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    Atari 400
    Atari 400 photo The 400 was the first Home Computer made by Atari. Prior to production, the 400 was known inside Atari as code name "Candy."

    Model Atari 400
    Processor MOS Technology 6502 1.79MHz (NTSC)
    1.77MHz (PAL)
    Custom LSI Chips ANTIC Microprocessor dedicated to the television display. It retieves the diplay list and display data from RAM using direct memory access (DMA). It processes the higher level instructions in the display list and translates these instructions into a real-time stream of simple instructions to GTIA.
    GTIA (CTIA in very early models) A television interface chip. Converts the digital commands from ANTIC (or the 6502 directly) into the signal that goes to the television. GTIA also adds color values, player-missle graphics, and collision detection.
    POKEY Digital I/O chip. Handles the serial I/O bus, audio generation, keyboard scan, and random number generation. Also digitizes the resistive paddle inputs and controls maskable interrupt (IRQ) requests from peripherals.
    PIA (not sure)
    Memory 8K / 16K RAM
    10K ROM
    Operating System 400/800 OS (In ROM)
    Interfaces Cartridge Slot 8K address space
    (4) Joystick (serial) Ports 9-pin D-Type
    Atari Serial I/O (SIO)
    RF Interface
    Sound 4 channels 3.5 octaves each channel
    Keyboard 61 keys Membrane
    Function Keys Reset, Option, Select, Start
    Announced November, 1978
    Released 1979 Exact date unknown

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