad starts.  1st time Swiss System used in olympics.
1976.11    WGM; International Woman GM title created by FIDE.
1976.11.10 OLY; US wins Haifa Olympiad.
1976.11.17 Arnett, David born.
1976.12.04 Waitzkin, Joshua born.
1976.12.13 Gorgiev, Tigran died in Dnepropetrovsk, Russia.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1969.
1976.12.18 Benjamin, Dan born.
1977       1st telechess olympiad.  Won by USSR.
1977       Savereide and Rachel Grotto become US women's co-champions.
1977       Fedorowicz and Henley win World Open.
1977       Browne wins US ch, Mentor, Ohio.
1977       1st time a woman won a "men'" tournament - Gaprindashvili/Lone Pine.
1977       Mukhin died.  Born in 1948.  IM 1975.
1977       Yakimchik, Vitold died.  Soviet chess composer.
1977       Problem published that is mate in 69, all checks (longest all checks)
1977       COMPUTER; Sneaky Pete becomes 1st computer to play in a u.s. open.
1977       Slagle wins US blind ch.
1977       First world chess solving tourney.
1977       Balashov, Gaprindashvili, Panno, Sahovic win Lone Pine.
1977       Woman Grandmaster (WGM) introduced.
1977       1st world cadet ch for under-17.
1977       1st untitled player to become GM - Christiansen.
1977       Shamkovich wins US Open in Columbus, Ohio.
1977       1st World Problem Solving Ch.  Won by Finland.
1977       Fedorowicz and Ken Regan tie for 1st in US jr invitational, Denver.
1977.01.13 Santasiere, Anthony died.
1977.02.15 Boleslavsky, Isaak died in Minsk.  GM 1950.
1977.02.17 Banks, Newell died in Detroit.
1977.03.11 Gelman, Geoffrey born.
1977.04.24 Hort played 550 players, 201 simultaneously, =477=63-10, Iceland.
1977.07.02 Nabokov, Vladimir died.
1977.07.18 Morosewitsch, Alexander born.  IM rated at 2590.
1977.08    Worst simul.  J. Hayden challenged 180.  20 showed (+2-18).
1978       Kaufman appointed exec director of American Chess Foundation.
1978       Poutianen died.  Born in 1952.  Finnish ch 1974.  IM 1976.
1978       OLY; US 3rd in Buenos Aires olympiad.
1978       Bisguier wins 12th National Open, Charleston.
1978       Bradford wins US Open, Phoenix.
1978       COMPUTER; Belle wins 9th North American Computer Chess Ch.
1978       Kavalek wins US Ch, Pasadena.  1st US ch on west coast.
1978       Professional Chess Association is formed; Peters is 1st president.
1978       Sperling elected USCF president.
1978       Larsen 1st at Lone Pine.
1978       Strauss and P. Whitehead tie in American Open.
1978       OLY; 1st Swiss System olympiad - Buenos Aires.
1978       COLLEGE; 1st time a college establishes a minor in chess studies - Mass.
1978       FM; Title introduced, Fide Master (fm).
1978       1st time woman awarded "men'" gm title - Gaprindashvili.
1978       Chinese player 1st beats a GM - Liu Wen Che beat Donner in Buenos Aires.
1978       Student team ch renamed to world youth team championship (under-26)
1978       Biyiasas wins World Open, Philadelphia (1,063 players).
1978       Visserman, Eeltje died.  One of 1st four to be awarded IGCC when it was introduced in 1972.
1978       Longest world ch game, Korchnoi-Karpov, game 5, stalemate in 124.
1978.02.05 Shaked, Tal born.
1978.03.17 Furman, Semyon died in St Petersburg.  IM 1954; GM 1966.  Leningrad ch 1954, 1957.
1978.03.19 Torre, Carlos (born 1904), Mexico's 1st IGM (1977), died.
1978.05.14 Jeff Sarwer born in Kingston, Canada
1978.07.18 Karpov-Korchnoi match, Baguio City.
1978.08.30 Wren, Fred died in St. Louis.
1978.10.17 Karpov defeats Korchnoi, 16.5-15.5, Baguio City.
1978.11.12 Spence died in Omaha, Nebraska.
1978.12.12 Kan, Ilya died.
1979       Dullea appointed USCF executive director.
1979       LONE PINE; 4 tie at Lone Pine.
1979       Bilek agreed to 10 short draws out of 10.  125 moves in 109 minutes.
1979       Seirawan wins US jr invitational in Hollywood, California.
1979       RESIGN; 2 players in the Wyoming state ch resigned at exactly the same moment
1979       Sherwin elected President of American Chess Foundation.
1979       Bastrikov, Georgy died in Russia.
1979       Bisguier wins the grand prix.
1979       Gheorghiu wins US Open, Chicago (563 players).
1979       GRAND PRIX; USCF starts Church's fried chicken grand prix.
1979.03.12 Zamora, Jorge born.
1979.03.18 Murshad wins Bangladesh ch at age 12, 309 days.  Youngest ever.
1979.05.06 Karpov and Tal tie in Montreal International.
1979.05.26 Korchnoi wins at Johannesburg.
1979.06.14 Bondarevsky, Igor died in Piatigorsk, Russia.  USSR ch 1940.  GM 1950; IA 1954; GMC 1961
1979.06.27 Dunkelblum, Arthur died in Anvers, Belgium.  Belgian ch 1949.  IM 1957.
1979.07.08 Daly, Harlow died in Framington, MA.
1979.08.15 Abbott, Hedley died in Cashmere, New Zealand.  1936-37 Ch.  Born in 1904.
1979.09.08 Leko, Peter born.
1979.11.06 Purdy, C.J.S. died.
1979.11.12 Veresov, Gavril died.
1980       OLY; US team is 4th in Malta olympiad.
1980       RATINGS; USCF rating list: alburt (2623), kavalek (2606), tarjan (2550).
1980       Slowest move.  Trosi took 2 hrs, 20 minutes to make his 7th move.
1980       Gheorghiu, Fedorwicz win US Open, Atlanta.
1980       Xepler, Eric, German composer died.
1980       Lommer died.
1980       Dzindzihasvili wins Grand Prix.
1980       CADET; 1st world cadet championship (under-16).
1980       Vidmar, Milan Jr. died.  Yug IM (1950) and son of Milan Vidmar.
1980       Dzindzichashvili wins Lone Pine.
1980       Benjamin wins US jr ch., Hollywood, Ca.
1980.03.15 Abrahams, Gerald died in Liverpool.
1980.04.16 Longest decisive game.  Stepak beat Mashian in 193 moves (24.5 hrs).
1980.05.23 Enevoldsen, Jens died in Denmark.  Danish ch 1940,43,47,48,60.  IM 1950. IA 1960.
1980.05.28 Chandler, Guy died in Surrey, England.  Founder of the British Chess Problem Society.
1980.06.02 Pirc, Vasja died.
1980.06.05 Akerblom, Axel died in Odakra, Sweden.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1967.
1980.09.12 Balogh, Janos died in Budapest, Hungary.
1980.09.12 Cheron, Andre died in Leysin, Switzerland.  Fr ch 3 times.  Authority on endgame studies.  IJComp 1957; IMComp 1959.
1980.09.18 Anderson, Frank Ross died in San Diego, CA.  IM 1954
1980.10.03 O'Kelly de Galway, Belgian player, died.
1980.12.08 Trifunovic, Petar, Yugoslav IGM (1953), died.
1981       Watson and deFirmian wins American Open (390 players).
1981       Redman elected USCF president.
1981       US OPEN; 5 tie for US Open, Palo Alto (704 players).
1981       Browne and Seirawan win US Ch, South Bend, Indiana.
1981       COMPUTER; 1st computer program to win a state ch. - Cray Blitz in Mississipi.
1981       Korchnoi wins Lone Pine.
1981       Standard notation (algebraic notation) established by FIDE.
1981       Savereide wins US women's ch,
1981.01    Sarapu wins New Zealand ch for the 16th time.
1981.01.08 Kotov, Alexander died.
1981.02.14 Canal, Esteban died in Varese, Italy.  Hungarian ch 1933.  IM 1950.  HGM 1977.
1981.03.23 Lasker, Edward died.
1981.04.25 Ahman, Ernst died in Sweden.  1948 Swedish ch.
1981.05    Fischer arrested in Pasadena under suspicion of a bank robber.
1981.05.10 Acs, Peter born.  Hungarian GM and 2001 World Junior Chess Champion.
1981.05.20 Gedult, David died in Paris.
1981.05.29 Altschul, Frank died in Stamford, CT.  Problem book publisher.
1981.08.02 Breuer, Johann died in Reichshof, Germany.  IJComp 1957; IMComp 1973
1981.08.03 Heidenfeld, Wolfgang died in Ulm, Germany.  S African ch 8 times; Irish ch 6 times.
1981.09.29 Chernev, Irving died in San Francisco.  Chess author.
1981.10.01 Karpov-Korchnoi match, Merano.
1981.10.24 Kevitz, Alexander died.
1981.10.27 Endzelins, Lucius died in Adelaide.   GMC 1959.  2nd in the World cr ch 1956-9.  Australian ch 1961.
1981.11.12 Pilnik, Herman died.
1981.11.20 Karpov defeats Korchnoi, 11-7, Merano.
1981.11.26 Euwe, Max died in Amsterdam.  Dutch ch 12 times.  World ch 1935-37.  GM 1950; IA 1951.  FIDE President 1970-78.
1982       1st brother-sister to tie for 1st in a tournament - Chicago.
1982       Browne and Henley tie in 1st lady international, Indonesia.
1982       1st time American beat a reigning world champ - Seirawan-Karpov.
1982       Aronin, Lev died.  IM 1950.  Moscow ch 1965.
1982       1st world under-20 championship for women.
1982       OLY; Youngest olympiad player, Kien Tjing-Joe, age 12, for Surinam.
1982.01.02 Barendregt, Johan died in Gravenhage, Netherlands.  IM 1962.  Prof of psychology.
1982.02.03 Frydman, Paulin died in Buenos Aires.  IM 1955.  Warsaw ch 1931, 1932, 1933, 1936.
1982.03.13 Fairhurst, William died in Howick, New Zealand.  Br. ch 1937.  Scottish ch 11 times.
1982.04.02 Coles, Richard died in West Clandon, England.  Author of chess biographies.
1982.05.21 Herbstmann, Alexander, IM for chess compositions, died in Taby, Sweden.    IJComp 1956; IMComp 1959.
1982.05.26 Albrecht, Hermann died in Frankfurt.  IJComp 1957.
1982.07.05 Hunter, Charles died in Horley, England.  Br cr ch '61.  World's fastest speaker.  IMC 1967.
1982.09.18 Bjelica played 301 opponents at Sarajevo (+258=36-7).
1982.10.21 Edmondson, Edmund died in Honolulu, Hawaii.  USCF President 1963.  USCF executive director 1967.
1982.12    1st electronic chess game on a complete bulletin board.
1983       1st national hs individual champion, won by Patrick Wolff.
1983       1st video chess cassette - Orson Welles, Seirawan, Christiansen.
1983       Fischer publishes "I was tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse."
1983       1st time a microcomputer beats a master in tournament play.
1983       Martz dies, age 37.
1983       1st time computer gains an established master's rating.
1983       Yarosh, Leonid (1957- ) composed a direct mate orthodox Babson Task, though impossible for 70 years.
1983       CANDIDATES; A tied candidates match was decided by a roulette wheel.
1983.01.22 Etienne Bacrot born in Picardie, France.  GM in 1997 at age 14 years, 2 months.
1983.01.31 Statham, Louis died.
1983.07.18 Flohr, Salo, Soviet IGM, died in Moscow.  GM 1950; IA 1963.
1983.08.16 Mont-Reynaud, Jordy born, Stanford, CA.
1983.08.23 Anderson, Gerald Frank died in Hove, England.  IJComp 1960; IMComp 1975.  Last person to play Alekhine.
1983.09.10 Ciocaltea, Victor died in Manresa, Spain.  Romanian ch 1952,59,61,62,70,71.  IM 1957; GM 1979.
1983.11.15 Dubinen, Peter died in Gorky.  GMC 1962.  2nd in 1962 world cr ch.  IM 1950.  USSR Corr. Ch 1957.
1983.12.03 Aitken, James died in  Cheltenham, England.  Former Scottish & London ch.
1983.12.09 Flesch, Janos, IGM (1980), died.  IM 1963.
1984       Bolbochan, Jacobo died in Argentina.  Argentina ch 1932, 1933.  IM 1965.
1984       Doyle, Steve elected USCF President.
1984       1st satellite simul exhibition - London & New York (Kasparov)
1984       Nunn has performace rating of 2886 at Thessaloniki (10 of 11).
1984       Chess Collectors International started.
1984       Shirazi goes .5 points in 17 games.  Lost in 5 moves to Peters.
1984       1st time a microcomputer won an event with mainframes, in Canada.
1984       OLY; U.S. first win over USSR in olympiad at Thessaloniki.
1984.01.07 McShane, Luke born.
1984.03.16 Bonham, Reginald died in Worcester, England.  Blind world ch 1958.  Cr ch 6 times.
1984.03.28 Mansfield, Comins died.
1984.04.08 Udovcic, Mijo died.
1984.05.17 Becker, Albert died in Vicente Lopez, Argentina.  Austrian ch 1925, 1937.  IM 1953.
1984.05.19 Long, Roger  & Graham Croft played 200 hours in Bristol.
1984.06.04 Vinay Bhat born in Santa Clara, CA
1984.07.16 Cozens, William died in Taunton, england.  Author.
1984.08.13 Petrosian, Tigran (born 1929), former world chess champion, died.
1984.08.25 Blau, Max died in Bern, Switzerland.  IM 1953.  Swiss ch 1953,55,56,67.
1984.08.31 Czerniak, Moshe died in Tel Aviv.  Palestine ch 1936.  Israeli ch 1955.  IM 1952.
1984.09.04 Bohatirchuk, Fedor died in Ottawa.  USSR ch 1927.  IM 1954.  IMC 1967.
1984.09.10 Karpov-Kasparov match, Moscow.
1984.10.06 Hort played 663 games in 32.5 hrs at Porz, West Germany.
1984.11.09 Fritz, Jindrich died in Prague.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1966; GMComp 1975.
1985       World open largest (1,251) and richest ($150,000).
1985       Seirawan becomes 1st us candidate since 1973.
1985       1st tournament of high school champions; won by Fishbein.
1985       NY OPEN; 6 tie for ny open. richest ($126,000) and largest (1070) tournament.
1985       scholastic championships draw a record 1,572 players.
1985       K.K. Karanja wins the National Elementary Ch in Charlotte, NC with a perfect score of 7-0
1985.01.26 Yukhtman, Yakov died.
1985.02.15 Kasparov-Karpov match halted after 48 games.
1985.02.20 Kashdan, Isaac (b. 1905), American GM, died.
1985.03    Dunphy, William died in Hastings.  Irish ch 1957.
1985.05.20 Igor Kurnosov born.
1985.08    Gurevich, Ilya wins world under-14 ch. (1st US player to do so)
1985.09.03 Karpov-Kasparov match, Moscow.
1985.09.16 Knoppert, Eric played 500 games of 10-minute chess in 68 hours.
1985.10.01 Bron, Vladimir died in Sverdlovsk, Russia.    IJComp 1956; IMComp 1966; GMComp 1975.
1985.10.11 CANDIDATES; Start of Montpellier Candidates tournament.
1985.10.20 Batik, Frantisek died in Jaromer, Czechoslovakia.  IMC 1959.
1985.11.03 Battell, Jack died. (American postal pioneer)
1985.11.03 Yusupov, Vaganian, Sokolov tie at Montpellier.
1985.11.09 Kasparov defeats Karpov to become world ch.  Age 22 yrs, 210 days.
1985.11.27 1st world team ch tournament, won by USSR in Lucerne.
1985.12.05 Cuellar-Gacharna, Miguel died in Columbia.  IM 1957.
1985.12.18 Dunst (b. 1907), American player, died in Lambertville, NJ.
1986       Harman, John died in England.  Classified chess studies.
1986       POLGAR; Judith Polgar, 9, wins NY open, unrated section with 7.5-.5.
1986       1st time world championship played in England.
1986       Chikvaidze replaced Sevastionov as President of the Soviet Chess Fed.
1986       1st time there is a Soviet entrant in a U.S. Open.
1986       Jeff Sarwer wins the first boys world under-10 World Youth Chess Championship in Puerto Rico
1986       Julia Sarwer wins the  first girls world under-10 World Youth Chess Championship in Puerto Rico
1986.01.24 Buschke, Albrecht died in New York City.
1986.02.27 Barcza, Gedeon died in Budapest.  IM 1950; GM 1954; IMC 1966.
1986.03.05 Rudenko, Ludmila died.  World women's ch 1949-53.  Challenger 1956.
1986.03.13 House of Reps passed resolution recognizing Fischer as world ch.
1986.05.25 Fraenkel, Heinrich died in London.  Assiac.
1986.07.25 Kasparov-Karpov match, London.
1986.08.10 HALL OF FAME; Formation of the US chess hall of fame.
1986.08.27 Agzamov, Georgy died in a fall from a cliff.  IM 1982; GM 1984.
1986.10.08 Kasparov defeats Karpov, 12.5-11.5, Leningrad.
1986.10.31 COMPUTER; 6th world microcomputer championship, Dallas, Mephisto 3 1st.
1986.12.29 HASTINGS; 62nd Hastings, Chandler,Larsen,Lputian,Speelman 1st.
1986.12.30 Asenova, Venka died in Bulgaria.    WIM 1965; HWGM 1986
1987       Winston elected USCF president.
1987       Niemeijer, Meindert died.  Dutch chess bibliophile.
1987       Kamsky wins US jr ch at age 12.
1987       Longest game.  Martinovsky-Jansa, Gausdal 1987 (drawn after 194 moves
1987.01.15 49th Hoogovens international, Wijk aan Zee, Korchnoi & Short 1st.
1987.01.29 Hartong, Jan died in Rotterdam.  IMComp 1959.
1987.02    Reykjavik international, Short 1st.
1987.02.02 Estrin, Yakov died in Russia.  World cr ch 1975.  IMC 1965; GMC 1966; IM 1975; GM 1984.
1987.02.27 Lugano international, Seirawan 1st.
1987.03.01 COMPUTER; 1st national championship (us amateur ch) directed by computer.
1987.03.15 National Open, Las Vegas, Maxim Dlugy 1st.
1987.03.26 Karpov defeats Sokolov in candidate's final match, Spain.
1987.04.06 Borki Predojevic born.  Bosnian GM.
1987.04.09 New York Open, Seirawan & Adorjan 1st.
1987.04.25 Kasparov & Ljubojevic win 2nd SWIFT international, Brussels.
1987.05.27 US Amateur ch, Knoxvile, Kreitner 1st.
1987.06.26 Gulko wins World open.
1987.07    Calvo declared persona non grata by FIDE, Seville, Spain.
1987.07.01 Evgeny Tomashevsky born.  Russian GM.
1987.08    Anand wins world jr ch, Baguio City.
1987.09.19 Yudovich, Mikhail died.
1987.10.08 Susanto Megaranto born.  Indonesian GM.
1987.10.12 Kasparov-Karpov match, Seville.
1987.12    Kasparov retains world championship, Seville.
1987.12.05 Avigad-Vernon, Ariel (7yrs, 237 days) beat expert Nick Dumyk.
1987.12.09 Nakamura, Hikaru born.  GM in 2003.  US ch in 2004.
1987.12.19 Kasparov draws with Karpov and ties match to retain title.
1988       Akhmilovskaya, Elena elopes with John Donaldson at Greece Olympiad.
1988       Wilder wins us ch.
1988       Hanauer, Milton died.
1988       Gurevich wins US Open, Boston.
1988.03.03 Timur Garev born.  Uzbekistan GM.
1988.04.20 Mark Bluvshtein born.  Canandian GM. 
1988.04.26 Rauf Mamedov born.  GM from Azerbaijan.
1988.06.21 Alejadnro Ramirez born.  GM from Costa Rica.
1988.06.24 Serotta wins US jr open, St Louis.
1988.07    Dlugy wins World Open, Philadelphia
1988.07.07 2nd world and peace festival, Romania.
1988.07.13 Dlugy wins US Open blitz ch, Boston.
1988.07.21 Grumette died.                  
1988.08    Speelman beats Short 3.5-1.5 in London for candidates match
1988.08    Kasparov & Karpov wins USSR ch (cat 14 - 2594)
1988.08    Mestel wins British Ch
1988.08    Gurevich, D. wins US Open, Boston (614 players)
1988.08.05 Fischer filed a patent for a digital chess clock
1988.09    Karpov wins Tilburg Interpolis (cat 15 - 2627)
1988.09    Ayatollah Khomeini reallowed chess in Iran after banning it in 1981
1988.09.15 USAF wins armed forces ch.
1988.09.27 David Baramidze born.  German GM.
1988.10    Wilder wins US Ch (cat 12 - 2546)
1988.10    Kasparov wins Reykjavik (cat 15 - 2618)
1988.10    Lautier, Ivanchuk, Serper, Gelfand tie in world jr ch, Adelaide
1988.11    Miles wins Software Toolworks Ch, Long Beach.
1988.11.27 Donner, Johannes (Jan) died.  IM 1952; GM 1959.  Dutch ch 1954, 1957, 1958.
1988.12    last issue of 'Deutsche Schachzeitung' which started in 1846 and only stopped from 1945-49
1988.12    OLY; USSR wins Thessaloniki Olympiad (107 teams)
1988.12    OLY; Hungary wins Thessaloniki women's olympiad (56 teams)
1988.12.17 Karpov wins world action chess ch, Mazatlan, Mexico. (61 players)
1988.12.18 1st World Chess Congress: USSR vs world; Ussr wins (Madrid)
1988.12.30 Harvard wins Pan-am intercollegiate, New Jersey. (35 teams).
1989       Eisinger Jr, Max died in Germany.  
1989       Haring, Jacobus died in the Netherlands.  IJComp 1964; IMComp 1968.  Died of cancer.
1989       Wolff wins 3rd annual '89 Samford stipend ($30,000)
1989       Bikova, (Bykova) Elizaveta died in Russia.  WIM 1950; IM 1953; WGM 1976; World ch 1953-6, 1958-62.
1989.01    RATINGS; USCF ratings: Seirawan (2725), Gulko (2697), deFirmian (2679)
1989.01.14 Short wins Hastings.
1989.02    Polgar, Zsofia achieves 2900 performance rating.
1989.02.04 Yusupov defeats Spraggett in quarterfinals in Quebec.
1989.02.05 Karpov defeats Hjartarson in quarterfinals in Seattle.
1989.02.05 Gurevich, D.  wins 7th Bermuda international open.
1989.02.26 Benjamin wins Cannes Open.
1989.03.08 Bykova, Elizaveta died.
1989.03.28 Fedorowicz wins 7th NY Open
1989.04.04 Wood, B.H. died.
1989.04.18 Cramer, Fred, past USCF president, died.
1989.04.20 Kasparov, Ljubojevic win 4th world cup tourney, Barcelona.
1989.05.31 Deep Thought is world computer champion, Edmondton, Alberta.
1989.06.11 Rohde wins National Open, Las Vegas.
1989.06.24 Timman wins the 5th world cup tournament, Rotterdam.
1989.07    Fide now comprised of 128 nations.
1989.07    Kakhiani (USSR) wins world junior girls ch, Columbia.
1989.07    Fide now comprised of 128 nations.
1989.07    Spasov (Bulgaria) wins world jr ch, Tunja, Columbia.
1989.07.05 Gurevich, M. wins World Open, Philadelphia.
1989.07.09 World Youth chess festival, Puerto Rico.
1989.07.13 Alburt, Lev won the 90th US Open, Chicago.
1989.07.16 Rudolph wins 1989 us women's ch, Spartanburg.
1989.07.16 Sherzer and Finegold tie for 1989 US Jr ch, Washington, D.C.
1989.07.21 Adams, Michael (age 17) becomes world's youngest GM. 
1989.07.23 Bisguier wins 1989 Senior open, New Jersey.
1989.08.10 Beliavsky wins OHRA (cat 14), Amsterdam.
1989.09    Adams, Michael wins 76th British Ch (youngest ever to win).
1989.09.02 Karpov, Kasparov tie at Skelleftea, Sweden (last world cup event).
1989.09.02 Kasparov wins the CMA World Cup 1988-89.
1989.10    Vaganian wins USSR championship.
1989.10.02 Kasparov wins 13th Interpolis (cat 16), Tilburg, Netherlands.
1989.10.02 Kasparov achieves highest rating in history: 2810
1989.10.15 US Class Championship, Orlando
1989.10.17 Timman beats Speelman in semi-finals of world ch (London).
1989.10.17 Karpov beats Yusupov in semi-finals of world ch (London).
1989.10.22 Kasparov beats Deep Thought in 2 game match in New York.
1989.11.08 World team championship, Lucerne.          
1989.11.26 25th American Open, Long Beach.  Christiansen on tie-break (5 tied).
1989.11.26 National Chess Congress, Philadelphia.
1989.11.28 Ilivitsky died
1989.12.03 Soviet Union wins European National Team Championship (27 countries).
1989.12.03 US Championship, Long Beach.  Won by Seirawan, Dzindzi, Rachels.
1989.12.06 Palma de Mallorca - won by Gelfand
1989.12.11 Deep Thought vs David Levy match - Deep Thought wins
1990       R.O. Mitchell wins the US Junior Open; 1st African-American to win it
1990	   Berliner inducted in US Hall of Fame
1990	   Wolski wins Memorial Day Classic in LA
1990       Book, Eero died in Finland.  IM 1950.  IA 1981; HGM 1984.  Finnish ch.
1990       Beliavsky wins OHRA tournament in Amsterdam
1990       USSR wins chess summit in Reykjavik
1990       Fishbein awarded Samford Fellowhip
1990       Chicco, Adriano died.  IJComp 1956; IMComp 1967.  Historian and problemist.
1990       Gaprindashvili wins women's Interzonal in Malasia
1990       Gurevich, D. wins National Open in Las Vegas
1990.03.15 US Masters Open in Chicago - won by Miles
1990.01.11 Wijk aan Zee - won by Nunn
1990.01.12 Sergej Karjakin born in Ukraine.  GM in 2002
1990.01.26 Yuri Kuzobov born in Ukraine.  GM 2004.
1990.02.02 Karpov plays Deep Thought and wins at Harvard
1990.02.18 Linares, Spain - won by Kasparov
1990.02.23 Ngoc Truongson Nguyen born in Vietnam.  GM.
1990.03.08 Karpov-Timman Candidates Final in Kuala Lumpur - Karpov wins
1990.03.09 US Amateur Team Ch - won by East
1990.04.08 NY Open - Khalifman wins NY Open
1990.04.27 National HS championship in Kansas City - won by Feldman
1990.05.10 US championship playoff in SF - Miles and deFirmian qualify
1990.05.23 GMA Final Tournament in Moscow - 5 way tie for 1st
1990.05.30 women's interzonal in Moscow - won by Kakhiani, Galliamova
1990.06.01 World Youth ch begins in Singapore
1990.06.04 Women's Interzonal B in USSR; won by Galliamova & Kakiani
1990.06.16 US Cadet championship in NY - Bobby Seltzer wins
1990.06.26 US Amateur - McCormick wins US Amateur Ch in Somerset, NJ
1990.06.29 Canadian Open in New Brunswick - won by Timoshenko
1990.06.29 INTERZONAL; Manila Interzonal
1990.06.30 World Open in Philadelphia - Igor Glek wins
1990.07    Biel (cat 15) - won by Karpov
1990.07.01 Women's Interzonal A in Malasyia; won by Gaprindashvili
1990.07.13 US Junior Ch in Bloomington, IL; won by Gurevich
1990.07.14 World Youth Chess Festival for Peace held in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
1990.07.21 Kasparov defeats Psakhis in Murcia, Spain
1990.07.29 OHRA in Holland (Cat 14); won by Beliavsky
1990.08    Plaskett wins British ch
1990.08.05 Denker HS Ch in Jacksonville - 4 way tie
1990.08.05 US Open in Jacksonville, Florida - Seirawan wins
1990.08.05 US Closed Championship in Jacsonville - Alburt wins
1990.08.11 Dlugy wins US Open Blitz Championship
1990.08.19 US Women's ch in Spartanburg, SC - won by Elena Donaldson
1990.09.16 Armed Forces Championship at Fort Belvoir, Virginia
1990.09.24 Ivanchuk and Kamsky tie at Tilburg (Category 16)
1990.09.25 Larsen wins Watson, Farley, & Williams in new York (Cat 11)
1990.09.26 England and the USSR tie in the 1990 World Chess Probelm Solving Ch
1990.10.08 World Chess Championship in New York - Kasparov-Karpov
1990.10.10 Diemer, Emil died.
1990.10.12 US Class Ch in Columbus, Ohio
1990.10.26 Garcia-Gonzales, Guillermo of Cuba dies in car accident in Mexico.  3-time Cuban ch.  GM 1976.
1990.11    Beliavsky, Yudasin, Bareev, Vyzmanavin tie for 57th USSR Ch
1990.11.09 OLY; start of 29th chess olympiad in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
1990.11.10 US Senior Open in Miami - won by Mark Lanin
1990.11.22 American Open in Los Angeles - won by Browne and Ivanov
1990.11.22 Kasparov-Karpov match in Lyon, France
1990.11.30 Mangus Carlsen born in Norway.  IM 2003.  GM 2004.
1990.12    Hastings 1990-91
1990.12.04 USSR win the 29th Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad; USA takes 2nd
1990.12.07 New Delhi tournament; cat 11 (2513)
1990.12.21 Seirawan defeats Timman 4-2 in the annual KRO match
1990.12.21 Anand and Kamsky tie for first in New Delhi (Category 11)
1990.12.23 National Chess Congress - won by Dzindzichashvili
1990.12.27 Pan-American championship, Cambridge
1990.12.30 Harvard wins Pan American Ch
1990.12.31 Kasparov wins world championship 12.5 - 11.5 and $1.7 million
1991       Nahareishvili, Gia died.  
1991.01    Bareev wins Hastings 1990/91
1991.01    IVANOV; Igor Ivanov wins 8th Grand Prix
1991.01.09 REGGIO; start of 8th Reggio Emilia tourney; Cat 16
1991.01.11 Alter, Ladislav of Czechoslovakia died.
1991.01.18 WIJK AAN ZEE; start of 53rd Hoogovens in Wijk aan Zee; cat 14 (2584)
1991.01.20 Karpov wins Reggio Emilia A
1991.02.02 Women's Candidates Final between Maric and Jun, Belgrade
1991.02.02 San Francisco International
1991.02.03 Nunn wins at Wijk aan Zee (Cat 14-2584)
1991.02.09 Tuggle died;  USCF most active player from 1985 to 1990
1991.02.22 Linares - 2nd strongest tourney ever; cat 17 (2658)
1991.03.12 McCormick (1914-1991) died, New Jersey
1991.03.14 Torre wins 1991 Pan-Pacific International
1991.03.15 Ivanchuk wins at Linares
1991.03.24 Shirazi and Zaltsman win 114th annual Manhattan CC Ch.
1991.03.31 Goldin won 1991 New York Open
1991.04.05 US AMATEUR; The Old Gang won the 1991 US Amateur Team Ch, via modem
1991.04.14 Rohwer won the National Jr High Ch, Dearborn, MI
1991.04.21 US ACTION; 5 tie at US Action Ch, New Haven, CT
1991.05.03 Waitzkin won National High School Ch, Atlanta
1991.05.09 COMPUTER; The ChessMachine won the Microcomputer World Ch, Vancouver, BC
1991.05.13 Short, Salov tie at 5th Euwe Memorial, VSB-Amsterdam (Cat 16)
1991.05.27 Collins, Dave won the 1991 US Amateur Ch, Hackettstown, NJ
1991.05.27 MEMORIAL; 4 tie at 12th Memorial Day Classic, Santa Monica (Gurevich on tb)
1991.06    Waitzkin won 1991 US Cadet Ch (under 16)
1991.06    GUREVICH; Ilya Gurevich is the 5th annual Samford Fellow
1991.06.01 Fried, Sydney died, age 72.
1991.06.06 NATIONAL OPEN; 5 tie at 1991 National Open, Chicago (Browne on tie-break)
1991.06.11 PHILIPPINES; 3 tie at Philippine Open International, Manila
1991.06.19 ARMED FORCES; Bobby Moore wins 32nd Armed Force Ch, Quantico, VA
1991.06.21 BLIND; Start of US Blind Ch, Columbus, OH; won by William Gibson, Kennedy
1991.06.26 Tsemekhman won the US Jr Open, Bloomington, IN
1991.06.26 Sherzer won the 1991 US Junior Closed Ch, Bloomington, IL
1991.07    Powell (1944-1991) died in San Francisco
1991.07    Waitzkin won the US Under 16 Ch, Bronxville, NY
1991.07    Benjamin wins 19th World Open, Philadelphia
1991.07.13 Kaminski wins World Ch for Boys under 14, Warsaw, Poland
1991.07.19 Gross wins 11th US Senior Open, San Diego
1991.07.30 Kramnik wins World Ch for Boys under 18, Guarapuava, Brazil
1991.08.09 Rohde wins US Open, Los Angeles
1991.08.09 Kamsky wins US Ch in Los Angeles
1991.08.24 Levitina and Epstein win US Women's Ch, Highland Beach, Florida
1991.08.25 Candidates Quarterfinals in Brussels (SWIFT)
1991.08.26 Shirov won 15th Annual Lloyds Bank Masters, London
1991.09    Akopian, Vladimir won 1991 World Jr Ch, Mamaia, Romania
1991.09    Browne wins 14th US Class Ch, San Francisco
1991.09.02 Fedorowicz wins 114th NY State Ch
1991.09.09 OLY; Soviets win World Student Olympiad, Maringa, Brazil
1991.10    Xie Jun wins World Women's Ch in Manila at age 20.
1991.10    Smyslov wins 1st Open Senior World Ch, Bad Worishofen
1991.10.03 Nadareishvili, Gia died.
1991.10.14 Karpov and Ivanchuk tie at Reykjavik  GMA World Cup (Cat 16-2627)
1991.11    STEIN; Alan Stein won 7th Arnold Denker Tournament of State HS Champions
1991.11    Benjamin wins American Open, Los Angeles
1991.11.03 China wins 9th Asian Ch in Penang, Malaysia
1991.11.04 Kasparov wins Tilburg, Category 17 (2666)
1991.11.08 1st National School Grade Ch starts in Stamford, CT
1991.11.11 Timman wins 2nd Immopar Trophy in Paris (25 minute games)
1991.11.13 Minasian wins 58th USSR Ch (2nd time a Swiss), Moscow
1991.11.25 Gaprindashvili and Zhaoqin tie at Women's Interzonal, Subotica, Yug
1991.11.29 Gelfand wins Investbanka Tournament in Belgrade (Cat 15)
1991.12    Polgar, Judith is GMN at 15 years, 4 months, 28 days
1991.12.19 Short wins the Duncan Lawrie English Chess Ch in Hammersmith
1991.12.27 Reggio Emilia; 1st Category 18 (2676) tourney
1991.12.29 Reilly, B.P died.
1991.12.30 U of Illinois wins 1991 Pan-American Intercollegiate Ch in Chicago
1992.01    IVANOV; A. Ivanov wins 1991 Novag Grand Prix
1992.01.06 Anand wins Reggio Emilia Category 18 (2676) tourney
1992.01.30 Bernstein, Sidney died in New York City.  Author.
1992.04    CANDIDATES; Linares, Spain; Short beats Karpov; Timman beats Yusupov
1992.04.04 Reshevsky, Samuel died in NY.
1992.04.15 NY OPEN; Start of 10th NY Open
1992.04.26 National Elementary Ch (1992), Knoxville; won by Petersen
1992.05.10 National HS Ch (1992), Lexington; won by Eisen
1992.06    Sanakoev wins 12th World Corr. Chess Ch
1992.06.07 Fedorowicz wins 1992 National Open, Las Vegas
1992.06.14 Kennedy wins 1992 US Blind Ch, San Antonio
1992.06.25 Olympiad (30th) in Manila; Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia
1992.06.26 Tsemekhman wins 1992 US Jr Ch, Bloomington, IN
1992.06.28 Tal, Mikhail died.
1992.07    World Youth Ch (1992), Duisburg GE.
1992.07.05 Kaidanov wins 1992 World Open, Philadelphia
1992.07.12 Manion and Zlotnik win 1992 US Junior Open, Bedford PA.
1992.07.23 Shaked wins 1992 US Cadet Ch, New York.
1992.07.27 Ratings: Kamsky 2739, Kaidanov 2694, Dlugy 2684, A Ivanov 2679
1992.08.14 Kaidanov wins 1992 US Open, Dearborn, MI
1992.08.30 Levitina wins 1992 US Women's Ch, Waltham, MA.
1992.09.01 Falconer wins 1992 US Senior Open, Alaska.
1992.09.30 Fischer-Spassky match starts.
1992.10.28 Adams, Michael wins Tilburg
1992.11    Category 18 tourney in Moscow - won by Gelfand and Amand
1992.11.05 Fischer beats Spassky in Yugoslavia (10 wins, 5 losses, 15 draws)
1992.11.13 National School Grade Ch (2nd); Gilbert, Az
1992.11.15 Kasparov wins Trophee Immopar in Paris
1992.11.22 Geller wins World Senior Ch, Bad Worishofen, GE
1992.11.22 USA Junior Chess Olympics, Bradford, PA
1992.11.24 Interzonal, Women's in Shanghai; won by Z Polgar; 2nd Ioseliani
1992.11.29 Ramayrat wins American Open, Long Beach
1992.12    Ratings: Kamsky 2753, Kaidanov 2736, Yermolinsky 2690
1992.12.20 US Ch, Durango, CO - Wolff wins
1993.      Williams, Kenneth died.  Author of Real American Wilkes Barre.
1993.01.08 Short-Timman match starts; ended 30 Jan; Short won 7.5-5.5 and $124,000
1993.01.31 Spassky-Judith Polgar match begins in Budapest; Polgar wins
1993.03.14 Kasparov wins at Linares; category 18; 11 of the top 14 there
1993.03.23 FIDE forfeits Kasparov and Short as World Champ and Challenger
1993.03.26 Fine, Reuben died.
1993.05.21 Collins, Ethel Boyd died.
1993.06.13 Kamsky wins 1993 National Open in Las Vegas
1993.06.22 Bosnia-Herzegovina chess players shot and killed; 1st to die while playing
1993.07.05 Yermolinsky wins 1993 World Open in Philadelphia
1993.07.13 Waitzkin and Kreiman win 1993 US Jr Ch in New York
1993.07.15 Interzonal at Biel starts
1993.07.17 World Youth Championship, Slovakia; Bacrot, Mont-Reynaud
1993.07.31 Women's Interzonal, Jakarta; Arakhama
1993.07.31 Interzonal at Biel finished; Gelfand, Adams, Kamsky, Khalifman, Kramnik, Lautier, Salov, Sterren, Yudasin
1993.08.07 US Open, Philadelphia; Shabalov, Alexander wins
1993.08.09 Weldon, Charles died.  Born in 1939.
1993.08.11 Searching for Bobby Fischer movie released by Paramount
1993.08.25 US Women's Championship, Illinois; Donaldson, Levitina
1993.08.26 US Cadet Championship, Washington,DC; Sharma
1993.09.06 Karpov-Timman FIDE Championship match starts in the Netherlands, Jakarta (12.5-8.5)
1993.09.07 Kasparov-Short PCA World Championship starts in London (12.5-7.5)
1993.09.26 US Senior Open, Reno; Wagner, Margulis, Gross
1993.10    World Team Championship, Lucerne; USA
1993.10.24 Kasparov wins PCA World Ch.
1993.11.04 Colias, William died.  Born in 1966.
1993.11.06 Harvard Cup.  Benjamin 6-0.  Humans vs Computers (27-9).
1993.11.12 Denker, Nina died at age 78.
1993.11.15 FIDE Congress in Brazil.  I. Gurevich awarded GM.
1993.11.17 World Women's Ch in Monaco; Xie Jun (8.5-2.5)
1993.11.21 Taimanov wins World Senior Ch in Bad Wilbad, Germany
1993.11.28 American Open; Long Beach; Loek Van Wely
1993.12    Feld, Fritz dies.
1993.12.02 US Championship starts in Long Beach (2589 ave rating)
1993.12.02 World Junior Ch; Igor Miladinovic
1993.12.14 Shabalov and Yermolinsky tie for US Ch.
1993.12.18 PCA Interzonal starts in Groningen, Holland
1993.12.19 Cunningham, George died.  Born in 1909.
1993.12.25 Kogan, Boris died.  Born in 1940.
1993.12.27 Pan-American Intercollegiate Ch, Florida; won by Manhattan CC
1993.12.30 PCA Interzonal over; Anand, Adams, Kamsky, Kramnik, Tiviakov, Gulko, Romanishin
1994.01    Elo ratings: Kasparov 2810; Karpov 2740; Anand 2715; Ivanchuk 2710
1994.01.16 Candidates Matches start in Wijk aan Zee
1994.01.27 Akins, Claude died in LA of cancer at age 75.  Chessplayer and actor.  Born in 1926.
1994.01.30 Leko, Peter becomes GM at 14 years, 4 months, 22 days
1994.01.31 Candiates matches over in Wijk aan Zee; Timman, Gelfand, Kamsky, Salov, Anand, Kramnik
1994.03    Siaperas, Triantafilos died; born in 1932.
1994.03.15 Karpov wins Linares (2685 ave rating); 2985 performance rating
1994.04    New York Open (12th); won by Oll and Ehlvest
1994.04.13 Mont-Reynaud, Jordy becomes youngest master at 10 years, 7 months.
1994.04.24 Anand wins 1st Intel World Chess Grand Prix, Moscow
1994.05.01 National Open, Las Vegas; Browne, Kaidanov, Akopian, Ehlvest, Mortazavi
1994.05.24 Oswald, Don dies.  Ran THE CHESS HOUSE books sales.
1994.06.12 Saenz wins 1994 US Amateur Ch
1994.06.17 Satterlee wins 1994 US Senior Open, Bermuda cruise
1994.06.18 Intel World Ch Quarterfinals - Kamsky, Anand, Adams, Short
1994.07.04 Minasian wins World Open
1994.07.29 Waitzkin wins 1994 US Junior Ch in Bloomington, IL
1994.07.31 Tsemekhman wins 1994 US Junior Open in Bloomington, IL
1994.08    Salov, Gelfand, Kamsky win their FIDE matches in India
1994.08    World Youth Chess Festival, Szeged, Hungary
1994.08.05 Donaldson, Elena wins 1994 US Women's Ch in Bloomington, IL
1994.08.06 Taimanov wins 4th World Senior Ch at Biel.
1994.08.18 Orlov wins 95th US Open in Chicago.
1994.09.03 Intel Grand Prix III, London.  Won by Ivanchuk.
1994.09.15 Gretarsson, Helgi wins World Jr Ch in Brazil.  Becomes GM.
1994.09.16 Ault, Robin died in Newton, MA; win US Jr 3 times in row
1994.10.02 Benjamin wins 5th Harvard Cup.  WChess outperformed GMs.
1994.10.06 Kamsky and Anand advance to PCA finals after winning at Linares
1994.10.26 Gulko wins US Ch in Key West, FL.  $8,000 first place prize.
1994.11.24 American Open starts in Long Beach
1995.01.07 Golombek, Harry died (born 1 mar 1911)
1995.05.05 GM Mikhail Botvinnik dies in Moscow.  Born Aug 17, 1911.
1995.06.30 GM Mario Monticelli dies in Milan.  Born in 1902.
1995.08.22 Gilles Andruet, French Champion and International Master, murdered.
1995.08.30 Lev Polugaesky dies.
1995.10.10 Kasparov defeats Anand in New York to win the PCA World Chess Championship.
1995.11.24 Campomanes steps down as FIDE President.
1995.11.24 Krisan Iljumzhinov is new FIDE President.
1995.11    Pablo Moran, chess author, dies in Spain.  Born Jan 1, 1926.
1995.12.04 Wolfe wins US Chess Championship on tie-break over De Firmian and A. Ivanov.
1995.12.27 Genrikh Kasparian dies.
1996.01.06 Ulf Andersson played 310 boards simultaneously in Alvsjo, Sweden
and won 268, drew 40, lost 2 in 15 hours and 23 minutes.
1996.02.01 Kasparov defeats Deep Blue, 4-2.
1996.02    Szuzsa Polgar defeats Xie Jun in Spain for the Women's World Chess Championship.
1996.06    Kramnik and Topalov tie for first at Dos Hermanas, Spain (cat 19).
1996.06.28 GM Julio Bolbochan dies in Caracas.  Born in 1920.
1996.07.05 GM Predrag Ostojic dies in Mainz, Germany.  Born on March 22, 1928.
1996.07    Karpov defeats Kamsky in Elista, Russia to retain FIDE World Title.
1996.07    Topolov wins 3rd Lord Novgorod tournament, cat 19.
1996.07.07 Yermolinsky and Goldin tie for 1st at World Open.
1996.07.29 Yermolinsky wins US Championship, Parsippany, NJ.
1996.07.29 Anjelina Belakovskaya wins US Women's Ch.
1996.08    Chris Ward wins British Ch.
1996.08    GM Gabriel Schwartzman, age 19, wins US Open.
1996.09    Russia wins Gold Medal at 32nd Chess Olympiad, Yerevan, Armenia.
Ukraine wins Silver, US wins Bronze.
1996.10.19 NM David Lees dies at age 53.
1996.12.01 Ex-world snooker champion Steve Davis is new President of British Chess Federation.
1996.12.15 Kasparov wins at Las Palmas, cat 21 (2757).
1997.01    Jennifer Shahade becomes youngest female US master at 15 years, 11 months.
1997.01    Nunn, Hebden, and Rozenthalis tie for 1st at Hastings.
1997.02.02 Grandmaster Erich Eliskases dies in Cordoba, age 83.
1997.03    Luke McShane becomes an International Master at 13 years, 2 months.
1997.03.22 Barry Spriro dies.  US National Master.
1997.04    Etienne Bacrot becomes youngest GM ever, age 14 years, 2 months.
1997.05.11 Kasparov loses to Deeper Blue computer (2.5-3.5).
1997.07    Walter Korn dies.
1997.07.04 Miguel Najdorf dies in Malaga, Spain.  Born in 1910.
1997.07.06 Alexander Shabalov wins World Open, Philadelphia.  Scored 8/9.
1997.07.20 Julian Hodgson wins the 1997 Canadian Open, Winnipeg.
1997.07.27 Tal Shaked wins World Junior Chess Championship, Zagen, Poland.
1997.07.28 Anand wins 30th Biel Chess Festival, cat XVII (2661).
1997.08    Alexander Yermolinsky wins 98th US Open in Orlando, Florida. (10.5/12)
1997.08.15 Adams and Sadler tie in British Ch, Hove, England.
1997.08.20 Eugene Shapiro dies.  Born in 1929.
1997.09    PCA ratings: Kasparov - 2827; Kramnik - 2774; Anand - 2765
1997.09.01 Esther Epstein wins US Women's Championship.
1997.09.01 Jay Bonin wins 119th New York State Championship.
This may be the longest running annual tournament in the world.
1997.09.05 George Shainswit dies.  Born in 1918.
1997.09.10 Mestel gains GM in Problem Solving; 1st OTB GM to do so
1997.09.12 Joel Benjamin wins 1997 Interplay US Championship, Arizona.
1997.09 GM Lautier married WGM Almira Skripchenko.
1997.10    IBM announces that they ar scrapping Deep Blue.
1997.10.09 Fontys Tournament, Tilburg, Cat XVII (2667); Kasparov, Kramnik, and Svidler tie
1997.10.20 Rusian Ponomarov becomes world's youngest grandmaster at 14 years, 1 month.
1997.11.21 6th Investbanka Tournament, Belgrade, cat XVIII (2679); won by Anand and Ivanchuk
1997.11.23 Janis Klovans of Latvia wins 7th World Senior Chess Championship, Germany.
Gets GM title at age 62.
1997.12.29 Galliamova-Ivanchuk wins FIDE Women's Candidates in Groningen.
1997.12.30 Anand wins FIDE World Chess Championship knockout in Groningen.
1998.01    PCA ratings: Kasparov - 2825; Anand - 2775; Kramnik - 2758.
1998.01    FIDE list: Kasparov (2825), Kramnik (2790), Anand (2770)
1998.01    60th Hoogovens Tournament, Wijk aan Zee, Cat XVII (2671); Anand and Kramnik tie for 1st
1998.01    Leslie Braun dies.  Born in 1936.
1998.01.09 Karpov defeats Anand in Lausanne, Switzerland; retains FIDE World Chess Champion. (5-3)
1998.01.10 Mona Karff dies.  Born in 1914.  Seven-time US Women's Champ.
1998.01.11 Sadler wins 73rd Hastings Chess Congress.
1998.02    Airel Mengarini dies.  born in 1919.
1998.02    Kasparov announces formation of the World Chess Counsel (WCC).
1998.02.22 New York Open, won by Artashes Minasian
1998.02.26 Hikaru Nakamura becomes youngest US master at 10 years, 79 days
1998.03.09 Linares, Cat 21 (2752); won by Anand
1998.03.27 7th Amber, Monte Carlo, Cat 18 (2680); won by Kramnik and Shirov
1998.03.29 Hodgson wins 1998 National Open, Las Vegas, on tie-break.
1998.05    Anand wins chess Oscar.
1998.05.01 WWW ratings: Kasparov - 2808; Anand - 2775; Kramnik - 2756
1998.05.03 David Hooper dies in Taunton, England.  Born in 1915.
1998.05.22 Madrid, Cat 17 (2655); won by Anand
1998.06.01 Joan Targ, sister of Bobby Fischer, dies.  Born in 1939.
1998.06.05 WCC Candidates Match, Spain; won by Shirov over Kramnik.
1998.06.21 Frankfurt Chess Classic, Cat 21 (2781); won by Anand
1998.07    FIDE ratings: Kasparov - 2815; Anand - 2795; Kramnik - 2780
1998.07    WCC ratings: Kasparov - 2808; Anand - 2778; Shirov - 2735
1998.07.05 Dortmund, Cat 18 (2699); Kramnik won on tiebreak over Adams, Svidler.
1998.07.05 Goldin wins World Open, Philadelphia (8.5/9)
1998.07.12 Schnieder wins by tie-break over V Bhat in US Cadet Ch.
1998.07.19 Shliperman wins US Junior Ch in New York.
1998.07.29 Gulko wins Saitek US Masters, Waikiki.
1998.08.08 Nigel Short wins British Chess Championship, Torquay.
1998.08.08 Morozevich wins 51st Russian Championship, St Petersburg.
1998.08.08 Laszlo Szabo dies.  Born on March 19, 1917.
1998.08.09 Judit Polgar and Gulko wins 99th US Open, Hawaii.
1998.09.24 GM Rosendo Balinas dies of liver cancer.  Was born on Sep 10, 1941.
1998.10.12 Russia wins Gold; USA wins Silver; Ukraine wins Bronze at 33rd World Chess Olympiad, Elista
1998.11.04 Tilburg Fontys tournament, cat 18 (2680); won by Anand
1998.11.17 GM Yefin Geller dies of cancer.  Born March 2, 1925.
1998.11.08 Irena Krush, age 14, wins US Women's Championship.
1998.11.18 Nick DeFirmian wins US Championship, Denver.
1998.11.23 Vladimir Bagirov of Latvia wins 8th World Senior Chess Championship, Austria.

1999.03    Maurice Ashley becomes the 1st Black chess grandmaster
1999.03.22 Adams, Faneuil died.  Born in 1923.  Former President of the American Chess Foundation.
1999.08.15 Anjelina Belakovskaia wins the US Women's Ch, Salt Lake City.
1999.08.20 Alex Yermolinsky wins the US Open, Reno.
1999.08.23 Xie Jun won the Women's World Chess Ch, defeating Alisa Galliamova.
1999.08.29 Alexander Khalifman won the FIDE Chess Ch in Las Vegas.
1999.09.11 Gulko wins Interplay US Ch and playoff in Salt Lake City.
1999.09.17 Gary Koshnitsky died in Australia.  Australian master.
1999.09.26 Joel Benjamin wins Manhattan CC Ch for the 6th time.
1999.09.30 Alexander Galkin won the World Jr Ch in Yerevan, Armenia.
1999.12.28 Sakaev won the 52nd Russian Ch

2000.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2851, Anand-2771, Kramnik-2758, Shirov-2751
2000.01.12 Sutovsky won the Hastings Congress
2000.01.30 Kasparov won Corus Wijk aan Zee
2000.02.05 Koltanowski died in San Francisco
2000.03.05 Daniel Yanofsky died at the age of 74.
2000.03.10 Kramnik and Kasparov won Linares
2000.03.28 Shirov won the 9th Amber Tournament
2000.04.13 Aivars Gipslis died at the age of 63 in Berlin
2000.05.11 Smirin won the New York Open
2000.06.27 Volkov won the 53rd Russian Ch
2000.07.22 Vladimir Bagirov died in Finland
2000.10.02 Lazaro won the World Junior Ch in Armenia
2000.10.07 Benjamin, Shabalov, Seirawan won the US Ch, Seattle
2000.11.04 Kramnik beat Kasparov in the Braingames World Ch.
2000.11.12 34th Chess Olympiad, Istanbul.  1st-Russia; 2nd-Gemany; 3rd-Ukraine
2000.12.27 Anand won the FIDE world ch in Tehran

2001       Karjackin becomes an International Master at the age of 11, winnng the world under-12 championship
2001.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2849, Anand-2790, Kramnik-2772, Adams-2746
2001.01.07 Conquest and Sasikirin won 76th Hastings Congress
2001.01.28 Kasparov won Corus Wijk aan Zee
2001.02.28 Anna-Maria Botsari played 1102 boards simulteneously in Greece.
2001.03.04 Gerardo Barbero died.  Argentina GM.  Born Aug 21, 1961.
2001.03.07 Kasparov won Linares
2001.03.11 Akopian and Zhang won the National Open
2001.03.21 Topalov and Kramnik won 10th Amber Championship
2001.04.01 Eugenio German died, age 70.  First Brazilian IM.
2001.07.08 Smirin, Onischuk, Yudasin, Goldin, Shulman, Benjamin, A Ivanov won World Open
2001.08.04 Claude Bloodgood died.  Born July 14, 1924.
2001.08.10 Joseph Gallagher won the British Ch
2001.08.12 Wojtkiewicz, Benjamin, Doettling, Stripunsky won US Open, Framington, MA
2001.08.16 Carmine Nigro died at the age of 91.
2001.08.23 DEEP JUNIOR 7 won the 18th World Microcomputer Ch
2001.08.29 Peter Acs won the World Junior Ch in Athens, Greece
2001.09.03 Ibragimov won the 123rd NY State Championship
2001.09.10 Alexei Suetin died in Moscow.  Born Nov 16, 1926.
2001.10.28 Klovans won the World Senior Ch in Italy
2001.11.12 Tony Miles died.
2001.11.25 Khachian won the 37th American Open
2001.12.01 PCA: Kasparov-2798; Kramnik-2794; Anand-2733; Topolov-2706
2001.12.02 John Collins died at the age of 89.  Born in 1912

2002.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2838; Kramnik-2809; Anand-2757; Adams-2742
2002.01.06 Harikrishna and Barsov won 77th Hasting Congress
2002.01.13 De Firmian and Christiansen won the US Ch, Seattle
2002.01.26 Ruslan Ponomariov beat Ivanchuk for FIDE world champion, Moscow
2002.01.27 Bareev won Corus, Wijk aan Zee
2002.02.13 Edmar Mednis died.  Born Mar 22, 1937.
2002.03.11 Yermolinsky and Browne won the National Open, Las Vegas
2002.03.28 Morozevich won the Amber Tournament in Monaco
2002.06.19 David Garcia Ilundain, Spanish GM, died at the age of 31.
2002.07.07 Milton won the 30th World Open
2002.08.04 Zaitshik and Najer won the US Open in Cherry Hill, NJ.
2002.08.10 Ramesh won the British Championship.
2002.08.20 Sergej Karjakin is GM at 12 years, 7 months.  Youngest GM ever (beating Bu Xiangxhi).  Born Jan 12, 1990
2002.09.02 Benjamin, Stripunsky, Rohde, and Pixton won the 124th NY Ch.
2002.09.04 Lastin won the 55th Russian championship.
2002.09.08 Michel Roos, former French champ, died in Strasbourg.  Born Aug 27, 1932
2002.09.08 Humy Koneru becomes a GM at 15 years, 1 month, 27 days.  Youngest female GM
2002.09.11 Rest of the World beat Russia in the Match of the New Century, Moscow
2002.09.23 Eduard Gufeld died in Los Angeles.  Born on Mar 19, 1936.
2002.09.26 Ricardo Calvo died in Madrid.  Born Oct 22, 1943.  IM 1973.
2002.10.22 Kramnik draws with DEEP FRITZ in Bahrain.  2 wins, 2 losses, 4 draws
2002.11.02 Petkevich won the 12th World Senior Open.
2002.11.11 35th Chess Olympiad in Bled.  1st-Russia; 2nd-Hungary; 3rd-Armenia
2002.12.01 Blatny and Shulam won the 38th American Open.
2002.12.20 Karpov beat Kasparov in a Rapid Match in New York.  2 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw
2002.12.21 Aronian won 41st World Junior Championship
2002.12.22 Victor Batirnsky, head of Karpov's team, died.  Born June 27, 1914.

2003.01.01 PCA: Kasparov-2805; Kramnik-2789; Topalov-2712; Anand-2698
2003.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2847; Kramnik-2807; Anand-2753; Topalov-2743.
2003.01.05 Peter Nielsen won 78th Hastings Congress.
2003.01.18 Shabalov won the 2003 US Chess Championship, in Seattle.
2003.01.26 Anand won 65th Corus Wijk aan Zee.
2003.02.07 Kasparov drew with DEEP JUNIOR in New York. 1 win, 1 loss, 4 draws.
2003.03.06 Ludek Pachman died in Passau, Germany.  Born May 11, 1924.  IM 1950.  GM 1954.
2003.03.08 Lim Kok Ann, former FIDE general secretary, died.  Bon Jan 27, 1920.
2003.03.09 Leko and Kramnik win Linares.
2003.03.15 Cambridge beat Oxford in the 121st varisty match.
2003.03.27 Anand wins 12th Amber tournament
2003.05.10 Milan Vukcevich died in Cleveland.  Born March 11, 1937.
2003.05.16 Bogdan Sliwa of Poland died at age 81.  Born in 1922.  Im in 1953.  GM in 1987.
2003.05.19 Orlov won 28th Paul Keres Memorial, Vancouver, Canada.
2003.06.21 Alvise Zichichi, former Italian champion, died in Rome.  Born in 1938
2003.07.03 Mamedyarov won the 42nd World Junior Ch.
2003.07.06 Ehlvest won the 31st World Open
2003.07.08 Attila Schneider, International Master, died.
2003.07.11 Ken Whyld died.  Age 77.
2003.07.24 Gulko won the US Senior Open, Wilmington, Delaware
2003.07.26 Harold Schonberg died in New York, age 87.  
2003.08.02 Kunte won the British Ch
2003.08.15 Shabalov won the US Open, Los Angeles
2003.09.01 Donaldson and Langer won the 22nd North American Open
2003.09.01 Ehlvest and Ibragimov won the 125th New York State Championship
2003.09.12 Svidler won the 56th Russian Championship
2003.11.18 Kasparov draws with Fritz X3D in New York; 1 win, 1 loss, 2 draws
2003.11.29 Shabanov won the 13th world championship for seniors
2003.11.30 Shredder won the 19th world computer chess championship, Graz
2003.11.30 Akobian, Atilik, Blatny won the 39th American Open
2003.12.15 Ehlvest won the 87th Marshall Chess Club Championship
2003.12.29 Shabalov won the North American Open in Las Vegas

2004.01.01 PCA: Kasparov-2786; Kramnik-2730; Anand-2713; Svidler-2701
2004.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2831; Kramnik-2777; Anand-2766; Svidler-2747
2004.01.05 Rowson and Kotronius won 79th Hastings 2003/04
2004.01.15 Tunc Hamarat of Austria won the 16th world correspondence ch
2004.01.25 Anand wins 66th Corus Wijk aan Zee.
2004.02.21 Martin sets record of playing 321 chess players at the same time
2004.03.05 Kramnik wins Linares; Cat 20 (2731 rating average)
2004.06.08 Stefanova wins FIDE Women's Ch in Elista
2004.06.20 Yermolinsky wins US Open in Las Vegas
2004.07.06 Akobian wins 32nd World Open
2004.07.12 DEEP JUNIOR wins 12th World Computer Ch in Israel
2004.07.13 Kasimdzhanov wins FIDE World Ch in Tripoli
2004.07.13 Fischer arrested in Tokyo, Japan
2004.07.20 Milman wins US Junior Ch, Kansas
2004.08.15 7 way tie in US Open, Fort Lauderale
2004.08.22 Aseev, Konstantin died.  GM.  Born in 1960.  Died at age 43.
2004.10.18 Kramnik draws with Leko in Switzerland to remain Classical World Champion
2004.10.31 36th Chess Olympiad at Mallorca.  1st-Ukraine; 2nd-Russia;3rd-Armenia
2004.11.27 Kasparov wins Russian Ch
2004.12.01 Harikrishna wins World Jr Ch in India
2004.12.05 Nakamura wins US Ch in San Diego

2005.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2804; Anand-2786; Topalov-2757; Kramnik-2754
2005.01.02 Arnold Denker died in Ft Lauderdale at age 94.  Honorary GM in 1981.  Born in 1914.
2005.01.08 Jaime Emma died.  IM (1978) from Argentina.
2005.01.09 Vladimir Belov wins Hastings Christmas Congress.
2005.01.16 Victor Frias died.  Born in 1956.  Chilian IM.  
2005.01.30 Leko wins Corus Wijk aan Zee (cat 19-2721).
2005.02.15 Joop van Oosterom wins 18th World Corr Ch (+8=6-0)  Corr GM in 1993.
2005.03.05 Cambridge beat Oxford in the 123rd varsity match.  Cambridge has won 55, lost 50, drew 18.
2005.03.14 Simon Webb murdered by his son.  He was 55.  Born in 1949.  IM 1977. Corr GM.
2005.03.17 Kasparov and Topalov win Linares 2005 (cat 20- 2743).  Kasparov retires
2005.03.24 Bobby fischer arrives in Iceland.  He was detained 253 days in Japan.
2005.03.31 Anand wins 14th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament in Monte Carlo.
2005.04.05 Dragoljub Minic died of a heart attack.  Born on 4/5/1936.  Age 69.  Yugoslav GM in 1991.
2005.04.09 Teimour Radjabov wins 13th Dos Hermanas International
2005.04.22 Leonid Shamkovich died at age 81.  Born in 1923.  IM 1962; GM 1965.
2005.05.15 Vladimir Savon died.  Born in 1940.  
2005.05.22 Topalov wins the Mtel Masters in Sofia, Bulgaria.
2005.05.22 Zviad Izoria wins the HB Global Chess Challenge in Minneapolis.
2005.06.12 Dmitry Gurevich wins National Open in Las Vegas
2005.06.27 HYDRA beats Michael Adams (2737) with 5 wins and 1 draw in London
2005.07.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2812; Anand-2788; Topalov-2788; Leko-2763; Ivanchuk-2752
2005.07.04 Egod Ditt died.  Born in 1931.  FIDE VP from 1990 to 1994.
2005.07.04 Kamil Milton wins the World Open in Philadelphia.  He beat Magesh Panchanathan in play-off.
2005.07.17 Arkadij Naiditsch wins Dortmund 2005.
2005.09.27 start of the FIDE Ch in San Luis, Argentina
2005.07.29 Ildar Khairullin wins the World Youth Chess Ch in Belfort, France.
2005.07.29 Andrei Volokitin and Boris Gelfand win Biel GM tournament.
2005.08.01 Susan Polgar played 326 simul games; 1,131 consecutive games; 96.93% winning percentage.
2005.08.13 Jonathan Rowson wins British Chess Ch at the Isle of Man.
2005.08.14 Vadim Milov and Joel Benjamin wins the US Open in Phoenix.  455 players.
2005.08.14 Anand beat Grischuk at the Chess Classic Mainz.
2005.08.16 Lazaro Bruzon wins the American Continental Ch in Buenos Aires
2005.08.21 The program Zappa wins the 13th World Computer Chess Ch in Reykjavik.
2005.09.05 GM Gata Kamsky wins 127th New York State Ch
2005.10.01 Roman Toran, age 73, died in Madrid; President of the Spanish chess Federation; FIDE VP from 1982-1990
2005.10.10 GM Liuben Spassov wins 15th World Seniors Ch in Italy
2005.10.10 David Jacobs wins US Armed Forces Ch; Army won the service competition
2005.10.16 GM Veselin Topalov wins FIDE World Ch in San Luis, Argentina; Svilder and Anand took 2nd-3rd
2005.11.11 Russia won the World Team Ch in Beer-Sheva, Israel; China took 2nd
2005.11.17 GM Igor Ivanov (born in 1947) died in St. George, Utah; GM in 2005
2005.11.12 GM Dragutin Sahovic (born Aug 8, 1940) died in Belgrade
2005.11.22 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov won the World Jr Ch in Istanbu;; Elisabeth Paehtz won the girls title
2005.11.27 IM Vladimir Mezentsev wins the 41st American Open in Los Angeles
2005.12.15 Enrico Paoli (born in 1908) died; HGM in 1996; Italian Ch in 1951, 1957, 1968; IM in 1951
2005.12.18 Levon Aronian won the FIDE World Chess Cup in Khanty Mansyisk, Russia; Ponomariov took 2nd
2005.12.18 Leonid Yudasin wins the Marshall Chess Club Ch
2005.12.30 Sergey Rublevsky wins the Russian Championship

2006.01.01 FIDE ratings: Kasparov 2812, Topalov 2801, Anand 2792, Svidler 2765, Aronian 2752, Kramnik 2741
2006.01.06 Valerij Neverov wins 2005-06 Hastings Chess Congress
2006.01.19 Anand and Topalov win Corus Wijk aan Zee.
2006.02.18 Ratmir Kholmov dies at the age of 80.  Born 5/13/1925. 
2006.02.23 Gary Abram dies.  Born in 1930.  ICCF IM. 
2006.02.26 Levon Aronian wins Linares; cat 20 (2732)
2006.03.11 Oxford wins 124th Oxford vs Cambridge Varsity match.  
2006.03.12 Alexander Onischuk wins US Ch in San Diego.  Anna Zatonskih wins women's final.
2006.03.25 Xu Yuhua (2502) wins Women's World Chess Ch in Russia
2006.03.30 15th Amber Rapid and Blindfold Tournament; won by Morozevich and Anand
2006.04.20 Wolfgang Unzicker died.  Born 6/26/1925.  German GM.
2006.05.01 Topalov wins chess Oscar
2006.05.13 Burt Hochbrg dies.  Born in 1933.  Former Chess Life editor.
2006.06.01 DEEP JUNIOR wins 14th World Computer Chess Ch in Turin
2006.06.01 Kirsan Ilyumzhinov re-elected FIDE President
2006.06.04 37th Chess Olympiad in Turin; 1st-Armenia; 2nd-China; 3rd-USA
2006.06.19 Wojtkiewicz wins National Open in Las Vegas
2006.07.04 Gata Kamsky wins 34th World Open in Philadelphia.
2006.07.14 Aleksander Wojtkiewicz dies in Baltimore.  Born 1/15/1963.
2006.07.20 Robert Hess wins US Junior Invitational in Dallas.
2006.07.23 Rudolf Teschner dies at the age of 84.  He was born on Feb 16, 1922.  1951 German ch.
2006.08.04 Alexander Morozevich wins 39th Biel International Festival
2006.08.13 Yuri Shulman wins the 107th US Open in Chicago
2006.08.19 Jonathan Rowson wins the 93rd British Ch in Swansea
2006.08.20 Anand wins Chess Classic Mainz
2006.09.04 Idar Ibragimov and Joel Benjamin win the 128th NY State Ch in Albany
2006.09.07 Alexander Grischuk wins World Blitz Ch in Israel
2006.09.22 Korchnoi wins World Senior Ch in Italy
2006.10.01 FIDE raings: Topalov-2813; Anand-2779; Kramnik-2750; Svidler-2750; Morozevich-2747
2006.10.13 Vladimir Kramnik wins world championship reunification match against Topalov in Elista
2006.10.17 Zaven Andriasian wins World Under 20 Ch in Yerevan, Armenia
2006.10.19 Vladimir Berlinsky wins world blind ch in Goa, India
2006.10.29 Braun Arik wins World Youth Ch under 18 in Batumi, Georgia
2006.11.00 David Pruess and Melikset Khachiyan wins American Open
2006.11.27 Hikaru Nakamura wins 36th National Chess Congress in Philadelphia
2006.12.05 Kramnik (2750)-Deep Fritz computer match, played on Bonn, Germany.  Computer wins match by 4:2
2006.12.05 David Bronstein died in Minsk.  Born Feb 19, 1924.
2006.12.07 Ivanchuk (2741) wins 41st Capablanca Memorial in Havana.  Cat 17 tournament.
2006.12.15 India wins the Gold medal in chess at the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar

2007.05.23 Alexander Shabalov wins 51st US championship in Stillwater, OK
2007.05.26 start of the FIDE Candidates in Elista; 16 GMS playing; top 4 qualify for World Ch in Mexico
2007.06.18 Rybka wins 15th World Computer Chess Ch
2007.07.04 Varuzhan Akobian wins World Open in tb over Alex Stripunsky; held in King of Prussia, PA
2007.07.20 Irina Krush wins US Women's chess ch
2007.08.04 Magnus Carlsen wins 40th International Chess Festival in Biel
2007.09.11 World Chess Championship in Mexico; Anand wins
2007.09.28 Algimantas Butorius wins 17th Chess Senior World Ch in Mexico City
2007.10.15 Anand is highest rated in FIDE (2801), followed by Ivanchuk (2787), and Kramnik (2785)
2007.11.22 start of the World Chess Cup in Khany-Mansiysk - won by Kamsky
2007.11.25 43rd American Open in Los Angeles; won by Alex Yrmolinsky
2007.12.18 Kamsky wins Chess World Cup
2007.12.30 Morozevich wins Russian Championship

2008.01.01 Anand and Kramnik are rated 2799.
2008.01.17 Bobby Fischer dies of kidney failure at the age of 64 in Reykjavik, Iceland
2008.03.27 Levon Aronian wins 17th Amber Blindfold/Rapid tourney in Nice
2008.05.08 Anand presented 2007 Chess Oscar
2008.05.21 Yuri Shulman wins US Ch, held in Tulsa. Anna Zatonskih win women's US Ch in Tulsa
2008.07.08 Evgeny Najer wins 36th World Open in Philadelphia on tb over Negi, Ftacnik, and Moiseenko
2008.08.09 Stuart Conquest won the 95th British Ch, held in Liverpool
2008.08.10 GM Igor Zakharevich of Russia died.  Born July 14, 1963.  GM in 2000
2008.08.10 Enrico Sevillano, Alexander Shabalov and Rad Milovanovic win the 109th US Open in Dallas
2008.08.15 Abhijeet Gupta of India wins world junior ch, held in Turkey
2008.09.18 Alexandra Kosteniuk wins world women's ch in Nalchik, Russia
2008.10.28 Svidler wins 61st Russian ch for 5th time
2008.10.29 Anand defeats Kramnik in Bonn for the world chess championship
2008.11.00 Milikset Khachiyan wins American Open
2008.11.08 Leinier Dominguez Perez wins world blitz championship in Kazakhstan.
2008.11.12 start of the chess olympiad in Dresden
2008.11.25 Armenia wins gold in chess olympiad, followed by Israel (silver) and USA (bronze)
2008.11.29 Bob Wade died at age 86. IM.  Born April 10, 1921
2008.12.09 Mark Diesen died at age 51.  Former world junior champion (1976).  Died in Conroe, TX.
2008.12.22 Topalov wins Pearl Spring SuperGM tournament in Nanjing, China.
2008.12.24 Hugh Myers died in Davenport, Iowa at age 78.  Chess author (Myers Opening Bulletin).
2008.12.29 Radjabov, Javkovenko, and Grischuk tie at Elista Grand Prix
2008.12.31 ratings: Topalov is 2796, Anand is 2791, Ivanchuk is 2779, Carlsen is 2776

2009.01.05 Igor Kurnosov wins Hastings Chess Congress
2009.02.01 Sergey Karjakin wins Wijk aan Zee
2009.02.26 Topalov beats Kamsky to challenge Anand for world ch title
2009.03.26 Aronian wins Amber blindfold/rapid tourney for the 2nd time in a row
2009.04.01 Topalov 2812; Anand 2783; Carlsen 2770; Kramnik 2759; Radjabov 2756; Aronian 2754
2009.04.29 Aronian wins 4th FIDE Grand Prix tournament in Nalchik
2009.05.17 Hikaru Nakamura, age 21, wins the US Ch in St. Louis; won in 2004; won $40,000
2009.05.18 Rybka wins 17th World Computer Championship in Pamplona
2009.05.23 Shirov wins 5th M-Tel Masters in Sofia
2009.05.24 Gelfand wins 3rd ACP World Rapid Cup in Odessa
2009.06.07 Akobian and Sevillano tie for 1st in the National Open in Las Vegas
2009.07.01 FIDE rating: Topalov - 2813; Anand - 2788; Carlsen - 2772; Aronian - 2768; Jakovenko - 2760; Kramnik - 2759
2009.07.05 Hikaru Nakamura and Evgeny Najer (won on tiebreak) tie for 1st in World Open in Philadelphia
2009.07.12 Kramnik wins Dortmund tournament for the 9th time
2009.07.16 Ray Robson wins US Junior Closed Ch in Milwaukee
2009.08.08 David Howell wins 96th British Ch, held in Torquay
2009.08.09 Lenderman, Kudrin, Yermolinsky, Stopa, Kraai,Gurevich (won on tiebreak) tie at 110th US Open in Indianapolis

2010       chess olympics in Khanty-Mansiysk


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