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Hi I'm Eugene Ting.
I'm from China and staying in Singapore.Here is my homepage for my family members, friends, my alumni and my university. It's just a beginning and many of them are underconstruction.

MY DAUGHTER, TING TING --- Born on Mar., 4, 1994

New Family Ablum in Singapore
More My Family Ablum Ting Ting Ablum One

Ting Ting Ablum Two Ting Ting Ablum Three

Ting Ting Ablum Four Ting Ting Ablum Five

Word Source For My Surname "TING" In Chinese!

Brief Information for Me ! On Line Chat With Me (ICQ10039886)

My Brother, Ting Yubo's Homepage My Hometown

From My Hometown

TsinghuaIME Students List in Singapore Tsinghua Alumni in Singapore

Guan Wei's Family Ablum My Tsinghua Alumni Around World

Are you sure you are in the list ? Email are Welcome !

My Favorite Sites On The Web

My Classmates in Tsinghua University(Class of Radio97, EE 1979)

You Can Download My Classmates List in Tsinghua University(Class of Radio97, EE 1979)

My University----Tsinghua University My Wife's University----Peking University

My Company---OKI Techno Centre (S) My Previous Company---Harris Semiconductor

Are you looking for a new job ???

The Favourite Homapage in My Motherland China

The Mirror Website of My Homapage in Singapore

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May, 24, 1998 Eugene Ting Welcome

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