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Welcome to the Visual Basic Code Exchange. Here you will find many code samples for Microsoft's Visual Basic. Most of the code that is found here is for 32bit versions of Visual Basic (versions 4,5) but some code may work in 16bit environments (versions 3,4). Most of the code here was written by our webmaster Mr. Wonka, but there are many samples that have been found on the net. As far as we know everything is Public Domain and you are free to use it as long as you give the author credit in your program. If we have used code that has not been credited to you, please email us and let us know.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, feedback or would like to upload source code to our archives, just drop us a line, eh. VBCE would also like to thank Ben at Visual Basic Thunder. His list of VB links is by far the most comprehensive on the net. Many of the links on this site were found with the help of Ben's site. Check it out, it is worth a look.

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