C'nwyn & Myuyrth
Darkling Dawn
Weyr Eriol Eriol Backwards Frenzy Personas
Name: C'nwyn (Connwyn)
Rank: Animal healer/Asst. Healer to A'ros (Animal Specialist)
Gender: Male
Age: 20, 16 at Impression

Height: 5'8-Above Average
Build: Average
Hair: Strawberry blond, to ears, wavy
Eyes: Turquoise

Personality: Connwyn previously worked as an animal healer with primarily large animals. He has a gentle touch and is always patient with animals, but reacts quite differently with people. He acts on impulse and is extremely impatient with them; he just doesn't /understand/ people and the choices they make. He prefers the company of his animal friends - dragons, horses, large cats, anything. No matter how dangerous it is or how many teeth it has - he can run quite fast.

'Pets': Male Dark Brown Winged Wolf, Dyami
         Male Sun Devi, Arandi
Dragon: Yellow Myuyrth
Name: Dyami Sirhaan
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Race: Winged Wolf
Origin: Pernese/Alskyrian
Athore Kethlar
TP: 6
Personality: Fiercely protective of C'nwyn, even though he doesn't like Myuyrth much. He's brash and short-tempered, often fighting with the dragon, at least until C'nwyn pulls them apart. He's rash and will more often than not attack first, ask questions later.
Lantir-Setia Island (Gift)
Name: Arandi
Race: Devi
Gender: Male
Order/Type: Fire/Sun
Personality: Though fully sentient and quite intelligent, Arandi is unable to communicate, except through his native language of chirps, whistles, and similar sounds. He is comfortable around C'nwyn and Myuyrth, however, around anyone else he gets nervous and more aggresive than normal, and he is quite suspicious of strangers.
Name: Myuyrth
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow
Size: 32.7 meters; brown
Dam: Pink Niateiyass
Sire: Blue-Black Doquaivath
Personality: Myuyrth also enjoys spending more time with animals; he's highly sensitive and prone to taking random comments the wrong way. Connwyn is able to keep his feelings soothed, but Myuyrth has the same impulsive temperment as his rider. If Myuyrth himself is calm, he can soothe other animals, but an anxious person/dragon only sets him off as well.
Hatched at: Weyr Eriol Backwards Frenzy (Circle 3)