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Note About the Noise:
Yes, it's annoying, but it's extra cool cause it's the noise that I recorded off of a virused computer right after it locked up and just before it died. In a wierd computer-dork kind of way, this was the computer's last words.... awwww... sad.... so sad...... sad that Mildweed is such a geek......

No offense to anyone, but if you don't date much in college, then you won't date much after college. Think of the situation you've been given. You live in a one-mile area that consists of thousands of members of the opposite sex, 99% of whom aren't married, and all within four years of your age. If that's not enough, you're put in small rooms with these people for 4 months, and then you're given a new set of people for the next four months - and this happens eight times. No one has an unlisted phone number, and everyone eats in the same place. Then, members of the opposite sex are given a lot of alcohol, and are all hanging out in the same 5 places every night. Face it, if you can't score now, then give up.

--Steve Hofstetter, Observational Humor

BarneySplatA classic kickin game. Hot off the presses in 1994, this text based game was the rave of BBS's and Barney haters everywhere. ASCII graphics.
Drug wars You know the game, you've played it on your calculator. It's the NYSE crossed with Boys in the Hood.
Light Cycle From the movie Tron.
Missle Command THE Atari game that lasted forever.
Thinking Screen Saver For those of you who spend too much time on the toilet.

*Other good stuff:
Noelridge Christian Church My church's website which I am in the process of rebuilding.
2600 If you don't know, don't go there.
Go visit Tech Tales It's hilarious
This is the best bashing of dumb people I have ever seen. Go Ciff! JeffK roolz.

Random Scott Connerly Links

yea, that last one isn't really me, but dang! good katchup!

*About me
I am a computer tech at Computer Heaven Inc. That picutre of me was taken on a digital camera while I was at work by my friend/coworker Caleb. Caleb's Website is cool.
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