NAME:                                  TING,  YU  JING                 ALIAS:           EUGENE    TING
DATE OF BIRTH:                 March,  31,  1962
PLACE OF BIRTH:              Guizhou,  P.R.  China
CITIZENSHIP:                      P.R.  China
SEX:                                        Male
MARITAL STATUS:            Married
ADDRESS:                            BLK  112, #05-138,  Bukit  Batok  West  Ave. 6 ,  Singapore  650112
E-MAIL:                                eting @

     12/1986 - 09/1990:   Ph.D. student in the Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University,
                                      Beijing,  P.R.  China  ( Ph.D.  Degree )
     09/1984 - 11/1986:   Postgraduate student in the Institute of Microelectronics,  Tsinghua
                                       University,  Beijing,  P.R.  China  ( M.Sc.  Degree )
     09/1979 - 07/1984:   Undergraduate student in the Dept.  of  Electronics  Engineering,
                                       Tsinghua University,  Beijing,  P.R.  China  ( B.Sc.  Degree )

Professional Employment:
     03/1998 -  Now    :       OKI Techno Center Singapore as Senior Design Engineer and Program Manager.
                                          Be in charge of a W-CDMA Channel Modem IC design for 3rd generation mobile
                                          communication system using Verilog-XL, Verilog-NC, Synopsys DC'98, Polaris and the
                                          responsibility is the design of the algorithm implementation, system level architecture,
                                          function blocks and its timing and related control.

     10/1996 -  02/1998:       Harris Semiconductor  Beijing Office ( Beijing, China )as Senior  Technical
                                           Supervisor for technical support and market development. Be in charge of
                                           Beijing office all related issues and activities.
                                           Notes: sent back from Harris Singapore Office  as an overseas  employee.
                                           Major Accomplishment:  Set up Harris Beijing office, Promotion and
                                           application support for Harris Semiconductor products such  2.4GHz DSSS
                                           WLAN and WLL chipset, Video Conference, Software Radio and Power
                                            products etc.  Liaison  with our distributors and support all their business.
     04/1996 -  09/1996:      Harris Semiconductor Pte Ltd ( Singapore ) as a chief design engineer for
                                           IC R&D.  As a ASIC program manager working in the headquarters of
                                           Harris Semiconductor, Melbourne, FL, U.S.A, from Apr., 1996  to July,
                                           1996 for our ASIC project in China
                                           Major Accomplishment:  The design of 2.048Mb/s PCM Interface IC
                                           for SDH system in China and using Harris FASTRACK  EDA tool.
     06/1993 -  12/1995:     Means Come Ltd ( Beijing , China )  as a senior engineer for IC R&D and
                                          Application  and as ASIC development manager for  project
                                          management and technical supports and as marketing manager
                                          finally for market research and customers services
                                         Major Accomplishment:  The single chip SLIC+PCM CODEC IC and
                                          hybrid IC projects for the home-made telecommunication digital switching
                                          system in China.  The marketing development,  the field application and the
                                          promotion activities for Harris Semiconductor in China
     12/1991 -  05/1993:     Kinergy  Pte Ltd  ( Singapore ) as a design engineer for software &
                                          hardware design of  vision image inspection system.

                                          Major Accomplishment:  The overall design of  software & hardware of
                                          vision images real-time processing and  automation control  for the Lead
                                          Inspection System machine of  IC packages.
     09/1990 -  09/1991:     China Resources Ltd ( Beijing, China ) as a design engineer for IC design.
     12/1986 -  09/1990:     VLSI implementation of DKS algorithm and Jacobean matrix
                                          computation on a single chip and control algorithm research for
                                          intelligent robot manipulator,  Tsinghua University, Beijing. China
    09/1984 -  11/1986:     Design and fabrication of high-frequency, balanced, on-chip CMOS
                                          operational amplifiers for telecommunication system applications.
                                          Tsinghua  University, Beijing. China
    03/1984 - 07/1984:      Developed a new equivalent simulation model of switch-capacitor
                                          circuits to make the design and the circuit  simulation analysis of
                                          switch-capacitor  filters more accuracy and flexible. Tsinghua University,
                                          Beijing. China

03/1988 - 07/1990:  Directed two undergraduate and one postgraduate students to complete
                                their B.Sc.  and M.Sc. degree  papers, respectively in Institute of Microelectronics,
                                Tsinghua University, Beijing.
09/1984 - 07/1986:  Teaching assistant in the Dept. of Electronics Engineering , Tsinghua University, Beijing.
                                The  courses are as followed:
                                [1].  The principle & design of MOS  IC
                                [2].  The principle & design of  bipolar IC

Professional:      Be excellent in the design of  digital, analog and mixed  IC , the development of
                           ASIC for  specific applications & markets , and the field applications.  Be good at the
                           design of the VLSI algorithm and architecture.
Management:    Be excellent in program managing, technical marketing development,  organising,  presentation
                           and promotion activities.  Well knew  about the semiconductor & relative electronics industries
                           marketing in China.  Be favour of challenging and creative job.
Computers:                                     IBM/PC,  Laptop PC,  Workstation
Operating Systems:                        MS-DOS,  MS/Windows95/NT,  UNIX
Programming Languages :             C, C++, HDL
EDA  Tool for IC  Design:              FASTRACK,  CADENCE , SYNOPSYS


The Third Annual CDMA World Congress and CDMA workshops, 22nd - 25th , June, 1998, Singapore
Harris Field Application Training,  16th - 19th ,  Sept.,  1997,  Melbourne, FL,  USA
Harris Field Application Training,  24th - 28th ,  Mar.,  1997,   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Orientation training of Harris Semiconductor,    22nd -26th    Apr. 1996.  Florida,  USA
General English Course (Advanced), by English Language Center of British Council in
Singapore, Jan. - Mar. 1992.

Be excellent in communicating in English and Chinese ( including listening, speaking, reading and writing).  Be excellent  in field interpreter ( between English and Chinese ) for negotiation  and seminar.  Business trips for IC projects,  training and conference to USA many times and working in Singapore have greatly improved my  communication ability and skill in English.

       The best M.Sc. thesis prize  of Tsinghua University for my M.Sc. thesis, 1988
       The first-class prize of National Science & Technology Progress, China, for the projects
       undertaken for my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree.

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