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George W. Bush: A Record to Run From

How Texas Compares to Maine

George W. Bush says he wants to do for America what he has done for Texas. That would be bad news for Maine. Here are the most recent statistics.
Children in Poverty: Percentage of children below the federal poverty line in 1997. [2000 Kids count online, Annie E. Casey Foundation, www.aecf.org] 26% 17%
Rank of Children in Poverty: State rank based on percentage of children in poverty, 1996. [Children's Defense Fund, Yearbook 2000] #46 #25
Child Support Enforcement: State rank of percent of collection on child support cases in 1997. [Children's Defense Fund, Yearbook 2000] 33 3
Immunization: State rank of number of children immunized in 1998. [2000 CQ State Fact Finder] 48 2
Teen Birth Rate: Number of births per 1,000 females ages 15-17 in 1997. [2000 Kids Count Data Online, www.aecf.org] 47 15
Early Prenatal Care: Rate of pregnant women who received early prenatal care in 1997. [Children's Defense Fund, Yearbook 2000] #45 #4
Children Without Health Insurance: State rank of children without health insurance in 1996-1998. [Children's Defense Fund, Yearbook 2000] 50 26
Health Insurance: Percent of all people without health insurance in 1997. [U.S. Census, www.census.gov] 24.5% 14.9%
Spending per Pupil: State rank of state spending per student for public school education in 1995-1996. [Children's Defense Fund, Yearbook 2000] #34 #14
Support for Higher Education: State rank of state higher education funding per pupil, best to last in 1998-1999. [2000 CQ State Fact Finder] 39 15
SAT Scores: State rank of average combined Scholastic Aptitude Test scores in 1998 and score. [1998 College Board Online, www.collegeboard.com] 45
ACT Scores: State rank of average composite American College Test scores in 1998 and score. 1998 ACT Press Release, www.act.org] 40
Graduation Rate: State rank of percentage of population over age 25 with a high school diploma in 1998. [2000 CQ State Fact Finder] 45 13
Unemployment Rate: Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for entire population in April 1999. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov] 4.6% 3.6%
Population in Poverty: State rank of percentage of pupulation in poverty based on monthly household surveys in 1998. [2000 CQ State Fact Finder] #11
Average Hourly Earnings: State rank of hourly earnings of production workers as compiled by the Department of Labor in 1999. [2000 CQ State Fact Finder] #43 #27
Air Pollution: State rank based on total air pollution emissions in 1997. [2000 CQ State Fact Finder] #1
Toxic Waste: State rank of most toxic chemicals released into the environment in 1997. [1997 EPA Toxic Release inventory, www.epa.gov] #1
Air Pollution Health Damage: State rank based on number of people exposed to unhealthy air quality according to National Ambient Air Quality Standard in 1998. [1998 Environmental Defense Fund Scorecard, www.scorecard.com] #2
Women in Poverty: Percentage of women in poverty, [Institute for Womens Policy Research, www.iwpr.org] 16.7% 10.9%
Health Insurance: Percent of women without health insurance. [1998 Institute for Womens Policy Research, www.iwpr.org] 21.9% 11.4%

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