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Polygon Button Image Button Text Button
These Polygon buttons  are  created using the basic 3D colors. Jack package  has different styles of buttons and  each of the  buttons  generates AWT  event 
Arrow Button  resembles a directional arrow.This button is available in four
orientations Bar Button This button has a  special type  of  border which resembles a bar
Circle Button  has  a  circular  shape Color  Button The width of the 3Dline can bechanged.
Double Button  gives a look as if one button is sitting  ontop of the other
Triangleutton   This button isavailabe in four orientations
The Image  Button  is the most flexible   and  is  available with different options.  The  image buttons can be of different shapes similar to  the  Polygon buttons.
Standard Image button is a simple  button  having  a image on it..
Hidden Image button t The difference   between the Hidden and standard image buttons is the  way in which the button effect is displayed In the hidden image button, the raised effect is visible only when the mouse comes over the button.
Shaded Text is a simple  text   button.  This button does not use any image file. The raised and  depressed effect is accmplished by using simple drawString function of the Graphics class of java. The colors of the Shadow and the text can be changed by invoking its member functions. The shaded text generates a
ActionEvent when the mouse is pressed on it.
Transparent Button Panels Focus Control
Transparent Button displays abutton while  still showing the background.  Jack Panels behave exactly same as the java.awt panel. Jack panels use 3D colors to give the  special effects. Layouts can be specified to a jack panel. Focus control  is  a  very simple and neat component. This control displays a simple string. The background  of the text illuminates when the mouse comes over the text. This component generates a java.awt.Event  when the mouse is pressed on the text.
Slider Spin Control Tab Folder
Sliders is a component which displays  a  set of strings. A pointer can be dragged  on  the  set of strings using the mouse. This class has memeber functions which can return the  string which  has the pointer on it.  The  slider pointer can be modified to point upwards/downwards on the slider bar.  Spin control  can be used to display a integer data type which can be incremented by just pressing a increment
or decrement button. The incremental unit can be set as a parameter to the spin control class. The incremental
buttons can be made to dock on either East of West of the text component.
Tabs are avilable in different styles. The color of the tab control can also be changed. Each tab is a panel  and the layout of the tab can be specicified using any of the java layout managers. The tab control allows  image icons to be placed in the tab. The special feature of the Jack tab is that a particular tab can be either enabled or disabled. More than one tab can be disabled at the same time.The tabs can be arranged in four  different corners of the center panel.
Toolbar Piano Buttons Grid Component
Tool bar takes any of the java components. The buttons on the toolbar can accept mages. The buttons  can be made to toggle in two states. The size of the tool bar changes automatically based on the size of  the components it contains.Toolbar's base line and border line can be set by calling appropirate member functions. The color of the Pianobuttons can be changed. All the piano buttons generate awt events.
The actual piano effect will be visible when a series of buttons are arranged in a single column. See the demo for the real effect. The piano button generates a sound when the mouse is switched between the buttons
Grid Component is used to represent tabular information. The jack Grid component is a very flexible grid.This component allows the user to sort on a column.s. The grid class fires a event when a row in the grid is selectedThe size of the grid can increases dynamically when additional rows are added into the grid. Each row can be edited ie. a row can be copied, deleted, and modifed.
Calendar Tree Component
Calendar Component is a jack component which is used to display a calendar.This calendar widget is onstructed
using the Gregorian Calendar in the java.util. This widget takes care of the leap year. This widget fires a event when a particular day, year or month is selected. By default the calendar widget displays the currentday , month and year.  The user can make a selecteion explicitly by calling
Tree widget is a component which resembles the explorer's tree control. Nodes can be added to any branch of the tree. All the nodes are light weight components. Each on the node fires an awt event when mouse is clicked on it. The event captures the entire path of the node relativive to the grand parent.