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What is AmigaCafe? well to put it simply its a JAVA applet connected directly to DALNET, a large IRC network chat.

IRC is a great communication system, where many users participate real time talking on various topics, ive simply created a page that links all the great Amiga Chat Rooms on IRC and allows you to participate yourself via the java apllet doors.

Ok what do ya need to get started? simple a Java based web browser..aha...first problem, Amiga Browsers dont actually suppot Java (YET!) but they will very very soon! this is the only way I could find to do this, so if there is any other way, by all means let me know!  So you either need a PC with a PC web browser (or mac!) or a dedicated IRC program for the Amiga and hook up manually! (try spider.dal.net).

With that cleared up, lets introduce to the rules.....


Its important to stick to these guides as you will soon find yourself being banned from the rooms, they do have Operators by the way! some are human, and will each react differently to sacasm and wit :) others are BOTs...get used to that word, as you will be seeing a lot of them! :) what is a bot? a bot is quite simply a scripted program, set to respond to certain things, Ie a swear word my cause a bot to react in a automatic way, advertising may, flooding etc you get the picture! so if your new, ask someone the rules of the perticular group first before saying to much! and if it is a bot it may not be that talkative, so dont be offended if it doesnt respond! :)

If you dont have access to a Java Based web browser then click here to download a text file that helps explain about how to conncet up to Dalnet using normal IRC clients.

Ok ON TO THE ROOMS....... :)

General Amiga Chat Rooms

#AmigaGames Talk and discussion about Amiga Games in general.  A good place to find out the latest games news, this channel has always one or two bots on it, plus human ops, its protected agaisnt slagging towards the Amiga, and fellow channel users, so dont go in looking for a fight otherwise you will be banned sharpish! SuperOP is B-REAL2U and Bots are PAULACIA and TIMEWATCHER, other ops are POSCA, HIGHSCORE and ROBSDA. Also the chat room for the CellularBBS Amiga News Homepage.
#Amiga A good place to start, a general Amiga chat room, for discusson on anything to do with Amiga, be it hardware, software, games, help on using the machine etc, if your stuck ask here!  Again this channel is under the eye of a bot called AGNUS, SuperOP is FREDDE.
#AmIRC Amiga IRC chat room.   one of the most popular rooms during the night, and gets busy during the day as well sometimes!  A totally open chat room for Amiga users to talk about the Amiga or anything else! where all the Amiga fans meet up and chat openely!  also a good place to ask about AMIRC :) this room has MANY OPs so watch what you say!
#AmigaNL A dutch Amiga chat room, if you use your Amiga and your dutch, pop in here, they speak English and Dutch in here so all are welcome! your main op is NoMaaM who is a spritly character others in charge are B-Real2U and YDG!
#AmigaSWE A swedish Amiga Chat room! :) ive not been in here much as they tend to speak swedish! :)


Usefull Amiga Chat Rooms

#AmigaZONE AMIGAZONE! were all Amiga fans come to meet and chat about all good things great and new!
#AmigaUsers As it names says, where genuine Amiga users go and talk, if you use your Amiga for something! then get in here!
#Amiga-3d+ A sensible Amiga Chat room aimed at Amiga 3d artists and users, looking for ops who know there stuff, users of Imagine, Lightwave, Cinema4d etc are ALL welcome!
#blitz A blitzBasic chat room, so if your a coder, or need some help using BlitzBasic, a great place to go and get help!
#AmiTech A dedicated Amiga Technical Help Room...got a hardware problem, then come in here!
#AmigaCafe Come in, sit back, get ya tea, coffee, and talk amiga!
#NetWar NetWar!! talk help all about the network Cannon Fodder style game NetWar!!

Anti-Cooksey Chat Rooms

#Amiga2D Fun chat room, which gives AOPS to anyone! simply here to fight Cooksey, and poke some fun at him! also good for a mess around a free for all kicking sesson!
#Amiga3d0 Another Anti Cooksey site, what can I say, he has caused a lot of problems!
#AMIGA3d Cooksey`s channel, alas this channel has now been banned by DalNet coz he was such a physcho...still feel free to send hate mail to...


  • Cooksey Television ··· Production & Sales
    870 - 933-9170
  • http://cooksey.dyndns.com
  • P.O. Box 586 Jonesboro,AR 72401
#lightwave3d Another Channel that cooksey plays a part in...feel free to fire insults here!
#Amiga-3d Another cooksey channel, not #Amiga-3d+ but something Cooksey set up to annoy genuinie Amiga Fans!


Fun Chat Rooms

#chat18+ Somewhere cool for open minded chat, baring in mind this is aimed at adults, you wont find cybersex here, but you will find open and frank chat, with possible strong language
#FunChat A cool and very busy place to go to talk about anything!
#Oasis Oasis Music Chat Room!! MAD FOR IT
#Blur Blur Music Chat room
#Liverpool Liverpool Football club chat room!
#London London/England Chat Room!


Here is a basic rundown of some of the commands to IRC if your new.  Firstly when you enter a chat room you will need a nickname, now be sensible here, there are thousands of people online at DALnet servers, so dont choose something obvious, nor anything rude or offensive, if you do choose a Nickname that someone has got you will get a warning message telling to either identify or change your nickname.  If you have never been to IRC before, or not registered before its likely its someone elses, you have 60secs to change before its changed ot a guest account, to change the nickname yourself type this...

/nick mynewnickhere    for example /nick bob_dylon

you cant have spaces in a nickname so so use underscores or slashes.

If you want to register your nickname and no one else has it type this when you are called what you want...

/msg nickserv register yournewpassword

and remember your password :P

when you log on afterwards you will be asked to indentify, simply type this line

/msg nickserv identify yourpasswordhere

Ok now your on a channel and you have a nick, by typing in the channel everyone sees what your typing, you can however private message someone simply by typing /msg and the nick of the person you want to private message.....

/msg targetnickhere contents of the message   for example /msg SaintAmiga I hate you, you smell, you are a lamer!

ok you might want to scipt to a different channel now your in one, you dont have to go back, infact you can join ANY channel you like even ones ive not listed from within my java rooms simply type this...

/join #newchannelname

If your registered, you might went to send a memo to a friend so when they get on they have a message from you, you must be registered to do this, but once you have done that you type this to send a memo...

/msg memoserv send nicknametosendto

Finally if some is using your nick you can use these two commands to get it back....

/msg nickserv ghost nickname password

/msg nickserv recover nickname password   

on using recover you then have to release by typing /msg nickserv release nickname password




Comming soon....AmiTech a room dedicate to technical issues and problems with the Amiga, AmigaCoders a chat room for Amiga C coders and AmiComms, somewhere to go and talk about Amiga and Communicationm, these rooms will be available soon!

Whats the story Morning Glory...or better know as COOKSEY?

So whats all this cooksey lark you have heard mentioned? who is he? well he is a so called Amiga Fan (yeah ok!) who goes under the following names ^Amiga , Amiga  , ^Amiga^ or SaintAmiga (dont mistake him for Amiga^ that guy is ok) you can always know its him by his IP that mentions Smokey or USA (normally both) he is a lamer, who has every normal Amiga Chat Group on Dalnet agaisnt him! he is best avioded! he cannont be resond with, he even fights with the IRC Cops!!!  You shouldnt find him on any of the above sites but you will find on a room called AMIGA-3d  he is tottally insane, he bans peopel from this room for no reason, he critieses the Amiga, he critieses you and calls you a nazi (he has done with everyone!!) says he is a Amiga fan but his topic at the moment on his room is THE AMIGA IS DEAD!! yeah right! what is this guy on? once he non stop messaged me saying did I know that AI use MS Frontpage on there web site? like I care!! He then sent me insults and threats about my family, work, computer, tried to flood me etc, im not the only one, he causes so much trouble that the IRC COPS *sigh* when you mention his name!

Today he said he sent 725 Emails about me, my phone number, email, computer, IP, Server details all over the world, if this is true then he is a spammer as well, he runs some poxy company that sells TV  dishes, and other commercial stuff, he openly critieses people for no reason, he cusses DALNET on his page, and takes personal satisfaction from harrasing people even when they mind there own business, I hate this guy, so does everyone else, only a nutta like him would try to ping flood a IRC COP, frankly if he keeps this up Ill sue his ass off, and if anyone hacks my server I have it in black and white that he caused it!

Anyway if you wanna laugh, or just to chuck some insults at this total waster go to #Amiga-3d be as insulting as you like to this guy, he is a total loser, we are in the progress of getting him BANNED from IRC DALnet.  Send him messages, memo`s whatever!!

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