Who is Tim Swenson?

Who is Tim Swenson?

The one problem with dealing with people over a long distance, be it over the Internet, mail, or phone, you don't have any idea of really who they are. Like how old they are, what they look like, what their background is, etc.

Life History

I am currently 45 years old, married with 3 daughters (9, 15 and 17 years old). I have spent most of my life working in Computer Support and Administration in one form or another. I've focused my career in Unix System Administration but I have made forays into networking, PC support, web support, and general computer support.

I was born in Arcata, CA, live in that area for 6 years and then moved to Hayward, CA (in the SF Bay Area). I moved to Fremont, CA in my senior year of High School (1982). I attended Ohlone Jr. College in Fremont and transfered to Cal State Hayward to get my degree in Computer Science. I also took Air Force ROTC at UC Berkeley.

My first assignment in the Air Force was Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) at Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, TX. I did not have the knack for flying, so I washed out of UPT and became a regular Comm-Computer Officer. I then spent 4 1/2 years working in the Pentagon before trasfering to Wright-Patterson AFB, where I spent 3 1/2 years. I left the Air Force and moved back to the SF Bay Area and started working for Project Technolgy. When they had financial problems, I was laid off. I am now working for Taos, a contracting/consulting company based in Santa Clara, CA. I am contracted out to Silicon Graphics (SGI) doing back level Unix technical support.

I have had a two articles published in Sys Admin magazine

I've been a Sinclair user since Nov. of 1981 when my ZX81 first hit my door-step. I upgraded to the T/S 2068 (which promptly died soon after getting it). I upgraded to the QL in April of 86 and have stayed with it since. Currently I have a Gold Card JSU QL, with 2 ED drives, and RomDisq. My main QL system is a Q40 with both SMSQ/E and Linux installed. I am the Editor and Publisher of the "QL Hacker's Journal", specializing in QL programming articles. I contribute to a number of QL publications, including IQLR (now defunct) and QL Today.

Other Activites

President, Museum of Local History
I'm the President of the Museum of Local Hisotry, in Fremont, CA. The Museum covers all of Washington Township (Fremont, Newark, Union City). Since joining the Museum, I have written book on Union City for Arcadia Publishing, simply called "Union City", and part of their Pictures of America Series.