Marvin the Martian was first created in 1948 by Chuck Jones
and since then has gathered quite a little following of fans. I am just one of those fans.
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Ohh, that wasn't a bit nice
26.7 kb
Oh, I'm going to blow it up 
20.2 kb 
Brace yourself for immediate desinigration 
32.7 kb 
Capture that creature and return... 
66.6 kb 
Now I shall have to create more Martians 
47.6 kb 
Delays, Delays 
19.6 kb
Oh, drat these computers... 
65.8 kb
At long last my dream come true 
33.5 kb
The earth? Oh, the earth will be gone in justa few seconds.
45.7 kb
Oh, now I suppose I shall have to use force
40.2 kb
Gee whiz that silly place irritates me so
34.2 kb
Where's the kaboom, there was supposed to be an...
117 kb
I claim this planet in the name of Mars...
61.6 kb
At last after 2000 years of work the illudiamQ36...
190 kb
That creature has stolen the space modulator...
87.9 kb
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