Kabe's First Page Setup Guide

Learning HTML is one of the easiest things to learn. Believe it or not, it's not really a programming language, but text with a few stupid codes.

Have you ever used Wordperfect or Microsoft Word? If you understand how to use those little programs, you'd notice one thing. At the end of a paragaraph, you have that funny looking little backwards p. HTML is the same!


Learning the basics of HTML
Setting up your first page
Using Tables in HTML
Troubleshooting guide
Generating traffic
Contact me

How to read this page!

The stuff you pretend to type will be in a . This is what the code looks like in your text editor before Netscape Navigator reads it.

Whenever you see stuff in a ,that is how the code above it will be seen by the browser. In other words, it's the output of the code, or the output of the stuff you typed (the red background above text).

All code has and brackets. You can spot code easily!

Your First Page

1. How do you like your page?.

The neat thing about the Net today is the wide variety of page colour and styles. For instance, while this page has a white background and black text, most of my other webpages have black backgrounds and turquoise text.

The beginning of every webpage must have a certain setup. My page setup looks like this:

Here's the explanations for these setup codes:

Wondering what the meta means? That's in the Generating Traffic page

2. Bad Colours!?!

A lot of times, I happen upon a page that I cannot read. Why? Because either the text almost the same colour as the background colour, or the background graphic gets in the way of reading the text.

Make sure you can read the text easily!

This is an example of what happens if you don't make sure your text is a different colour than your page. Here we have black text on a black background. Obviously, the webpage maker is waiting for your comments on his page!

Somebody should tell him it sucks.

3. Your First Page.

First of all, download this page onto your computer. Hold the shift button then click on the link. This page is what I use to make new webpages. I copy start.htm newpage.htm all the time!

The first page you make in any given directory should be an index. The filename should be index.htm. There is a reason for this. Lets say you have something on your webpage that you don't want people to discover. Let's say it's right here:


To find this picture of yours (and yes, I've searched around on other sites by doing what I'm going to show you), all I'd have to do is go to


and hit enter. It will show me an directory listing (an index) of ALL the files in this directory. However, if you have a file called index.htm, it will always go to that file instead of showing everything.

There's nothing left! You can now create webpages at leisure!

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