Pictures from Everyone...
Thank you everyone for sending pictures... This is your page.  Frank sent some crazy pics from newyears... anyone who wants to send pictures, i promise i'll post them (within reason)  No naked chris jones pictures... But pretty much anything else i'll gladly put on... just send em to
Frank, Steph, Kieth, Werve, Werve's girl Mandy, Carl, and Chris on New Years Celebrating the Millenium!!!
Steph, Frank, Kieth (looking like he's barely able to stand up :), Chris (looking crazy as usual), Mandy, and Nate!
Please people send me more pictures... i'll put them here... and if there are any stories behind them tell me too so I can put that in the caption.  thanks... and you can send them to
Some guy named mike and Noel at SIU
Noel, some girl, Marybeth, and some other girl at SIU
Katie and I at Sycamore's Prom.