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There were somewhere around 6,000 hits before I remodeled this site and removed the counters.

The big bad wolf told little red riding hood, "lift your skirt so i can suck on your tits", "NO" she said lifting her skirt, "eat me like the fucking book says"-LMAO

I do not take questions anymore in AIM, because usually I am at work and spam is getting ridiculous there too now (fuckers), and also Ive had jackasses warn me up to 90 percent after I help them. So if u want hekp email me at my yahoo address below. And please stop giving me special requests for maps because like I said on the Map Index if I dont have them scanned and linked, then I dont have them at all!

I have to work full time now and it may be hard to update this page anymore.

As some of you may already know Geocities is closing its doors on Oct 26th of this year. It marks the end of the free web era as this was the last website I was aware of to offer hosting for free. I was thinking of transferring this offer to yahoos pay system but paying 10 a month for something that is no longer updated or worked on because of my schedule as a college student and working full time just doesnt make much sense. Also there comes a time when spending hours upon hours researching a game and writing on it just becomes too much of a waste of time. If someone wants to try and mirro the site thats fine but I wont pay to host something that I spent my time with when I was a teen because I had no life back then. I am now married and sooner or later will have my first kid.

What Ive been up to in the last couple of years

TGZ6 sez: