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                            Timothy C. Swenson
                            2455 Medallion Dr.
                           Union City, CA 94587
                             (510) 489-8944


     I am available for a position in one of the following categories:  Unix System 
Administration, Perl Programming, Web Development (HTML/CGI), Computer/Internet 
Security, Internet Training/Education.


     B.S. Computer Science, 1987, Cal. State Univ. at Hayward

Career Summary:

     My career can be broken down into three key functional fields, Computer Support, 
System Administration, and Computer Security.  A number of my positions have been a 
combination of all three fields.  In Computer Support I have gone from a technician 
handling trouble-calls to running a 13-person computer support branch.  I have managed 
Sun Unix systems from SunOS 3.5 through SunOS 5 (Solaris 2).  In almost all of my 
positions I have been the organizational lead for Computer Security.  Familiar with 
Federal and Air Force Acquisition process.

Technical Expertise:

     Languages:  Perl, C Shell, HTML, SQL, C, Basic, AWK, Pascal.
     Operating Systems: Solaris 1.X & 2.X, IRIX 6.X, MS-DOS, MS Windows.
     Hardware: 80x86 PC's, Sun 3, Sun 4/470, Sun Sparc 2, 20, 1000,  SGI Indy, Indigo2, 
Octane, O2, Origin, Cisco 2500 series.
     Software: Legato Networker, OpenVault, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Execl, PC-
NFS, Frontier Super TCP, LAN Workplace for DOS, CC:Mail, PerForm PRO, Pilot 
Lightship, Oracle.
     Familiar with:  TCP/IP, DNS, NFS, NIS, PPP, UUCP,  Sendmail, Lotus Notes, Novell 

     Attended Solaris Advanced System Administration and Solaris Network 
Administration Courses in 1995.  Attended Legato Networking Training in 1998.  
Attended IRIX Crash Dump Analysis training in 1998.


    July 1997 - Present
      Taos Mountain, Santa Clara, CA

     Unix Contractor: Current contract is with Silicon Graphics doing backline Unix 
support.  Handle International support cases, troubleshooting the problem, providing a 
solution, or filing a bug report.  Worked with all SGI platforms and IRIX versions 5.3, 
6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5.  Primary backline support person for OpenVault, secondary for 
Networker.  Familiar with IRIX crash dump analysis.

	Oct. 1996 - May 1997
	  Project Technology, San Leandro, CA

	System Administrator:  Primary person responsible for all PC support, Sun System 
Administration at all three company locations.  Moved company network from PPP links 
to Frame Relay lines, including configuration of Cisco routers, supporting both TCP/IP 
and NETBEUI.  Upgraded Sendmail from V4.6 to V8.8.5.  Maintained both Network and 
Telephone cable plant.  Planned and implemented move of office from Berkeley to San 

     1993 - Sept. 1996
       88th Comm. Group, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

    Lead, Information Services: Managed Sun Solaris Web, Mail, and FTP server for the 
AFAM/Deskbook Joint Program Office.  Sys Admin scripts and CGI-BIN development 
using Perl.  Lead for computer support for 80 user LAN.  Responsible for $0.5 million 
computer budget. Maintained hardware and software inventory of over 250 items.

     Chief, Information Resources: Managed 13 person communications- computer support 
branch for B-2 System Program Office.  Managed computer support for 340 user LAN, 
long-haul secure voice/data/video lines, and applications development.  Responsible for $7 
million communication-computer budget. Computer security focal point for organization.  
Key writer in organizations' Baldridge criteria evaluation.

     Project Officer: Managed computer requirements, including LAN installations, 
computer purchasing, and Gopher/Web needs, for Base organizations.  Primary interface 
between organizations and Comm. Group. Worked projects from systems requirements 
through installation.  Project officer for first Base Gopher server at Wright-Patterson.

       7th Comm. Group, Pentagon, DC

     Plans & Programs: Managed conversion of 50 Sun 3 to Sun Sparc servers for 400 
user LAN. Developed conversion implementation plan.  Primary government person to 
work with contractor on technical issues of conversion.

    Applications Development: Developed Executive Information System (EIS) for the 
Office of the Secretary of Defense including the design of the underlying database feeding 
the EIS. Sun Solaris System Administrator and Oracle Database Administrator.  
Developed Perl scripts for data conversion into Oracle database. Developed proof-of-
concept EIS E-mail system.

     Customer Support: Primary government System Administrator for 50 node, 400 user 
LAN comprised of PC's and Sun SunOS/Solaris servers.  Developed E-Mail directory for 
700 user LAN.  Handled trouble-calls and performed in-office computer training. Wrote 
computer security plan for Undersecretary of Defense for Production and Logistics.

     4 Associates, Livermore, CA
     Computer Instructor in dBase III and Computer Literacy.


   Last security clearance:	Secret
   Highest clearance held:	TS/BI