Kabe's HTML Troubleshooter guide

Learning HTML is one of the easiest things to learn. Believe it or not, it's not really a programming language, but text with a few stupid codes.

Have you ever used Wordperfect or Microsoft Word? If you understand how to use those little programs, you'd notice one thing. At the end of a paragaraph, you have that funny looking little backwards p. HTML is the same!


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Troubleshooting guide
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All code has and brackets. You can spot code easily!

Where is the problem?

1. Can't see my text

Chances are, your bgcolor that you selected is the same as the text colour you selected in the
body section of your page.

Still nothing? Email me, and I'll come down and look.

2. I can't find my page!

Did you upload it? Make sure you ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as to where you upload to. I'm sorry, I don't know, unless you're from geocities or Internet Connect in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

3. Most of my document is underlined and looks funny!

Otherwise known as "hey, I have 1 big link" syndrome. when you made a link to somewhere else, using the a href, you forgot to end that link a few words down with an /a.

4. Everything is centered!

Much like the "1 big link syndrome," you have either forgotten to turn off a center or have 1 extra center. You turn it off using an /center.

5. My text won't sit beside my image!

This is because your image needs to be aligned by doing this: img align=left src=.... Now, your text will be printed right beside your image.

6. I have edited my page, but it won't save!

Fool, you have to hit RELOAD on your browser!

7. My image is broken!

Well, all that means is in the code, where you type in the address of the image using the code
img src, you have either mistyped the location, got the location wrong, the image is not at that location, or forgotten a " on one side in the code. Take a look!

Anything else wrong? Email me!

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