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Welcome to The Doghouse. The online home of Alinak & Boomer.

Mighty Hunters! Nemesis of dog biscuits everywhere!

People can fail you. Computers, religions, employers, philosophies, governments - they can all let you down....

Our canine companions are constant, as they have been for tens of thousands of years. They know us, enough that you get the feeling that they're laughing at our quirks and idosyncracies.

They are the essence of non-judgemental love, whatever your nature may be.

Any creature is to be valued. Any that you establish a relationship with is a treasure. Any that, of their own free will, establish a bond with you - make life worthwhile.

This is our attempt to tell the world what Boomer and Alinak have brought into our life. In the grand scheme of things, these pages will have no impact on anyone. Certainly there are other things that we might be working to accomplish, yes? Maybe. Simply put though, it is something we have to do.

To be honest, there is not a lot here yet, but various things are going on in the background that will make it up here eventually.

Theme Songs
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Sung to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Alinak Come and listen to my story 'bout a dog named Al,
a poor misguided pup, they couldn't keep him out of jail.

And then one day while he was contemplating doom,
along came a pack to forever ease his gloom!

The Ross clan that is...
Terry & Karen...
in their Mercury
Sung to the tune of "Flipper"
Boomer His name is Boomer, Boomer - He Lived in a world of confusion.
His own home an illusion,
with his old family.

Now Boomer, Boomer - Lives in the lap of dog lux-ury,
But he's grown quite a tummy,
'cause he loves his treats...

Alinak's personal data sheet

Name: Alinak.
Nicknames: Al, Nakkers, Banana, WhooWhooMan & more.
Breed: Husky/Malamute

Rescued: August 3rd, 1995 from the Winnemucca, Nevada animal shelter (Hi Sherry & Pam). He was approximately one-year-old at that time. We think that Al knew he was going to be our dog. We had stopped by the animal shelter about one week before we actually decided to get him. At that time, he was quiet, and just smiled at us, while all of the other dogs were going crazy barking. When we decided to get him, he seemed to recognise us, and came to the front of the pen. Might be my imagination, but I think he knew he was going with us.
Sign: We're guessing that he is a Leo (although he thinks he is an Aries, with all of his head-butting).
Height: 26" Weight: 90# Hair: Black, white & buff Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing features or tattoos: Batman mask across eyes and perpetual laugh on face.
Favorite Foods: Meat, dog bisquits, unidentifiable goodies (preferably buried in the snow since the previous Autumn.) Much pickier than Boomer, but occasionally surprises us - would never have guessed that he likes broccoli.
Favorite Things to do: Running, eating (see favorite foods), chasing rabbits, eating (see favorite foods), chewing on bones, eating, running away from Terry. Begging for more to eat.
Favorite Saying: "Honestly Terry, selective hearing runs in my family."
Motto: "Let's go!"

Boomer's personal data sheet

Name: Boomer Von Garner
Nicknames: Boomer, Boom-Boom, Boomie, Boombox & Sir Harfs-A-Lot.
Breed: Malamute/Samoyed

Rescued: December 1995, from the Winnemucca, Nevada animal shelter. He kind of thought he was on vacation at the time. Was happy enough to eat our Christmas treats and slurp some eggnog from an unguarded cup on the coffee table; But after a while, it was basically: "Well, thanks guys, you're nice people, and I've had fun, now it's time to head back home. See ya!" Took us a while to track him down. He had made his way back to his old home, which was was about 5 miles away, through industrial and railroad yards, and the trackless, barren wastes of (oh, wait, I'm thinking of some of the casinos in Winnemucca, sorry)... Anyway, he did manage to find his way home, but nobody was there. When they came home, there he was, patiently waiting, covered in icicles.

Even then, we didn't get him back for a while, because shortly after getting back to his old home he took off and started gallivanting about the countryside with his doggie friends, and he wasn't seen again for two days.
Birthday: Nov. 27th, 1990.
Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 32" Weight: 135# Hair Color: Black & white Eyes: A sensitive Golden Brown.
Favorite foods: CHEESE!, meat, spaghetti, pizza, stew, goulash, ice cream, cookies (preferably lemon filled), doughnuts, vegetables, hamburgers, barbeque, fried rice, teriyaki, egg rolls, curry, (and more, but Geocities only provides us with 2 megabytes of storage space).
Favorite saying: "Nice place. Where's your couch?"
Motto: "Yes, I am wonderful, aren't I? And yes, you may adore me."

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