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Welcome to Reflections, the home of 23 year old webmaster, David Chan, on the Internet. It is said that in our future, we can see our past. Reflections comprises both glimpses into past projects by David Chan, as well as an insight of things to come.

Entirely coded in a text editor by hand, Reflections has been designed to be compatible with both old and new browsers. All the graphics featured in this website are also completely original. This all achieves the purpose of making Reflections a refreshingly unique experience.

Reflections is divided into four main sections. In Articles you will find a range of computing related reviews that are featured in the SiliconValley News & Reviews website, while previous website creations can be located in the Projects section.

In this website you can also download the curriculum vitae of David Chan in the Resume section. Finally, original 3D renderings, such as the one featured above, can be seen in the 3D Gallery.

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