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***New (09-July-2006): ER/EED-Version without reference to Solver for Xl97/2000/2002/2003***  
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Essential Regression and Experimental Design:

Preface and Table of Contents of Electronic Book

Download Software and Book, US

Download Software and Book, EURO

ER:Q&A, News(05/12/01)

The other members of our group:

Dave Steppan's page

Bob Yeater's page

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I'm a member of a small but dedicated group of chemists and engineers who are developing useful software tools for scientists and engineers based on standard office software such as MS Excel�. We would like to distribute these products over the internet. Currently we are focusing on tools for data evaluation, especially using

  • Multiple Linear Regression and Polynomial Regression

  • Nonlinear Regression

  • Experimental Design

Featured product:

Essential Regression and Experimental Design (MS Excel� 97/2000/2002/2003 Add-In and Electronic Book Package)

The other members of our group feature their special interests on their pages. Pay them a visit:


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