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Story of the aquisition of my finless P 1800S

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On the 22nd March 1999 by noon I was the happiest guy around the all world!
Driving back home my *new* P1800.
I still couldn't believe it was true! Pick up the mobile and start calling everyone I know that shared my passion for classic cars, specially Volvos.

Just 4 days before had seen this newsgroup ad of a «Classic 1800 Volvo, the Saint model with overdrive» for sale.
Phoned immediatly my cousin. He has this gorgeous Jensen '61 P1800, with chassis number 900 something. Gave him the number in the ad. After a while he called back saying I was in a big trouble! I really had to buy it because was very affordable. And these cars don't appear for sell often. I started mentally calculating the best way of buying that car. Although the price was great, I wasn't considering to spent all my savings in such a bad investment.

Everyone know cars are the worst investment around. And I had to convince my wife. Just 2 weeks before had started my Volvo classic cars journey with a '75 245DL wagon. Not very good looking. Regret the aquisition very shortly after buying it.

So, there I was, my mind going around thinking if I should or should not buy that car.
My cousin had a trip scheduled that saturday to Serra da Estrela, the only place in Portugal where one can see some snow. But Figueira da Foz, where the car was, is near the sea and makes a triangle of over 200 km with Serra da Estrela and Porto, where we live. A litle bit out of hand. But we arrange everything to include that 1800S in our journey.

Saturday 22nd March 1999 arrived. We went to Serra da Estrela, saw the snow, and returned (surprinsingly for our wives) going to the wrong direction. They (our wives) heard us talking something about a certain odd 1800 car but never imagined we were so crazy to make such a big detour just to see it! But we did. Kids were tired, night was falling, but we went anyway.
Meanwhile had to explain my wife (and kids) why we were heading Figueira da Foz. She felt tricked, but almost guessing what was going to happen, didn't said a word.

The car owner was expecting us for a long time (I didn't told him the trip to Serra da Estrela scheme to see that car). The car used to be from his grandfather, a classic car colector, and was gorgeous. Working with a delicious engine sound, lights on showing a imaculate dashboard with all gauges lights working. I went for a small ride, hardly imagine how I could buy that babby. Was even better than I could imagine.
Exception made for a some rust, overall condition was good. Engine and mechanic were great. Upholstery in very good condition.

When we were heading there I was preparing myself for a car in bad condition, not running or with severe problems. So I was not thinking at all buying it.
But, before I could even think twice, my cousin had negotiate with the seller, convinced my wife, and told me to drive it back home right away!
And there I was, driving home my *new* P1800, with a large simile from ear to ear...

My car has some odds. The main one is the customized rear without fins. Also has a 1970 grill, giving a 'modern' look to the car. But the rear is the main characteristic givin an absolutly unique look. Inside the car shows no modification, having all original gauges and unmodified dashboard. Also red upholstery is in good shape, all original.

After buying it, I just had a new paint (with prior rust removal) and chromed bumpers.

Now is the family pride: my wife thinks that this is a REAL classic car; the other 245DL wagon (sold already) was just an old car. My two sons (ages 7 and 4) are absolutly delighted and enjoy every time I pick the car to get them from school or when we ride it at weekends.

Check it out:

front view

rear view

side view


A nice beautty, isn't it?

João Emílio Almeida - 03/06/1999

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