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Change History

Version 1.1 beta 9

16th June 1997 Fixed a bug introduced by Beta 8, which corrupted the opposites, affecting the backtracking facilities. Documents saved under beta 8 may have to be fixed by deleting/replacing the affected opposites.

Fixed a problem which caused the journey menus to go funny when putting certain characters in the names.

Paste operations now go direct to the input window, without having to select it first.

Version 1.1 beta 8 Revision 1

15th June 1997 Fixed a bug introduced in Beta 8 which caused a crashed on creation of new documents.

Version 1.1 beta 8

15th June 1997 Made the windows fully resizeable.

Added a "remove formatting" option to the channel windows to make 'em more versatile with the different sizes.

Added the Netscape and Internet Explorer compatibility so that either application can be set up with Rapscallion as the Telnet helper app.

Put more robust error checking into the saving routines.

14th June 1997 Tweaked the channel mechanisms so that the problem with channels losing some of the text they were about to trap happens far less.

13th June 1997 Added Strict Line Checking (Connection options) to counteract the problem when network hiccups break lines part-way through, preventing channels and/or triggers, gags etcfrom working properly. When using this option, one MUST have all possible prompts set up correctly. See the relevant bit of the manual (when I get round to writing it)

11th June 1997 Journey editor: when adding a new destination, it is automatically selected in the To menu now.

Added a Reversable checkbox to the Journey editor. Unchecking it will prevent Rapscallion from reverse-engineering the current journey when calculating a trip - useful for one- way portals and the like.

Added a Reverse button to the Journey editor - just swaps the From and To fields around as a time-saver.

Journey editor now checks that you want to save changes to a trip to stop inadvertant mistakes.

Added a save button to the Journey editor to save the current trip.

Moved the Prompt Strings box from the General Settings to the Connection Settings.

Renamed General Settings to Appearance.

Added an auto-reconnect option to the Connection Settings box.

Added Skip Updates if Rushed option to Connection Settings: if checked, Rap will update windows less frequently when receiving too much text - this is an attempt to help with the people who get disconnected in group fights and the like.

Added Skip Lines if Rushed option for the same reason. This will discard text when receiving too much (amount controlled by the Threshold field) Discarded text will not be used for trigger & channel matching, or displayed, so it is a drastic option, but potentially valuable.

Added a No Controller checkbox to the alias dialog box which has obvious effects (by popular request)

10th June 1997 More tweaks to the disconnect detection. This should now be fully sorted out (touch wood)

Another speed tweak to the scrolling - small speed boost.

Disable ANSI now turns off all styling and colouring within the windows to try and get more speed. I don't know how much effect this has, but it was worth a try.

Added support for variable length tabs. Adjust in General Settings.

8th June 1997 Fixed the initial background colour to be a little lighter.

Sorted out a minor problem with tags and prefixes and channels, which introduced an extra unwanted space sometimes.

Version 1.1 beta 7

7th June 1997 Fixed a nasty memory leak that affected MacTCP users.

7th June 1997 Added a bell sound for ctrl-g. Configurable through General Settings.

Fixed the scroll bars for the main and channel windows so they're always active when the window in question is in front, not just when you've clicked in the text bit.

Fixed a bug which jittered the scroll bars when scrolling MUD text, which slowed things down in turn.

Added a command line facility for aliases, including up to nine parameters. See acompanying document for usage.

Reduced the initial size of the channel windows.

Amalgumated the ANSI black and non-ANSI into Standard Text.

Added a few fixed colour schemes to choose from to make life easier for setting up.

Added a Pause (scroll lock) menu option.

6th June 1997 Fixed the bug that caused a slow-down after the scrollback buffer filled up.

Sorted out the history pane properly this time - it does work now.

Fixed a little bug which caused a crash if you tried to execute more than 1K of text from the command pane.

Added a Disable ANSI option to the General options.

Added an option to allow the last command to be automatically removed from the command pane when executed. (by popular demand) Command-return or enter will both preserve the command whatever.

Added the ability to shift-return to put multiple commands into the command pane.
4th June 1997 Fixed the trigger, gag, channel and alias palettes so they remember their old positions after being hidden.

Tweaked the disconnection routines further to be even more stable than after the last tweak (I hope)

2nd June 1997 Triggers - the last line of a trigger string wouldn't always work if you put a carriage return at the end. Also reversed the matching order - earlier lines get priority now.

1st June 1997 Another minor speed tweak - could help majorly improve things with particular MUD/platform combinations. I'm getting there slowly...

Tweaked the triggers - the last line of a trigger script wouldn't execute under certain circumstances - fixed.

Tweaked the prompt strings - can now handle multiply piled up prompts.

Prompt strings - no need to put ^ at the beginning of each line now - this is done automagically.

Done some more adjustments to the process of disconnecting when the connection drops. Should be more stable now.

Version 1.1 beta 5

30th May 1997 Fixed a problem with the edit pane, which stopped it working properly.

Modified the input window to make it initially smaller, fix the zoomed state to make it consistent, and ensure that the whole window appears on smaller screens.

29th May 1997 Fixed a bug which caused odd behaviour in the trigger, channel, gag and alias list dialogs.

Fixed the backgrounds of the list views in said windows to be consistently white.

Tweaked the text display some more to improve the updating when scrolling with other windows above.

27th May 1997 Tackled the speed bug once again. Fixed some problems with the network data reception code, which have provided a massive speed boost on the machines that reported excessive slowness.

Version 1.1 beta 4

24th May 1997 The last version broke the history tabbed pane. This one fixes it.

Turned off the offscreen redrawing in the main and channel windows. This has the dual effect of speeding things up, and using less memory. I haven't noticed it looking any worse.

Fixed a problem with the cmd-up/down for the command history. cmd-up would miss the last command if you'd entered some text and not executed it.

Fixed the last of those nasty bugs where the lines are spaced too far apart on some MUDs.

Version 1.1 beta 3

23rd May 1997 Fixed a particularly nasty visual bug that gave you the "double-image" effect.

Fixed the last of those pesky "grey areas" where windows weren't updating properly.

Fixed the one which made it c-r-a-w-l on some people's machines. Hopefully, it should be a lot faster now.

Fixed the cursor key movement within the input window so's it repeats faster. More speed here will be possible - just got to figure out how to tweak it some more.

Version 1.1 beta 2

22nd May 1997 Removed the last of those pesky cmd-A's - this time from the Save As menu command, which is now cmd-shift-S.

Fixed the remaining palettes so that they can take work the pre-7.5 too.

Tackled a nasty bug which caused aliases to hang, and was possibly the cause of some crashes that were reported.

Fixed the ANSI black problem, allowing ANSI black to be configured.

Fixed a problem which meant that full-speed travel aliases locked out everything else.

Severe speed problems were resulting when Rapscallion was faced with ANSI characters it couldn't print. All said characters now print as a . and I'll look into what they should look like later on.

Tweaked the colour mapping and handling, so's there should be a small speed improvement across the board.

Fixed a bug with alias menus not updating properly.

Fixed a problem which caused Rapscallion to lock everything out while showing large quantities of MUD text at once.

Fixed a problem which made sessions impossible to close when something went wrong with initialisation, or when TCP went down.

Version 1.1 beta 1

21st May 1997 Added ANSI Colour. Not complete as yet - no bold, no underline. Features that I don't plan on adding, because they'll be too difficult right now include ANSI background colour, flash, invert.

Version 1.0 beta 3

21st May 1997: Fixed some of the little visual glitches in the main display and channel windows.

Palette windows should now work properly with pre-System 7.5 versions. (Not System 6, obviously.) I don't know how well 7.0 would run it, but I have reports of it working well with 7.1

Fixed a problem which resulted in lines being double-spaced on certain MUDs.

20th May 1997: Fixed a bug which caused a crash if you hit the Enter key while in Script mode. Enter now executes a script.

Fixed a bug which stopped Rapscallion from quitting if you tried to quit while a one-off script alias was running.

To avoid using cmd-A for a non-standard use, New Alias is now cmd-L, edit aliases is option-cmd-L, edit this channel is option-shift-cmd-H. Running out of keyboard shortcuts...

Added a menu item (Toggle field) for switching the target between the input window and whatever other window is current.

Version 1.0 beta 2

19th May 1997: Fixed a bug which would stop alias palettes from reappearing after a window context switch caused them to be hidden.

Fixed the bug which wrecked the selection in the main and channel windows when scrolling.

Fixed the scrolling so that it updates better - less of those blasted grey areas when there's windows partly covering any main/channel window that's scrolling.

Fixed the Trigger Editor dialog box so that tabbing takes you through the fields in a slightly more sane order.

Fixed the Triggers, Channels and Aliases dialog boxes so that deleting items doesn't have any annoying side-effects.

Fixed the Triggers, Channels and Aliases dialog boxes so that you can use arrow keys for navigation straight off, without having to click in the list view first.

Fixed the default opposites so that they make sense and don't break the Opposites dialog box. You'll have to start a new settings file to take advantage of this, I'm afraid, but it will be worth it.

18th May 1997: Fixed a bug whereby return characters on some MUD were't being properly processed, resulting in an unreadable mess.

Version 1.0 beta 1

April/May 1997: Wrote the thing.

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