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to my home.

Is my another home open?

My home consists of 6 rooms.

  • Room 1 (Certifications): If you are interested in knowing what certifications I have earned, enter here!
  • Room 2 (Java Exam): If you are preparing for the Sun's Java Certification Exam for programmers, you can get some materials and hints here.
  • Room 3 (Web Tips): Want to learn Web development and don't have money to spend on Softwares? Then, This is for you. Everything is free here. Take it!
  • Room 4 (Music): Interested in Indian Music? Enter and enjoy.
  • Room 5 (CookBook): Beware! you are entering my kitchen :-)
  • Room 6 (GuestBook): In all the above rooms you can take something, but if you enter this, you have to give something. Don't worry, I am not asking money. Before you exit please fill in your thoughts on how you liked my home.

Thanks for visiting my home! Hope you enjoyed your visit! Please come again!

I always like to rearrange and bring new things to my home. So please bear the noise

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