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Cheney's problem with the Constitution: The illegal ticket
There was a rustling in the political thicket of selecting George W. Bush's running mate when Dick Cheney flew off to Wyoming to register to vote. Insiders said it was so Bush could select him, and indeed they were right. But why change Cheney's voter registration?
Why the Bush-Cheney ticket might not pass the Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
The Palm Beach Post: Rejection leaves issue hanging
The Palm Beach ballots speak
Bush Allows "Pregnant Chad" Recounts in Texas, but Not in Florida. That's Called Hypocrisy.
Having a double standard is just second nature to Good Ol' Dubya. As the attached Texas citation indicates, in Texas a ballot with a "pregnant chad" qualifies as one to be included in a final tally. But, of course, the Bush legal eagles are arguing against such an approach in Florida. My oh my, the hypocrisy just keeps on piling up. commentary
In Case You Forgot, With Bush We Get A Two for One: Chuck Heston and the NRA Come with Bush/Cheney
Emboldened by his backing of Bush, Chuck Heston is now telling the Brits that they need guns just like America. Of course, we are the most well-armed country in the world and look what it's done for us: created a spiraling cycle of gun violence. Well, rest assured if Bush moves into the White House, Chuck Heston and his gun-toting cronies will be breaking out the Scotch in the West Wing. Don't be surprised to see the White House Lawn used for NRA target practice. commentary
Let's replace the President with a Democracy Machine
In our present crisis, we have been presented with an extraordinary and eye-opening choice: whom do we trust, people or machines? Perhaps it's time to replace our fallible human Presidents with a Democracy Machine. Commentary by
More on the Court's Rebuff of the Bush Arguments
November ,2000 -
The Florida Supreme Court so thoroughly cleaned the clock of the Bush legal team that Jim Baker was left to whine and bully before journalists in Tallahassee. One-by-one, the Court took a fly swatter and squashed the specious legal arguments that the Bush legal eagles had presented. Not that George the Junior would have understood any of it anyway. commentary
E.B. White (1899-1985) wrote this essay and published it in Harper's magazine in July 1940. It seemed appropriate to put his essay up in reaction to some of the tactics being used by the Bush camp, and how many American's are simply ignoring them. If the name sounds familiar, but you can't quite place it, E. B. White was the co-author, (with William Strunk, Jr.) and reviser of The Elements of Style. He also wrote the children's classics Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web.
Voting complaints under review all over Florida
(November 9, 2000 6:35 p.m. EST - The scrutiny of Florida's presidential vote broadened Thursday as supporters of Vice President Al Gore compiled examples of alleged irregularities and initiated an Internet campaign to encourage a new vote in Palm Beach County.
Local copy (copyright © 2000 Nando Media, copyright © 2000 AP Online)

FLASH: Bush Aides Possibly Altered National Guard Records
Bush favors sacrificing our military personnel. Do I have this right?
Commentary on some of the foreign policy revelations in the second debate.
Terry Ross
Bush Admits DUI Arrest in Maine
Link to ABC News for details
Maine lawyer revealed Bush arrest
11/04/2000 Associated Press PORTLAND, Maine - Sporting his signature long-billed fishing cap, Tom Connolly is a familiar figure at the Cumberland County Courthouse.
No arrests after '68, Bush told paper
11/03/2000 By Wayne Slater and Pete Slover / The Dallas Morning News Gov. George W. Bush, who acknowledged Thursday that he pleaded guilty in 1976 to a drunken driving charge, told The Dallas Morning News two years ago that he had not been arrested after 1968. Also, he omitted any mention of the conviction on a questionnaire when he was called for jury service in 1996.
Bush or Gore: Does It Matter?: The Power of the Presidency
It has become fashionable of late to deny the relative importance of politics, on the one hand, and the fact of any important differences between Democrats and Republicans, on the other. Elections, therefore, are said to be merely another form of entertainment....
GOP ads backing Nader - Strategy could tip vote toward Bush
10/28/2000 Associated Press WASHINGTON - In a pre-election twist, Republicans are buying TV ads promoting Ralph Nader in states where votes for the Green Party candidate might tip the outcome to George W. Bush.
"Hard to Muzzle": The Return of Lynne Cheney
Lynne Cheney recently told reporters that she doesn't like being called "strident" or "combative." The former head of the National Endowment for the Humanities, appointed by Reagan in 1986, showed her moderate side at the Republican the Vice Presidential nominee....
by JON WIENER The Nation
Bush to speak at anti-gay school
College says homosexuality is "immoral" and should be treated like "lying, stealing and cheating."
Jake Tapper
Environmental Business Leaders Endorse Al Gore
Praise His Plans to Extend Prosperity, Protect the Environment
George W. Bush: A Record to Run From
How Texas Compares to Maine
George W. Bush says he wants to do for America what he has done for Texas. That would be bad news for Maine. Here are the most recent statistics.
Influence Peddling, Bush Style
From the outset of George W. Bush's campaign, the restoration of honor and integrity to the White House has been a key sales pitch of the Texas governor. Bush has declared that it's time to replace the wheelers and dealers of the Clinton years with "plain-spoken" Americans. In a recent television ad, his allies in the Republican Party blasted Vice President Al Gore's association with scandal....
It's the stupidity, stupid
George W. Bush's constant gaffes and mental lapses reflect the luxurious laziness of a scion who's never had to work hard at anything. And the media elite has graciously awarded him a Gentleman's C.
Todd Gitlin
Jonesing for votes
George W. Bush's speech at a college that bans interracial dating raises questions about his compassion.
Jake Tapper
Memos show envoys aided Cheney firm
10/27/2000 Associated Press WASHINGTON - Though Dick Cheney says the government played no role in his business success, internal State Department memos show U.S. diplomats lobbied foreign governments, banks and state-run companies to assist two business deals for the oil services firm once headed by the Republican vice presidential candidate.
One Planet - Two Different Worlds
An animation showing the stark contrasts in the environmental policies of Al Gore and GW Bush.
The Sierra Club
Reporters who hate Gore's guts
A childish emphasis on personality at the expense of the real issues.
Eric Alterman MSNBC contributor
This beauty contest is rigged
By stressing personality rather than issues, lazy media have given Bush license to lie.
Eric Alterman MSNBC contributor
Up for Grabs: The Supreme Court and the Election
Whom do you want to nominate Justices for the Supreme Court in the next four years? No issue is more vital in the race between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush-- repeat, no issue is more important than the makeup of the next Supreme Court--and therefore the future outlook for reproductive rights, civil rights, campaign finance reform, environmental protection and perhaps much, much more.
by TOM WICKER The Nation
Why you should vote for Gore.
Why Dubya Can't Read
I once knew a fairly intelligent man who disconcerted me one day by denouncing the arbitrary domination of the then-Soviet Union by a sinister-sounding body named "the Politurbo." Allowance could be made in his case; not everybody understood the abbreviations of "agitprop" and the crude origins of Com-speak. Had the term been spelled out....

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