The Real NES Emulator By Jonathan Phénix

DragoNes is a NES emulator for DOS...

Update as of 99/03/16

NEWS(99/03/16) : The programmers began to work on the 0.20 code and they decided to translate the display routines in ASM.....the emulator got a nice speed boost of 25% on a 386SX33 (yeah,the programmer tried it on a damn slow machine with a damn slow code!!!!). For now, the 6502 core is being traducted into ASM and expect a nice speed boost with this emulator in the next version!!!!! The emulator will NOT be released now, but we will recode all the mappers now supported (because mapper 1 is not good, it can't play Dragon Warrior games yet.....) and add new mappers, to support more games! In brief, think of DragoNES 0.30(next version) as a faster emulator with some new features (that are not decided yet)........

News (99/03/12): Even if this page was unchanged for more than 1 year, the project is not dead. I have worked hard to release a new, better and faster version but there is a terrible bug in the code and I was unable to find it. Some people that will stay annonymous for now are working on the project right now, they will continue with the old v0.20 code. They said to me that a new version can be expected! I might continue to code the emulator with them or not... this depend on the time I have....

DragoNes v0.20 
DragoNes v0.10

Released on: 14/09/97

New features:
-Fixed 6502 bugs (still bugged???)
-Fixed 6502 stack
-Implemented mapper 1 (MMC1) partial
-Implemented name table mirroring
-Implemented all the PPU registers
-Rewritten rendering engine, become scanline based instead of tile based
-Scrolling implemented (may glitch with splitscreen, due to NES timing)
-Realtime load/save (F5 and F7)
-Battery Backed RAM load/save
-Snapshot (Screen Capture) implemented (F9)
-ALL the sprites problem fixed
-Palette is now in nesticle.pal
-Many little fix here and here that I dosen't remember...

What DragoNes can do so far:
-Complete 6502 opcode map
-Memory mapper #0,1(partial),2,3
-All the PPU registers
-Battery-Backed RAM

email to: Jonathan Phénix a.k.a. Lone Wolf 
(DragoNes writer, no answer about commercial ROMs)

email to: Simon Bernier a.k.a. Future Trunks 
(The graphic artist and HTML worker)

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DragoNes 0.20 in action

Metal Gear and Dragon Quest 2 (NOT Dragon Warrior 2)
Super Mario Brothers and Rockman 1

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