Old School Web Stuff


This page is loaded with junk that just accumulated in my sever.  Here you will find old graphics, pages, and anything imaginable.    Some of the stuff is just rejected images/pages that did not meet the standards of the site, and some of the stuff is high quality graphics/pages.  As you look through this page you can see a definite improvement in web design, that only comes with time.  Well have fun, some of this stuff is great!  This is sort of a portfolio, showing improvement.

- Archive

3D Button

Neat little animation

Navigation Bar - (one of my many)

Background 1

Background 2

Background 3

Background 4

Background 5

Background 6

Background 7

Background 8

Background 9

Neat 3D Ball

Real neat 3D Ball


Banner 2

3D Book

* Great Navigation Bar *

Navigation Prototype

Graphic Galaxy Button

Button Image

Button Link

HTML Colour Chart

Photoshop Colour Pallet

Old Contest Page

Contest Image

Old Logo

Neat Cube Java thingy?

Graphic Design - 3D Images

Graphic Design Title

Graphic Design - Navigation Bars

Navigaton Section 1

Navigaton Section 2

Navigaton Section 3

Graphic Design Page

Free Images - 3D Buttons

Free Images - Bullets

Free Images - Square Buttons

Free Images - Round Buttons

Navigation Section 1

Navigation Section 2

Navigation Section 3

Navigation Section 4

Navigation Section 5

Navigation Section 6

Navigation Section 7

Navigation Section 8

Navigation Section 9

Navigation Section 10

Graphic News


Question Image 1

Question Image 2

Question Image 3

Home Image

Graphic Galaxy Background Image

Round 3D Button

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Little Bullet 1

Little Bullet 2

3D Ocean Image - Bryce

3D River Image - Bryce

Navigation Bar

Photoshop Title

Navigation Section 1

Navigation Section 2

Navigation Section 3

Current Homepage Image

Thanks Page

HTML Tips - Under Construction

Work Request Page