Macintosh programs for MIDI control of the Roland VS series

Freeware programs for remote control of the Roland VS-series of hard disk recorders from any Macintosh computer with a colour monitor, a MIDI interface and OMS installed.

Sorry, no PC version either now or in the forseeable future


Available for the VS-880, VS-880-EX, and VS-1680, the VS-Console programs provide a graphical interface for all the mixer and effects parameters that can be accessed via MIDI. On-screen viewing of level meters display is also provided. In the latest versions there is a new speech feedback option (requires Apple Text-To-Speech software installed) which also allows all VS mixer and effects parameters to be edited from the keyboard with no need to use the mouse.


Available for the VS-880 and VS-880-EX only, the VS-TrackEdit programs provide a graphical interface for the song editing commands.


Useful for all the VS-series, this little utility transfers the MIDI system updates occasionally made available by Roland (something that plenty of the more complex MIDI sequencers appear to have trouble with). Just give it the first file and then wait for the beeps to say that it has finished

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24 Aug 99 Tidied up web page, change e-mail contact information, updated on-line documentation.
Released VS-Console-EX and VS-TrackEdit-EX. New versions of VS-Console, VS-Console-16, and VS-TrackEdit.

13 Jan 00 Download links for html manuals finally added.

LogicVS should now be available. It does not cost much, and if it delivers what it promises then I doubt my programs will be useful any more (except maybe for those people who find the speech feedback option in the Console programs useful). Cosi' e' la vita.

Jul 00 Seems that some people actually prefer my programs to the present version of LogicVS!!! See VSPlanet discussion (thanks Jamie and Todd).

Mar 01 MIDI Mouse

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