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This is me skiing in Utah a few years ago. I do not like being photographed often so this is the most recent picture that I have.

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So, I finally got around getting a web page. I hope this site becomes a central location to gather information on the Cespedes, Huth, Mohrke and Wheelock families. I will be placing email address of other family members so we can all stay connected; you can find them in the favorites page.

Finally for those that just wondered to this page, I guess I should say something about myself. I am an Electrical Engineering that got hook on computer at school when I learned how to use the Arpanet and Relay-Chat in the mid 80's. Since then I have concentrated my career path in the field of software design. I supposed that my work experience has turned me into a Software Engineer since I have written software/firmware for embedded system, developed system level software, developed Windows based application and even designed and developed database systems. I have lived in New Orleans since 1980 and plan to stay here for a very long time.

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