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I've permanently changed my e-mail address to a pop3 accout (babil "at" gamebox "dot" net)

I'll close my former account ASAP. ( is dead!)

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What is ADOMF?

ADOMF is a DOS program that lets you edit ADOM savefiles. WADOMF is the Windoze version of ADOMF.

I started writing this program when I realized that Thomas Biskup would not release a version of ADOM with "exploration mode" enabled.

I've decided to discontinue ADOMF unless there are people still interested in it.

Nevertheless, I'll keep on updating WADOMF until ADOM Deluxe is available, if (as Tom promised) it includes a built-in character editor.

ADOMF was written from scratch! I haven't disassembled ADOM. ADOMF is the result of hours of work studying the evolution of ADOM savefiles, done by me, my friends and collaborators.

ADOMF/WADOMF source code is available for free. If you want a copy, e-mail me! (ADOMF was written in Turbo C, WADOMF is written in Delphi.)

The last version of ADOMF let you edit:

Aditionally, the current version of WADOMF lets you edit:

These files are waiting impatiently to be downloaded:

Mirror, Mirror

Sorry! I've stopped updating the other copies of this homepage until I get a better bandwidth.

Non-ADOM stuff:

  1. Song parodies

  2. Poems


You're encouraged to report any bug you find, no matter how small it seems to be, either by filling the WADOMF bug report form, or by e-mailing me to (babil "at" gamebox "dot" net).

And, please... if you want a copy of the source code, remember you MUST send me an e-card... BTW, thanks to everyone who's already sent me one...

Now you can also contact me via ICQ! Though I'm seldom on-line, you can try to ICQ me on Wednesdays or Thursdays, at random times.

Petula Clark

(babil "at" gamebox "dot" net)
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