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AliBoom! Site History

Due to some moves, and family emergencies, this site went without being updated for quite a while. Updates began again in September. I'm changing the physical layout of the site, so you'll see a wide variety of styles for a while, until I have a chance to make everything uniform. I haven't decided yet whether or not the Atari Reference Desk will follow the pattern of the rest of the pages, since one of my prime considerations in that area has always been to ensure that it could be used by someone with an older Atari ST in medium resolution.

Mainly just modifying the site. Lots of pages put up on the 2000 US elections, work on The Library, and on the Doghouse. Transferred Rogue Starr (our opinions on Kenneth Starr and the Whitewater Investigation) from another site we own. No work what-so-ever on the Atari Reference Desk, wild.STAR, or ST+ Fanzine. Have some plans for the ARD, wild.STAR just needs some corrections to the forms, which I'm embarrassed that I haven't gotten around to, but I'm pretty much devoted to politics at the moment. ST+ Fanzine is now defunct, however, I will be updating the pages to give information on the back issues that are still available for purchase.
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