An american organisation is trying to ban emulators, and is tarring ALL emulators with the same
'They only exist to support pirated games' brush. C.L.E.A.(r) want this stupid stupidity stopped!


Hello there, and welcome to the ClubQL homepage.

First of all, What Is ClubQL?

And to show you what we're talking about, here are the five latest issues...
Issue 117 (November 1998) of ClubQL
Issue 118 (December 1998) of ClubQL
Issue 119 (January 1999) of ClubQL
Issue 120 (February 1999) of ClubQL
Another delayed newsletter. This time due to illness.
Hopefully, things will improve from now on...
Issue 121 (May 1999) of ClubQL
This page will eventually be updated with the latest, slightly edited ClubQLs.
Watch this space.

This page was becoming cluttered, so now, after a tidy up,
all the old Club QL newsletters on this page
have been moved to the Club QL Archive.

This is a file sent to me by Dilwyn Jones. It's a tutorial on using the
Pointer Envoronment called Pointer Environment Idiots Guide.

I have finally managed to get my grubby little mits on Xtricator.
I have decided to put it here until I can upload it to the NVG site.
Xtricator is a ZX81 emulator for the QL. And as an emulator isn't much fun to play with without some software..... Here are some 'hi-resolution' games for the ZX81 that you can try out on Xtricator.