OS/2 Warp

Check out the FREE OS/2 Software that I've written!

calcalc Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator - Calculates the number of calories burned on a bicycle ride.

FingPing - PM-based TCP/IP finger and ping program.

FauxRAM - RAM and system resource doubler for OS/2.


Java Applications and Applets

Only one applet here so far, but more should be coming!

calcalcBicycle Ride Calorie Calculator - This is a port of my OS/2 program.

XFree86-OS/2 Application Ports

I didn't write any of these, but ported them from Unix to XFree86 for OS/2. It is often a trivial task, so if there is some killer X-Windows app you are dying to use in OS/2, give it at try. And if you don't already have XFree86 for OS/2 installed, you are missing out on a lot of great applications! Be sure to check out Dr. Holger Veit's XFree86-OS/2 Project Homepage for the whole scoop.

Cyrix 6x86 set6x86 for OS/2 Port

Are you running a Cyrix 5x86 or 6x86/6x86MX series processor in your OS/2 system? If so, definitely download set6x86.zip for OS/2. It is a port I did of Koen Gadeyne's set6x86 v1.5 Cyrix CPU configuration utility for Linux and DOS. This program will allow you to set some of the special registers in the Cyrix 6x86/6x86MX (and possibly 5x86). Most important is the power-saving feature that will power down the CPU from its whopping 24W normal state (for the original 6x86) to a 0.3W state when OS/2 issues a halt instruction. You'll be able to hear the CPU power-down when idle--there is much less strain on the power supply. Best of all, this benefit comes with NO performance penalty at all! The other special 6x86 register settings eek out a bit more performance. The program was compiled with gcc/emx, so be sure you have the emx runtime libraries installed, available as emxrt.zip from the newest subdirectory of http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/dev/emx.

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