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Nof Family [and Related] Genealogy Report

* DETAILS: The original data is currently kept as a FAMILY TREE MAKER 7.5/GEDCOM 5.5 pair and is a superset of this published version; contact to receive more details

* CONVERSION: This web version was converted from GEDCOM to HTML using GED2WWW 0.31,
a free (GPL'ed !) software

* LICENSE: Publishing this data by any form or means is strictly prohibited, unless given a permission from the author(s)

* APOLOGIES: in advance for family member who find themselves here, without prior notice...

* 1) HTML report: [updated Aug 2007] Click here to enter to the Genealogy Report Index Page

* 2) PDF overview: [updated Sep 2004] see the PDF version of the tree shorter (36.1kb) or longer (39.5kb, with dates)

* 3) GEDCOM format: [updated Aug 2007] here