QL PD Documentation Project

QL PD Documentation Project

The idea behind the QL PD Documentation Project is to create a source of Public Domain (PD) or Freeware information on the QL.

The items below come from two different sources: the author (either dirrectly or through a Web/FTP site) or scanned in from a publication. The articles from IQLR have been scanned in by myself.

SuperBasic Source Book

This is a collection of information dealing with SuperBasic, Qliberator, various ToolKits (Resident Extensions), and tools for SuperBasic programming. Aimed at what it takes to produce professional quality programs.

QL User Guide

The User Guide consists a of a number of sections. The sections dealing with the 4 Psion applications (Quill, Archive, Abacus & Easel) are documented in the Xchange distribution. The other sections are: Introduction, Beginner's Guide, Keywords, & Concept. I have scanned in the Keyword section and should start on the Concept section soon.

Dilwyn Jones has scanned in the "Introduction" section of the User Guide. It includes _PIC filed of some of the diagrams. Dilwyn has also scanned in Chapters from the "Beginners Guide" section of the QL Manual.


The North American rights to QDOS and the QL User Guide are owned by Frank Davis and Paul Holmgren and are made available for non- commercial use.

Pointer Environment Tutorial (pe.zip)

This tutorial was published in IQLR, but was written to be given away with each Pointer Environment program. Does a good job of introducing the PE to the beginner.

(peig.zip) This is a Dilwyn Jones' Viewer version of the Tutorial. It includes the _PIC image files from the article.

ToolKit II Tutorial

Written by Stephen Bedford and published in the IQLR.

EasyPTR Tutorial (eptr.zip)

This is a series of articles by Norman Dunbar that was published in QUANTA. This file includes the source code and binaries of the examples.

Qmenu Tutorial (Qmenu.zip)

A series of articles by Dilwyn Jones and published in QL Today. Includes a number of _PIC files with the original figures.

"A Brief History of SMS"

Article written by Tony Tebby and published in the IQLR.


Two articles written by Dilwyn Jones and published in the IQLR.

Accessing PRINTER_DAT (printerd.txt)

Article from IQLR by Dilwyn Jones on decoding the PRINTER_DAT file format.

Using SDUMP (sdump.txt)

Article from IQLR by Dilwyn Jones on using the SDUMP facility.

What is a RAMDISK? (ramdisks.txt)

Article from IQLR by Dilwyn Jones. A Beginner's Guide to Ramdisks.

superHERMES Lite Manual

Written by Tim Swenson after reviewing the superHERMES Lite keyboard interface and complaining about the lightness of the manual.

QDOS Low Level Information (qdos_low.txt)

This is a collection of low level QDOS information that has been gathered from various sources. It includes Trap, System Variables, etc, information.

Config Level 2 (config2.zip)

Information of Config Level 2 Blocks.

Thing Documentation (thing05.zip)

Information on Things in QDOS.


A Glossary of QL and general computer terms. Compiled by Dilwyn Jones

QL-Users Mailing List Edited Digest (qlusers.zip)

This is an edited digest from the QL-Users mailing list. I have taken some of the more "gold" information from the postings and put it in once source. There was a fair amount of technical information mixed in amongst the normal conversational traffic.

*** Update Digest as of 4 Aug 98 ***

Freeware Language List (lang.txt)

This list was on an older page. I deleted that page and put it here. Might be usefull to some.

Freeware Editor List (edit.txt)

This list was on an older page. I deleted that page and put it here. Might be usefull to some.

Hayes Command Set Manual (hayes.zip)

Hayes Command Set manual for those using modems on the QL.