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This Atari 8-Bit Computer WebRing site is owned by Raphael Espino.
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Welcome to The Atari 8-bit Computer WebRing Home page.  Use this page to join the WebRing and find out more about it.  Want to take a look at some pages in the ring?  See a list of all the pages, or jump to a random site. 


Good news! Yahoo! is no longer owns WebRing, and things are on the mend again. The system is already much better than during the time that Yahoo! was involved with it.

In order to join this webring, the first step is to go to the WebRing homepage. If you don't already have a WebRing Id you should create one, if you already have one then log in with your Id and password. You can find the Atari 8-bit Computer WebRing by typing a8bit into the search box. This should bring up the Atari 8-bit Computer WebRing link. Click on that and then click the Join This Ring button in the top right hand corner of the screen, and follow the instructions. You should also send me an e-mail to letting me know you have submitted your page. Once you have submitted your page I will review it, and if it is suitable I will send you a copy of the WebRing link. You can take a look at the available links here. Once you have put that link on your page I will be able to add you to the ring.

What's a WebRing?

A WebRing is a set of web pages that have been linked to each other.  Basically the first page in the ring has a link to the second one, the second one to the third, the third to the fourth... with the last page linking back to the first.  This is all done by adding a small piece of HTML code to your page, which will automatically keep track of where your page lies in the WebRing.  In this way pages from all over the world dealing with similar subjects can be linked together.  In our case the subject is Atari 8-bit computers, so all pages in this WebRing are about the Atari 8-bit.

Why join a WebRing?

Consider the following scenario: Nolan is an old time Atari 8-bitter.  He used to love his Atari.  But with life being what it is, his Atari 8-bit is now gathering dust, forgotten in his attic.  One day while surfing the net he stumbles across an Atari 8-bit page, and thinks "Wow!  An Atari! I used love those!"  All of a sudden he goes all foggy eyed and starts dreaming of "those days, way back when...".  Then he thinks, "I wonder if there are any other Atari 8-bit pages out there..."  So he goes and does a search for Atari 8-bit on the web, and ends up with maybe a dozen addresses, half of which no longer exist, and the other half have not been updated for years.  "*shrug* not much out there then" he thinks, and goes off to buy a pizza.

Thing is, there are a good number of Atari 8-bit related pages out there in net land.  Over 200 in fact!  And new ones keep on appearing.  But these pages can often be hard to find.  Now consider the situation where that first page Nolan found was part of The Atari 8-bit Computer WebRing.  After finding that first page, by virtue of a single mouse click, he can go to the next page in the ring.. and the next.. and the next.. and.. well you get the picture.  All of a sudden Nolan has found a wealth of information and resources on the Atari 8-bit, not to mention a load of other Atari 8-bit users.  His interest in the Atari 8-bit is rekindled.  He dashes up to the attic, digs out his trusty old 8-bit and plays Star Raiders for the first time in 15 years.

The benefit of the WebRing is twofold.  First it makes information on, and web pages about, the Atari 8-bit much easier to find.  You only have to find one web page to discover dozens of others.  Second, if your page is part of the WebRing, then more people are likely to find your page, meaning more traffic for your site.  The net result is that more people discover more pages about the Atari 8-bit.

Joining The Atari 8-bit Computer WebRing

In order to join The Atari 8-bit Computer WebRing, you must:
  1. Abide by the rules, all of which are pretty straightforward.
  2. Submit your site using the WebRing page.

  3. Send me an e-mail letting me know you have submitted your page.
  4. Include The Atari 8-bit Computer WebRing link in a suitable place on your page. You should receive a copy of the WebRing link by e-mail after completing step 3.  Important: You will not be added to the WebRing until you complete this step. If the link doesn't show up within a week then send me an e-mail.

  5. If nothing appears to happen after a week, or if you have any problems submitting your site, then send me an e-mail with the details.


In order to join The Atari 8-bit Computer WebRing...

  1. Your page must have content relating to Atari 8-bit computers. The term "Atari 8-bit computers" does NOT include the 2600, ST, TT, Lynx, Jaguar or other similar Atari systems. There are other webrings that cover those systems. However if your site has content relating to the Atari 8-bit computers as well as other systems then you are welcome to join this ring, but I will want to see something directly relating to Atari 8-bit computers on your site.
  2. Playing "Hunt the WebRing link" is not allowed.
  3. Keep it clean - no offensive and/or abusive content.

Hunt the WebRing link

Hunt the WebRing link is a game where a web page in the WebRing hides the WebRing's link so well that it can never be found again.  The whole idea of a WebRing is to link together pages on the WWW that deal with a given subject.  In order to keep the fluidity of the ring, it should be possible to easily jump from one page in the ring to the next.  For this to happen, the WebRing link on your page must be easy to find.  Given that people have created pages with different styles, there is no point in saying that the link must appear at a given place on your page, as this might not fit in with your web page's style.  However, the link must be readily available.  If you are using frames then putting the link in a frame which is always visible is the best option.  If you have an introduction page which automatically takes you to your main page after a small delay, or an introduction page which lets you select different versions of your main page (for example, the same page in different languages or formats) then put a copy on each of your main pages.

Site Maintenance

If you already have a page in the WebRing and need to update some of the details, then you can do this from your WebRing login

Existing members

If you joined the webring before October 2001 don't already have a WebRing Id you will need to create one before you can make any updates to your site details. This can be done by following the instructions from the WebRing page.