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I decided to start working on a p2p project. I would like to call it TRUEp2p. It's a app that all clients are truely peers among peers without a central database/server. if you would like to learn more about TRUE Peer2Peer, visit this FORUM on SF.net.

This page is finally getting redone. I have decided to change the theme of the page. (for anyone who remembers what the old page looked like)
I have changed my ways and have decided to go white hat on you. Sorry to those who care. I would like to get started on a project. before I start this project I am going to completely revamp this site. Preferrably on a different server. I have probably haven't had a common visitor to this site in a long time. so I would like to rebuild an audience as well. currently if you would like to make notes and are a LAN party freak. Please visit the FragFest.

mostly the only reason this site hasn't been redone is because I just don't have the time like I used to, to play with a meaningless site. The only reason this page still exists is because I have been using the web space as storage for files between computers. That and I like to be cool and still be able to tell people that the address to my website is oocities.com/SiliconValley/Network/8509 instead of /brune02. I do have a number of fun pics I might end up showing just for fun. I would also like to rebuild this site in a language other than HTML, because it sucks for doing new and interesting things that haven't been seen before on other geocities pages... Sorry geocities users. YOUR PAGES SUCK.