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I wanted to list all the characters of the Mutts Comic Strip. So far I've gotten a few. I will add on the rest once they show up in the daily comics :)

There is an Official Mutts page that has the listing of the major characters in Mutts. To see this page, go to:

For now, here is a listing of all the names of the characters that I know so far. If you know of any that I have missed, please email me. I would really appreciate it!

Mooch - The cat
Frank and Millie - An old couple who are Mooch's owners
Earl - The dog
Ozzie - Earl's owner
Sid - The fish in the fishbowl
Butchie - Owner of Fatty Snax deli
Noodles - A neighborhood cat
Jules AKA Shtinky Puddin - The striped, homeless, neighborhood cat
Woofie - "Shtupid" dog who "wuvs" kitties
Guard dog - The neighborhood guard dog on a chain
Doosie - The little girl in the neighborhood who loves Earl and Mooch to death
Shelly/Shnelly - The cat that Mooch loves
Phoebe - Parrot who lives in a cage in Shelly's house
Phillipe - A bird in the wild who visits Phoebe
Dr. Woo - Earl's veterinarian
The mailman
Tom-Tom - An adopted kitty from the adoption agency
Bushy - Tom-Tom's owner
Bushy's mom
Animal Shelter worker


[Bushy's mom]
The totally adorable Tom-Tom
Bushy's mom

[Dr. Woo]
[The mailman]
Dr. Woo
The mailman

Last [Updated] June 13, 1999
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