Here you'll find all sorts of programming stuff - about Delphi,
C - C++, Visual Basic -(Yuack), JAVA, HTML, and UNIX/Linux
Anarchy links, music, some nasty XXXX links and last but not least
a bunch of hacking stuff.

Meanwhile you wait for this goldmine to complete you can:

Join the Anarchist Black Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign!
In conjunction with the blue ribbon campaign.

The purpose of it is to illustrate that what people value most about
the Internet comes from its anarchistic character:
the free exchange of information and ideas among people around the world,
without the intervention of a governing body.

Go for some good music


Some KEWL sites


Oh! I've got some programming sites as well

Programming stuff

By the way, check out my other sites as well...

Rigor Mortis Homepage or Programmeringsverkstan

Now i've got the tremendeous Student Centralen up and running.
If you are a student this is a must see.
Student Centralen

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