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Welcome to my site. I'm just an average citizen, living in Bangor, Maine. I have a computer, I have internet access, I have views, so I have a web site. Remember though, this is a personal site. The views expressed are mine, and are neither endorsed, nor paid for, by any other entity. In addition, ":mine" means just that, "mine." If you feel the need to send hate mail, then send it to me. Leave Karen out of it.
    I don't necessarily have personal commentary up here every day. If you are looking for that, bartcop, AmPol and Bush Watch are excellent sources, and you'll find a link to each of them in the bar on the right. With that said, even if this welcome page does not appear to have changed since the last time you visited, there are likely to be many updates inside.
    Now, a bit about the site. If you've made it this far, you've actually experienced the worst. Contrary to what all the style manuals state, my welcome page is the busiest page on my site, with animated gifs, tables within tables within tables, and all manner of other strange stuff. Once you leave the welcome page, the sailing will be a little smoother, since the basic navigation graphics are consistent throughout the site, and will already be in your cache. The site is pretty much javascript free, although there is a little in the Library, until I modify it to follow the pattern of the other areas, and a little in my "AliBoom Annex" area. While you really should have a horizontal resolution of 1024 pixels to see the whole page, the actual meat of each page should be visible at 640 pixels without any horizontal scrolling. All pages and their associated graphics are generated by hand, using various Linux and Atari text editors and graphics programs. I have personally tested all pages using MSIE, Netscape, Opera, Amaya, KFM, Lynx, CAB and TLoA on Windows, Linux and Atari machines. Any of my personal comments or graphics are available for use on like minded sites. I would, however, appreciate a link to this site if you use my material. Thanks for taking the time to read this boring notice... ...Now, on with the show - Terry

Opposing Viewpoints
Here are some of the opposing viewpoints that I get, and my responses. I present these as a public service, to provide wider dissemination of their opinions.
Warning, foul language ahead

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Yeah... Right...

I receive letters telling me to "emulate my hero, Gore" (Here's a suggestion people, how about actually reading what you're complaining about - the area isn't named "Love & Admire Gore," it's named "Fear Bush") - telling me to "...cut the devisive crap." Devisive? Tell me, oh eminently fair-minded letter writers, if you consider the things I've written to be devisive, then what are statements like this:

"AlWhore is an anti-American swine who is a vicious scumbag who defended the subhuman Slick. I want his suffering to be legendary - enough to shock a Nazi prison guard."

"The thing to remember is that suffering for the liberals is just another photo op, all the while they are planning how they can screw you and make YOU look bad afterwards!
f8ck bi-partisanship! Scr*w power sharing! Co-chairmanships? Kiss my *ss!"

"I only want them to feel like the, scumbag, hippocritic, atheistic, elitist-nhylists, corrupt socialistic, sore-losermen, low-life, thiefing faggot pigs they are. "

(copied directly from online sources)

So I get these letters from people advising me that Bush won the election fair and square, and that I should be all nicey-nice, for the good of the country.

Where were all of these paragons of perturbed patriotism, these caterwauling champions of civic civility while their party was going crazy? Where were they when Republicans twice shut down the United States government? Where were they while Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans tried to stick everything short of the massacre of the Seventh Cavalry on President Clinton? Where were they when the Republicans decided that even after having spent years, tens of millions of dollars and an obscene amount of federal personnel resources without finding any evidence of corruption, they were still going to get the man that defeated Bush, and started sticking their noses into the President's pants?

Where were they while Republicans were tarnishing the reputation of Gore, to get the least qualified person the GOP has put up for president in more than fifty years elected? Gore never claimed to have invented the internet (although he was instrumental in the expansion), and they knew it. Gore was the basis of the male lead in Love Story (even though he never claimed to be, he was commenting on a newspaper article he had read that said such), and they knew it and they know Erich Segal confirmed it. Hundreds of other instances come to mind but I'm not going to get into them right here.

Devisive? Yeah, ok, I'm devisive. I intend to remain devisive. I intend to continually stoke my anger, and the anger of anyone else that I possibly can, at the theft of the Presidency of the United States of America. Al Gore won this election. Al Gore won nationally by over 540,000 votes. Independent counts have shown that Al Gore won Flordia - he now leads GW Bush by 140 votes, with only one county checked.

Bush - the lying, alcoholic, drunk-driving, cocaine-using, AWOL for two years, draft-dodging (Yeah, he did serve in that rich-boy with privileges wing of the National Guard... that's where he went AWOL from.... it's still a form of draft-dodging. And tell me, why is it that in your letters to me you insult me as Un-American, constantly stating that I have no respect for the men and women who have served this country - but when I advise you that I was in the military for fifteen years, suddenly, I, alone amidst the thronging multitudes, wasn't "serving my country" I was "serving myself"????), failed in every business he ever tried to run on his own (must get tiring, constantly being bailed out by Daddies friends....), "I trust the people, not the Government" but I'm gonna run to the state and federal courts to ensure that the people's votes aren't counted, "I favor local control" except when it might cost me the Presidency that my Daddy, his CIA buddies, my little brother, Karen Hughes and Katherine Harris, Delay's hired thugs and big business bought me for Christmas, let's just put Daddy's administration right back in, it's been eight years since Americans fired them - I'm sure they've forgotten by now - and I'll top it off by putting a pro-pollution Whitman in the EPA and putting racist Ashcroft in as the nation's top cop, illegitimate pretender to the presidency of the United States.

Devisive? I plead guilty, with pride. And I will remain devisive, until this abomination is out of the office that he has usurped.


E. B. White

E.B. White (1899-1985) wrote this essay and published it in Harper's magazine in July 1940. It seemed appropriate to put his essay up in reaction to some of the tactics being used by the Bush camp, and how many American's are simply ignoring them. If the name sounds familiar, but you can't quite place it, E. B. White was the co-author, (with William Strunk, Jr.) and reviser of The Elements of Style. He also wrote the children's classics Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web.

More in the Fear Bush area....

Hello from Bangor, Maine, USA!

My name is Terry.  I work for the University of Maine in Orono. (Actually, as of the 17th, this is no longer valid; I gave my notice and that was my last day - I just haven't moved this info into The Library yet)  I'm basically, a "peon, third class" (way too many years in the Coast Guard, apparently....)  Some of the things I work on at the University are:

  • Mariner - which is a gateway to electronic resources available to patrons of the participating libraries.
  • URSUS - the shared catalog of the University of Maine System, Bangor Public Library, the Maine State Library, and the Maine Law and Legislative Reference Library.  I also help maintain the telnet version (login as: "library")
  • Maine Statewide Databases - Electronic databases and resources available free of charge to residents of Maine, with support from the Maine State Library, University of Maine System Libraries, and the Maine Technical College System Libraries.
  • Miscellaneous secretarial duties.
  • Freelance, hands-on, interactive research on various and sundry creative methods of making my boss apoplectic
I, along with Karen, Alinak and Boomer, would like to invite you to explore our sites.  You'll find genealogy information and photographs on the Ross, Helton, Yearwood, and Lambott familes on Karen's site. Here, I'll cover:
  • Atari computers (400/800 through the ST, TT, Falcon and Atari Transputer Workstation) will be covered in the Atari Reference Desk.
  • Boomer & Alinak - Our boys - Mighty Hunters and nemesis of dog biscuits everywhere!  This can be found, oddly enough, in the section titled the Doghouse.
  • Things that interest us.  Links, local interest (Bangor  & Maine), documents I've put together or swiped (UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Linux and other FAQs and How-To's, etc.) can be found in (I never claimed to be particularly original) The Library.
  • The wild.STAR Project is an awards system honoring members of the Atari community.

You can view My profile at AskMe or My Brainbench Certificates.

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