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is designed for GeoCitizens just starting out,
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It's EASY! It's FUN! It's FREE!! And it's right here at GeoCities, for GeoCitizens!

Helpful hint #1:
Suggested method of using this tutorial:
Please read through the material entirely once. Then you can use one of these methods for doing the actual code writing:

  1. Open up two browser windows: One with the Tutorial, the other with your GeoCities File Manager, pointed to the page you want the form on. Select "edit" using the Advanced Editor mode. Then just copy from the tutorial directly into your page's code, changing the info as needed. Preview the page as you go and, once you're happy with the results, save the page.

  2. Save each page (In the FILE menu, select "Save as..." and choose "Text format") and then print out these files to refer to as you work on your form offline.

Helpful hint #2:
BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL NOT TO MISTYPE ANYTHING! The most common problems I get asked about usually ends up being a mis-typed tag. Make sure you have all the brackets < > quotes " " slashes / dots . etc., and that the spelling is accurate. The instructions on these pages are ACCURATE and DO WORK. If there's a problem, it is quite likely due to a small, barely noticeable typo, but a missing / in just the wrong spot could be enough to throw the entire form off.

Helpful hint #3:
If you find you're having problems once you've witten your form and uploaded it, check out the NEW FAQ: Troubleshooting section, where you may very well find the solution you need! BEFORE WE START... also discusses the MOST often asked questions, so look there too!

Need More Help?

If you need further help with your form, visit the Counters, Forms & Imagemaps Help Forum. Please read the posts that are already up to make sure your question has not already been asked and answered. If you don't see your question covered already, just add it in, making CERTAIN that you add the URL to the problem form, if it's in your directory.
So let's start up with
right away! You're just a couple of clicks away from your OWN nifty cool form!
Well, take a really quick peek at what's below first, THEN click the link :)
What's Inside...

Once your form is up and running, you might want to add one of these buttons to your form's page:




Use this code to link back here; you don't even need to copy the images!

<A HREF=""><IMG src="//" WIDTH="131" HEIGHT="35" border=0 alt="Form Tutorial"></A>

Just change the gif file's name to the image of your choice. If you don't care to add a graphic link, a regular text link would be great too.

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