Freeware Wargames

Besides computers and computer collecting, I'm also interested in Wargaming. I've always enjoyed the small format games produced by Metagaming, Steve Jackson Games, TRS, Task Force Games, etc. I started tinkering with these games and eventually got to the point of developing my own games.

All games are freeware and can be re-distributed as long as the copyright information is retained. For most games, hex maps will be required and the counters will need to be made.

Stellar Wars

Stellar Wars is an introductory game of tactical space combat between fleets of space battleships. Each unit in the game represents a single ship. The game is designed to be quick and playable, with accuracy left in the game. Care was taken not to bog the game down in cumbersome rules.

Players design their own ships and battle situations. There are a number of pre-designed ships and battle scenarios included in the rules as examples and to provide a quick start to learning the game.

Full Text of Rules Here Designer Notes

Mimimal Combat Games

The idea behind the first Minimal Combat game was this: What is the smallest amount of rules need to do a fair job of gaming . Mimimal Combat games are aimed at providing a small, simple game that has a feel for the combat being simulated. It boils the specific form of combat down to its essence and uses this as a base for the game.

Minimal Space Combat

I've also done a minimal space combat game called "Minimal Space Combat." The idea behind the game is this: what is the smallest amount of rules needed to do a fair job of gaming space combat. So, here is my try at this.

Full Text Rules Here (msc.txt)

Minimal Space Combat: The Strategic Game

I've worked on a strategic version of MSC and called it "Minimal Space Combat: The Strategic Game (MSC:TSG)".

Full Text Rules Here (msc_tsg.txt)

Minimal Space Combat: The Book

This is a PDF file with all of the MSC games and articles, including MSC, The Strategic game, the solo rules, a new Tutorial, designer notes, and "Applying Naval Tactics to Space Combat" article.


Mimimal Tank Combat

Minimal Tank Combat covers tank combat from WWII through the future.

Full Text Rules Here (mtc.txt)

Minimal Mech Combat

Minimal Mech Combat covers fights between large robots. Based on various Japanese cartoons like RoboTech, Macross, etc..

Full Text Rules Here (mmc.txt)

Minimal Melee Combat

Minimal Melee Combat covers the hack 'n slash combat of the Middle Ages. It requires no board and moves are made by determining your next thrust or parry.

Full Text Rules Here (melee.txt)

Applying Naval Tactics to Space Combat

I've written an article on applying Naval tactics to Space combat. Since both types of combat involve terrainless battlefields, I feel that similar enough for the tactics to apply. There are no sources on tactics for Space combat, but there are a number for Naval combat. I've used these Naval sources as a baseis for my Space combat tactics. Please feel free to comment on the paper.

Full Text Rules Here (Tactics.txt)