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Learning HTML is one of the easiest things to learn. Believe it or not, it's not really a programming language, but text with a few stupid codes.

Have you ever used Wordperfect or Microsoft Word? If you understand how to use those little programs, you'd notice one thing. At the end of a paragaraph, you have that funny looking little backwards p. HTML is the same!


Learning the basics of HTML
Setting up your first page
Using Tables in HTML
Troubleshooting guide
Generating traffic
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How to read this page!

The stuff you pretend to type will be in a . This is what the code looks like in your text editor before Netscape Navigator reads it.

Whenever you see stuff in a ,that is how the code above it will be seen by the browser. In other words, it's the output of the code, or the output of the stuff you typed (the red background above text).

All code has and brackets. You can spot code easily!

Traffic Generation

1. Meta Tags!

In order to generate traffic, there is one thing you absolutely must do. That is, get some meta tags!

What are meta tags? This is a hidden code inside HTML that allows Search Engines (the yellow pages of the internet) to understand what is on your site.

Sure, the search engines don't NEED meta tags, and can create their own by using the first 30 words of your webpage, but a rule of thumb to bring people in to your page is to avoid the choppy auto-generated meta tags assigned to you by the search engines, and give your own description.

There are two main types of meta tags. One for keywords, one for description. They are used like this:

meta name="keywords" content="socks, sock, sock sales, specialty socks"
meta name="description" content="Love socks? Come to this site! Rare socks, socks for sale!"

Basically, if someone goes to AltaVista and types in sock sales, your page will come up. What will AltaVista say about your site? That if you Love Socks, come to that site. Rare socks, socks for sale! See?

2. The Search Engines!

Don't forget to go to the big search engines and go to ADD URL! Here, you will have to type in the address of your page. The search engine will send a program out, look at your page, and put it in the engine's listings.

It won't happen instantly. Some take 2 weeks. Those big losers over at Yahoo! take like 6 or 7 weeks, even if they APPROVE your site.

Good search engines: Lycos, Infoseek, AltaVista, StartingPoint, Excite, Webcrawler, HotBot, AOLSearch... anything that can bring people to your site, go for it!

3. Banner Rotation Companies

What's my opinion? They suck. First of all, they make money by getting real companies to advertise. Then, they allow crappy banners from crappy sites messing up the flow of your site. See? How many times do your banners go out to other sites? Few and far between.

One thing every page should strive for is content. Too many images and banners can really put a bad seed on your page.

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