Cobra 45 wx Handheld Mods

Cobra 45 wx

cobra 45 mod

Cobra 45 wx Handheld Extra Channels

   1.Remove the Battery Pack and the Antenna.
   2.Remove the screws from the back of the radio,and from wrist strap. 
   3.Remove the screws from where the battery is connected. 
    NOTE: There is a spring loaded tab by the battery connector.      
   4.Remove the TAB and the Spring. 
   5.Hold the backside of the radioand pull the front off.
   6.Locate the area on the PC board where you are going to make a small jumper. 
   7.After the jumper is made you will need to reset the radio by shorting out C-506. 
   8.Put the radio back together.
 Try to make sure you dont have any extra screws when you are done.

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